List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities by Status

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License NumberNameLicense TypeCityZip CodeLicense StatusAdmin ActionCondition
GVPO-000362 Victoria Holdings Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000363 Pata Pata AB Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000613 Japan Cash Machine Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000723 Koichiro Kamihigashi Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000719 Kazuo Okada Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000831 Daniel Eric Gladstone Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000839 Aristocrat Leisure Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000214 Giesecke & Devrient Currency Technology America Inc. Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-000976 AGT Pty Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000497 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000361 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001111 Kagemasa Kozuki Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-002152 Yasushi Shigeta Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001121 Akira Gemma Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001126 Elektroncek Group B.V. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001130 Rok Uhan Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001657 Sylvius Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001660 Marian Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001726 Ralf Wintergerst Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000404 Jackpot Digital (NV) Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000463 Apogee Gaming USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000506 Gamecode SP. Z O. O. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004143 Daniel Moskowitz GE- Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000499 SIQ LJUBLJANA M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-003528 Ralph L Wong GE- Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-021303 Jorge Escobar Tribal Key Employee  Active
GVPO-000366 Michael Bertil Knutsson Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000412 Mark Lewis Ludski Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001725 John Anthony Dominelli Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000477 John Anthony Dominelli Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000610 Yojiro Kamihigashi Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000478 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001752 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000082 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-001751 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001128 Joze Pececnik Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001127 Interblock d.d. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001129 Tomaz Zvipelj Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000830 Graeme John Campbell Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000838 Aristocrat International Pty. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000954 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000955 Verena Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-023139 Leoncio Ramon Araiza Miranda Tribal Key Employee  Active
GVPO-001110 Kozuki Foundation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001118 Kimihiko Higashio Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001134 Konami Holdings Corporation f/k/a Konami Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001291 Tristan Nenne Sjoberg Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000403 Novomatic Americas Sales LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000368 Totalup Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-001658 Celia Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001659 Gabriel Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000427 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000956 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000452 Wymac Development Pty Ltd M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000505 Spintec d.o.o. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000511 Abbiati Casino Equipment SRL M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEKE-001699 Brian David Bowling GE- Key EmployeeAcampo95220Active
TPOW-000540 Harris Revocable Trust of 1988 DTD 2/8/12 Owner-EntityAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003417 Harris Revocable Trust of 1988 DTD 2/8/12 GE- Owner-EntityAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003419 Jeannette Marie Harris GE- Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TPOW-000472 Jeannette Marie Harris Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TRKE-023107 Brandy Inez Harrington Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
TRKE-017093 Daniel Salgado Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
TRKE-018085 Daniel Ellis Edwards Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92539Active
TRKE-022132 Jorge Lozano Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
TRKE-018702 Richard Thomas Lane Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
TRKE-009568 Bounsoum Phil Xayasomroth Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003735 Leslie Kay Aliotti GE- Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TPOW-000601 Leslie Kay Aliotti Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TRKE-008761 Colin Dirk Wingate Tribal Key EmployeeAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003418 Leslie Kenneth Harris GE- Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TPOW-000375 Leslie Kenneth Harris Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TRKE-012801 Rhonda Kay Sherrill Tribal Key EmployeeAhwahnee93601Active
GEKE-002634 Reynaldo Reyes Lorenzo GE- Key EmployeeAlameda94501Active
TPSU-001857 Edilberto Dayrit Cataquian Jr. SupervisorAlameda94501Active
GEKE-002399 Matthew Ryan Lessinger GE- Key EmployeeAlameda94502Active
TPPL-024342 Ramon Rodriguez Trinidad TP Registrant - PlayerAlameda94501Active
TPSU-001580 Noel Villappando Tibayan SupervisorAlameda94501Active
GEOW-003903 Bruce Leonard Lance GE- Owner-PersonAlamo94507Active
GEKE-000973 John Stephen LaRosa Jr. GE- Key EmployeeAlbany94706Active
TPPL-016544 Tiffany Vuong PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-015011 Delanie Rae Harding PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-024143 Paul John Riniti PlayerAlhambra91803Active
TPPL-024802 Xing Lan Lin PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-025327 Joe Chi Chu PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPSU-001651 Richard-Francis Verzosa Japor SupervisorAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-025789 Qi Rong Mai PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPSU-001305 David Teijiro Kato SupervisorAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-012048 Esther Ching Wah Yee PlayerAlhambra91803Active
TPSU-001997 Oscar Alberto Bonilla Estrada SupervisorAliso Viejo92656Active
TRKE-019914 Adam Lee Miller Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021373 Diane Alejandra Welch Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021754 Derrick Martin Cox Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-016995 Roberto Jovan Rizo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021301 Javier Oswaldo Jacobo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-022116 Vincent James Murillo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015787 Daniel Lenard Espinoza III Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-024061 Emily Suzanne Leyva Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000030 Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000103 Viejas (Baron Long) Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Viejas Reservation TribeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015565 Rosanna Cham Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-009156 Elizabeth Garcia Santana Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRCS-000058 Viejas Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoAlpine91901Active
TRKE-001696 Jo Ann Restko Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-004693 Adam Raul Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-016476 Robert Francis Reidy Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015647 Erin Mackenzie Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-013018 Edward Thomas Woods III Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-010896 Jorge Martin Guerrero Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-011306 Matthew Alan McFarlane Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-018979 Gisela De La Torre Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-020981 Larry Jiro Yafuso Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-023578 Cindy Carol Miller Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-019315 Andrew Michael Spindler Tribal Key EmployeeAlta Loma91701Active
TPSU-001079 Isaac Timothy Trumbo SupervisorAltadena91001Active
TPOW-000509 Joseph Dennis Federico Owner-PersonAltadena91001Active
GEOW-004022 Joseph Dennis Federico GE- Owner-PersonAltadena91001Active
GEOW-003572 Joseph D. Federico California Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityAltadena91001Active
TRKE-022194 Alilita Yvonne Oliver Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRCS-000003 Desert Rose Casino Tribal CasinoAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000020 Cedarville Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000002 Alturas Indian Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-022152 Starlette Louise Yarbrough Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-022235 Paul William Disario Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-022477 Amanda Manuelita Gallardo Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-022192 Katherine Michele Patchett Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-022163 James Merle Walston Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
TRKE-023427 Rachael Ann Safford Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
GEOW-003100 BVK Gaming Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEOW-003099 Brian Isaac Altizer GE- Owner-PersonAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEKE-002672 James Xavier Dizon Razon GE- Key EmployeeAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-001844 Narin Phorth GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEKE-002711 Narunat Bas Pansuntorn GE- Key EmployeeAmerican Canyon94503Active
TRKE-022809 Sonny Maniago Pangilinan Tribal Key EmployeeAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-002980 Bunna Phorth GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-003012 Ting Gate Yee Ng GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-003013 Sean Ng GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-002892 Sheena Brown-Thompson GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEGE-001279 Napa Valley Casino Gambling EstablishmentAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-001264 Manuyya Pansuntorn GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-002232 Anthony Michael Hutchins GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEKE-001686 Matthew Alan Fredborg GE- Key EmployeeAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEOW-003338 KATHLEEN F TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonAnacortes98221Active
GEOW-003337 Kathleen F. Tibbetts Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityAnacortes98221Active
TPPL-025632 Chau Ngoc Nguyen PlayerAnaheim92804Active
TPPL-013244 Vanna Ton PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TPPL-020788 Vanna Ton PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TPPL-013287 Kimnarith Nuon PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TPPL-020798 Kimnarith Nuon PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TPPL-025842 Nicholas Thomas Ray Ventura PlayerAnaheim92804Active
TPPL-025759 Jenascia Brejanae Wilson PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TPOW-000631 Jeffrey Alexander Luzzi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonAnaheim92805Active
TPSU-001790 Michael Bruce Breithaupt SupervisorAnaheim92804Active
GEKE-002644 Robert Charles Dawson GE- Key EmployeeAnaheim92804Active
GEOW-003799 Polvora Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAnaheim92808Active
GEKE-001286 Daniela Cicu GE- Key EmployeeAnaheim92807Active
GEKE-001711 Marin Cicu GE- Key EmployeeAnaheim92807Active
TPSU-001914 Justin Adam Moskowitz SupervisorAnaheim92802Active
TPSU-001847 Michael Jajo TP Registrant - SupervisorAnaheim92804Active
TPPP-000118 L.E. Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderAnaheim92808Active
GEOW-003890 K & M Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAnaheim92808Active
TPPL-025187 Jonathan Jae-Chul Miyahara PlayerAnaheim92801Active
TRKE-018664 Jennifer Paula Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeAnaheim92804Active
TPSU-001843 Julius Constantine Tolentino Engreso SupervisorAnaheim92805Active
TPSU-001804 Winchris Feria Cajayon SupervisorAnaheim92804Active
TPPP-000148 2 Kings Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderAnaheim92808Active
TRKE-022793 Jenn Lee-Fung Han Tribal Key EmployeeAnaheim92801Active
TRKE-020154 Christopher Alan Hart Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-014062 Timothy Burton Barry Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-011303 Michael James Pair Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-007963 Brandon Louis Hayward Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-019311 Amanda Marie Kaschke Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-018471 James Edward Arnold Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-020856 Dwight Eugene Dearman Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-023709 Christopher Alan Hart Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-002333 Teresa Ann Romero Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-002483 Darlene Josephene Etchison Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-002485 Anthony Manuel Semore Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-020610 Lynne Marie Cosgrove Tribal Key EmployeeAngels Camp95222Active
TRKE-019174 David Michael Burke Tribal Key EmployeeAngelus Oaks92305Active
TRKE-018461 Austin Garrett Gaeta Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-017605 Laurent Tchang Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-021663 Neng Vang Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-023057 Michael Quoc Ma Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-022942 Kae Wang Saephanh Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-008677 Eric Young Kim Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEKE-000357 San Kuen Saechao GE- Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000924 Todd William Hart Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000932 Cheo Ching Saeteun Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000574 Cindy Lynn Cisneros Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000607 Daniel Percy Martz Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000676 Donald David Davis Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-014823 Karla Ann Vollmer Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-015285 Koy Ching Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-014941 Abraham Hugo Carranza Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEKE-002097 Lisa Theresa Nguyen GE- Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-016543 Timothy Yang Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000894 Bon Mike Kang Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000938 Divina Dawn Ubungen Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-010862 Hoa Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEKE-000337 Roger Kirk Schayltz GE- Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-021846 Samantha Chien Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-016474 Brady Scott Harris Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-015711 Joey Kao Saeteune Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-010823 Julie MiYoung Kim Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-020304 Mary Ann Rara Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-023997 Manh Chieu Saelee Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-023333 Gabriel Lloyd Harris Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-023351 Maria Natalia H Gomez Koh Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEKE-002621 Michael Louis Glasco Hutchison GE- Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TPPL-026580 Ti Lee Vang TP Registrant - PlayerAntelope95843Active
TRKE-021893 Tifani Liem Pien Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-022068 Peter Lamountry Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-021364 Blake Andrew Christiansen Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-019360 Bianca Cherie Puccio Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-017597 Nicole Louise Hancock Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-017680 Joel Cunanan Koh Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEKE-002685 Gina Gabriella Temple GE- Key EmployeeAntioch94531Active
TPPL-023498 Phylicia Kathyryn Johnson PlayerAntioch94531Active
GEWP-002834 Neil Matthew Riley GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94531Active
TPPL-026469 Veronica Regina Williams PlayerAntioch94509Active
GEWP-003061 Veronica Regina Williams GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94509Active
GEJU-000005 City of Antioch - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionAntioch95431Active
GEOW-002287 Stephen E Scudero GE- Owner-PersonAntioch94509Active
GEGE-000967 The Nineteenth Hole Gambling EstablishmentAntioch94509Active
GEWP-002292 Michelle Marie Darlene Smiley GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94509Active
GEOW-002292 The Nineteeth Hole General Partnership GE- Owner-EntityANTIOCH94509Active
GEOW-002289 Edward C Beaudin GE- Owner-PersonAntioch94509Active
GEKE-001372 Mark P Martini GE- Key EmployeeAntioch94531Active
TPPL-007816 Jorge Alonso Hernandez PlayerAntioch94509Active
GEWP-003019 Vot Sieng GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94531Active
TPPL-026322 Gina Marie Valencia PlayerAntioch94509Active
GEWP-003059 Angelina Balingit DeGuzman GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94531Active
TPPL-024565 Rana Angela Khoun PlayerAntioch94531Active
TRKE-020736 Lisbeth Rizo Saldana Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-020158 Faustino Joseph Macias Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-018786 Darci Dawn Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-023795 Robert Gomez Valadez Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRCS-000014 Cahuilla Casino Tribal CasinoAnza92539Active
TRIB-000017 Cahuilla Band of Indians TribeAnza92539Active
TRIB-000074 Ramona Band of Cahuilla TribeAnza92539Active
TRKE-014192 Melissa Janice Castorena Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-019115 Travice Llynn Lewallen Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-017888 Brett Mathew Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeAnza92539Active
TRKE-022075 Robert D Young Tribal Key EmployeeApple Valley92308Active
TRKE-016899 Francis Lucien Couraut Tribal Key EmployeeApple Valley92308Active
TRKE-017447 Nicole Faith Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeApple Valley92308Active
TRKE-021606 Dara Julie Chheng Tribal Key EmployeeArboga95961Active
TRKE-013162 Kelsey Kay Hawkins Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-016550 Adrian Jimenez Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-002277 Donald Ray Nolen Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-016087 Christopher Drew Fitzsimmons Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-021784 Carrie Lee Bordios Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-002272 Scott William Tomlin Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-022897 Justin Guy Gravance Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-020506 Kristin Elizabeth Henderson Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
GEKE-002555 Michael Joseph Rock GE- Key EmployeeArcadia91007Active
TPOW-000615 East Sea Investment Group Inc. TP Registrant - Owner-EntityArcadia91006Active
TPPL-017178 Lily Pe PlayerArcadia91006Active
TPPL-013448 Kim Yee Quon PlayerArcadia91007Active
TPPL-023012 Kim Yee Quon PlayerArcadia91007Active
TPPL-014518 Matthew Gregory Villanueva PlayerArcadia91006Active
TPOW-000617 Jiahua Yu TP Registrant - Owner-PersonArcadia91007Active
TPOW-000690 Chau Bich On TP Registrant - Owner-PersonArcadia91007Active
TRKE-021323 Madison Crnkovich Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-020028 Julian Gabriel Herman Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-018115 Joseph Lee Pettit Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-011361 Sarah Brook Patterson Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRIB-000007 Big Lagoon Rancheria TribeArcata95521Active
TRKE-020336 Jena Mariko Miyata Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-018273 William Wesley Hewitt Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-021169 Robert Karl Akward Schneider Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-019765 Cherrelle Lynn Ewing Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-023387 Matthew Cary Shunkamolah Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-022660 Fredy Flores Tribal Key EmployeeArmona93202Active
TRKE-018066 Jose Tafoya Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeArmona93202Active
GEWP-002856 Keo Chantel Vongvilath GE- Work Permit-RegularArroyo Grande93420Active
GEOW-002459 David W. Stearns GE- Owner-PersonArroyo Grande93420Active
GEWP-002792 Norma Collison Stewart GE- Work Permit-RegularArroyo Grande93420Active
TPEM-000151 Von Stephen Ortega Dizon Other EmployeeArtesia90701Active
TPPL-025559 Yogen Rai PlayerArtesia90701Active
TPPL-025610 Brenda Almario Macabulos PlayerArtesia90701Active
TPPL-021145 Kushu Maharjan PlayerArtesia90701Active
GEWP-002897 Susan Corine Hooker GE- Work Permit-RegularAtascadero93422Active Decision
GEWP-002979 Shyloh Mariah Fields-Richardson GE- Work Permit-RegularAtascadero93422Active
TRKE-018416 Stephanie Renee Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeAtascadero93422Active
TPSU-001944 Kendall Jane Hipes SupervisorAtascadero93422Active
GEWP-002590 Katelin Erin Staley GE- Work Permit-RegularAtascadero93422Active
TPPL-026130 Craig Alexander Resch PlayerAtascadero93422Active
GEWP-002842 Zhen Zhang GE- Work Permit-RegularAtascadero93422Active
TPOW-000381 Remil Reyes Medina TP Registrant - Owner-PersonAtherton94027Active Statement of Issues
GEOW-003993 Terrence Fancher GE- Owner-PersonAtherton94027Active
GEKE-002204 Daniel Pena GE- Key EmployeeAtwater95301Active
TRKE-012403 Bee Vang Tribal Key EmployeeAtwater95301Active
GEWP-002987 William Yang GE- Work Permit-RegularAtwater95301Active
TRKE-022106 Seng Vang Tribal Key EmployeeAtwater95301Active
TRKE-020890 Donielle Kendal Egerer Tribal Key EmployeeAuberry93602Active
TRKE-012916 Krystle Marie Hare Tribal Key EmployeeAuberry93602Active
TRKE-010894 April Michelle Milor Tribal Key EmployeeAuberry93602Active
TRIB-000009 Big Sandy Rancheria of Western Mono Indians of California TribeAuberry93602Active
TRCS-000008 Mono Wind Casino Tribal CasinoAuberry93602Active
TRKE-011293 Frances Olga Houston-Bailey Tribal Key EmployeeAuberry93602Active
TRIB-000101 United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria of California TribeAuburn95603Active
GVMD-000408 Ceronix Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorAuburn95602Active
TRKE-019594 Andrew Alan Sterling Tribal Key EmployeeAuburn95602Active
GEKE-001931 Ryan Michael Woodson GE- Key EmployeeAuburn95602Active
GEJU-000035 Placer County - Placer GE- JurisdictionAuburn95603Active
GEWP-002895 James Albert Willis GE- Work Permit-RegularAuburn95603Active
GVPO-000794 Alton Eric Schoppe Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonAustin78737Active
GEJU-000016 Kern County - Kern GE- JurisdictionBakersfield93301Active
GEOW-003127 Alan Brett Adler GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93308Active
GEKE-002265 Melvin Vargas Del Rosario GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93309Active
GEKE-002329 Andrew Scott Reynolds GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93311Active
TPPL-026290 Geovannie Alexander Jimenez PlayerBakersfield93306Active
GEKE-001665 Asofaafetai Ioane Vaimaona GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93309Active
GEKE-001585 Geneva Ramirez Nava GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93308Active
TPSU-001802 Trever Glenn Phillips SupervisorBakersfield93308Active
GEKE-002302 Fevaea'i Fa'asiu Ahmu GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93305Active
TPSU-001998 Kevin Mariano Martinez SupervisorBakersfield93311Active
TPSU-001955 Steven Micheal Barney SupervisorBakersfield93313Active
GEKE-002420 Richard Dennis Garcia GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93312Active
GEKE-002559 Michael Lynwood Hafen GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93313Active
TPPL-024598 Lynda Montalvo PlayerBakersfield93311Active
TPPL-022305 Mabel Prieto PlayerBakersfield93309Active
TPPL-024508 Isaac Gabriel Gamino Satawake PlayerBakersfield93304Active
TRKE-023357 Ernesto Lopez-Solis Tribal Key EmployeeBakersfield93306Active
GEJU-000014 City of Delano - Kern GE- JurisdictionBakersfield93303Active
TPOW-000416 Peter Searles Pankey Owner-PersonBakersfield93306Active
GEOW-003485 Peter Searles Pankey GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93306Active
GEOW-003421 The Peter and Mona Pankey Trust dated June 14 2006 GE- Owner-EntityBakersfield93306Active
TRIB-000110 Tejon Indian Tribe TribeBakersfield93307Active
TPOW-000474 Mona Mostafa Pankey Owner-PersonBakersfield93306Active
GEOW-003425 Mona Mostafa Pankey GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93306Active
GEOW-003591 Lila Pankey Ray GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93301Active
TPOW-000583 The Peter and Mona Pankey Trust dated June 14 2006 Owner-EntityBakersfield93306Active
TPPL-020841 Boi Thanh Lam PlayerBaldwin Park91706Active
TPPL-013406 Boi Thanh Lam PlayerBaldwin Park91706Active
TPSU-001063 Phillip Phung SupervisorBaldwin Park91706Active
TPSU-001334 Jeanette Garcia Jacome SupervisorBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001021 Cynthia Noel Winters GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001864 Shao Chi Sun GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
TRKE-022115 Tawny Lynn Stafford Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-016510 Michelle Scott Wood Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-017856 Lisa Hong Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-008255 Ronald Stephen Jones Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRIB-000062 Morongo Band of Mission Indians TribeBanning92220Active
TRKE-019953 Luke Gerald Connolly Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-011868 Amin Ali Ashraf Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-013395 Yolanda Figueroa Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-020394 Joseph Ismael Gonzalez Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-018280 Jeffrey Stewart Madden Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-023401 Hanh Thi My Duong Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-017180 Robert Anthony Rodriguez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-016855 Josue Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-019362 Brian Howard Butler Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-022510 Irma Yolanda Chavarin Cid Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-003524 Roxanne Yvonne Shenah Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-003551 Charlene Elizabeth Ninness Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-018895 Kendra Alynn Pimentel Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-005945 Cesar Vizcarra Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-017859 Charles Dewayne Williams Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-016960 Tyron Keith Linton Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-012601 Eric Jess Avila Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-019860 TC Carpenter Golden Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-015808 David George De La Fuente Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021685 Paul Lawrence Thorsen Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-022253 Edgar Robert Gordillo Escobar Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-022263 Mikiyah Estelle Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021473 Lizett Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-018785 Samuel Kim Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
GEWP-002692 Roja Ghale GE- Work Permit-RegularBay Point94565Active
TPPL-026508 Tamaalupe Ane Vivao PlayerBay Point94565Active
TRKE-022464 Roy Anthony Chavez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022159 Selena Rufina Valenzuela Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022324 Claudio Uy Sebastian Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022254 Emill Emanuel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-023753 Ruth Vinson Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019316 Lawrence Allen Weaver Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-018936 Lev Long Yang Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-018236 Debra Lee Moore Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-018442 Raymond Anthony Velasquez Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-017299 Lisa Ann Bartlett Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-017302 Brian The Luong Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-021643 Daniel Frausto Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019640 Carl Allen Olds Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-021679 Richard Angel Zuniga Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020848 Tiffany Marie Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020604 Monica Irene Allain Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-010046 Adrian Valles Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-011665 Sophia Ear Chang Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-011455 Paul Butrakunha Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-021687 Dominic Ray Tovar Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-015963 Kevin Estel Clark Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-000422 Christopher Michael Brown Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003487 Sandra Lee Bush Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022315 Heather Anne Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003718 Nathan S Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-018555 Cordis Leshon Gilliam Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-009058 Debra Ann Lee Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-008896 Paul Robert Reimers Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007259 Jose Manuel Acosta Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022369 Jason Thomas Asher Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-016755 Mickey Lynn VandenBerg Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020333 Eduardo Asdruval Santamaria Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019586 Maria Theresa Sia Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-017084 Fred Toro Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-017304 Rosa Sorina Oul Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020664 Shellby Nicole Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022213 Masanari Sasaki Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-021819 Darrin Louis Martin Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-023406 Cristina Lulia Smolen Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022892 Shawna Leigh Moreno Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022403 Brennan LaRance Glaspy Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-024097 Christopher Campos Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-013892 Wanalee Tongchoi Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-013808 Frank Tedtaotao Cruz Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-013602 Ross Randall Koepp Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-012353 Tuyet Mai Pham Thi Cao Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019762 Sarah Elizabeth Murphy Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-013240 Cecilia Federman Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007290 John Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019949 Maria Guadalupe Tellez Jimenez Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007363 Katherine Tu Le Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007366 Artiana Aileen Camargo Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007393 Robert Piercy Key Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-023385 Lashawn Eugene Roberts Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003672 Jacqueline Jennifer Esquer Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020892 Ahmad Yaghoubi Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
GEOW-001240 Barbara J Lack GE- Owner-PersonBel Air90077Active
GEOW-001220 Walter J Lack GE- Owner-PersonBel Air90077Active
TPSU-002017 Adrian Arturo Porcayo SupervisorBell90201Active
TPPL-015536 Obideo Mojarro PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPSU-002033 Tanya Lucia Najar SupervisorBell Gardens90201Active
GEKE-000562 Lucrecia A. Ramirez GE- Key EmployeeBell Gardens90201Active
GEJU-000019 City of Bell Gardens - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionBell Gardens90201Active
TPPL-011853 Angel Ignacio Covarrubias PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPPL-013286 Marco Antonio Barajas PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPPL-025602 Joseph Thomas Lindsay PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-023731 Edward Michael Romero PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-016631 Edward Michael Romero PlayerBellflower90706Active
GEKE-001607 Brenda Lee Hill GE- Key EmployeeBellflower90706Active
TPPL-013292 Sophea Ban Polson PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-025658 Albert Isaac Garcia Rivera PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPSU-001511 Alma Mireya Del Viento Herrera SupervisorBellflower90706Active
TPSU-001152 Sattha Pho SupervisorBellflower90706Active
TPPL-025616 Robert Leroy Martin PlayerBellflower90706Active
GEKE-001860 Ralph John Nunley GE- Key EmployeeBellflower90706Active
GVPO-001619 Jason David Oakley Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBelmar07719Active
GEKE-000425 Sharon Patricia Thomas GE- Key EmployeeBenicia94510Active
GEJU-000063 City of Benicia - Solano GE- JurisdictionBenicia94510Active
GEKE-002710 Maison-M'Rell Pasibe Wong GE- Key EmployeeBenicia94510Active
GEKE-002039 Michael James Paras GE- Key EmployeeBenicia94510Active
GEWP-001770 Maiove-Mari Pasibe Wong GE- Work Permit-RegularBenicia94510Active
TPPL-025653 Joshuah Edward Mays-Hodge PlayerBenicia94510Active
GEWP-003079 Ryan Andrew Russell GE- Work Permit-RegularBenicia94510Active
GVMD-000395 KGM Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBensalem19020Active
TRIB-000104 Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe of the Benton Paiute Reservation TribeBenton93512Active
GEOW-002540 JOHN COLE TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEOW-003334 JOHN COLE TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEOW-003335 Mary Denise Tibbetts GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEOW-003427 Karen Arlene Mohler GE- Owner-PersonBermuda Dunes92203Active
TPOW-000502 Karen Arlene Mohler Owner-PersonBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-012692 Donald Eugene Casper Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-023792 Orlando Barrera Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-015189 Guillermo Luna Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92201Active
TRKE-019504 Thomas Raymond Sedlock Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-024152 David Joseph Nickolaus Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-022173 Brent Edward Ringer Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-024116 Steven Dean Libauskas Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
GEOW-003704 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
GEOW-003625 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
TPOW-000376 Gary William Hampar Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003666 Gary William Hampar GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003703 Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
TPOW-000530 JHM Charitable Foundation Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003405 JHM Charitable Foundation GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
TPOW-000414 Suzanne Carol Papaian Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002661 Suzanne Carol Papaian GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-004093 Lawrence Michael Kopeikin GE- Owner-PersonBEVERLY HILLS90210Active
GEOW-003522 Hashem Minaiy GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-003103 Leo Yu Ming Chu GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000413 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002705 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
TRKE-017492 Dexter Doane Tsinnijinnie Tribal Key EmployeeBig Pine93513Active
TRIB-000008 Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley TribeBig Pine93513Active
TRIB-000031 Timbisha Shoshone Tribe TribeBishop93514Active
TRIB-000014 Bishop Paiute Tribe TribeBishop93514Active
TRCS-000011 Wanaaha Casino Tribal CasinoBishop93514Active
TRKE-017612 Pamela Carole Frank Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-005053 Eric Lee Montoya Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-013698 Tenaya Howard Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-016364 Pascual Talavera Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-014942 Michelle Jamie Castendra Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-024146 Elbert Gabriel Montoya Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-017285 Clayton Alan Eddy Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-017505 Jonathen David Frankson Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active Decision
TRKE-019234 Brandi Deveer Sam Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-018538 Frank Jay Shoshone Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-019974 John Alan Clark Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
TRKE-021089 Mercy Young White Tribal Key EmployeeBishop93514Active
GVPO-001355 Thomas Celani Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBloomfield Hills48302Active
TRKE-022682 Tommy Dat Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeBloomington92316Active
GVMD-000513 Inspire Technology LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBlue Diamond89004Active
GVPR-000105 Inspire Technology LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBlue Diamond89004Active
TRCS-000010 Blue Lake Casino and Hotel Tribal CasinoBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-000442 Arla Jean Ramsey Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-022963 Samuel Andrew Wedll Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-015730 Michael James Shackelford Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-011926 Angela Corral Bennett Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-021020 Anthony Howard Mickley Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-017581 Chad Budroe Chambliss Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-007782 Cacy Janee Parker Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-012213 Eric Henrio Croteau Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-000456 Mandi Chermaine Kindred Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRIB-000011 Blue Lake Rancheria TribeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-012127 Shari Desiree Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-013617 David Mickel Vainuku Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-019381 Jace Alan Baldosser Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-019517 Graham Greenshields Hill Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-018837 Brook Budroe Chambliss Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-022950 Chase Calver Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-022851 Jason Micah Ramos Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
GVPO-001252 Vincent Louis Sadusky Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBoca Raton33432Active
TPOW-000442 Harry George Tumanjan Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003580 Harry George Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
TPOW-000602 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
GEOW-003576 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 GE- Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
TPOW-000561 Barbara Welch Tumanjan Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003581 Barbara Welch Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
TRKE-020070 Richard Bruce Wyllie Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-020458 Michael Carlisle Metcalfe Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-015323 Ricardo Albino Orosco III Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-019887 Jason Aaron Zoellner Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-015177 Cesar Augusto Araujo Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
TRKE-006839 Curtis Raymon Wood Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
GEOW-001225 Robert F Moyer GE- Owner-PersonBonsall92003Active
GVPO-001366 Lightning Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBoothwyn19061Active
GVPR-000259 Lightning Slot Machines LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBoothwyn19061Active
GVMD-000343 Lightning Slot Machines LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBoothwyn19061Active
TRIB-000052 La Posta Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the La Posta Indian Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRIB-000057 Manzanita Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Manzanita Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRKE-021657 Brian Flores Solano Tribal Key EmployeeBrawley92227Active
TRKE-021684 Richard Kyle Harney Tribal Key EmployeeBrea92823Active
GVMD-000443 Compatible Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBrea92823Active
TPOW-000397 Aram Saatchian Owner-PersonBrea92821Active
GEOW-003594 Aram Saatchian GE- Owner-PersonBrea92821Active
TPOW-000596 Aram Saatchian Revocable Trust dated October 22 2014 Restated April 9 2015 Owner-EntityBrea92821Active
GEOW-003578 Aram Saatchian Revocable Trust dated October 22 2014 Restated April 9 2015 GE- Owner-EntityBrea92821Active
TPSU-001517 Christopher Jonathan Lett SupervisorBrea92821Active
GEKE-002349 Dominik Jan Patucha GE- Key EmployeeBrentwood94513Active
GEKE-001857 Tem Phit GE- Key EmployeeBrentwood94513Active
GEKE-002487 Max Alex Popov GE- Key EmployeeBrentwood94513Active
TPPL-026166 George Vincent Samson TP Registrant - PlayerBrentwood94513Active
GVPR-000288 Halifax Security Inc. dba North American Video Gaming Vendor ProviderBrick08723Active
GVPO-001604 Halifax Security Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBrick08723Active
TRIB-000012 Bridgeport Indian Colony TribeBridgeport93517Active
GEOW-003435 Ryan Orbus GE- Owner-PersonBrighton80602Active
TRKE-011629 Terry Harold Bray Tribal Key EmployeeBrookings97415Active
TRKE-005104 Diane Jean Fournier Tribal Key EmployeeBrookings97415Active
TRKE-023396 Scott Charles Hoenke Tribal Key EmployeeBrookings97415Active
TRIB-000081 Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation TribeBrooks95606Active
TRCS-000042 Cache Creek Casino Resort Tribal CasinoBrooks95606Active
TRKE-002075 Tracy L Nichols Tribal Key EmployeeBrooks95606Active
GEOW-003118 Maureen Orbus GE- Owner-PersonBroomfield80023Active
TRKE-023009 Jeanette Harris Tribal Key EmployeeBrowns Valley95918Active
TRKE-001021 Scott Gilbert Gregg Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-000978 William James Peters Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-006303 Jeremy Brian Barnett Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-006389 Brandon John Perkins Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-010563 Dominique Nicole Mabe Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-001133 Ian Adams Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
GEKE-001782 Claudine Yassa GE- Key EmployeeBuena Park90620Active
TPSU-001951 Creasetian Lauren Ilo Cajayon SupervisorBuena Park90621Active
GEKE-001718 Piyasook Keaotamai Lee GE- Key EmployeeBuena Park90620Active
TPPL-020786 Roderick Valdez PlayerBuena Park90620Active
TPPL-012046 Roderick Valdez PlayerBuena Park90620Active
TRKE-021772 Marina Ho Choi Tribal Key EmployeeBuena Park90621Active
GVPO-001978 Nissha Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GVPO-001979 Nissha Medical International Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GVPR-000253 Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. Gaming Vendor ProviderBuffalo14240Active
GVPO-001336 Graphic Controls Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14240Active
GVMD-000494 Lennie Marvin Enterprises Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBurbank91504Active
GEKE-000929 George Rahme GE- Key EmployeeBurbank91504Active
GEKE-002021 Tan Wai Fung GE- Key EmployeeBurlingame94010Active
TPPL-026248 Leonardo Maltos PlayerBurlingame94010Active
GEOW-003986 Stephen Pilch GE- Owner-PersonBurlingame94010Active
TRIB-000070 Pit River Tribe (includes XL Ranch Big Bend Likely Lookout Montgomery Creek and Roaring Creek Rancherias) TribeBurney96013Active
TRKE-018932 Raymond Charles Sloan Hecker Tribal Key EmployeeBurney96013Active
TRKE-013913 Ignacio Rojo Vargas Tribal Key EmployeeBurney96013Active
TRCS-000036 Pit River Casino Tribal CasinoBurney96013Active
TRKE-010677 Michael Gene Punza Avelar Tribal Key EmployeeBurney96013Active
TRKE-006040 Ruby Rebecca Capobianco Tribal Key EmployeeCabazon92230Active
TRCS-000030 Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Tribal CasinoCabazon92230Active
TRKE-015416 Judith Ann Nicoll Tribal Key EmployeeCabazon92230Active
TRCS-000075 Casino Morongo Tribal CasinoCabazon92230Active
TRKE-023400 Sabrina Benitez Tribal Key EmployeeCabazon92230Active
GEOW-003520 Christine Ann Massman GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003726 Robert M Massman GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
TPPL-015812 Kenneth Charles Sherman II PlayerCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003518 Robert and Christine Massman Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003480 Lori Klein GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
TPSU-001996 Dominique Shanae Danielle Kerr SupervisorCalifornia City93505Active
TRKE-020072 Anthony Richard Gonzales Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-021068 Jonathan Peter Raef Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-013924 Fidel Castro Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-018493 Michael John Russell Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-020559 Jimmie Matthew Vildosola Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-018658 Prudence Avril Kaffer Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-022607 Paul Christopher Reyes Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-018507 Concepcion Garcia Vivian Tribal Key EmployeeCalipatria92233Active
TRKE-018720 Kyle Lavonte White Tribal Key EmployeeCameron Park95682Active
TRKE-012006 Richard Reuben Schlaht Tribal Key EmployeeCameron Park95682Active
TRKE-013280 Shawn Dean Rice Tribal Key EmployeeCameron Park95682Active
TPSU-001176 Michael Stephen Castelli SupervisorCameron Park95682Active
TRKE-018071 Andrew Wright Tribal Key EmployeeCameron Park95682Active
TRKE-020358 Leigh Justin Velie-French Tribal Key EmployeeCameron Park95682Active
TRKE-022177 Wesley Keith Mitchell Tribal Key EmployeeCamino95709Active
TRKE-013889 Jessica Star Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeCamino95709Active
GEKE-001219 Elizabeth L. Tongson GE- Key EmployeeCampbell95008Active
GEKE-000870 Michael Anthony Wilson GE- Key EmployeeCampbell95008Active
TPSU-001321 Seth Andre Young SupervisorCampbell95008Active
TRKE-023134 Cody Cal Nichols Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023165 Syrina Lynn Gaston Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023323 Lorraine Two Dove Ferrin Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRCS-000015 Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center Tribal CasinoCampo91906Active
TRIB-000019 Campo Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Campo Indian Reservation TribeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023132 SeBriauxn Hardiman Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-021431 Zuleika Harkins Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
GEKE-002285 Philip Yun Fei Fang GE- Key EmployeeCanyon Lake92587Active
TRKE-018215 Brandon Michael Jones Tribal Key EmployeeCanyon Lake92587Active
GEKE-001875 Chad Paul Brown GE- Key EmployeeCanyon Lake92587Active
GVPO-000729 Kevin P. McIntosh Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCardiff by the Sea92007Active
TRKE-015977 Kyle Joseph Hudson Tribal Key EmployeeCarlotta95528Active
GEKE-002535 Dale Eugene Wolfe Jr. GE- Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
TRKE-009490 Jamin Francis Steindorf Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
GEOW-001227 Daniel J Dreger GE- Owner-PersonCARLSBAD92009Active
GEOW-001231 Marjorie A Ellsworth GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92008Active
GEOW-001228 Deborah Hunt GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92009Active
GEOW-003678 Juanita Dreger GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-005238 Leilani D Marquiss Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92010Active
TRKE-006966 Raymond Edward Sullivan Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
TRKE-007128 Richard Andrew Davison Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
TRKE-019627 Edward Michael Puzio Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92010Active
TPPP-000017 Pacific Gaming Services LLC Primary ProviderCarlsbad92011Active
TRKE-010120 Anna Maria Linkiewicz-Steindorf Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
TPSU-001800 Jacob Leo Harmon SupervisorCarlsbad92008Active
TRKE-021025 Bernard Allan Baskin Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
GEOW-004183 Steven R. Heger Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityCarmel93923Active
GEOW-004180 Steven Robert Heger GE- Owner-PersonCarmel93923Active
GEKE-001683 Victor Valtierra GE- Key EmployeeCarmel93923Active
TRKE-012913 Miguel Barajas Cardenas Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-013004 Phia Lor Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-021639 Mary Anh Phoong Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-003889 Robert Kevin Coats Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TPSU-001057 Ricardo Bautista Calma Jr. SupervisorCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-023337 Ginger Rae Foster Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-012444 Leonard Matthew Steckler Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-023752 Alexander Shipkalenko Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-020221 Ronald Charles Pratt Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-021986 Erick Mendez Avila Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-023077 Jorge Bardales Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TPPL-013380 Oscar Juarez PlayerCarson90745Active
TPSU-001909 Marc Andro Montes Espana SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPSU-001505 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPSU-001566 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-017522 Erick Michael Correa Iturralde PlayerCarson90745Active
TPSU-002042 Sirenna Celeste Martinez SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPOW-000637 JTHEGREATEST LLC TP Registrant - Owner-EntityCarson90746Active
GEKE-002436 Sara Eva Parra-Aguilera GE- Key EmployeeCarson90746Active
TPSU-001829 Stephanie Garcia SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-025613 Noli Marasigan PlayerCarson90745Active
BGVP-000024 Success Story Marketing and Consulting LLC Bingo Gaming Vendor-ProviderCarson City89703Active
BGVO-000074 Steven Edward Smallman Bingo Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCarson City89703Active
TPPL-016700 Khiry Devon Espino PlayerCastro Valley94546Active
GEKE-000961 Steve N. Numoto GE- Key EmployeeCastro Valley94552Active
GEKE-001325 Sum Vien GE- Key EmployeeCastro Valley94546Active
TRKE-014345 Nicole Elaine Sanders Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020579 Rolly Biescas Bataller Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012741 Derek Lee Belchamber Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022579 Joel Ubay Ramoran II Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012336 Gil Sun Reeves Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-005495 Victoria Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-005398 Lorena Tovar Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-005422 Jose G Montano Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012694 Jacqueline Jove Delector Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015140 Santa Oliva Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92235Active
TRKE-015434 Gerald Domingo Bruno Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015438 Marcia Stephanie Myers Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-014669 Sabrina Ann Serna Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-016564 Kristi Geske Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-016216 Kenneth Edward Stock Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-016566 Thomas Michael Hochwarth Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012758 Brigite Cristina Martins Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019436 Eric Lawrence Hardisty Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-009558 Daniel George Fleckenstein Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-009986 Daniel Phillip Clinard Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010700 Geraldine Meneses Baltazar Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010720 Maria Cristina Cristina Santos Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-017525 Amie Mona Montes Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019434 Steven Andrew Acosta Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019551 Leo Phillip McLaughlin II Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
GEOW-003929 Nicolette Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-021857 Alberto Ruiz Marquez Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022168 Debbie Phumirat Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020956 Thomas Valent Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020628 Julie Marie Vander Kallen Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020495 Michael Lamar Blalock Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023789 Amelia Cara Lanoria Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023493 Mac Kevin Martin Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-024082 Benjamin Gene Phillips Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023898 Patrick Miyanori Nordquist Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023902 Jorge Manuel Gonzalez Madrigal Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023022 Giovanni Alincastre Sagun Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023097 Michael Anthony Perez Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022908 Melissa Romero Cureno Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023291 Ana Guadalupe Pulido Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022580 Maritza Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022582 Pablo Antonio Orozco II Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022631 Saul Arriaga Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022570 Joshua Steven Gabbay Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022737 Jennifer Lynn Colvin Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022505 Roy Lorenzo Agbayani Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022361 Tyler Scott Lott Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022264 Edilmundo A Flores Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022813 Earl Martin Thomas Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012691 Theresa Ann Winters Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020451 Jose Carrillo Vega Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015575 Bienvenida Bilango Agbayani-Yahut Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023043 Damir Gegic Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015303 Salvador Sifuentes Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-013918 Jesita Villa Eaton Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015294 Kathleen Susan Finnegan Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-021757 Kathy Nguyen Tran Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-018404 Romel Datu Tintero Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012142 Kevin Kenneth Page Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010144 Sharon Kay Marshall Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-011091 Ernesto Hernandez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015814 Maria Concepcion Bahena Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010808 Carolina Beltran Magdael Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-017364 Lillian Marie Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-017820 Roman Jesus Rios Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-018494 Jeromi Lee Cape Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-018678 Dylan Martin Callison Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019714 Josue Machuca Solis Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020840 Malika Tareese Williams Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022028 Vanessa Consuelo Figueroa Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023281 Gladys Miclat Ciervo Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92235Active
TRKE-023368 Kevin Carson Ferry Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023372 Simon Cesar Sabido Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023590 Amber Lynn Price Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023787 Michael Dearl Pena Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022586 Spencer Louis McQuinn Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022594 Sylvia Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022641 David Christiaan Serna Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRCS-000078 Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City Tribal CasinoCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022357 Christopher Ray Vadeboncoeur Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
GEOW-001073 Andrea L. Pulaski GE- Owner-PersonCayucos93430Active
GEGE-000440 Old Cayucos Tavern Gambling EstablishmentCayucos93430Active
GEOW-001077 Old Cayucos Tavern Inc. GE- Owner-EntityCayucos93430Active
TPSU-001874 Darry Saelee SupervisorCeres95307Active
GEWP-002756 Fongsamouth Samonthy GE- Work Permit-RegularCeres95307Active
GEKE-002123 Steven Charles Dadaian GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPSU-001384 Erin Michelle Pulley SupervisorCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002121 Danell Denice Lydon GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPPL-016658 Michael Patrick Degracia Cabalbag PlayerCerritos90703Active
GEKE-000270 Peter Coleman Lydon GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002606 Hoon Tonie Hur GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPSU-001516 Deep Naresh Kotak SupervisorCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002419 Nedy Amistoso Warren GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
GVMD-000493 Worldwide Gaming Systems Corporations M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
GVMD-000057 Diamond Game Enterprises M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
TRKE-007925 Stephanie Denise Alcorn Tribal Key EmployeeCherry Valley92223Active
GEJU-000004 City of Chico - Butte GE- JurisdictionChico95927Active
GEGE-001384 Casino 99 Gambling EstablishmentChico95928Active
GEOW-003531 Richard J Scott GE- Owner-PersonChico95927Active
GEOW-004059 Angela K Harris GE- Owner-PersonChico95928Active Stipulated Settlement
GEOW-004047 Gary Lee Harris GE- Owner-PersonChico95928Active Stipulated Settlement
TRIB-000058 Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria TribeChico95926Active
GEKE-002091 Casey Foley GE- Key EmployeeChico95926Active
TRKE-015613 Keith Robert Clyde Tribal Key EmployeeChico95926Active
TRKE-022079 Martin Lara Tribal Key EmployeeChico95926Active
TPPL-025854 Luis Angel Raygoza PlayerChico95928Active
GEOW-004058 Casino 99 LLC GE- Owner-EntityChico95928Active Stipulated Settlement
TPPL-020939 Angela Vang PlayerChico95926Active
GEKE-002190 Sage Kyler Kristopher Harris GE- Key EmployeeChico95928Active
GEKE-001982 Andrew Joseph Collins GE- Key EmployeeChico95926Active
GEGE-001340 Casino Chico Gambling EstablishmentChico95926Active
TRKE-020715 Josh Ira Jacobs Tribal Key EmployeeChico95973Active
TRKE-008700 Victor Sergio Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeChico95973Active
GVMD-000212 Direct Gaming Resource M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
GVMD-000303 Iron Chest Gaming M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
GVMD-000034 Sierra Slot Source LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
TRKE-019877 Keith Bernard Moore Sr. Tribal Key EmployeeChino91710Active
GEKE-002577 Larry Scott Goodman GE- Key EmployeeChino91710Active
GEKE-002626 Ahmad Sarooghi GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
TPOW-000580 Jeffrey Evan Harris Owner-PersonChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-001005 Jeffrey Evan Harris GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-001010 Debora Jean Millan GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
TPSU-001893 Shung Kong Mok SupervisorChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002240 Gloria Goh GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002108 Alejandro Torres GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-001719 David Alan Levine GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002638 Montina Marie Levine GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
TRKE-022534 Michael Reynaldo Merrill Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-022980 Casandra Lynne Manoff Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-023381 Steven Harlan Kabrel Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TPPL-025279 Angelo Villareal Bangalan PlayerChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-022971 Brandon Kahuna Aleman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-019340 Jeffrey David Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-018903 Angela Lau Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018638 Lisa Dawn Byers Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GEKE-002544 Shawn Kyle Brown GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
TPPL-024832 Zenith Bendoy Labtan PlayerChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-013009 Virginia Sanorjo Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-013075 Eric Cabigan Gardiola Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-013319 Jesse Robert Villegas Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-013322 Cuauhtemoc Rivera II Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-010328 Jose Alfredo Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-016163 Rosa Isela Walker Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-014212 Fernando De La Torre Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
GEJU-000043 City of Chula Vista - San Diego GE- JurisdictionChula Vista91910Active
GEKE-001224 Donald William Everitt GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-008996 Travis Leraunt Elliott Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GEGE-000466 Seven Mile Casino Gambling EstablishmentChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-001802 Luis Alberto Carbajal Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-010017 Jian Ying Gu Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-016245 Manuel Gabriel Balladares Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-018807 Theresa Grady Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-010167 David O'neal Glass Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-010308 Juan Jose Morales Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-009640 Sherwin Pajarin Perez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-011724 Harvey Pelaez Go Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018842 Yen Phi Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-021300 Tiarra Jauregui Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-008126 Joseph John Apparito Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018056 Michael Raymond Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-015744 Faamaopo Nonu Villasin Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-019833 Richie Antonnette Wallace Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-022710 Lingzhi Xu Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-022921 Joshua Lance Rottenberg Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-023835 Kyle Chandler Davis Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GVMD-000496 IT Casino Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-020496 Luis Omar Acosta Aizman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-020884 Samantha Jean Julien Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-019309 Chay Saing Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-017270 Mitchell Andres Vizcaya Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-017997 Aries Cesar De La Luna Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GVPO-001570 Michael William Slaughter Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCincinnati45255Active
TRKE-015770 Charles Michael Zurek III Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-022084 Cheng Seng Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-012191 Chan Sony Vann Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-012203 Michael Benjamin Breuer Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
GEGE-001374 The Tavern at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-021748 David Wayne Beaton Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-012951 Michelle Lynn Roeber Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-000850 Felipe Zorolla Masangya Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
GEGE-001373 The Saloon at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-020224 Andrew Feridun Werderman Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TPSU-001798 David William Smith SupervisorCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-021607 Kathryn Eileen Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-021723 Linda Mey Saeteurn Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TPPL-020807 Peter Moua PlayerCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-022999 Devin Michael Burrell Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-023011 Michael James Cowger Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TPPL-026530 Angelia Renee Buhlman TP Registrant - PlayerCitrus Heights95610Active
TPSU-001948 Sergio Arauza Jr. SupervisorCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-021731 Brandon Nicholas Farrell Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-023513 Desiree Nicole Sherman Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-022094 Shirley Ann Wilson Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-023516 Alicia Marie Pepper Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-022997 Trevor Dylan Cline Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
GEOW-003488 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active Decision
GEOW-003876 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003877 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003878 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003952 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003953 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003951 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-003496 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active Decision
GEOW-003571 Kermit D Schayltz GE- Owner-PersonCitrus Heights95621Active
GEKE-001249 Kevin Kindlespire GE- Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-022014 Cory Lee Laird Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
GEKE-002679 Joel William Horazy GE- Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-015621 Anthony Ray Duran Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
GEKE-002664 Joe Alonzo Ortiz Jr GE- Key EmployeeClaremont91711Active
GEKE-002665 Robert Thomas Guthrie II GE- Key EmployeeClaremont91711Active
GVPO-001326 Samuel Frank Heleba Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonClarence14031Active
GVPO-001981 Michael Robert Memminger Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonClarence Center14032Active
TRKE-019599 Angela Marie Cole Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-021516 Jason Adam Wallermann Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-006264 Kimberly H. McDonough-Harvey Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-018986 Judy Marie Vasconcelles Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-016372 Emily Jean Gordon Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-016465 Zachary Paul Bassham Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-023582 Sheila Ann Stewart Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-022170 Shirley Ann Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-019017 Coreina Ashley Peterson Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-019027 Tkeyah Mariah Denson Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-014427 Alejandro Jesus Pulido Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-010079 Felipe Leon Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-020894 Danielle Lynn Lentz Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-017375 Bernard Ray Reicks Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-001341 Robin Carol Looper Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-019382 Chante Matthew Ner Merm Little Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake Oaks95423Active
TRKE-001338 Dawn Lee Chappell Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake Park95424Active
TRIB-000024 Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-022548 Maria Elida Vazquez Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-019806 Jorge Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-023198 Antonio Trinidad Chavez Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-017828 Richie Evans Wellington Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-020929 Lesli Baeza Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-021139 Adam David Galassi Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-021108 Stephen Thomas Mills Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-020711 Leslye Ann Brown Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-016874 Jose Luis Salas Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
GEKE-001212 Edward Glen Mason GE- Key EmployeeClovis93619Active Decision
TRKE-016145 Mai Chang Berumen Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010637 Arnold Basco Dagatan Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-004882 Joshua William Carpenter Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010849 Loida Sarabia Cesar Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010574 Arthur Pastlan Negrete Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010608 Antoan Jivin Tripp Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-011399 Charles Michael Thompson Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
GEKE-001413 Jon Lee Strecker GE- Key EmployeeClovis93619Active Decision
TRKE-017322 James Delbert Gallaway III Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-023012 Vanthan Sea Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-024256 Carollynn Lee Long Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
GEWP-001641 Kyle Rudyard Kirkland GE- Work Permit-RegularClovis93619Active
GEKE-002630 Patrick Lee Enright Jr. GE- Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-022223 John Thomas Dinius Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-004582 Monique M Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-016518 Ruby Gomez Madrigal Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-016370 Joette Sofia Phoong Rolbiecki Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-016326 Yang Joua Xiong Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-016147 Christine Soutchay Douangphouxay Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-023147 Anthony Michael Catanesi Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-015665 Micah Brett Mcgregor Parrish Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-016059 Jesus Jose Hidalgo Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-021645 Virginia Romo Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-015208 Gordon Robert Woods Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-014990 Juan Carlos Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TPSU-001972 Toua Moua SupervisorClovis93612Active
TRKE-022384 Anthony Frank Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TPOW-000639 Kerry Mae Burrough Owner-PersonClovis93619Active
TRKE-010342 Jennifer Helen Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TPPP-000146 KB Ventures Primary ProviderClovis93611Active
TRKE-022700 Janphet Phet Phattavong Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-019946 Brett Michelle Davidson Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TPPL-024829 Gregory Scott Mayberry PlayerClovis93612Active
TRKE-022103 Dustin Aaron Lamb Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-022044 Halle Marie Montgomery Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-017028 Sopheap Khai Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-017236 Robin Kadet Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-018185 Vantha Rabond Sea Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
GEWP-003053 Salena Yin GE- Work Permit-RegularClovis93612Active
TRKE-022864 Palai Yang Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-022498 Michelle Sengdeaune Xayasanh Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TPPL-026189 Vincent Anthony Sanchez TP Registrant - PlayerClovis93612Active Statement of Reasons
TRKE-022333 Peggy Bik-Chi Cheung Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-023355 Victor Jose Villalobos Vargas Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
GEKE-002699 Mariydan Vang GE- Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-023959 Maila Vang Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-019192 Samantha Zoe Wadstein Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-018327 Stephen Mouachong Chiaxang Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-017030 Page Kumagai Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-022104 Nick Lee Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-022151 Michael Sonephom Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
GEKE-002518 Brandy Michelle Vickers GE- Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-010991 Jose Luis Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-010333 Sean Patrick Stevens Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-010655 David Segovia Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-016988 Aimee Yvonne Delano Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-015582 Houa Xiong Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-017011 Sean Brian Emel Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-016504 Jessica Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-016768 Yang Neng Xiong Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-022575 Ermei He Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-016057 Veronica Marie Grijalva Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-016062 Hossein Pourshafie Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-016050 Michael Bounleuang Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-016991 Vincent Joseph Squeo Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-012370 Stephanie Kayee Jolley Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-021628 David Denny Hunt II Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010990 Brian Christopher Rankin Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-011285 Peggy Jean Snider Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TPSU-000476 Fred Brown Austin SupervisorClovis93611Active
GEGE-001361 500 Club Casino Gambling EstablishmentClovis93612Active
TRIB-000100 Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians of California TribeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-004306 Lorena Rivera Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018304 Anthony Tito Trujillo Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-007788 Lazarus Gene Smith Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-015962 Gerardo Gonzalez Romero Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-014511 Maria Barajas Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-010570 Stephanie Yvette Chavez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-011500 Eleida Bolanos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-020627 Luis Alberto Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-020625 Adrian Javier Bustillos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021022 Martha Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019862 Jessica Saenz Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-017077 Lorena Torres Castellon Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021779 Sergio Gabriel Salazar Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018069 Karina Cervantes Acevedo Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019429 Angelo David Wilson Jr Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022262 Francisco Medina Vega Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022251 Nancy Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022513 Yesenia Garcia Jasso Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022632 Esteban Aguilera-Navarro Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022822 Karla Castro Montez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018394 Michelle Sardina Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018399 Irene Galvan Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018271 Chantal Tania Ignacio Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022119 Ana Karen Soria Lira Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019230 Efrain Rodriguez Arrieta Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021104 Carmen Salazar Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021163 Ilse Maria Gallegos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021021 Jorge Luis Castro Carrillo Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021456 Addison Luna Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021486 Elias Flores Escalera III Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019966 Israel Antonio Gallegos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-020441 Melissa Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-020323 Jesse Ricardo Solis Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-011410 Exequiel Arellano Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-009971 Maria Carmen Torres Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022391 Marcel Adolfo Huerta Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-020618 Ivan Alberto Rivera Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019043 Alejandra Aguilera Robledo Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-016708 Stephanie Andrea Montez Guzman Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-002380 Axel Van Der Velden Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRIB-000003 Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000004 Augustine Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000056 Spotlight 29 Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRKE-008335 Juana Maria Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021527 Guadalupe Ayon Carranza Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-010960 Leila Brianna Giron Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
GEKE-002453 Eli James Quintana GE- Key EmployeeCoalinga93210Active
TRKE-017051 Christie Valerie Petrie Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-019849 Jade Fallon Severne Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TPPL-024305 Lynsey Marie Rincon PlayerCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-017005 Glenn Edward Bowman Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-017471 Nicholas Grube Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRCS-000035 Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino Tribal CasinoCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-021066 Joel David Saunders Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-011693 Monica Lavelle Chapman Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
GEKE-002500 John Michael Stacy GE- Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-012800 Connie Dee Bessinger Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-017039 Bryant Joel Martin Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-023964 Brianna Rachel Atkins Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-019193 Gregg Walker Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeCobb95426Active
TRKE-020755 William Erwin West IV Tribal Key EmployeeCobb95426Active
GEJU-000054 City of Colma - San Mateo GE- JurisdictionColma94014Active
TRKE-007283 Lealia Joyce Silva Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-022796 Clarissa Nicole Molina Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-022480 Eileen Michele Leon Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-023610 Seanna Antonia Quesada Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-023970 Theresa Ann Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-022976 Ian Jefferson Ilano Almario Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-015611 John Manuel Sanchez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-007285 Erik Joseph Segura Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-001277 Robert Leon McQueary Tribal Key EmployeeColumbia95310Active
TRKE-021495 Kyle Phillip Croteau Tribal Key EmployeeColumbia95310Active
TRKE-018670 Gustavo Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-018209 Christopher James Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-017238 Rebecca Ann Robledo Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-022225 Colton Matthew Carrere Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRIB-000027 Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community of the Colusa Rancheria TribeColusa95932Active
TRKE-006899 Kristina Kay Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-014520 Luis Humberto Orozco Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-022896 Jesus Manuel Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-021359 Letecia Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-019491 Marbella Juarez Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-008514 Jamie Lynn Dillard Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRCS-000019 Colusa Casino Resort Tribal CasinoColusa95932Active
TRKE-000532 Ruben Lee Aranda Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-014076 Jourdyn Victoria Pummill Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-013562 Stephanie Paniagua Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TPSU-001525 Daniel Siria SupervisorCommerce90022Active
GEGE-001093 Commerce Casino Gambling EstablishmentCommerce90040Active
TPPL-023598 Rene Bravo Jr. PlayerCommerce90040Active
TPSU-001374 Mayra Resendiz SupervisorCompton90221Active
GEJU-000021 City of Compton - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCompton90220Active
GEKE-000559 Soosemea Masina GE- Key EmployeeCompton90221Active
GEGE-001282 Crystal Casino Gambling EstablishmentCompton90220Active
TPSU-001757 Albaro Resendiz SupervisorCompton90221Active
TPSU-001522 Harold Quy Pham SupervisorCompton90220Active
GEWP-003062 Yanna Wu GE- Work Permit-RegularConcord94520Active
GEWP-001155 Andy Nim GE- Work Permit-RegularConcord94520Active
GEKE-002179 Nader Haghighi Tafty GE- Key EmployeeConcord94520Active Stipulated Settlement
GEKE-000850 Brian Klarman GE- Key EmployeeConcord94521Active
TPSU-001747 Jacob William Elmore SupervisorConcord94518Active
TRKE-016010 James Patrick Murray Tribal Key EmployeeCool95614Active
TRKE-017411 Shari Lynn O'Neill Tribal Key EmployeeCopperopolis95228Active
TRKE-021479 Aileen Marie Bales Tribal Key EmployeeCopperopolis95228Active
TRKE-021401 Jacob Walter Tavres Tribal Key EmployeeCopperopolis95228Active
TRKE-019455 Heath Elem Robinson Tribal Key EmployeeCopperopolis95228Active
TRKE-021128 Eric Flores Morales Tribal Key EmployeeCorcoran93212Active
TRKE-017533 Jaime Yanez Villagomez Tribal Key EmployeeCorcoran93212Active
TRKE-023044 Tanya Rios Tribal Key EmployeeCorcoran93212Active
TRKE-023828 Ibeth Araceli Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeCorcoran93212Active
TRCS-000032 Rolling Hills Casino Tribal CasinoCorning96021Active
TRIB-000065 Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians of California TribeCorning96021Active
TPSU-001365 Raymond Christopher Garcia SupervisorCorona92882Active
TRKE-008781 Nicholas Van Do Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92879Active
TRKE-018197 King Pan Chau Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92882Active
TRKE-019530 Daniel D Mark Bressler Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92882Active
GEKE-002618 James Steven Quintrell Jr. GE- Key EmployeeCorona92882Active
TRKE-018945 Robert William Dean Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92881Active
TRKE-022181 Martin Louis Moore Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92883Active
TRKE-018848 Richard Peter Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92881Active
TPPL-025508 Chi Khai Hong PlayerCorona92879Active
GEKE-002367 Sakarin Onsaeng GE- Key EmployeeCorona92880Active
TRKE-020395 Michael Joseph Chlebowski Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92880Active
TPOW-000428 Cheryl Catherine Harris Owner-PersonCorona del Mar92625Active
GEOW-002681 Cheryl Catherine Harris GE- Owner-PersonCorona del Mar92625Active
GEOW-002697 Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000429 Commerce Club Trust Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
GVPO-000879 Brody J. Carlson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCotati94931Active
GVPO-001653 Victoria Carlson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCotati94931Active
GEOW-003720 Jamie Jo Lancaster GE- Owner-PersonCoto de Caza92679Active
GEOW-003420 Contrucci Irrevocable Trust dated March 6 2009 The GE- Owner-EntityCoto de Caza92679Active
TPOW-000493 Contrucci Irrevocable Trust dated March 6 2009 The Owner-EntityCoto de Caza92679Active
GEOW-003404 Rick Raymond Contrucci GE- Owner-PersonCoto de Caza92679Active
TPOW-000494 Rick Raymond Contrucci Owner-PersonCoto de Caza92679Active
TRKE-008404 Jeffrey Michael Fish Tribal Key EmployeeCottonwood96022Active
TRIB-000080 Round Valley Indian Tribes Round Valley Reservation TribeCovelo95428Active
TRCS-000068 Hidden Oaks Casino Tribal CasinoCovelo95428Active
TPSU-001487 Ky Vinh Thang SupervisorCovina91722Active
GEKE-002662 Maria Antoinette Serrano Gonzales GE- Key EmployeeCovina91724Active
GEOW-003366 Darrell James Federico GE- Owner-PersonCovina91724Active
TRKE-011887 Jack Yunfei Shang Tribal Key EmployeeCovina91724Active
TRKE-017289 Christine Marie Cunningham Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016840 Jorge Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016608 Cody Dean Wortell-Bartley Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-017528 Kevin Ray Monnin Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-017153 David Arthur Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRIB-000034 Elk Valley Rancheria TribeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-001377 Betty G Toscano Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-024086 Bonnie Suzanne Coopman Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-024131 Arturo Ramos-Tovar Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-020623 Larry Phillip Abraham McCanna Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-020139 Steven Antone Lewis Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-017348 George Tyler Graham Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-021455 Tanner Grizzly Gensaw Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-020195 Brandi Allyson Maynard Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-023662 Joseph Lance Burnim Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-023680 Grant Eric Fischer Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-022389 Laura Jo Baelz Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-020357 Kassi Kailene Marques Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRCS-000022 Elk Valley Casino Tribal CasinoCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016175 Donald Louis Jennings Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-005092 Roberto Carlos Orozco-Zepeda Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-005099 Mary Edith Whybark Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-012596 Bryan Earl Green Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-014156 Sylvia Diane Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-009714 Mary Helen Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016527 Rudy Sal Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016428 Daniel Christopher Huff Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-016351 Jeffrey Ryan Dunlap Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-007266 Joseph Alexander Julian Tribal Key EmployeeCrestline92325Active
GEOW-003825 John Wrona GE- Owner-PersonCreston93432Active Decision
TPSU-001787 Ruslan Zhantayev SupervisorCudahy90201Active
GEJU-000022 City of Cudahy - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCudahy90201Active
TPSU-001903 George Agapitos SupervisorCulver City90230Active
GEKE-002707 Stevie Raissa Hamby GE- Key EmployeeCupertino95014Active
TPPP-000153 F2 TPS LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderCypress90630Active
GVMD-000454 Texas Slots & Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDallas75229Active
TPOW-000478 Roy Aaron Choi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonDallas75225Active Statement of Particulars
TPOW-000620 Roy Aaron Choi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonDallas75225Active
GEOW-003985 Roy Aaron Choi GE- Owner-PersonDallas75225Active
TPPL-008751 Thomas Albert Sobeck PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-011942 MiaoRong Yu PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-008340 Imelda Palac Lebantino PlayerDaly City94014Active
GEWP-001521 Pei Yu Zhao GE- Work Permit-RegularDaly City94014Active
TPSU-000931 Trung Quoc Bui SupervisorDaly City94015Active
TPPL-020943 Winnie Su PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026095 Alejandro Tiong Cajiles PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026083 Jhofer De Leon Perez PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPPL-017605 Richard Caraan Reyes PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026207 Abigail Santos Soriano PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026225 Don Pedro Mariano Logarta PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPPL-026246 Jolann Isla Marzan PlayerDaly City94014Active
GEKE-002633 Chun Hung Fan GE- Key EmployeeDaly City94015Active
TPPL-026249 Louiemar Yumang Marcelo PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPPL-026356 Freddie Santos Wong PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPPL-026245 Ronald Constantino Roraldo PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026557 Josiah Sanares Loarca PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPPL-017249 Vicente Alfaro Diaz Jr. PlayerDaly City94014Active
GEKE-001319 Stephen Krajewski GE- Key EmployeeDaly City94015Active
GEKE-002609 Phong Minh Ly GE- Key EmployeeDaly City94015Active
TPPL-016171 Guo Zhang Lai PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-014881 Gerardo Advincula Topacio PlayerDaly City94015Active
GEKE-002054 Mario Angelo Ulep Esteban GE- Key EmployeeDaly City94015Active
GEKE-002094 Jimmy B. Manansala GE- Key EmployeeDaly City94015Active
TPPL-008326 LaLin Ly PlayerDaly City94015Active
TPOW-000380 Tricia Palmiano Castellanos TP Registrant - Owner-PersonDaly City94014Active Statement of Issues
GEOW-004054 The Jeanne Tumanjan Trust Agreement Dated June 7 2016 GE- Owner-EntityDana Point92629Active
TPOW-000406 Jeanne Tumanjan Owner-PersonDana Point92629Active
GEOW-004055 Jeanne Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonDana Point92629Active
TPSU-001353 Peter Anthony Valdez SupervisorDanville94526Active
TPSU-001215 Neel Raj Goundar SupervisorDanville94506Active
GEKE-001776 Kade Richard Walters GE- Key EmployeeDanville94526Active
GEKE-001576 John Deng GE- Key EmployeeDavis95618Active
TRKE-021265 Binod Manandhar Tribal Key EmployeeDavis95618Active
TRKE-020401 Oliver James Day Shoemaker Tribal Key EmployeeDavis95616Active
TPSU-001537 Devin Colin Cronjager SupervisorDavis95618Active
TRKE-023830 Ray Eugene Gentry Tribal Key EmployeeDayton89403Active
GEKE-002125 Rothea Julau Cabunoc GE- Key EmployeeDelano93215Active
GEKE-000457 Jong Kim Weeks GE- Key EmployeeDelano93215Active
TPPL-025880 Garrett Bryce Hackney PlayerDelhi95315Active
TPSU-001870 Jose Antonio Avila Moreno SupervisorDenair95316Active
GEOW-003136 Philip Albert Rheinschild Jr. GE- Owner-PersonDenair95316Active
GVPO-000335 David F. Zinger Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonDenver80237Active
GVMD-000367 Aces Up Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDenver80211Active
TRKE-001614 Dianne Leslie Newman Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-023457 Dawn Michelle Noble Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-009800 Lela Aniece Sandoval Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-021114 Reggie Kenneth Reid Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-018928 John Patrick Turnbull Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-011852 Steven Marciano Tafoya Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-019213 William Jennings Kieler III Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-008215 Michael J. Llewellyn Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-016431 Joanna Blackstone Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-014737 Cari Dee Few Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-016487 Sudhir Dwarkadas Mehta Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-016567 Kimberle Ann Mason Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-016180 Luciano Santoro Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-016926 Erika Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-019548 Americus Richard Festa Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-020311 Kasandra Zitlali Soto Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-020265 Michael Richard Hester Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-021860 Kathreen Dominique Lee Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023143 Marbella Celeste Medina Chiquito Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-022125 Christine Elizabeth Thornbury Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023900 Cristina Licia Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023896 Nivea Estrella Ponce Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023617 Yetzabeth Guadalupe Navarro Zarco Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023497 Franklin Santini Vasquez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023547 Rubitzel Azael Lezama Flores Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023290 Jenner Jose Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023790 Rachel Jean Marie Hattenhauer Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023507 Tyrone Laneil Lewis Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-017311 Evelia Ayala Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-017310 Alberto David Lopez Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-018176 Jose Luis Valenzuela Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-018400 Vicki Lynn Schlom-Scott Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-018315 Jenny Ni Zhu Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-020325 Daniel Hernandez Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-020309 Victor Manuel Ceballos Duran Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-019908 Kristie Lee Messer Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-021632 Dulce Barbara Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-012418 Robin Merle Padick Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-009193 Randall James Smith Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-014496 Glendy Natali Sosa Enriquez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-015813 Jesus Higinio Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-007751 Michael Scott Bigham Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-008325 Nicholas David Ray Hauf Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-023586 Seema Jacqueline Cole Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-014350 Ricarte Bilango Agbayani Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-020354 Frances Margaret Vasquez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-014864 Kyle Joseph Haas Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-015483 Kevin John O'Neill Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-016410 Nicole Marie Kurowski Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-018976 Silvia Salgado Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-019634 David Scott Hemingway Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-010404 Joseph Brian Orta Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-012915 Fernando Jaurer Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TPSU-001764 Michael Yu Kwei Lu SupervisorDiamond Bar91765Active
TRKE-015661 Daniel Scott Hersey Tribal Key EmployeeDiamond Springs95619Active
TRKE-014875 Paul Leo Bardzik Tribal Key EmployeeDiamond Springs95619Active
TRKE-022445 Delia Paulette Cummings Tribal Key EmployeeDiamond Springs95619Active
TPPL-016819 Kelly Marie Stout PlayerDinuba93618Active
TRKE-022012 Bradley James Low Tribal Key EmployeeDinuba93618Active
TRKE-020387 Modesto Rodriguez Reyes Tribal Key EmployeeDinuba93618Active
TPSU-001782 Mary Judith Murray SupervisorDiscovery Bay94505Active
TRKE-021174 Guillermo Jose Garcia Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDixon95620Active
TRKE-023453 Adrian Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeDixon95620Active
TRKE-021569 Elizabeth Lorine Tousignant Tribal Key EmployeeDixon95620Active
GEKE-001401 Ramy Boushra Wahba GE- Key EmployeeDowney90240Active
GEKE-001635 Gilbert Raymond Cisneros GE- Key EmployeeDowney90241Active
TPPL-025229 Andy Yi PlayerDowney90240Active
TPSU-001805 David Samuel Novick SupervisorDowney90242Active
TRKE-022439 Alireza Rezazadeh Tribal Key EmployeeDowney90242Active
GEKE-001822 Johnny Reeves GE- Key EmployeeDowney90242Active
TPPL-023013 Arthur Joseph Panganiban Robles PlayerDowney90242Active
TPPL-013237 Arthur Joseph Panganiban Robles PlayerDowney90242Active
GEOW-003456 Emmanuel Lorenzo Macalino GE- Owner-PersonDublin94568Active Decision
GEKE-001515 Peter Anton Buqeileh GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
GEKE-002343 Nicholas James McDonnell GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
GEKE-001941 Andrea Vivas Botero GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
GEKE-002656 Alan Frederick Bittikofer GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
TPPL-024864 Xin Zhu PlayerDublin94568Active
GVMD-000467 Innovative Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
GVMD-000393 Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
TRKE-022931 Cristina Arias Liera Tribal Key EmployeeDulzura91917Active
TRKE-010101 Melinda Perez Ibarra Tribal Key EmployeeDunnigan95937Active
TPPL-025380 Chuong Ky Do PlayerEastvale91752Active
TRKE-023384 Jianwei Guo Tribal Key EmployeeEastvale92880Active
TRKE-021346 Jacqueline Janine Collay Tribal Key EmployeeEastvale92880Active
TRKE-011253 Charlie Hao Cheng Tribal Key EmployeeEastvale92880Active
TRKE-010159 Luis Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010377 Carl Anthony Leath II Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010319 Alexander Louis Center Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017115 Timothy Scott Briggs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009540 Lucy Ann Murillo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009727 Bsam Francis Jangeel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013820 Jared Bradford Hahn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-013610 Walter David Morris Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022961 Jeffrey Lynn McCarl Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012119 Tymmie Heang Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-012282 Cynthia Louise Snow Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017768 Stephanie Marie Modzak Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-015686 Justin Louis Adolphson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-014769 Robert Steven Loveless Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014052 Stacey Ann Wheeler Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013968 John Chen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-016894 Damian Joel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016937 Wisam Salah Shamo-G Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016756 Ana Rosa Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GVPO-001710 James Lanier Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
GVPO-001711 Mary V. Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
GVPR-000303 Sunset Graphics LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020172 Jessica Marie Ruiterman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-015990 Peter Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016081 Marie Komorowski Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021477 Ammar Farag Dawod Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-007959 Samuel J Bonner Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016033 Marilou Del Rosario Tonnaer Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009122 Michael Lee Murray Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009308 Dana Rose Arthur Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
GEKE-002376 Robert Charles Schmitt GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-008734 Isidro Alejandro Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004493 Michael Francis Patterson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004555 Robert Paul Hinrichs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-004621 Robert Thomas James Jr Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004624 Karter L McMurry Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-004665 Susan Annette Liptak Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-006903 Kirk Morris Hardin Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-011776 Soyla Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-006532 Marla Dore More Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRCS-000052 Sycuan Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-001804 Duane K Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020737 Shawn David Baldi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016655 Dawna Marie Andersen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-001882 Clifford Russell Baker Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018383 Zulia Sue Juarez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022172 Dena Lynn Webber Tribal Key EmployeeEL CAJON92021Active
TRKE-021649 Lexus Christine Cosmano Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021562 Austin Thomas Van Slyke Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021612 Yaser Louis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021237 Ernesto Salgado Giles Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021375 Kathlene Joy Self Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021430 Rafi Fadhil Galan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022130 Frank Fahmi Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021099 William Brandon Chase Powers Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020901 Don Anthony Lupo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020936 Sarkar Shiro Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020907 Be Ngoan Van Nong Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020770 Melvyn Douglas McGowan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active Decision
TRKE-020810 Richard Joseph Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019811 Ryan Terry Horn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019814 Trang Thi Mai Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019789 Benjamin Lamar Collins Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022399 Sokhavirak You Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92109Active
TRKE-020055 Joseph Kiah Villarino Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020206 Marvin Bolivar Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017131 Helen Natalie Valenzuela Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021794 Ofelia Solario Ponce-Leos Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018370 Erebiel Valdez Rocha Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018047 James Michael Nugent Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019520 Ly Tew Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018059 Saul Salas-Dominguez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017756 Rosemary Garcia Brewer Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017763 Waseem Nabeel Malik Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018899 Kelly Marie Clouse Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018483 Derrick Scott Morgan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018510 Kevin Cervantes Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018495 Ismael Flores Orona Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018592 Dorothy Madsen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018745 Tania Melissa Deleon-Maxey Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021240 Luay Benyamin Issa Aziz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018749 Mi Cha Lee Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019668 Aamer Khoshaba Moshi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019197 John Gordon Foster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019219 Wendy Hui Chen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019306 Monica Ellis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023354 Paul Andrew Colera Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022925 Salwan Sarmad Toma Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022960 Carlos Osvaldo Moran Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022932 Salam Zako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023114 David Wayne Black Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022712 Jessica Lynn Leon Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022725 Christopher Lee Scruggs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022559 Eddy Fernando Delgado Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022604 Manuel Alfredo Corona Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023550 Taghlat Adnan Hangala Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023555 Noor Azeeznaoom Alquta Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-024022 Samal Azeez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023859 Mark Manuel Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023871 Ayman Naser Gorgees Lalo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023954 Mark Robert Lerios Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
GEKE-002696 Aaron Kyle Strauss GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021307 Tomas Neri Mata Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021228 Lual Atem Lual Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021229 Paul Cutler Palmer Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021112 Beatriz Elizabeth Serralde Rangel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021113 Jasmine Nina Burns Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021017 Eduardo Jesus Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021076 Philippe Ian Grepo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021564 Donald Eugene Edwards Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021578 Rachel Ann Shaddix Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019815 Allyssa Joy Dagdag Muncal Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019734 Gillan Klariss Dela Cruz DeRomas Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020419 Michael Eric Studdard Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020290 Irene Michelle Rich Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020211 Brandon James Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020186 Naoras Benny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020187 Alexandra Nicole Fleming Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020635 Vinson Kaiss Sitto Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016935 Pedro Santana Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017271 Crystal Janelle Zito Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017650 Ying Yan Liu Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017668 Juan Carlos Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017718 Raafat Zebari Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017719 Cristian Adriel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017809 Salvio Yako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023219 Steven Sabah Zako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017960 Teimoor Hirmiz Oraha Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018886 Pascual Vazquez Tamayo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019178 Yanet Wright Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018412 Fady Melik Yousif Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020178 Raed Faraj Jibrail Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022786 Waleed Shorees Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019478 Rafi H Shaoka Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023359 Thomas William Bischel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023465 Edon Lushi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023548 Daylon Zane Dallyn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023268 John A Shaba Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023273 Fadi Waad Jajo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023872 Hasar Madi Doski Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-024062 Michael Handal Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023721 Matthew Lee Amador-Green Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023657 Duntae Leon McInnis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023856 Nawres Neskoo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022926 Jacqueline Joy Self Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022171 Justin Dion Sherman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022206 Suliman Abdulrahman Ali Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022272 Tylan Shel Kang Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022339 Bashar Kareem Matloob Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRIB-000094 Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation TribeEl Cajon92019Active
GEKE-002607 Callaye Jo Strauss GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-012248 Garry Raymond Carreau Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001728 Donna June Hitzeman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001739 Lori Ann Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001773 Habib Mosa George Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-000269 Mary Noel Meier Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000276 Robert Otto Bulster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000304 Aarie Christopher Ostern Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-000309 Annette Adell Fermil Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009346 Alfred Ruiz Romero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004550 George Alexander Denny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004660 Jose Armando Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-006507 Lance Vernon Goode Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GVMD-000056 Game Stands LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEl Cajon92020Active
GVPR-000125 Game Stands LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018884 Tracie Rae Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-008722 Juan Elfego Baca Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-008408 Sammy Rios Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009005 George Sabah Yelda Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-008084 George Cruz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020416 John Joseph Rochfort Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-012116 Debora Cadena Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012124 Najeeb Moses Shorees Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012125 Garrett Edward Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013031 Joyce Christine Delfin Ray Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013038 Mark Anthony Aschenbrener Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018082 Tara Dawn Binder Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020564 Khaldoon Waleed Kassab Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013323 Laura Sabah Provencio Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013326 Josue Agustin Gonzalez-Marchena Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-010375 Nathan John McEntire Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017990 Thad David Shelton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009440 Jorge Luis Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009497 Colleen Patricia Gaffney Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009730 Daniel Scott Hampton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009641 Fifian Stepho Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-010267 Bernard Francis Steinbacher Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010272 Michael Alan Lindquist Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014937 Daniel Lee Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020501 Vinh Phuc Duc Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-015939 Mark Antonio Ahdy Moussa Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014088 Arthur Frederick Salazar Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013659 Eva Marie Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019817 Semon Astevan Israael Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-016657 Dylan Joseph Connell Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-016217 Tauba Vaughn Gonzales Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-008323 Rodolfo Lopez Gaxiola Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
GEJU-000013 City of El Centro - Imperial GE- JurisdictionEl Centro92243Active
TRKE-023068 Amara Jade Johnston Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
TRKE-023037 Jared Ernest Pena Bissell Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
TRKE-023237 Janet Quirarte Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
TRKE-023442 Roberto Duenas Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
TPPL-026223 Deepak Bhatta PlayerEl Cerrito94530Active
TPSU-001438 Keith James Van Nyhuis SupervisorEl Cerrito94530Active
TPPL-026234 Bhumi Poudyal PlayerEl Cerrito94530Active
TRKE-021144 Anish Thapa Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cerrito94530Active
TRKE-019511 Tyler Louis Bila Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado95623Active
GEWP-002976 Kylie Elizabeth Gioia GE- Work Permit-RegularEl Dorado95623Active
TRKE-013403 Delana Elaine Irby Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado95623Active
TRKE-011541 Bryan Andre Delugo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TRKE-022109 Yolanda Kimberly Hardamon Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TRKE-017475 Ralph William Flieger Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TPSU-001980 Edward James Cole SupervisorEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TRKE-015321 Scott George Rapoport Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TRKE-011941 Christopher Carpenter Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TPPL-025131 Chi Jen Jeffery Yu PlayerEl Monte91732Active