Gambling Establishment Owners for Selected Cardroom:

Owner License NumberCardroom NameOwner NameExpiration DateStatusAdmin Action
GEOW-003651The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoArgine Jean Kelegian04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003819The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoChristopher Stephen Young04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003569The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoDavid Carter04/30/2023Active
GEOW-004015The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoDeborah Hunt04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003137The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoDominoe Farris-Gilbert04/30/2023Active
GEOW-004085The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoEmily Eunkyung Park04/30/2023Active with Conditions
GEOW-002408The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoFabienne C Farris-Gilbert04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002413The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoHaig Kelegian, Sr.04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003559The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoHaig Todd Kelegian, Jr04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002472The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoHashem Minaiy04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003575The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoHashem Minaiy04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003388The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoIvy O. Chu04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003741The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJamie L. Cornish04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003587The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJamie L. Cornish04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002430The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJamie M Tait04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003983The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJohn Hee-Jong Park04/30/2023Active with Conditions
GEOW-004084The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJohn Hee-Jong Park04/30/2023Active with Conditions
GEOW-003801The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJoy Fernbach Harn04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002407The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoJulieann K Coyne04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002440The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoKim M Elliott04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003389The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoLeo Yu Ming Chu04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003742The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoLinda A. Polkinghorne04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003588The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoLinda A. Polkinghorne04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003725The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoLouis Beltoft Wasson04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003558The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMark Aram Kelegian04/30/2023Active
GEOW-004119The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMarlene D. Kelegian04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002415The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMaureen T O'Dea04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003566The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMegan Regina Carter04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002426The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMelinda A Longaker04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002471The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMeredith L Russell04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003982The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMichael Charles Vasey04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003800The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMichael Stephen Young04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003701The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoMichelle Jean Shrikian04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003295The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoPamela J. Pierson04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002410The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoPatricia A Pierson04/30/2023Active
GEOW-004004The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoSamanda Jo Wasson04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002482The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoSavannah Farris-Gilbert04/30/2023Active
GEOW-003708The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoShirley A Kunisaki04/30/2023Active
GEOW-002411The Bicycle Hotel & CasinoStacey J Pierson04/30/2023Active