List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities by License Type

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License NumberNamePrimary ProviderCityZip CodeStatusExpiration DateAdmin Action
TPPL-007487 Scott Hingwaung Dam Acme Player Services, LLCPasadena91106Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013294 Durrell Glenn Dillard Knighted Ventures, LLCSouth Pasadena91030Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013402 Cris Bantigue Gonzales Knighted Ventures, LLCBuena Park90620Active02/28/2019
TPPL-007450 Boonnak Karnsomport Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90805Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007253 Belinda Hernandez Acme Player Services, LLCRosemead91770Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007723 Scott Edward Rowe PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90025Active07/31/2018
TPPL-007495 Khuong Luu Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013247 Kanita Virojesangthong Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90004Active01/31/2019
TPPL-001432 Priscilla D Gomez Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Leandro94577Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006742 William Yong Won Lee Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92530Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007300 Savannah Kheang Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90805Active10/31/2018
TPPL-008394 Ria Nunag Dayrit-Atencion PT Gaming, LLCAlameda94501Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016538 Boshan Wong Acme Player Services, LLCEl Monte91732Active04/30/2019
TPPL-006452 Marany Ouk Tea Arise, LLCFresno93702Active08/31/2017
TPPL-012410 Nelson Javier Delgado Knighted Ventures, LLCParamount90723Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013455 Richard Ferreras Abad Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007326 Kevin Kinh Yip Metis TPS, LLCBaldwin Park91706Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012062 Bovannak Yous Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90806Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013239 Raymond John Leoni Knighted Ventures, LLCBurbank91505Active04/30/2019
TPPL-018026 Li Xin Chen Metis TPS, LLCWalnut91789Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012048 Esther Ching Wah Yee Knighted Ventures, LLCWest Covina91791Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007979 Sunny U Ko PT Gaming, LLCSan Mateo94403Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007634 Jaime M Fernandez PT Gaming, LLCPinole94564Active06/30/2017
TPPL-015065 Hoanh Kien Cu Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007633 Peregrina Ordeneza Fellows PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active08/31/2018
TPPL-013322 Duc Trinh Hang Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active09/30/2018
TPPL-007213 Janet Huong Metis TPS, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active04/30/2019
TPPL-000896 Chi Wa Young Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94619Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000905 Peter Y Peng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Francisco94134Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000909 Rimsky V Ramos, Jr. Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000912 Chenda Ny Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Fairfield94534Active07/31/2017
TPPL-000915 Gee Wah Wong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94602Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000927 Alan S Penn Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95122Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006455 Lisa Sen Thi Arise, LLCFresno93728Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013235 Chhada Phi Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013403 Yi Bing Wu Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Puente91744Active10/31/2018
TPPL-000953 Jason A Williams Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Leandro94578Active with Conditions08/31/2017
TPPL-000955 Vu D Trinh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Alameda94501Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000960 Wen Tao Su Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Leandro94578Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013420 Emily Pich Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active11/30/2018
TPPL-007730 Mark David Rogers Acme Player Services, LLCSouth El Monte91733Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013323 Nejdeh Sojanian Knighted Ventures, LLCSunland91040Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012046 Roderick Valdez Knighted Ventures, LLCArtesia90701Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016999 Billy Shannon Hall Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90814Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013229 Monichan Lak Chea Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90804Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013378 Raymond Ouch Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013406 Boi Thanh Lam Knighted Ventures, LLCBaldwin Park91706Active12/31/2018
TPPL-006449 Haftom Gebyow Arise, LLCFresno93721Active10/31/2017
TPPL-006948 Joseph Frederick Capps Pacific Gaming Services, LLCHenderson89012Interim Renewal License11/30/2017 Statement of Issues
TPPL-013340 Eric Du Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active09/30/2018
TPPL-007202 Cai You Lu Metis TPS, LLCAzusa91702Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013272 Mao Touch Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90813Active03/22/2019
TPPL-005760 Nathan T Nelson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Patterson95363Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013598 Bundy Phon Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90806Active11/30/2018
TPPL-002731 Jason C. Stokke Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95112Active07/31/2017
TPPL-014576 Kanol Mao PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90805Active09/30/2017
TPPL-007435 Shu Ping Yu Acme Player Services, LLCBaldwin Park91706Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013211 Bopha Uth PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90805Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013401 Anoushavan Ghanbari Knighted Ventures, LLCGlendale91203Active10/31/2018
TPPL-011694 Jennilyn Pascual Rubio PT Gaming, LLCPinole94564Active05/31/2017
TPPL-007451 Jenny Ho Acme Player Services, LLCRosemead91770Active10/31/2018
TPPL-010385 John Thomas Armstrong Arise, LLCFresno93727Active11/30/2017
TPPL-007402 Joseph Nathan Van Ginkel Metis TPS, LLCAnaheim92801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013228 Kam Hung Chui Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016073 Lany Kim Wong Qualified Player Services, LLCLathrop95330Active05/31/2018
TPPL-015208 Michael Jene Born Aces High Gaming, LLCSacramento95826Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012810 Jeanne Jean Wong Acme Player Services, LLCGardena90248Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007493 Chuong Ky Do Acme Player Services, LLCMira Loma91752Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013321 Andy Hung Ho Knighted Ventures, LLCWest Covina91790Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007489 Nip Phoc Chi Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90026Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007004 Warren F Williamson PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95829Active10/31/2017
TPPL-000865 Tony S Truong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active08/31/2017
TPPL-000888 Aaron M VanDyke Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Milpitas95035Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008389 Edlin A. Balingit PT Gaming, LLCNorth Highlands95660Active08/31/2018
TPPL-002458 Zhen X Deng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94606Active07/31/2017
TPPL-014566 Chang Sing Law Acme Player Services, LLCAlhambra91801Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007612 Samuel Can Yang Acme Player Services, LLCMonterey Park91755Active09/30/2018
TPPL-007494 Tien Thuy Phan Acme Player Services, LLCMira Loma91752Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007254 Catherine Shwe Kye Wong Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90065Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007481 Oai Van Lam Acme Player Services, LLCSouth El Monte91733Active08/31/2018
TPPL-007477 Scott Anthony Nicholas Acme Player Services, LLCSanta Fe Springs90670Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007500 Richard Bai Acme Player Services, LLCYorba Linda92886Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013237 Arthur Joseph Panganiban Robles Knighted Ventures, LLCDowney90242Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007286 Richard Steven Sloane Acme Player Services, LLCSan Gabriel91775Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007484 Alberto Guevara Ceballos Acme Player Services, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active01/31/2019
TPPL-008966 Magnolia Baradi Gabay PT Gaming, LLCArleta91331Active04/30/2017
TPPL-013414 Daphne Chu-Pei Han Knighted Ventures, LLCMonrovia91778Active01/31/2019
TPPL-012886 Ricky Nuon PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90807Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013244 Vanna Ton Knighted Ventures, LLCAnaheim92801Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013494 Yany Sin Knighted Ventures, LLCCerritos90703Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013227 Ellie Yuet Chan Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013292 Sophea Ban Polson Knighted Ventures, LLCBellflower90706Active03/31/2019
TPPL-001399 Cuong T La Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Lorenzo94580Active11/30/2017
TPPL-001402 Shuk Yuen Lau Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95127Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001403 Sandy Tran Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95121Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001410 Dara Chan Khay Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Milpitas95035Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001411 Sarim A Neang Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95132Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001414 Bun Ly Tan Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Fairfield94534Active08/31/2017
TPPL-001424 Va Chip Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Hayward94544Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001428 Socheath Chuon Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95122Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001436 Kwok Ng Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Monterey Park91755Active07/31/2017
TPPL-001440 Nghia T Chu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95148Active07/31/2017
TPPL-007805 Winston Beijian Chen PT Gaming, LLCHayward94541Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015688 Lon Robert MacDowell Aces High Gaming, LLCTurlock95382Active03/31/2019
TPPL-010517 Shui Keung Chow Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95118Active09/30/2018
TPPL-001416 Diem V Le Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95121Active07/31/2017
TPPL-003284 Khin Ung Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Hayward94541Active11/30/2017
TPPL-007849 Gary Ho Wong PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94124Active12/31/2018
TPPL-003079 Natalia Christy Ramirez Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSanta Cruz95062Active04/30/2017
TPPL-013448 Kim Yee Quon Knighted Ventures, LLCArcadia91007Active03/31/2019
TPPL-009465 Charles Dean Kwak PT Gaming, LLCAlpine91901Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007431 Zhenfeng Yu Acme Player Services, LLCTemple City91780Active08/31/2018
TPPL-006457 Kia Neng Her Arise, LLCFresno93722Active09/30/2017
TPPL-007325 Bai Xin Yu Metis TPS, LLCAlhambra91803Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007239 Li Qi Chen Metis TPS, LLCMonterey Park91755Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013270 Eric Thang Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Puente91746Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013287 Kimnarith Nuon Knighted Ventures, LLCAnaheim92801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-003974 Maurice Mejia Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Stockton95207Active07/31/2017
TPPL-003977 Robert Schmidt Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95125Active07/31/2017
TPPL-008366 Liping Zhou Metis TPS, LLCEl Monte91734Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007503 Jane Lam Metis TPS, LLCBaldwin Park91706Active04/30/2019
TPPL-004295 Kenny Woo Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Francisco94134Active08/31/2017
TPPL-007263 Leang Hay Heng Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90712Active03/31/2019
TPPL-008414 Benjamin A Segal PT Gaming, LLCOakland94611Active08/31/2018
TPPL-010594 Manivone Xayavong Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93702Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013279 Bao Van Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007305 Christopher Jay Ferreras Abad Acme Player Services, LLCCarson90745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-008419 Noel Villappando Tibayan PT Gaming, LLCAlameda94501Active11/30/2018
TPPL-007296 AnneMarie Phy Par Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90805Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007315 Brenda Almario Macabulos Acme Player Services, LLCArtesia90701Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013238 Keith Thomas King Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90041Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007230 Jimmy Chun Lam Chung Metis TPS, LLCArcadia91006Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016861 Chanda Thyda Shaikh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95126Active09/30/2018
TPPL-007433 Mao Vun Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90804Active09/30/2018
TPPL-007129 Crystal Alicia Vasquez PT Gaming, LLCOakley94561Active01/31/2019
TPPL-006745 Joy Somphone Santibouth Qualified Player Services, LLCMurrieta92562Active06/30/2018
TPPL-006451 Yan Jun Wu Arise, LLCClovis93611Active11/30/2017
TPPL-007611 Sophoan Nuth Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90805Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007816 Jorge Alonso Hernandez PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94509Active11/30/2018
TPPL-004780 Kevin W. Gibson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Morgan Hill95037Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013442 Dillon Cheukfung Tam Knighted Ventures, LLCEl Monte91732Active10/31/2018
TPPL-007288 Augusto Lugtu Sibal Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90715Active03/31/2019
TPPL-006440 John Spencer McConnell Arise, LLCClovis93611Active07/31/2017
TPPL-013246 Frederick Steven Young Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90027Active01/31/2019
TPPL-011268 Hung Siu Metis TPS, LLCLos Angeles90031Active04/30/2019
TPPL-008332 Xiao Chun Song Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94124Active04/30/2019
TPPL-008321 Wing Tang Moy Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active10/31/2018
TPPL-008325 Edwin Navarro Perez Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013226 Kevin Bune Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90042Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007650 Sandra Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCPinole94564Active with Conditions04/30/2019
TPPL-012223 Alexandar Nam Lieu Acme Player Services, LLCRosemead91770Active03/31/2019
TPPL-011926 Xiaodong Chen Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94134Active12/31/2018
TPPL-007204 Jia Li Metis TPS, LLCHacienda Heights91745Active04/30/2019
TPPL-008402 Tamika Latise Jones PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94509Active02/28/2019
TPPL-008300 Mian Chang Chen Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94109Active01/31/2019
TPPL-008338 Rongdong Wu Fortune Players Group, Inc.Alameda94501Active03/31/2019
TPPL-008301 Jimmy King Ho Chiu Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94107Active01/31/2019
TPPL-010772 Nguyet Thi Nguyen PT Gaming, LLCWalnut Creek94596Active01/31/2018
TPPL-008326 LaLin Ly Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active12/31/2018
TPPL-007822 Ernesto Jacobo Jarquin PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active10/31/2017
TPPL-016376 Joel William Horazy L.E. Gaming, Inc.Citrus Heights95610Active04/30/2019
TPPL-011924 Choi Leng Chan Tang Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active08/31/2018
TPPL-006782 Cheuk Wang Lee Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Leandro94577Active01/31/2018
TPPL-008302 Kyone Soon Chow Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007124 Inocencio Perez, Jr. Arise, LLCFresno93722Active11/30/2018
TPPL-007706 Malis Potho Mam Arise, LLCFresno93710Active01/31/2018
TPPL-008386 Ka Chun Ngai PT Gaming, LLCSan Leandro94577Active05/31/2018
TPPL-007738 Samnang Lock Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90806Active08/31/2018
TPPL-007741 Ba Quang Tran Acme Player Services, LLCRosemead91770Active02/28/2019
TPPL-008277 YinXiao Zhou Acme Player Services, LLCHacienda Heights91745Active08/31/2018
TPPL-008245 David Brandon White Pacific Gaming Services, LLCSanta Cruz95062Active01/31/2019
TPPL-008340 Imelda Palac Lebantino Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active02/28/2019
TPPL-008266 Lo Chiew Saeteurn PT Gaming, LLCMerced95341Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014681 Miguel Jose Villalobos PT Gaming, LLCStockton95209Active11/30/2018
TPPL-008381 Kim Di Hoang PT Gaming, LLCOakland94606Active09/30/2018
TPPL-008899 Angela Michelle Harper PT Gaming, LLCSpring Valley91977Active02/28/2019
TPPL-011696 Linda Phongboupha PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active10/31/2017
TPPL-015972 Regina Marie Sanchez 21 Vault GamingSacramento95825Active08/31/2018
TPPL-007867 Ming Fang Acme Player Services, LLCCovina91723Active04/30/2019
TPPL-007871 Amanda Kaiko Carroll Mega Gaming, LLCMarysville95901Active01/31/2019
TPPL-009637 Kwong Ping Foo Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Ramon94583Active06/30/2017
TPPL-007886 Mary Samreuang PT Gaming, LLCEl Sobrante94803Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007897 Kristofer Wayne Gibson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Morgan Hill95037Active12/31/2018
TPPL-007898 Zhe Wang Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95130Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016704 Ben Kom Ng Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active02/28/2019
TPPL-004635 Hua Fang Gao Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94601Active07/31/2017
TPPL-015840 Chanty Chhout Premier Player Providers, Inc.San Leandro94577Active03/31/2019
TPPL-007832 Sarona Faauisa Malepeai PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active with Conditions08/31/2018
TPPL-007809 Alejandro Jose Camacho Encinas PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013234 Bunthy Phon Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90806Active11/30/2018
TPPL-007492 Maly Sorn Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90804Active11/30/2018
TPPL-005382 Guan Wei Bai Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94606Active07/31/2017
TPPL-006441 Rajdanica Hun Arise, LLCFresno93726Active12/31/2017
TPPL-006458 George Frank Stalis Arise, LLCFresno93704Active08/31/2017
TPPL-008434 Leyla M. Montes PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active06/30/2017
TPPL-013444 Marcus Sylvester Sheely Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active01/31/2019
TPPL-007476 Navy Sorn Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90804Active04/30/2019
TPPL-005408 Vinh Tran Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95148Active08/31/2017
TPPL-007497 Robert Leroy Martin Acme Player Services, LLCBellflower90706Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015210 Chai Tong Saetern Aces High Gaming, LLCSacramento95824Active12/31/2018
TPPL-007765 Oscar David Perez PT Gaming, LLCCastro Valley94546Active02/28/2017
TPPL-011928 De Xi Huang Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active08/31/2018
TPPL-013324 Mitchell Lee Taylor Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Palma90623Active09/30/2018
TPPL-011929 Wen Han Li Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active04/30/2019
TPPL-011939 Julie Yeng Lee Tan Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94116Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011942 MiaoRong Yu Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active10/31/2018
TPPL-008298 Yee Win Aye Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active09/30/2018
TPPL-006541 Karla Cristina Marquez Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Riverbank95367Active10/31/2017
TPPL-009047 Bruce Eugene Swinford, Jr. Acme Player Services, LLCCypress90630Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013421 Xiomara Estela Sanchez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90012Active10/31/2018
TPPL-006410 Allan Jeff Kwong Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94619Active08/31/2017
TPPL-006413 Jones Hartt Liu Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94606Active08/31/2017
TPPL-007801 Erica Espinoza Bonifacio PT Gaming, LLCPacifica94044Active02/28/2018
TPPL-014725 Sky Sonny Cooper Knighted Ventures, LLCPetaluma94954Active12/31/2018
TPPL-008425 Brenda Saephan PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94805Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013335 Fernando Palma Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active11/30/2018
TPPL-007790 Ying Hu Acme Player Services, LLCOntario91764Active02/28/2019
TPPL-008954 Ron Rinda Touch PT Gaming, LLCBellflower90706Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013057 Rachel Lynn Anderson Knighted Ventures, LLCRohnert Park94928Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012302 Jordan Matthew Price Knighted Ventures, LLCHawthorne90250Active with Conditions04/30/2019
TPPL-008619 Jessica Judy Ng PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016258 Jocelyn Garcia Barajas Aces High Gaming, LLCDelano93215Active03/31/2019
TPPL-008496 Chong Jin Sung Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90026Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014303 Delfino Perez, Jr. Aces High Gaming, LLCTracy95376Active03/31/2019
TPPL-008751 Thomas Albert Sobeck Fortune Players Group, Inc.South San Francisco94083Active10/31/2018
TPPL-008766 Nam Quang Doan PT Gaming, LLCHayward94541Active10/31/2018
TPPL-008944 Cai Huan Ye Metis TPS, LLCEl Monte91732Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016261 Serena Monique Neira Aces High Gaming, LLCEarlimart93219Active02/28/2019
TPPL-008883 Sandy Myly Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95832Active02/28/2019
TPPL-012775 Elsa Macalino Manulid L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92139Active02/28/2019
TPPL-012774 Rosendo Padilla Felipe L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92139Active03/31/2019
TPPL-008986 Ling Liang PT Gaming, LLCAlhambra91801Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015211 Choi Plowden Aces High Gaming, LLCElk Grove95758Active11/30/2018
TPPL-012464 Sean Patrick Farley Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90027Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013224 Guadalupe Maria Alvarado Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90042Active01/31/2019
TPPL-008830 Lucy Xiong PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95826Active12/31/2018
TPPL-009388 Bo Yang Metis TPS, LLCArcadia91006Active03/31/2019
TPPL-009298 Juan Carlos Rodriguez Arise, LLCFresno93711Active02/28/2018
TPPL-009302 Brett Aaron Holz Arise, LLCFresno93711Active03/31/2018
TPPL-009315 Jonathan Andrew Silva PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active12/31/2017
TPPL-016259 Mary Ann Gagarin Etrata Aces High Gaming, LLCDelano93215Active04/30/2019
TPPL-009148 Kathy Saechao PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95838Active01/31/2018
TPPL-009812 Jonathan Frias PT Gaming, LLCPalmdale93550Active04/30/2019
TPPL-009816 Danielle Lynell Trammell PT Gaming, LLCHercules94547Active05/31/2017
TPPL-016392 Crystal Marie Hester L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95842Active04/30/2019
TPPL-009051 Laurie Chan Metis TPS, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012156 Christopher Jonathan Lett Knighted Ventures, LLCBrea92821Active09/30/2018
TPPL-009034 Guadalupe del Carmen Rivera Beltran Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90805Active04/30/2019
TPPL-010870 Ashley Amber Perez Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95821Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014579 Kathy Thongpheth PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active08/31/2018
TPPL-009432 WeiXiong Zeng Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active01/31/2019
TPPL-009434 Evangeline Daatio PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active06/30/2017
TPPL-009435 Kari Larson Muyano PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94110Active06/30/2017
TPPL-013289 Socheata Jiena Sim Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90806Active03/31/2019
TPPL-009184 Monlinda Sieng PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90012Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014410 Qi Hui Ye Acme Player Services, LLCSouth El Monte91733Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011923 Benny Sai Pun Chan Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012776 Irma Mangosing Aranzanso L.E. Gaming, Inc.Chula Vista91910Active03/31/2019
TPPL-011062 Danne Edward Paredes Knighted Ventures, LLCEmeryville94608Active01/31/2019
TPPL-009859 Christopher Kim Yan Leong PT Gaming, LLCFremont94555Active05/31/2017
TPPL-009860 Chester Al Calica Pulanco PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94531Active04/30/2019
TPPL-009867 Clive Lee Acme Player Services, LLCTemple City91780Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015673 Kenneth Quoc Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCGarden Grove92844Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013701 Christian Manuel Ortega PT Gaming, LLCNorwalk90650Active03/31/2018
TPPL-010074 Cirilo Botones Coronado Fortune Players Group, Inc.South San Francisco94080Active04/30/2019
TPPL-010911 Siam Yemane Asgedom Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95407Active09/30/2018
TPPL-010165 Mai Yia Xiong PT Gaming, LLCElk Grove95758Active11/30/2017
TPPL-010459 Thomas Jasper Anderson, III Knighted Ventures, LLCOakland94601Active02/28/2019
TPPL-014060 Christopher George Martinez Aces High Gaming, LLCTracy95377Active02/28/2019
TPPL-010821 Cheng Ching Saelee Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95834Active01/31/2019
TPPL-010384 James Edward Tomasetti Arise, LLCFresno93703Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010387 Leo James Acosta, III Arise, LLCFresno93722Active07/31/2017
TPPL-010388 Nicole Kayla Allen Arise, LLCKerman93630Active06/30/2017
TPPL-010501 Nicole R. Norris PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90802Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010889 Scott Robert Griffith Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95409Active03/31/2019
TPPL-010750 Dino Bandin Marcelino PT Gaming, LLCEl Sobrante94803Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013225 Jennifer Denise Barahona Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active03/31/2019
TPPL-010415 Albert Tien-Wen Bai Knighted Ventures, LLCFremont94538Active12/31/2018
TPPL-011235 Samrach Uth Certified Players, Inc.Modesto95350Active09/30/2018
TPPL-010646 Jeanette Capil Agustin PT Gaming, LLCAlameda94501Active11/30/2017
TPPL-015126 Rebecca Joy Kuchta Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Ramon94583Active04/30/2019
TPPL-010663 Jesse Luzano Maxion Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90712Active08/31/2018
TPPL-010312 Illuminada Amistad Magpoc Knighted Ventures, LLCMountain House95391Active02/28/2019
TPPL-010327 Nang Pik Certified Players, Inc.Oakland94619Active12/31/2017
TPPL-010351 Simon Angel Medina PT Gaming, LLCSan Pedro90732Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010427 Gaudencio Lagrisola Jonson, Jr. Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Mateo94403Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011927 Wen Ying He Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94133Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013529 Charles William Cole Knighted Ventures, LLCAnaheim92804Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013276 Yoselyn Ivette Gramajo-Recinos Knighted Ventures, LLCVan Nuys91405Active11/30/2018
TPPL-010447 Rowena Tamundong Morada-Aquino PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active01/31/2018
TPPL-010454 Jasmin Paule Dabu Knighted Ventures, LLCTracy95377Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016331 Ricardo Gil Mendez Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93033Active01/31/2019
TPPL-011282 Stanley Wayne Hankins Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93703Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013416 Shren Chanthan Luong Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90802Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013223 Ronald Bongco Alejo Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90026Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011557 Anthony Crisostomo Dizon PT Gaming, LLCSan Leandro94579Active06/30/2018
TPPL-012158 Eugene Tran Knighted Ventures, LLCNorth Hills91343Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012929 Vanna Mom Knighted Ventures, LLCModesto95351Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012925 Leticia Hurm Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95821Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011311 Charisse Nicole Patton PT Gaming, LLCConcord94520Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013284 Ruben Cisca Luna Knighted Ventures, LLCNorwalk90650Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013236 Albaro Resendiz Knighted Ventures, LLCCompton90221Active09/30/2018
TPPL-011589 Sumeet NMN Anand PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011597 Tu Thi Le PT Gaming, LLCOakland94601Active02/28/2019
TPPL-011598 Jeffrey Denis Lewis, Jr. PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active02/28/2019
TPPL-012166 Ernesto Reyes Lorenzo Certified Players, Inc.Alameda94501Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013424 Melissa Valencia Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90047Active10/31/2018
TPPL-010764 Cheng Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95822Active06/30/2017
TPPL-009820 Richard Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95833Active08/31/2017
TPPL-009697 Marcella Rene Johnson PT Gaming, LLCSan Jose95136Active07/31/2017
TPPL-010210 Esperanza Dayrit Boles PT Gaming, LLCYolo95697Active09/30/2017
TPPL-010211 Michelle Saldana Atencion PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94801Active10/31/2017
TPPL-010212 Monina Claire Marcelino Saldana PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active09/30/2017
TPPL-010244 Rado Pov Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active03/31/2019
TPPL-009945 Lo Xio Saetern PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95828Active05/31/2018
TPPL-010054 Pai Hwa Chung Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011940 Eva Kaiyin Yan Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active01/31/2019
TPPL-010763 Kai Her PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95824Active03/31/2018
TPPL-011941 Wai Keung Yu Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active08/31/2018
TPPL-010272 Ma Sarah Zubia Reyes PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active08/31/2017
TPPL-010478 Nakhone Phimmasy Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93726Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015212 Doua Her Aces High Gaming, LLCSacramento95828Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012153 Bryan Keith Afinidad Knighted Ventures, LLCLawndale90260Active09/30/2018
TPPL-010613 Joanna Kae Saechao PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94805Active12/31/2017
TPPL-016272 Chan Chiem Saechao Knighted Ventures, LLCRichmond94805Active01/31/2019
TPPL-011938 Yuchun Sun Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94134Active02/28/2019
TPPL-013907 Margaret Mary Rogers PT Gaming, LLCManteca95336Active07/31/2018
TPPL-011211 Toua Moua Rhino Gaming, Inc.Clovis93612Active02/28/2019
TPPL-011027 John Xie Metis TPS, LLCRosemead91770Active04/30/2019
TPPL-010287 Hugh Minh Ha Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active11/30/2018
TPPL-011034 Edna Bruno Polangco Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016325 Ngan Ngoc Huynh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95131Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013368 Danny Duc Nguyen L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92115Active03/31/2019
TPPL-011164 Ryan Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90042Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016078 Pepsi Saelee Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95210Active05/31/2018
TPPL-011250 Devin Colin Cronjager PT Gaming, LLCDavis95618Active02/28/2019
TPPL-011258 Heidi Hana Sin PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016067 Rui Fang Liang Woo Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95219Active07/31/2018
TPPL-014955 Arisona Simphoukham Aces High Gaming, LLCStockton95206Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013275 Daniel Chetcheuth Knighted Ventures, LLCLakewood90715Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015659 Holly Rebecca Mills Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90806Active11/30/2018
TPPL-012151 Janet Velasco Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90802Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013449 Melissa Marie Lam Knighted Ventures, LLCCompton90221Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012137 Thai Quoc Vu Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Jose95116Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012184 Guo Ji Chen Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active08/31/2018
TPPL-011951 Mei Xing Chow Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95118Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011653 Cherry Khine Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active01/31/2019
TPPL-011633 Stephen Francis Wright Arise, LLCFresno93728Active11/30/2017
TPPL-013418 Sergio Rene Mendoza Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90005Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013375 Molly Nary Talbot PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012063 Abigail Ramirez Feliciano Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90715Active08/31/2018
TPPL-011898 Reyna Lucille De Luna PT Gaming, LLCLa Mesa91940Active11/30/2017
TPPL-013443 Nadia Lizeth Otero Cisca Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90003Active12/31/2018
TPPL-011812 Ronald Martin Mendelow Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Pedro90731Active08/31/2018
TPPL-013687 Michael Fernando Bento Rhino Gaming, Inc.Hanford93230Active03/31/2019
TPPL-011886 Jennifer Heynen Cavazos Arise, LLCFresno93726Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011888 Benjamin Alan Gaston Arise, LLCFresno93722Active11/30/2017
TPPL-011891 Wheeler Omari Smith Arise, LLCFresno93706Active12/31/2017
TPPL-011736 Dana Sengaroun PT Gaming, LLCBerkeley94702Active05/31/2017
TPPL-013383 Armando Chavez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90040Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013286 Marco Antonio Barajas Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012764 Ancita Lerio Kelly L.E. Gaming, Inc.Spring Valley91977Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012010 LiQiu Shang Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active08/31/2018
TPPL-011853 Angel Ignacio Covarrubias Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active10/31/2018
TPPL-011854 James Richard Hundhausen Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Monica90404Active08/31/2018
TPPL-011862 LaNeisha Elizabeth Walker Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90059Active08/31/2018
TPPL-011470 Katie Lee O'Hare PT Gaming, LLCEl Cajon92019Active04/30/2019
TPPL-011617 Jose Leon Alvarado Arise, LLCClovis93612Active06/30/2017
TPPL-013422 Armando Torres Knighted Ventures, LLCSouth Gate90280Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012770 Christie Vanthamaly L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92113Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013381 Raul Maclang Puyat Knighted Ventures, LLCMontebello90640Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013060 Johnny Yuen Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94118Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012580 Kanha Maleya Thieng PT Gaming, LLCSan Diego92115Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012583 Anthony Sam PT Gaming, LLCSan Leandro94579Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012585 Suonranya Suon PT Gaming, LLCPleasant Hill94523Active11/30/2017
TPPL-013111 Frank Saenz Zamarripa, Jr. Certified Players, Inc.Merced95340Active02/28/2018
TPPL-012405 Margaret Kelly Butler Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012406 Manuel Perez Knighted Ventures, LLCGardena90249Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016499 Tyler Aaron Sexton Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95825Active01/31/2019
TPPL-012992 Curtis Rey Berry Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95757Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012306 Damian Alfred Rozanka 21 Vault GamingGrass Valley95949Active06/30/2018
TPPL-012213 Andrew Joseph Morales Knighted Ventures, LLCConcord94520Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012215 Selah Lee Gavin Davis Knighted Ventures, LLCRancho Palos Verdes90275Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012995 David Kent Lee Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90016Active01/31/2019
TPPL-012486 Alice Leung Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012490 Christopher Shane Wilwand Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Osos93402Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013380 Oscar Juarez Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013264 Rando Has Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90813Active10/05/2018
TPPL-013074 Gil Alejandro Casao, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95209Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013130 Katrina Wolinski Munoz PT Gaming, LLCSacramento65820Active01/31/2018
TPPL-012522 Edgar Lopez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90040Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012288 Huying Wu Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012289 Jin Xiong Lin Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012197 Erica Pangilinan Gandia PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active10/31/2017
TPPL-012199 Truong Van Vo PT Gaming, LLCCastro Valley94546Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012292 Mary Ann Lelaine Ramil Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012594 Marco Antonio Correa Meza Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95401Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012375 Christopher Cruz Dequina PT Gaming, LLCSuisun City94585Active03/31/2018
TPPL-012378 Phuong Minh Le Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Gabriel91776Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012379 Brittney Lauren Nikiel Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90028Active11/30/2018
TPPL-012380 David Vinh Wong Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active04/30/2019
TPPL-012381 Javier Fabian C Knighted Ventures, LLCNorwalk90650Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012317 Ngorn Kang Me Certified Players, Inc.Atwater95301Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013312 David Robert Santini PT Gaming, LLCMonterey Park91755Active05/31/2018
TPPL-012503 Kianna Shanae Reed PT Gaming, LLCBerkeley94702Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012507 Lourdes Miel Sales PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012820 Roly Doctor Inalvez Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94014Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012821 Melinda Chan Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94116Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012822 Jengming Chen Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012823 Darin Pierce Wulff PT Gaming, LLCPacifica94044Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012826 Kellen Matthew Eddlemon PT Gaming, LLCFremont94536Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012690 Siosifa Tuikolongahau Kuahuia-Nau Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90814Active10/31/2018
TPPL-012694 Aimin Li Metis TPS, LLCArcadia91007Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013549 Aphinunt Addy Singta Arise, LLCMadera93637Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013466 Joseph Thomas Lindsay Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90713Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013694 Richard Deleon Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Fe Springs90670Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013696 Nicole Patrice Sims Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90059Active with Conditions01/31/2019
TPPL-013697 Shawn Michael Zion Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90806Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013556 Qiang Zhuo Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013597 Christopher Bruce Brumley Arise, LLCFresno93721Active12/31/2017
TPPL-014046 John Mark Umali Hernandez PT Gaming, LLCHayward94544Active07/31/2018
TPPL-013672 Michael D. Moua PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95842Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013673 Sarah Noelle Jara PT Gaming, LLCRoseville95678Active02/28/2018
TPPL-016375 Leotha Monique LeBan L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95864Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014279 Ashley Dalynne Gentry-Andrews PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94804Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014282 Anthony Keith Goodman Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95404Active11/30/2018
TPPL-017253 George Eric Muniz Acme Player Services, LLCLa Puente91746Active02/28/2019
TPPL-012550 Pritesh Chandra Knighted Ventures, LLCHawthorne90250Active09/30/2018
TPPL-012553 Kai Her Mega Gaming, LLCMarysville95901Active02/28/2018
TPPL-012556 Chening Keene Yang Certified Players, Inc.Sacramento95838Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013409 Alma Mireya Del Viento Herrera Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013417 Brandon Nicholas Mason Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90803Active12/31/2018
TPPL-012542 Carolina Galindo PT Gaming, LLCStockton95204Active07/31/2018
TPPL-012718 Kevin Doyle Ferguson Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92532Active11/30/2017
TPPL-012732 Oliver Landino Cruz PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012744 Joey Allen Kamen Knighted Ventures, LLCLivermore94551Active02/28/2019
TPPL-012748 Chase William Baxter Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95624Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012790 Steven Fredrick Flynn Knighted Ventures, LLCRohnert Park94926Active01/31/2019
TPPL-012849 Bonnie Xayavong Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93727Active03/31/2019
TPPL-012811 Elise Eileen Gonzales Knighted Ventures, LLCWhittier90602Active08/31/2018
TPPL-012812 Amy Nicole Banquerigo Knighted Ventures, LLCHacienda Heights91745Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013350 Curtis Mark Turner PT Gaming, LLCNorth Hollywood91606Active12/31/2017
TPPL-012814 Cameron Michael Paul Kemper Knighted Ventures, LLCTujunga91042Active08/31/2018
TPPL-013141 Nicholas Edison Talbot PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active06/30/2018
TPPL-012947 Kelly Truong PT Gaming, LLCMonterey Park91755Active01/31/2018
TPPL-016381 Brenna Marie Phillips L.E. Gaming, Inc.Loomis95650Active01/31/2019
TPPL-013774 Brandi Michelle White PT Gaming, LLCFontana92337Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013788 Dale Hugh Manzella Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90064Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013331 Ashley Denise Lucas PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013333 Otto Rene Castellanos PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90007Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013538 Raquel Lanise Sanders Knighted Ventures, LLCRichmond94804Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013766 Eduardo Emmanuel Ortega Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90806Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013637 Juan Roberto Lezcano Knighted Ventures, LLCMonterey Park91755Active11/30/2018
TPPL-013729 Elisa Hui Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013718 Yao Wouei Benny Saeteurn PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active12/31/2018
TPPL-013719 Jonathan David Ruffo Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90802Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013720 Richard Anthony Duran Knighted Ventures, LLCRoseville95678Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013749 Nguyen Van Vo PT Gaming, LLCCastro Valley94546Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013751 Jackline Mwihaki Ndegwa PT Gaming, LLCHayward94545Active02/28/2018
TPPL-013756 Xue Herr PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95822Active01/31/2018
TPPL-016395 Kristen Rachelle Cosgrave L.E. Gaming, Inc.Carmichael95608Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013791 Richani Lim Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90813Active09/30/2018
TPPL-013878 Karen Pinote Tan Knighted Ventures, LLCMilpitas95035Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014115 Rheya Marie Galanto Fernandez PT Gaming, LLCConcord94520Active06/30/2018
TPPL-013329 Mouksavanh Sengsoulinh Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93702Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014074 Paulina Nunez Knighted Ventures, LLCCompton90221Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013363 Nolan Joseph Dixon Knighted Ventures, LLCTracy95377Active09/30/2018
TPPL-014166 Sarah Maranda Martinez PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014168 Vickie Yeng Lor PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014170 Anita Toun PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90804Active03/31/2018
TPPL-014185 Jacqueline Anne Holquinn Arise, LLCSanger93657Active05/31/2018
TPPL-013658 Christopher Allen Leavitt Knighted Ventures, LLCLodi95242Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013665 Leumel Copeland Chuka Smith PT Gaming, LLCOakland94619Active02/28/2018
TPPL-014235 Elizah Vanique Caldwell Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Jose95136Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014236 Amanda Leontyne Nelson Knighted Ventures, LLCRedondo Beach90278Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013897 Kim Mac PT Gaming, LLCHayward94544Active03/31/2018
TPPL-013592 Matthew Vincent Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCHarbor City90710Active01/31/2018
TPPL-014238 Noah Ryan-Stout Knighted Ventures, LLCNorthridge91325Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014264 Basim Shuwkat Zaidan PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014265 Sharmaine Dela Cruz Concepcion PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014268 Martha Farias PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active04/30/2018
TPPL-016329 Richard William Swinehart Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93033Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014607 Christine Bernice Aldrich 21 Vault GamingGrass Valley95949Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014611 Robert Lee Virata PT Gaming, LLCFairfield94533Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014612 Seena Thao Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95832Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014613 Shyamal Krishneel Deo Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95212Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014283 Quintin John Perez-Adams Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95401Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013210 Maly Prang L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92115Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014144 Zachary Lawrence Nord Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Palma90623Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014285 Van Tuan Giang Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Puente91744Active03/31/2019
TPPL-013176 Reivey Yap Arceo Qualified Player Services, LLCSun City92585Active12/31/2017
TPPL-013428 Camille Devony Jackson-Downs Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95758Active04/30/2019
TPPL-013192 Taylor Renee Reed PT Gaming, LLCSan Diego92115Active01/31/2018
TPPL-013259 Marnie Caisip Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90005Active10/31/2018
TPPL-013260 Marc Andro Montes Espana Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90057Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014429 Keith James Van Nyhuis Knighted Ventures, LLCEl Cerrito94530Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014430 Kevin Martinez Inis Knighted Ventures, LLCNewark94560Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014431 Casey Geurts Sandin Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95409Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014969 Aaron Joseph Windle Knighted Ventures, LLCCitrus Heights95621Active12/31/2018
TPPL-014972 Roger Gerard Lagliva Aspiras Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95624Active01/11/2019
TPPL-014980 Christina Meas Kim PT Gaming, LLCStockton95212Active01/31/2019
TPPL-014521 Jordan James Aman Knighted Ventures, LLCFair Oaks95628Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015144 Yim Neang PT Gaming, LLCSan Diego92115Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015087 Lisa Phonn PT Gaming, LLCStockton95212Active07/31/2018
TPPL-014627 Victor Anthony Ramirez Knighted Ventures, LLCNewport Beach92660Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014628 Ruslan Zhantayev Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90038Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015114 Sierah Kailee Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90802Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016925 Andrea Eileen Cerda PT Gaming, LLCConcord94520Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015125 Anne Yim Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95206Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015095 Jehosafat Perez PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90007Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015097 Liping Kuang Metis TPS, LLCMonterey Park91754Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015101 Chi Jen Jeffery Yu Acme Player Services, LLCEl Monte91732Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015102 Daniel Cruz Lacap Acme Player Services, LLCBellflower90706Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015104 Michael Jajo Acme Player Services, LLCAnaheim92804Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015105 Ronglu Zhang Acme Player Services, LLCBellflower90706Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015106 Leroy Leeming Ling Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90809Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015128 Alethia Marie Roberts Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90043Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015129 Britney Denae Kronberger Knighted Ventures, LLCInglewood90302Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015130 Blanca Lidia Rodriguez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90037Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015133 Lourdes Karina Delgado Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014909 Noel Antonio Rodriguez Knighted Ventures, LLCBellflower90706Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014910 Ky Cao Do Knighted Ventures, LLCWestminster92683Active01/31/2019
TPPL-014919 Shadae Diana Brown PT Gaming, LLCFairfield94533Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014803 Jason Junn Lee Knighted Ventures, LLCTujunga91042Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014941 Aaron Demarzzio Olive L.E. Gaming, Inc.Spring Valley91977Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014947 Davey Long Pacaro PT Gaming, LLCStockton95212Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014961 Hilda Klam PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014763 Shaofan Feng Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94124Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014924 Jose Luis Martin Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90061Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014925 Noli Marasigan Acme Player Services, LLCTorrance90505Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014884 Bouloko Eteke Ngilbus PT Gaming, LLCOakland94610Active05/31/2018
TPPL-015214 Gerald Thanh Chi Pham Acme Player Services, LLCCerritos90703Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015003 Abigail Rose Greenough Knighted Ventures, LLCValley Springs95252Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015005 Laken Alexis Higley Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90813Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015006 Toby Raymond Rutledge, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015011 Delanie Rae Harding Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015014 Santiago Guevara Knighted Ventures, LLCPico Rivera90660Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015016 Deshon Vernon James Knighted Ventures, LLCOakland94606Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015047 Jana Nichole Lee PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015049 April Medrano PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90810Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014768 Keo Samunthy Srey PT Gaming, LLCDixon95620Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014770 Eric John Nguyen PT Gaming, LLCOakland94619Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014773 Donald James Cooper PT Gaming, LLCPacifica94044Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014406 Chris Eric Samaniego Limos Acme Player Services, LLCGlendale91205Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014409 Miguel Fuentes Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90003Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014336 Norman Carandang Soriano PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014615 Brandon Arles Garcia Knighted Ventures, LLCOakdale95361Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014847 Daniel Rodriguez Roque Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92530Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014647 Chieko Irene Talbert PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94509Active with Conditions01/31/2019
TPPL-014726 Jorge Luis Hidalgo PT Gaming, LLCStockton95206Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014727 Lay Saechao PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014728 Thalia Lisette Sanchez PT Gaming, LLCStockton95204Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014733 Guangying Li Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014813 Sulesa Tusiesea Iosia PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014815 Miguel Angel Arroyo PT Gaming, LLCInglewood90304Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014820 Yeng Her PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95824Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016391 Kalia Lee L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95838Active01/31/2019
TPPL-014881 Gerardo Advincula Topacio Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015073 June Clifford Virador Galendez PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014721 Stephen Nathaniel Davie Knighted Ventures, LLCRoseville95661Active01/31/2019
TPPL-014781 Chao Chue Xiong PT Gaming, LLCOlivehurst95961Active05/31/2018
TPPL-016374 Henry Lor L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95838Active01/31/2019
TPPL-014749 Alfio Tsee Tshung Soo Acme Player Services, LLCMonterey Park91755Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014751 Duong Pham Phu Acme Player Services, LLCGarden Grove92844Active12/31/2018
TPPL-014860 Sawanjit Singh Johal PT Gaming, LLCCeres95307Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014902 Darren James Fitzgerald Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95404Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014903 Ryan Micco Henry Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95210Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014600 William Leslie Quinn Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90004Active10/31/2018
TPPL-016544 Tiffany Vuong Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014993 Alexandra Rose Mariko Agas Yamamoto PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014994 Kong Her PT Gaming, LLCOakland94602Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014896 Savanna Ly Houth PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014654 Benjamin Vincent Schembri Knighted Ventures, LLCCitrus Heights95610Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014656 Alexa Angelica Rea Knighted Ventures, LLCVallejo94591Active09/30/2018
TPPL-014657 Nai Jow Saechao Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Pablo94806Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015027 Brennan Andrew Wilhoit L.E. Gaming, Inc.Chula Vista91911Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015034 Andrew William Powers Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95814Active with Conditions01/31/2019
TPPL-014874 Angel Morales Montejano PT Gaming, LLCDowney90241Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014513 Richard Garcia PT Gaming, LLCGardena90249Active04/30/2018
TPPL-015036 Edwin Quejada Aurelio Knighted Ventures, LLCNorth Highlands95660Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014878 Delena Lupita Casillas PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014958 Lisamaree Martinez Vasquez L.E. Gaming, Inc.Chula Vista91911Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014518 Matthew Gregory Villanueva Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Dimas91773Active02/28/2019
TPPL-014520 Larry Kongmeng Moua Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95828Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015057 Oscar Figueroa Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90062Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015076 Jason Vu PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015623 Tamara Daisy Amataga PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94134Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015630 Joyce Miifoua Vang PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95832Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016393 Alexandru Rosca L.E. Gaming, Inc.Citrus Heights95621Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015783 Robert Ki Lee Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95206Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015785 Hannah Mae Budrick Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95818Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015786 Touleeh Herr Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95758Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015787 Pha Thao Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015991 James Blong Lor Knighted Ventures, LLCNorth Highlands95660Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016000 Tina Phuong Le Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015561 Gengino Ibanez Gozum Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94134Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016260 Stephanie Ramirez-Varguez Aces High Gaming, LLCMcFarland93250Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015848 Bethany Louise Pinnick PT Gaming, LLCSpring Valley91977Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015861 Daron Joey Duong Certified Players, Inc.Oakland94619Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016012 Nellie Martina Thomas PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90810Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015322 Terry Leonard Easmon, Jr. PT Gaming, LLCElk Grove95757Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016371 Athena Lee Forgey L.E. Gaming, Inc.Citrus Heights95621Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015332 Heather Ann Kern Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Oakland94602Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015883 Irma Dimabuyu Dudang Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90810Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015887 Roy Hathai Janechuti Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90041Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016035 Success Vang Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95832Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014450 Karen Ng Wu Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94124Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014455 Gabriel Rolando Gonzales Arise, LLCFresno93722Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014386 Jessica Renee Skinner Knighted Ventures, LLCInglewood90303Active04/30/2019
TPPL-014708 Thien Nhut Doan Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95829Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014709 Christopher Michael Wilson Knighted Ventures, LLCNewcastle95658Active12/31/2018
TPPL-014710 Jesica Fern Wells Knighted Ventures, LLCModesto95356Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014711 Tyler Michael Hattar Knighted Ventures, LLCPetaluma94954Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014713 Richard Hsiao-Chiang Hau Knighted Ventures, LLCAntelope95843Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014413 Jennifer Umali Hernandez PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active05/31/2018
TPPL-014735 Bronson Lodter Scott Knighted Ventures, LLCNorth Hollywood91601Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014736 Jennie Jettaun Ramirez Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Fe Springs90670Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014774 Joseph Lee Melton Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95407Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014776 Veronica Monique Rubio Knighted Ventures, LLCDiscovery Bay94505Active12/31/2018
TPPL-014836 Kevin Ossa PT Gaming, LLCEl Cajon92019Active07/31/2018
TPPL-014837 Nahatai Wichaiwong PT Gaming, LLCEl Cajon92021Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014838 Johnathan Saechao PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active06/30/2018
TPPL-014552 Sierra LaJoyce Tippens Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95815Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014554 Yeins Lee Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014322 Kaysy Xaynhalath Knighted Ventures, LLCRio Linda95673Active10/31/2018
TPPL-014323 Jefferson Ku Moua Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95828Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014324 Kyle Robert Murphy Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95758Active03/31/2019
TPPL-014368 Lougie Marcelo Kim PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94112Active04/30/2018
TPPL-014471 Alvin Seng Toch Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90804Active11/30/2018
TPPL-014472 Jorge Noe Rangel Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90065Active09/30/2018
TPPL-014473 Michael Christian Perez Aclan Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90012Active09/30/2018
TPPL-014479 Andre Amilliou Abdullah PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90805Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015348 Anan Yu Fortune Players Group, Inc.Daly City94015Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015508 Jonathan Miranda Qualified Player Services, LLCMenifee92584Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015513 Jesica Cortez PT Gaming, LLCWilmington90744Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015277 Lue Mova Xiong Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015278 Mark Angelo Sainz Knighted Ventures, LLCAmerican Canyon94503Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015285 Andy Sher Lor Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015287 Isaac Bayuga Peralta Knighted Ventures, LLCTracy95376Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015770 Diana Marlen Guzman Ramirez PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015771 Joanna Maville Tangog Portelo PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015535 Michael Bryan Harris Knighted Ventures, LLCWhittier90604Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015536 Obideo Mojarro Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015819 Sue Cha Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95838Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015821 Mark Anthony Alcala Knighted Ventures, LLCMaywood90270Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015825 Eadie Elaine Eichelberger Knighted Ventures, LLCBakersfield93307Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015826 Devin William Decarie Knighted Ventures, LLCManteca95336Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015661 Pow Chou Vang Knighted Ventures, LLCSan Ramon94582Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016390 Gold Naly Vang L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95828Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015669 Andrew Ray Early Knighted Ventures, LLCWoodbridge95258Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015808 Joan Rueda Villanueva Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95827Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016006 Na Ear Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90813Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015944 Kenneth Sergio Mendoza PT Gaming, LLCSan Mateo94403Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015945 Susan Carsolin Santos PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015699 Zhihao Mai Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94112Active01/28/2019
TPPL-015718 Jenny Thi Thuy Hoang Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92684Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015721 Richard Victor Lee Acme Player Services, LLCFullerton92833Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015950 Toulee Hergh Knighted Ventures, LLCElk Grove95624Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015954 Mendi Yajaira Monique Garza PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90802Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015958 Gausheng Xiong PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015959 Delia Lorraine Orona PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015960 Crystal Breanne Marie Keeler PT Gaming, LLCStockton95203Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015961 Cheng Chan Saeyang PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94806Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015962 Schuyler Celso Herrera PT Gaming, LLCAlameda94501Active10/31/2018
TPPL-015367 Cedrina Lanae Gaines Knighted Ventures, LLCOakley94561Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015368 Natalie Ramirez-Castro Knighted Ventures, LLCSalinas93905Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015303 Christopher Amir Jemison Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90044Active with Conditions04/30/2019
TPPL-016388 Maianne Santos Engler L.E. Gaming, Inc.Folsom95630Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015952 Maryann Math PT Gaming, LLCLakewood90715Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015175 Brittany Amber Nelson Arise, LLCFresno93711Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015179 Matthew Fernandez Bell PT Gaming, LLCSan Diego92154Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015181 Neelesh Sumeshwar Yadav PT Gaming, LLCWest Sacramento95691Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016397 Kao Hinh Saefong L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95828Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015240 Jose Trinidad Jimenez Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90039Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015241 Nathan Hong Seth Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90810Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015244 Fisiipeau Olikuone Langi PT Gaming, LLCMenlo Park94025Active05/31/2018
TPPL-015247 Ronnie Heng PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015252 Sandy Stephany Muniz PT Gaming, LLCStockton95204Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016130 Michael Angelo Amoranto Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95132Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015254 Mary Pa Nhia Vue PT Gaming, LLCRoseville95678Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016396 Trang Thi Thien Nguyen L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95829Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015539 Francisco Javier Perez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90059Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016077 Richelle Magat Pascual PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016081 Daeniel Cullen Marcial Diomanpo PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016105 Tiffani Marie Griffin PT Gaming, LLCConcord94521Active07/31/2018
TPPL-018753 Alyssa Lorraine Feldt Premier Player Providers, Inc.San Jose95130Active08/31/2018
TPPL-018760 Alyssa Lorraine Feldt Premier Player Providers, Inc.San Jose95130Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015397 Varun Vinay Nand PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016132 Joshua Samuel Dean Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95822Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016136 Chhinda Song Knighted Ventures, LLCPittsburg94565Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016137 Michelle Somphitt Khounphinith Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95829Active11/30/2018
TPPL-019286 Youzhen Yin PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015418 Alicia Jo-Burns Brandau 21 Vault GamingGrass Valley95945Active08/31/2018
TPPL-015505 Agnieszka Dziewulska Kulaczkowska Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90807Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016161 Darren James Hernandez Daen L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92139Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016095 Ian Kenneth Trinidad Knighted Ventures, LLCPlacentia92870Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015812 Kenneth Charles Sherman, II Knighted Ventures, LLCSimi Valley93063Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015814 Bernadeth Buenavedez Arroyo Knighted Ventures, LLCMontebello90640Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015815 Ma Laine Kristine Perez Aclan Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90012Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015217 Priscilla Nungaray Guzman Knighted Ventures, LLCSylmar91342Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015517 Angel Ruiz Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90019Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015843 Nina Sheryl Yalung Manguera PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active08/31/2018
TPPL-018937 Eveleen Carolyn Britz Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95132Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016036 Nancy Maisee Vang Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016038 Michelle Concepcion Cortez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90023Active12/31/2018
TPPL-017366 Jahquel Damien Spain Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95207Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017369 Justin Al Renteria Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90002Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017371 Leonard Froylan Leau Knighted Ventures, LLCMaywood90270Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016693 Chavon Leele On L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92115Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016698 JeaniePearl Adolfo Rapay L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92114Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017009 Jonathan Virak Pech Acme Player Services, LLCSanta Ana92704Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017384 Gonzalo Zacarias, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCHuntington Park90255Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017385 Jonathan Frank Sanchez Knighted Ventures, LLCNorwalk90650Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016418 Jesus Aure Rosquites L.E. Gaming, Inc.Citrus Heights95610Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017013 Kim Toeur Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90804Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017017 Chhaly Yi Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90806Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017018 Cong Thanh Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCAnaheim92804Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017039 Silvino Tostado, Jr. Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90813Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017042 Brian Daniel Cutts Acme Player Services, LLCBellflower90706Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016669 Alan Lavilla Guadarrama PT Gaming, LLCSan Mateo94403Active09/30/2018
TPPL-017365 Ariel Andico Dela Cruz L.E. Gaming, Inc.Chula Vista91913Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016305 Khan Khonn PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016306 Vutheara Monica Som PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016313 Ateliana Atonio PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94124Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016884 Thanh Kieu Phuong Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCGarden Grove92840Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017241 Hope Janicesharie Capolupo Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90813Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015649 Jessica Marie Borgia Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92530Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015652 Anthony Warren Henry PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016048 Kirsten Sky Rollag Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92532Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016165 Chau Ngoc Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016169 Adam Nicholas Aguirre Acme Player Services, LLCPico Rivera90660Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016211 Dawn Marie Huston PT Gaming, LLCElk Grove95757Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016214 Stephanie Anguiano PT Gaming, LLCRichmond94806Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015166 Karen Zhao Chu Fortune Players Group, Inc.South San Francisco94080Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016334 Michael James Perri, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCVentura93003Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016332 Manuel Barajas Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93033Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015897 Amitesh Mohith Chand Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95833Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015914 Kimau Hakeem Wright Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95829Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016384 Michael Lejon Sims, III L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95842Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015639 Michael Xavier Zarate Knighted Ventures, LLCParamount90723Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015640 Antonio Alejandro Guillen Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90057Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015414 Jacarey Michael Dwayne Jackson Knighted Ventures, LLCBay Point94565Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015416 William Banzon Drennan Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95828Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015201 Joan Bravo Pamplona PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active07/31/2018
TPPL-015998 Lou Clemente Calleja Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90802Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016181 Kathy Mao PT Gaming, LLCLong Beach90804Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016182 Amber Hayde Giron PT Gaming, LLCBellflower90706Active10/31/2018
TPPL-016184 Amee Yang PT Gaming, LLCStockton95207Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016186 Ialisha Bunnie Vankham PT Gaming, LLCStockton95210Active06/30/2018
TPPL-016171 Guo Zhang Lai Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94133Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016172 Kenneth Bryan Morris Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90807Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016173 Gustavo Contreras-Martinez Knighted Ventures, LLCCompton90221Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016174 Jessica Narvaez Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-015351 Samath Mout Acme Player Services, LLCLong Beach90813Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015352 Brian Jacob Meave Acme Player Services, LLCWhittier90603Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016221 Mai Youa Xiong Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015383 Ambiance Adagia Frazier Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95210Active12/31/2018
TPPL-015384 Sopheak Khut Knighted Ventures, LLCOakland94601Active03/31/2019
TPPL-015385 Christopher Constantino Candelario Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90039Active11/30/2018
TPPL-015388 Darvin Gustavo Miranda Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90015Active04/30/2019
TPPL-015405 Eduardo Marquez Rodarte PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90061Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016178 Manyvanh Tick Sengsoulinh Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93702Active02/28/2019
TPPL-015380 Sergio Damalerio Tumarong L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92114Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016025 Danilo Toribio Calpito, Jr. Certified Players, Inc.Manteca95337Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016192 Pelenaise Talafungani Langi PT Gaming, LLCMenlo Park94025Active06/30/2018
TPPL-015586 Carleen Maron Muth L.E. Gaming, Inc.San Diego92109Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016196 Joseph Vernon Baker, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95206Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016119 Jeremy Samuel Lawson Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95205Active10/31/2018
TPPL-016123 Beau Pryce Murray Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95204Active10/31/2018
TPPL-016127 Ryan Matthew Morrill Qualified Player Services, LLCMurrieta92562Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016203 Ariel Sioco Munoz PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active10/31/2018
TPPL-016205 Max Chang Xiong PT Gaming, LLCSacramento95823Active with Conditions08/31/2018
TPPL-016206 Allisson Fahm Saechao PT Gaming, LLCSan Pablo94806Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016209 Bunny Heng PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016276 Archie Torres Hernandez Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016278 Tracy Louise Sankey Knighted Ventures, LLCDiamond Bar91765Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016279 Anthony Alexander Juarez Knighted Ventures, LLCSouth Gate90280Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016283 Ruben Morales Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95834Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016284 Aaron Patrick Middleton Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95212Active with Conditions04/30/2019
TPPL-016401 Debora Eang L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95814Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016452 Lia Michelle Mapa PT Gaming, LLCOakland94621Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017306 John Philip Shumaker Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95826Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017312 Joshua Mark Keefe Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95405Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016637 Ricardo Munoz Zurdo Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90011Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016886 Holmes Hongyu Chen Acme Player Services, LLCWest Covina91792Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016887 Everado Roberto Morales Acme Player Services, LLCNorwalk90650Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016890 Alberto Guerra Acme Player Services, LLCLa Puente91744Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016892 Arturo Curiel Certified Players, Inc.Merced95340Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016222 Lawrence Jonathan Yee Knighted Ventures, LLCHillsborough94010Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016223 Suzie Bao Yang Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95207Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016226 Alexander Joseph Gutierrez Knighted Ventures, LLCLodi95240Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016232 Naomi Quinones Qualified Player Services, LLCPerris92570Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016921 Kooper Elliott Lennard Knutson Gaming Fund Group, Inc.Gilroy95020Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016928 Mark Erwin Huey, III Acme Player Services, LLCParamount90723Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016930 Angelo Villareal Bangalan Acme Player Services, LLCChula Vista91913Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016931 Jules Alain Liwag Torres Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90715Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016848 Jie Shan He Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94122Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016934 Joseph Ryan Moreland Acme Player Services, LLCHawaiian Gardens90716Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016937 Hulices Garcia Ruiz Acme Player Services, LLCSouth Gate90280Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016558 Erika Renee Peterson PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94509Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016722 Breana Elaine Murray Certified Players, Inc.Stockton95207Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017296 Jayson Cuesta Malonosan PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016583 Qi Rong Mai Acme Player Services, LLCSouth Pasadena91030Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016968 Kyle Edward Burke PT Gaming, LLCConcord94521Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016974 Beatrice Mariann Jane Cedo PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016479 Brent Jonathan Baker Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93036Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016483 Diego Ibarra Mendez Knighted Ventures, LLCPico Rivera90660Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016487 Clemente Rangel Alvarez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90003Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016469 Pamela Choua Lee Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016470 Samantha Meyta Saeteurn Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95209Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016471 Yang Sor Vue Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95832Active11/30/2018
TPPL-016742 Jessica Lynne Owens PT Gaming, LLCAntioch94509Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016639 Matthew David Quintana Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93036Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016641 Patrick Hae Yuan Kang Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90006Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016642 Christopher Moises Rivas Knighted Ventures, LLCSouth Gate90280Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016248 Dustin Ray Coffman Knighted Ventures, LLCTemple City91780Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016249 Hebrew Marcelin Knighted Ventures, LLCBell Gardens90201Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016250 Jeska Hoi Shum Knighted Ventures, LLCWhittier90602Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016251 Dominque Latrice Campbell Knighted Ventures, LLCSunland91040Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016874 Ashley Nicole Hercules Reyes PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016630 Hirwin Horacio Benitez Hernandez Knighted Ventures, LLCPanorama City91402Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016631 Edward Michael Romero Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016632 Leopoldo Ramirez, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95403Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016633 Anthony Patrick Magden Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95209Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016634 Elizabeth Alicia Soto Knighted Ventures, LLCFairfield94533Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016361 Shawn Hiroshi Matlock Knighted Ventures, LLCArcadia91006Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016362 Albert Egidio Guerra Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016880 Kalina Raquel Lawrence L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95833Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016424 Kathie Thao Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCAnaheim92804Active01/31/2019
TPPL-017190 Scarlett Page Wilson PT Gaming, LLCMillbrae94030Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017247 Neptali Cuesta Malonosan PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017248 Jhofer De Leon Perez PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94134Active10/31/2018
TPPL-017249 Vicente Alfaro Diaz, Jr. PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94014Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017252 Andrew KyungMo Kim Acme Player Services, LLCLos Angeles90004Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016489 Erasmo Torres Knighted Ventures, LLCHacienda Heights91745Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016490 Samantha Frances Montano Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90001Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017577 Gina Marie Kougl Knighted Ventures, LLCSonoma95476Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017522 Erick Michael Correa Iturralde Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017527 Nicholas John Grimm Knighted Ventures, LLCPasadena91107Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017431 Liliana Beatriz Alvarez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90042Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017436 David Keith Zody Knighted Ventures, LLCWalnut91789Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017466 Hong Thuy Huynh Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95132Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017467 Hiep Cong Ho Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95122Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016638 Xavier Gabriel Douglas Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93035Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016790 Kimberly Brenda Ortega Arise, LLCFresno93650Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016866 Daisy Karina Aguilar PT Gaming, LLCLos Angeles90002Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016427 Noel Cruz Acme Player Services, LLCNorwalk90650Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016440 Utulei Elizabeth Hola PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016442 Zhanying Yang PT Gaming, LLCSan Leandro94578Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016447 Felipe Luis Jajola, II Knighted Ventures, LLCFairfield94533Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016448 Kendrick Duryea Berry, II Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95206Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016493 Xochitl Tlatilpa Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95407Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016494 Dulce Anahy Mondragon Salgado Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95401Active12/31/2018
TPPL-016614 Jenna Noelle Crisostomo Knighted Ventures, LLCVallejo94589Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016796 Wayne Masao Yamashita Acme Player Services, LLCBuena Park90620Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016804 Joseph Paul Arvizo Acme Player Services, LLCCudahy90201Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016819 Kelly Marie Stout Arise, LLCDinuba93618Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016820 Tou Jerry Herr Arise, LLCClovis93611Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016336 Kenyana Diana Thompson Qualified Player Services, LLCStockton95207Active12/31/2018
TPPL-018183 Ahmad Tarashti Nejad Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95128Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016344 Mila Hipolito Cordero PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016345 Danny Karlung Li PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94115Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016346 John Seto PT Gaming, LLCOakland94607Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016349 Rithyvong Moun PT Gaming, LLCOakland94606Active10/31/2018
TPPL-017006 Eric Andrew Martinez Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Verne91750Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016939 Thong Xiong L.E. Gaming, Inc.Sacramento95815Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017199 Patricia Estelle Brewer Knighted Ventures, LLCHawthorne90250Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017200 Shane Anthony Castro Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93030Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017201 Taeja Alyce Wilson Knighted Ventures, LLCCarson90745Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017204 Luis Eduardo Hernandez Fernandez Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Paula93060Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017205 Sherrell Patrice Rankins Knighted Ventures, LLCThousand Oaks91360Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017206 Shane Garrett Johnston Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93030Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016238 Pavllos Papajani PT Gaming, LLCGardena90247Active08/31/2018
TPPL-018755 Christopher Sim Chan Premier Player Providers, Inc.San Jose95121Active07/31/2018
TPPL-018758 Christopher Sim Chan Premier Player Providers, Inc.San Jose95121Active07/31/2018
TPPL-016520 John Mark Rosales Justo PT Gaming, LLCDaly City94015Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016522 Julie Cheng PT Gaming, LLCSan Leandro94577Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016524 Yale Xuyao Deng PT Gaming, LLCSan Francisco94110Active09/30/2018
TPPL-016526 Alex Lewis PT Gaming, LLCPittsburg94565Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016527 Andrew Michael Cline Certified Players, Inc.Stockton95209Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016546 Miaoyun Huang Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Francisco94124Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016547 Wei Zhang Fortune Players Group, Inc.San Mateo94403Active01/31/2019
TPPL-017255 Brianna Marie Hernandez Acme Player Services, LLCCovina91722Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016553 Jasmin Janae Turnage PT Gaming, LLCBellflower90706Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016709 Jessica Amy Hoeffner Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90066Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016710 Jasmine Blanca Rodriguez Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Paula93060Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016712 Matthew Alexander Garcia Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93033Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016713 Daniel Leno Paez Knighted Ventures, LLCSimi Valley93065Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016715 Dan Freidin Knighted Ventures, LLCSimi Valley93063Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016673 David Uzoma Nwagbara Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95407Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016674 Carlos Ayala, III Knighted Ventures, LLCStockton95209Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016675 Brianda Iliana Anguiano Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95822Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016676 Katy Shoko Suzuki Knighted Ventures, LLCCitrus Heights95610Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016678 Rodolfo Gonzalez Knighted Ventures, LLCWest Covina91792Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016679 Daniel Medina Sanchez, Jr. Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90005Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016680 Marvin Ryan Millora Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90038Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016684 Jonathan Hernandez Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Puente91746Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016687 Jennifer Marie Salinas Knighted Ventures, LLCPico Rivera90660Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016689 Jorge Luis Pimentel Knighted Ventures, LLCWasco93280Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016691 Mixie Yang Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95828Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016694 Ratu Jone Lewenilovo Knighted Ventures, LLCDanville94526Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016696 Jonathan Meeker Watkins Knighted Ventures, LLCSanta Rosa95405Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016700 Khiry Devon Espino Knighted Ventures, LLCCastro Valley94546Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017579 Jasmine Briana Johnson Knighted Ventures, LLCModesto95356Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017543 Edwin Viveros Acme Player Services, LLCLa Habra90631Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017545 Thuy Phuong Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017546 Dung Kiet Nguyen Acme Player Services, LLCWestminster92683Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017428 Mary Ann De Guzman Paule Knighted Ventures, LLCTracy95376Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017534 Eugene Iksang Synn Knighted Ventures, LLCNorwalk90650Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016701 Eduardo Meraz-Alvarado Knighted Ventures, LLCOakland94621Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016705 Megan Brooke Wass Knighted Ventures, LLCParamount90723Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016902 Daniel Blumenstock PT Gaming, LLCOakland94611Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017367 Matthew Galinton Bryan Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90802Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016738 Juanita Arellano Rhino Gaming, Inc.Fresno93706Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016750 Jairo Javier Aguirre Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95136Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016963 Meng Mao Thao Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95832Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016965 Peter Vang Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95823Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016649 Joshua Flores Knighted Ventures, LLCLa Puente91744Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016651 Isai Espinoza Knighted Ventures, LLCInglewood90303Active01/31/2019
TPPL-016652 Michael Kin Ngu Knighted Ventures, LLCAlhambra91803Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016653 Ida Jacara Lewis Knighted Ventures, LLCInglewood90303Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016656 Luis Alfredo Juares Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90008Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016658 Michael Patrick Degracia Cabalbag Knighted Ventures, LLCCerritos90703Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016661 Windy Juana Del Rosario Alejo Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95828Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016910 Sheena Marzan Fontanilla PT Gaming, LLCSouth San Francisco94080Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016915 Anthony Kyle DeSouza PT Gaming, LLCPacifica94044Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017214 Dana Sharae Russell Knighted Ventures, LLCRichmond94804Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017219 Tuyen Bich Vo Knighted Ventures, LLCConcord94520Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017220 Mary Judith Murray Knighted Ventures, LLCAntioch94509Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017224 Bryan Ovidio Archila Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90003Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017225 Nicholas Christopher Paine Knighted Ventures, LLCRedondo Beach90277Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017226 Keila Karem Terrones Ruiz Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90002Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017227 Daniel Thomas Rokes Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017228 Kortnee Nekole Loftis Knighted Ventures, LLCLong Beach90805Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016951 Hoang Cong Mai Gaming Fund Group, Inc.San Jose95133Active08/31/2018
TPPL-016954 Cindy Saelee L.E. Gaming, Inc.Antelope95843Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016957 Joey Anthony Coreas Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90003Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016960 Ruby Ojeda Knighted Ventures, LLCNorwalk90650Active03/31/2019
TPPL-016961 Michael Alexander Duran Knighted Ventures, LLCSacramento95816Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017209 Lianhong Li Metis TPS, LLCAlhambra91801Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016762 Shervina Verceles Segundo PT Gaming, LLCSan Bruno94066Active09/30/2018
TPPL-017398 Ran Kim Acme Player Services, LLCMonterey Park91755Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017399 Marc Heherson Soliman Pabustan Acme Player Services, LLCLakewood90715Active04/30/2019
TPPL-016897 Andrea Dolores Sanchez Knighted Ventures, LLCOxnard93036Active04/30/2019
TPPL-017178 Lily Pe Knighted Ventures, LLCRosemead91770Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017179 Erika Racquel Garcia Knighted Ventures, LLCLynwood90262Active02/28/2019
TPPL-017180 Omar Sanchez Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90018Active02/28/2019
TPPL-016572 Brittany Michelle Papiro Qualified Player Services, LLCLake Elsinore92530Active08/31/2018
TPPL-017181 Ronell DeShawn Crawford Knighted Ventures, LLCLos Angeles90016Active03/31/2019
TPPL-017184 David Samuel Novick Knighted Ventures, LLCDowney90242Active02/28/2019

Total Active: 950