List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities

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License NumberNamePrimary ProviderCityStateZip CodeStatusExpiration Date
TPPL-013539 Revay LaMonte Purifoy PT Gaming, LLCInglewoodCA90302Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013546 Thomas Anousone Attaphanh Arise, LLCFresnoCA93703Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013548 Alan Alex Chantharath Arise, LLCFresnoCA93706Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013398 Juan Andres Gomez PT Gaming, LLCSanta AnaCA92705Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013672 Michael D. Moua PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95842Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013673 Sarah Noelle Jara PT Gaming, LLCRosevilleCA95678Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013674 David Eugene Wicks PT Gaming, LLCFair OaksCA95628Active02/28/2018
TPPL-014279 Ashley Dalynne Gentry-Andrews PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94804Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014150 Panhia (NMN) Yang PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95824Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013167 Rene Martin Arceo, II PT Gaming, LLCHacienda HeightsCA91745Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013168 Synyahn Alexis-Gloria Johnson PT Gaming, LLCChino HillsCA91709Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013173 Kymberlee Anne Jolly Qualified Player Services, LLCWildomarCA92595Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013176 Reivey Yap Arceo Qualified Player Services, LLCSun CityCA92585Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013886 Matthew James Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCMontebelloCA90640Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013889 Christopher Yao Saephan PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013891 Susan Linda Bou PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013894 Punlok Seng PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013917 Eliza Yak Young PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013526 Brissa Isabel Moncada Arise, LLCFresnoCA93726Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013185 Sean Timothy Leyson PT Gaming, LLCVallejoCA94590Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013190 Carlos Alejandro Gallardo PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90047Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013192 Taylor Renee Reed PT Gaming, LLCLa MesaCA91942Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013256 Henry Nelson Ayala PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90044Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013571 Stella Woin Djalleta PT Gaming, LLCSan PedroCA90731Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014423 Alejandro Ochoa Renteria PT Gaming, LLCWhittierCA90604Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014630 Janai Serene Opal Meeks PT Gaming, LLCStocktonCA95207Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014336 Norman Carandang Soriano PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active04/30/2018
TPPL-008906 Veronica Martinez PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90031Active04/30/2017
TPPL-007723 Scott Edward Rowe PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90025Active07/31/2016
TPPL-007093 Raymond Lo PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90031Active06/30/2017
TPPL-001432 Priscilla D Gomez Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LeandroCA94577Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006742 William Yong Won Lee Qualified Player Services, LLCLake ElsinoreCA92530Active10/31/2016
TPPL-008546 Cheryl Lynn Bear PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93306Active08/31/2016
TPPL-008551 Becky Jo Collins PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93309Active08/31/2016
TPPL-008983 Leonard William Block PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90045Active01/31/2017
TPPL-008960 Rosa Briseno PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90019Active01/31/2017
TPPL-009000 Ronald Michael Williams PT Gaming, LLCSanta MonicaCA90401Active03/31/2017
TPPL-013386 Minh Vi Ha PT Gaming, LLCSan GabrielCA91776Active12/31/2017
TPPL-016073 Lany Kim Wong Qualified Player Services, LLCLathropCA95330Active05/31/2016
TPPL-010942 Teresa Thi Simpson Pacific Gaming Services, LLCHuntington BeachCA92647Active01/31/2017
TPPL-008549 Melvin Leroy Baldwin PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93306Active08/31/2016
TPPL-008394 Ria Nunag Dayrit-Atencion PT Gaming, LLCAlamedaCA94501Active08/31/2016
TPPL-007004 Warren F Williamson PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95829Active10/31/2017
TPPL-000865 Tony S Truong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Daly CityCA94014Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000888 Aaron M VanDyke Gaming Fund Group, Inc.MilpitasCA95035Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000893 Vitune Visuthicho Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San RamonCA94583Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008389 Edlin A. Balingit PT Gaming, LLCNorth HighlandsCA95660Active08/31/2016
TPPL-008553 Melvin Vargas del Rosario PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93309Active08/31/2016
TPPL-002454 Beng Kim Mok Gaming Fund Group, Inc.NewarkCA94560Active07/31/2017
TPPL-002458 Zhen X Deng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94606Active07/31/2017
TPPL-011081 Kevin Suede Juarez PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93384Active06/30/2016
TPPL-008958 Laura Alexys Estela Garcia PT Gaming, LLCTorranceCA90502Active04/30/2017
TPPL-008550 George Camacho PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93313Active11/30/2017
TPPL-008966 Magnolia Baradi Gabay PT Gaming, LLCArletaCA91331Active04/30/2017
TPPL-012886 Ricky Nuon PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90807Active12/31/2017
TPPL-001399 Cuong T La Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LorenzoCA94580Active11/30/2017
TPPL-001402 Shuk Yuen Lau Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95127Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001403 Sandy Tran Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95121Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001410 Dara Chan Khay Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95117Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001411 Sarim A Neang Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95132Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001414 Bun Ly Tan Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FairfieldCA94534Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001424 Va Chip Gaming Fund Group, Inc.HaywardCA94544Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001428 Socheath Chuon Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95122Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001436 Kwok Ng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Monterey ParkCA91755Active07/31/2017
TPPL-017066 Yan Ying PT Gaming, LLCFremontCA94538Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013897 Kim Mac PT Gaming, LLCHaywardCA94544Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013902 Andy Kim Duch PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90805Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013592 Matthew Vincent Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCHarbor CityCA90710Active01/31/2018
TPPL-014265 Sharmaine Dela Cruz Concepcion PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94015Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014268 Martha NMN Lopez PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90247Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013197 Richard-Francis Verzosa Japor PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90026Active02/28/2018
TPPL-014611 Robert Lee Virata PT Gaming, LLCFairfieldCA94533Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014295 Phakdeiy NMN Pho PT Gaming, LLCSignal HillCA90755Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014296 Phorin Raka Ly PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014373 Christopher Thomas McDermott PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014593 Christopher Bunleuth PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90807Active04/30/2018
TPPL-017278 Richard NMN Garcia PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90249Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014671 Amelia Ofa Tukuafu PT Gaming, LLCSan BrunoCA94066Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014694 Marlene Chary Chneang PT Gaming, LLCPomonaCA91766Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014437 Roy Valdoz Casanada Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSan DiegoCA92126Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014548 Diane Noel Leilani Omar PT Gaming, LLCSanteeCA92071Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014555 Daqin NMN Mei PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014557 Ana Monica Lachica Gumtang PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014310 Sarah Annalee Walter PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93306Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014315 Tatiana Lissette Perez PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90249Active04/30/2018
TPPL-017321 Naren Ryu Ken PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90813Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014365 Maricel Ratonel Cajilig PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94015Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014368 Lougie Marcelo Kim PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94112Active04/30/2018
TPPL-010385 John Thomas Armstrong Arise, LLCFresnoCA93727Active11/30/2017
TPPL-006452 Marany Ouk Tea Arise, LLCFresnoCA93702Active08/31/2017
TPPL-009001 Dung Chau Doan PT Gaming, LLCEl MonteCA91733Active06/30/2017
TPPL-008547 Sulema Aparicio PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93307Active09/30/2016
TPPL-007979 Sunny U Ko PT Gaming, LLCSan MateoCA94403Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007634 Jaime M Fernandez PT Gaming, LLCPinoleCA94564Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007633 Peregrina Ordeneza Fellows PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active08/31/2016
TPPL-000896 Chi Wa Young Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94619Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000905 Peter Y Peng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San FranciscoCA94134Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000909 Rimsky V Ramos, Jr. Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Daly CityCA94014Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000912 Chenda Ny Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FairfieldCA94534Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000915 Gee Wah Wong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94602Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000927 Alan S Penn Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95122Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006455 Lisa Sen Thi Arise, LLCFresnoCA93728Active12/31/2017
TPPL-007653 Lon C Saechao PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94804Active11/30/2016
TPPL-000945 Raymond Wong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FremontCA94538Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000953 Jason A Williams Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LeandroCA94578Active with Conditions08/31/2017
TPPL-000955 Vu D Trinh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.AlamedaCA94501Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000960 Wen Tao Su Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LeandroCA94578Active07/31/2017
TPPL-014446 Samantha Chantha Ork PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90804Active09/30/2017
TPPL-008962 Michael Robert Nyman PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90064Active06/30/2017
TPPL-006449 Haftom Gebyow Arise, LLCFresnoCA93721Active10/31/2017
TPPL-006262 Xiao Yun Zhang Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FremontCA94538Active08/31/2017
TPPL-010517 Shui Keung Chow Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95118Active09/30/2016
TPPL-001416 Diem V Le Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95121Active07/31/2017
TPPL-003284 Khin Ung Gaming Fund Group, Inc.HaywardCA94541Active11/30/2017
TPPL-002730 Alexander S. Monley Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95116Active11/30/2017
TPPL-002731 Jason C. Stokke Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95112Active07/31/2017
TPPL-014576 Kanol Mao PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90805Active09/30/2017
TPPL-013211 Bopha Uth PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90805Active02/28/2018
TPPL-011694 Jennilyn Pascual Rubio PT Gaming, LLCPinoleCA94564Active05/31/2017
TPPL-008414 Benjamin A Segal PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94611Active08/31/2016
TPPL-003876 Xiangchun Fu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FremontCA94539Active07/31/2017
TPPL-008419 Noel Villappando Tibayan PT Gaming, LLCAlamedaCA94501Active11/30/2016
TPPL-003974 Maurice Mejia Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95111Active07/31/2017
TPPL-003977 Robert Schmidt Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95125Active07/31/2017
TPPL-007129 Crystal Alicia Salanoa PT Gaming, LLCOakleyCA94561Active01/31/2017
TPPL-006745 Joy Somphone Santibouth Qualified Player Services, LLCMurrietaCA92562Active06/30/2016
TPPL-006451 Yan Jun Wu Arise, LLCClovisCA93611Active11/30/2017
TPPL-007816 Jorge Alonso Hernandez PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94603Active11/15/2016
TPPL-008552 Rolando Corrales PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93309Active08/31/2016
TPPL-001440 Nghia T Chu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95148Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013367 Zenas Nolan Balbuena PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90807Active05/31/2016
TPPL-008431 Lucy F Mapanoo PT Gaming, LLCVallejoCA94589Active08/31/2016
TPPL-007805 Winston Beijian Chen PT Gaming, LLCHaywardCA94541Active08/31/2016
TPPL-013869 Steve Van Tran PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95127Active03/31/2018
TPPL-011576 Tiffany Dathao Dinh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95136Active10/31/2017
TPPL-007849 Gary Ho Wong PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94134Active12/31/2016
TPPL-003079 Natalia Christy Ramirez Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSoquelCA95073Active04/30/2017
TPPL-007665 Tian Shou Yin PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active10/31/2016
TPPL-005760 Nathan T Nelson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.PattersonCA95363Active07/31/2017
TPPL-009465 Charles Dean Kwak PT Gaming, LLCAlpineCA91901Active06/30/2017
TPPL-006457 Kia Neng Her Arise, LLCFresnoCA93722Active09/30/2017
TPPL-004295 Kenny Woo Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San FranciscoCA94134Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008429 Rachel Monica Banski-Kum PT Gaming, LLCSan RamonCA94583Active05/31/2017
TPPL-007832 Sarona Faauisa Malepeai PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active with Conditions08/31/2016
TPPL-007809 Alejandro Jose Camacho Encinas PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active11/30/2016
TPPL-013511 Henry Ka Hang Chan PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94602Active01/31/2018
TPPL-011744 Sunny Lui Pacific Gaming Services, LLCRosemeadCA91770Active02/28/2017
TPPL-007638 Tiffany Terri Knox PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94607Active08/31/2016
TPPL-005408 Vinh Tran Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95121Active08/31/2017
TPPL-009885 Tsegai Abraha Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSan DiegoCA92116Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008557 James Scott Mitchell PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93311Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010772 Nguyet Thi Nguyen PT Gaming, LLCWalnut CreekCA94596Active01/31/2018
TPPL-006410 Allan Jeff Kwong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94619Active08/31/2017
TPPL-006413 Jones Hartt Liu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94606Active08/31/2017
TPPL-007801 Erica Espinoza Bonifacio PT Gaming, LLCPacificaCA94044Active02/28/2018
TPPL-009880 Hadi Yalda Kroomy Pacific Gaming Services, LLCEl CajonCA92021Active07/31/2017
TPPL-008440 Onekeo Saechao PT Gaming, LLCRodeoCA94572Active12/31/2017
TPPL-008425 Brenda Saephan PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94805Active01/31/2017
TPPL-006782 Cheuk Wang Lee Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LeandroCA94577Active01/31/2018
TPPL-008548 Julie Octaviana Arroyo PT Gaming, LLCDelanoCA93215Active02/28/2018
TPPL-014587 Chhourn Phanna Chan PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90806Active04/30/2017
TPPL-008957 Sam Bao Yip PT Gaming, LLCAlhambraCA91801Active04/30/2017
TPPL-007706 Malis Potho Mam Arise, LLCFresnoCA93710Active01/31/2018
TPPL-008386 Ka Chun Ngai PT Gaming, LLCSan LeandroCA94577Active05/31/2016
TPPL-008954 Ron Rinda Touch PT Gaming, LLCLakewoodCA90714Active11/30/2016
TPPL-008899 Angela Michelle Harper PT Gaming, LLCSpring ValleyCA91977Active02/28/2017
TPPL-011696 Linda Phongboupha PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010689 Regina Marie Sanchez Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSacramentoCA95825Active01/31/2017
TPPL-007871 Amanda Kaiko Carroll Mega Gaming, LLCMarysvilleCA95901Active01/31/2017
TPPL-009637 Kwong Ping Foo Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San RamonCA94583Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007886 Mary Samreuang PT Gaming, LLCEl SobranteCA94803Active with Conditions01/31/2017
TPPL-007897 Kristofer Wayne Gibson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95111Active12/31/2016
TPPL-007898 Zhe Wang Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95130Active12/31/2016
TPPL-008619 Jessica Judy Ng PT Gaming, LLCSan BrunoCA94066Active03/31/2017
TPPL-008766 Nam Quang Doan PT Gaming, LLCHaywardCA94541Active10/31/2016
TPPL-008883 Sandy Myly Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95832Active02/28/2017
TPPL-008986 Ling Liang PT Gaming, LLCAlhambraCA91801Active01/31/2017
TPPL-008715 Dennis Dizon Balingit PT Gaming, LLCNorth HighlandsCA95660Active09/30/2016
TPPL-008830 Lucy Xiong PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95826Active12/31/2016
TPPL-009079 Sarah Rose Presser PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94509Active04/30/2017
TPPL-009148 Kathy Saechao PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95833Active01/31/2018
TPPL-009816 Danielle Lynell Trammell PT Gaming, LLCHerculesCA94547Active05/31/2017
TPPL-010547 Olivia Frances Jones PT Gaming, LLCWest SacramentoCA95691Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012166 Ernesto Reyes Lorenzo Certified Players, Inc.AlamedaCA94501Active01/31/2018
TPPL-010767 Ka Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95828Active02/28/2018
TPPL-009820 Richard Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95833Active08/31/2017
TPPL-009697 Marcella Rene Johnson PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active07/31/2017
TPPL-017034 Nam Tong Nguyen PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95123Active04/30/2018
TPPL-010210 Esperanza Dayrit Boles PT Gaming, LLCYoloCA95697Active09/30/2017
TPPL-010211 Michelle Saldana Atencion PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94801Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010212 Monina Claire Marcelino Saldana PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active09/30/2017
TPPL-009945 Lo Xio Saetern PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95828Active05/31/2016
TPPL-009007 Chanthy Svay PT Gaming, LLCLakewoodCA90715Active02/28/2017
TPPL-004780 Kevin W. Gibson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Morgan HillCA95037Active07/31/2017
TPPL-017024 Tam Thi Thanh Hoang PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95111Active04/30/2018
TPPL-004635 Hua Fang Gao Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94601Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006440 John Spencer McConnell Arise, LLCClovisCA93611Active07/31/2017
TPPL-007649 Linh Tu Phan PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94606Active09/30/2016
TPPL-008951 Allan Binh Ly PT Gaming, LLCHacienda HeightsCA91745Active01/31/2017
TPPL-006439 Linda Xuan Edmonds Arise, LLCFresnoCA93723Active09/30/2017
TPPL-005560 Wei G. Yu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San LeandroCA94578Active08/31/2017
TPPL-006014 Jimmy Bao Trinh Pacific Gaming Services, LLCMonterey ParkCA91755Active01/31/2018
TPPL-005382 Guan Wei Bai Gaming Fund Group, Inc.OaklandCA94606Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006441 Rajdanica Hun Arise, LLCFresnoCA93726Active12/31/2017
TPPL-006458 George Frank Stalis Arise, LLCFresnoCA93704Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008434 Leyla M. Montes PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007650 Sandra Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCPinoleCA94564Active04/30/2017
TPPL-008402 Tamika Latise Jones PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94509Active02/28/2017
TPPL-005767 Guo An Hu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San FranciscoCA94124Active07/31/2017
TPPL-007765 Oscar David Perez PT Gaming, LLCCastro ValleyCA94546Active02/28/2017
TPPL-006372 Chau Van Nguyen Pacific Gaming Services, LLCRosemeadCA91770Active11/30/2017
TPPL-008909 Maria Guadalupe Martinez PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90044Active02/28/2017
TPPL-007822 Ernesto Jacobo Jarquin PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active10/31/2017
TPPL-006500 Jimmy Toch Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95148Active10/31/2017
TPPL-008999 Hien Ngoc Dinh PT Gaming, LLCMontclairCA91763Active03/31/2017
TPPL-008995 Dwon Antonio Drummer PT Gaming, LLCCarsonCA90749Active08/31/2017
TPPL-006539 Paul Josef Pascua Batoon Gaming Fund Group, Inc.FremontCA94555Active11/30/2017
TPPL-006541 Karla Cristina Marquez Gaming Fund Group, Inc.RiverbankCA95367Active10/31/2017
TPPL-008544 Arianna Jaksibe Felix PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93309Active02/28/2017
TPPL-008245 David Brandon White Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSoquelCA95073Active01/31/2017
TPPL-008266 Lo Chiew Saeteurn PT Gaming, LLCMercedCA95341Active06/30/2016
TPPL-008375 Margaret Lama Anderson PT Gaming, LLCBrisbaneCA94005Active01/31/2017
TPPL-008381 Kim Di Hoang PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94606Active09/30/2016
TPPL-008505 Lee Ming Yang Arise, LLCClovisCA93612Active10/31/2017
TPPL-009333 Melelia Naomi Hola PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active04/30/2017
TPPL-009334 Mary Williette Remias Turla PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94134Active04/30/2017
TPPL-009434 Evangeline Daatio PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94015Active06/30/2017
TPPL-009435 Kari Larson Muyano PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94110Active06/30/2017
TPPL-009184 Monlinda Sieng PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90012Active04/30/2017
TPPL-009347 Chanel Alexandria Robles PT Gaming, LLCCrockettCA94525Active06/30/2017
TPPL-009298 Juan Carlos Rodriguez Arise, LLCFresnoCA93711Active02/28/2018
TPPL-009302 Brett Aaron Holz Arise, LLCFresnoCA93711Active03/31/2018
TPPL-009315 Jonathan Andrew Silva PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active12/31/2017
TPPL-011549 Gary Bradford Huntoon PT Gaming, LLCBellflowerCA90706Active05/31/2017
TPPL-009859 Christopher Kim Yan Leong PT Gaming, LLCFremontCA94555Active05/31/2017
TPPL-009860 Chester Al Calica Pulanco PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94531Active04/30/2017
TPPL-009865 Faooeun Mork PT Gaming, LLCGarden GroveCA92843Active04/30/2017
TPPL-013701 Christian Manuel Ortega PT Gaming, LLCNorwalkCA90650Active03/31/2018
TPPL-010005 Candace Dawn Slaven Arise, LLCKermanCA93630Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010165 Mai Yia Xiong PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95828Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010278 David Eugene Siggens PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93313Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010646 Jeanette Capil Agustin PT Gaming, LLCAlamedaCA94501Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010647 Alvin Salazar Palma PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010535 Deja Lawrence Robertson PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93304Active01/31/2018
TPPL-010327 Nang Pik Certified Players, Inc.OaklandCA94619Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010349 Eddie Joe Zacarias PT Gaming, LLCHawthorneCA90250Active04/30/2018
TPPL-010351 Simon Angel Medina PT Gaming, LLCSan PedroCA90732Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010362 James Carl Hansen PT Gaming, LLCTorranceCA90502Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010447 Rowena Tamundong Morada-Aquino PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active01/31/2018
TPPL-010982 Christopher Alexander Anies PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active01/31/2018
TPPL-011109 Santeago Thomas Pascual Brown PT Gaming, LLCSan LeandroCA94578Active06/30/2016
TPPL-015728 Ashleh Elizabeth Rychen Certified Players, Inc.LivermoreCA94551Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013373 Sean Patrick Jackson PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90016Active01/31/2018
TPPL-011723 Caitlin Joy Valena PT Gaming, LLCSan DiegoCA92114Active04/30/2017
TPPL-011557 Anthony Crisostomo Dizon PT Gaming, LLCSan LeandroCA94579Active06/30/2016
TPPL-011558 Ricky Taing PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95136Active06/30/2016
TPPL-010763 Kai Her PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95824Active03/31/2018
TPPL-010272 Ma Sarah Zubia Reyes PT Gaming, LLCSan BrunoCA94066Active08/31/2017
TPPL-010613 Joanna Kae Saechao PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94805Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010621 Fue Moua PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95825Active04/30/2018
TPPL-010745 Jonathan Lee Lewis PT Gaming, LLCVacavilleCA95687Active03/31/2018
TPPL-010384 James Edward Tomasetti Arise, LLCFresnoCA93722Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010387 Leo James Acosta, III Arise, LLCReedleyCA93654Active07/31/2017
TPPL-010501 Nicole R. Norris PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90047Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010749 Ricky Ioane Farfan PT Gaming, LLCPittsburgCA94565Active03/31/2018
TPPL-010750 Dino Bandin Marcelino PT Gaming, LLCEl SobranteCA94803Active01/31/2018
TPPL-011235 Samrach Uth Certified Players, Inc.ModestoCA95350Active09/30/2016
TPPL-011142 Ma Rochelle Formintera Bosi Arise, LLCFresnoCA93722Active10/31/2017
TPPL-011144 Kelsey Michelle Pitkanen Arise, LLCFresnoCA93720Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011167 Quinshon Donta Moreland PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90249Active04/30/2016
TPPL-011168 Christopher James Race PT Gaming, LLCBeaumontCA92223Active02/28/2018
TPPL-011171 Khoa Viet Nghiem PT Gaming, LLCWestminsterCA92683Active02/28/2018
TPPL-016078 Pepsi Saelee Qualified Player Services, LLCStocktonCA95210Active05/31/2016
TPPL-011025 Pepsi Saelee CB Certified Banker, Inc.StocktonCA95210Active05/31/2016
TPPL-014273 Jennifer Renee Dixon PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93309Active04/30/2018
TPPL-011371 Justin Matthew Kehoe Arise, LLCReedleyCA93654Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011377 Grant Tyler McNaughton PT Gaming, LLCHawthorneCA90250Active07/31/2016
TPPL-011378 Jocelyne Carlina Molina PT Gaming, LLCSouth GateCA90280Active07/31/2016
TPPL-012121 Federico Bajeneta PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90802Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011951 Mei Xing Chow Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San JoseCA95118Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011633 Stephen Francis Wright Arise, LLCFresnoCA93728Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012636 Ivonne Larin PT Gaming, LLCBellflowerCA90706Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011898 Reyna Lucille De Luna PT Gaming, LLCEl CajonCA92019Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011902 Ashley Rae-Anne Shigg PT Gaming, LLCBellflowerCA90706Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011912 Danielle Lashay Roddy PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94509Active10/31/2017
TPPL-011886 Jennifer Heynen Cavazos Arise, LLCFresnoCA93726Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011888 Benjamin Alan Gaston Arise, LLCFresnoCA93722Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011889 Tom Bradley Her Arise, LLCFresnoCA93727Active01/31/2018
TPPL-011891 Wheeler Omari Smith Arise, LLCFresnoCA93703Active12/31/2017
TPPL-011736 Dana Sengaroun PT Gaming, LLCBerkeleyCA94702Active05/31/2017
TPPL-013786 Jaspreet Singh PT Gaming, LLCRiversideCA92509Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013004 John Richard Salazar PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012887 Michael Beedy King PT Gaming, LLCPalo AltoCA94301Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013374 Brien Pu PT Gaming, LLCBellflowerCA90706Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013100 Sophanna Pho PT Gaming, LLCLakewoodCA90712Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013101 Melissa Renee Torres PT Gaming, LLCCarsonCA90745Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013070 Josef Wai Clifford PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013130 Katrina Wolinski Munoz PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95811Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013749 Nguyen Van Vo PT Gaming, LLCCastro ValleyCA94546Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013751 Jackline Mwihaki Ndegwa PT Gaming, LLCHaywardCA94545Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013756 Xue Herr PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95822Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013925 Eric Sok PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90805Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013502 Felicia Noel Cuellar PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90247Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013485 Byron Antonio Cerdas PT Gaming, LLCPico RiveraCA90660Active01/31/2018
TPPL-014202 Amisha Thoi PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95111Active03/31/2018
TPPL-017056 Sarananda Shanti Osheim PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95116Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014166 Sarah Maranda Martinez PT Gaming, LLCStocktonCA95207Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014167 Sopheap (NMN) Mao PT Gaming, LLCStocktonCA95207Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014168 Vickie Yeng Lor PT Gaming, LLCStocktonCA95207Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014169 Kieu Thi Thu Nguyen PT Gaming, LLCSouth El MonteCA91733Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014170 Anita Toun PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90804Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014174 Antoinette Marlise Viveros PT Gaming, LLCWilmingtonCA90744Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013510 William Canales PT Gaming, LLCWilmingtonCA90744Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013664 Jakou Eli Bloxton Patterson PT Gaming, LLCEl SobranteCA94803Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013665 Leumel Copeland Chuka Smith PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94619Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013595 Scott Steven Groff PT Gaming, LLCRedondo BeachCA90278Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013597 Christopher Bruce Brumley Arise, LLCFresnoCA93721Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013743 Kory Alan Brown, II PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90011Active04/30/2018
TPPL-011311 Charisse Nicole Patton PT Gaming, LLCConcordCA94520Active01/31/2017
TPPL-011589 Sumeet NMN Anand PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011597 Tu Thi Le PT Gaming, LLCOaklandCA94606Active02/28/2017
TPPL-011598 Jeffrey Denis Lewis, Jr. PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94062Active02/28/2017
TPPL-011470 Katie Lee O'Hare PT Gaming, LLCEl CajonCA92019Active04/30/2017
TPPL-011471 Silvia Espinoza Torres PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90011Active03/31/2017
TPPL-011473 Long Tuan Le PT Gaming, LLCWestminsterCA92683Active01/31/2017
TPPL-011617 Jose Leon Alvarado Arise, LLCClovisCA93612Active06/30/2017
TPPL-011483 Sokum Ouk PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90804Active07/31/2016
TPPL-011487 Tamika Renee Bean PT Gaming, LLCPittsburgCA94565Active06/30/2016
TPPL-011250 Devin Colin Cronjager PT Gaming, LLCDavisCA95618Active02/28/2017
TPPL-011258 Heidi Hana Sin PT Gaming, LLCGardenaCA90247Active06/30/2016
TPPL-011991 Tatiana Magali Rangel PT Gaming, LLCEl MonteCA91731Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011993 Brandon Grant Devry PT Gaming, LLCLomitaCA90717Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012553 Kai Her Mega Gaming, LLCMarysvilleCA95901Active02/28/2018
TPPL-012556 Chening Keene Yang Certified Players, Inc.SacramentoCA95838Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012571 David John Yonan PT Gaming, LLCBay PointCA94565Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012572 Raymond Roberto Cabbab Caubang PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94531Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012718 Kevin Doyle Ferguson Qualified Player Services, LLCLake ElsinoreCA92532Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012732 Oliver Landino Cruz PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94015Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012736 Omar Enriquez PT Gaming, LLCConcordCA94520Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012737 Diamond Raychell Dixon PT Gaming, LLCRichmondCA94801Active01/31/2018
TPPL-017127 Robert Gerard Williamson PT Gaming, LLCSaratogaCA95070Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013350 Curtis Mark Turner PT Gaming, LLCNorth HollywoodCA91606Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012947 Kelly Truong PT Gaming, LLCMonterey ParkCA91755Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012580 Kanha Maleya Thieng PT Gaming, LLCSan DiegoCA92115Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012582 Simone Dominique Stribling PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94531Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012583 Anthony Sam PT Gaming, LLCSan LeandroCA94579Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012585 Suonranya Suon PT Gaming, LLCWalnut CreekCA94597Active11/30/2017
TPPL-013111 Frank Saenz Zamarripa, Jr. Certified Players, Inc.MercedCA95340Active02/28/2018
TPPL-012278 Jun Sung Mock PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90029Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012196 Christopher Dela Pena Mendoza PT Gaming, LLCHaywardCA94541Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012197 Erica Pangilinan Gandia PT Gaming, LLCDaly CityCA94014Active10/31/2017
TPPL-012199 Truong Van Vo PT Gaming, LLCCastro ValleyCA94546Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012375 Christopher Cruz Dequina PT Gaming, LLCSan JoseCA95123Active03/31/2018
TPPL-012317 Ngorn Kang Me Certified Players, Inc.AtwaterCA95301Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013384 Mara Sun PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90804Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013366 Darleena Sophy Phouetha PT Gaming, LLCLong BeachCA90806Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013313 Ji Liu PT Gaming, LLCAlhambraCA91801Active02/28/2018
TPPL-012335 John Paul Cabbab Caubang PT Gaming, LLCAntiochCA94531Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012503 Kianna Shanae Reed PT Gaming, LLCBerkeleyCA94702Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012507 Lourdes Miel Sales PT Gaming, LLCSouth San FranciscoCA94080Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012823 Darin Pierce Wulff PT Gaming, LLCSan BrunoCA94066Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012826 Kellen Matthew Eddlemon PT Gaming, LLCFremontCA94536Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012698 Albhy Parnala Ilano PT Gaming, LLCSan FranciscoCA94110Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012701 Dianne Katrina Dizon Bronola PT Gaming, LLCPacificaCA94044Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012703 Michael Hong Le PT Gaming, LLCSacramentoCA95822Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013549 Aphinunt Addy Singta Arise, LLCMaderaCA93637Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013724 James Anthony Boyd PT Gaming, LLCBakersfieldCA93311Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013653 Tiffany Rachel Garcia PT Gaming, LLCInglewoodCA90305Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013774 Brandi Michelle White PT Gaming, LLCFontanaCA92337Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013775 Ruby Chiedza Fowke PT Gaming, LLCInglewoodCA90302Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013777 Robert Al Lucien Castorena PT Gaming, LLCPico RiveraCA90660Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013357 Rick Daniel Barillas PT Gaming, LLCPalmdaleCA93552Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013331 Ashley Denise Lucas PT Gaming, LLCSan PabloCA94806Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013333 Otto Rene Castellanos PT Gaming, LLCLos AngelesCA90007Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013611 Brenda Elizabeth Padilla PT Gaming, LLCParamountCA90723Active04/30/2018
TPPL-013707 Loren Caballero PT Gaming, LLCDowneyCA90240Active01/31/2018
TPPL-006948 Joseph Frederick Capps Pacific Gaming Services, LLCHendersonNV89012Interim Renewal License11/30/2017

Total Active: 377