List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities by Status

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License NumberNameLicense TypeCityZip CodeLicense StatusAdmin ActionCondition
TRIB-000002 Alturas Indian Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000003 Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeCoachella92236Active
TRIB-000004 Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Barona Reservation TribeLakeside92040Active
TRIB-000005 Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria TribeLoleta95551Active
TRIB-000010 Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria TribeLakeport95453Active
TRIB-000011 Blue Lake Rancheria TribeBlue Lake95525Active
TRIB-000012 Bridgeport Indian Colony TribeBridgeport93517Active
TRIB-000013 Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California TribeSacramento95811Active
TRIB-000019 Campo Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Campo Indian Reservation TribeCampo91906Active
TRIB-000020 Cedarville Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000021 Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of the Chemehuevi Reservation TribeHavasu Lake92363Active
TRIB-000022 Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria TribeTrinidad95570Active
TRIB-000027 Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community of the Colusa Rancheria TribeColusa95932Active
TRIB-000028 Kletsel Dehe Band of Wintun Indians TribeWilliams95987Active
TRIB-000029 Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California TribeRedwood Valley95470Active
TRIB-000030 Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000035 Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California TribeOroville95966Active
TRIB-000036 Fort Bidwell Indian Community of the Fort Bidwell Reservation of California TribeFort Bidwell96112Active
TRIB-000037 Fort Independence Indian Community of Paiute Indians of the Fort Independence Reservation TribeIndependence93526Active
TRIB-000038 Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona California & Nevada TribeNeedles92363Active
TRIB-000044 Hopland Band of Pomo Indians TribeHopland95449Active
TRIB-000045 Inaja Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Inaja and Cosmit Reservation TribeEscondido92025Active
TRIB-000046 Ione Band of Miwok Indians of California TribePlymouth95669Active
TRIB-000047 Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians TribeJackson95642Active
TRIB-000052 La Posta Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the La Posta Indian Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRIB-000053 Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians TribeWarner Springs92086Active
TRIB-000054 Koi Nation of Northern California TribeSanta Rosa95404Active
TRIB-000055 Lytton Rancheria of California TribeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRIB-000060 Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeMiddletown95461Active
TRIB-000061 Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California TribeOroville95966Active
TRIB-000062 Morongo Band of Mission Indians TribeBanning92220Active
TRIB-000063 Northfork Rancheria of Mono Indians of California TribeNorth Fork93643Active
TRIB-000064 Pala Band of Mission Indians TribePala92059Active
TRIB-000069 Pinoleville Pomo Nation TribeUkiah95482Active
TRIB-000070 Pit River Tribe (includes XL Ranch Big Bend Likely Lookout Montgomery Creek and Roaring Creek Rancherias) TribeBurney96013Active
TRIB-000071 Potter Valley Tribe TribeUkiah95482Active
TRIB-000072 Quartz Valley Indian Community of the Quartz Valley Reservation of California TribeFort Jones96032Active
TRIB-000077 Resighini Rancheria TribeKlamath95548Active
TRIB-000078 Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Rincon Reservation TribeValley Center92082Active
TRIB-000079 Robinson Rancheria TribeNice95464Active
TRIB-000080 Round Valley Indian Tribes Round Valley Reservation TribeCovelo95428Active
TRIB-000085 Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeMountain Center92561Active
TRIB-000086 Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians of the Santa Ynez Reservation TribeSanta Ynez93460Active
TRIB-000087 Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel TribeSanta Ysabel92070Active
TRIB-000088 Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California TribeLakeport95453Active
TRIB-000089 Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeWillits95490Active
TRIB-000094 Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation TribeEl Cajon92019Active
TRIB-000095 Wiyot Tribe TribeLoleta95551Active
TRIB-000096 Table Mountain Rancheria of California TribeFriant93626Active
TRIB-000097 Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians TribeThermal92274Active
TRIB-000102 Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake TribeUpper Lake95485Active
TRIB-000103 Viejas (Baron Long) Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Viejas Reservation TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000104 Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe of the Benton Paiute Reservation TribeBenton93512Active
TRIB-000105 Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California (Carson Colony Dresslerville Colony Woodfords Community Stewart Community & Washoe Ranches) TribeGardnerville89410Active
TRCS-000003 Desert Rose Casino Tribal CasinoAlturas96101Active
TRCS-000004 Augustine Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000005 Barona Resort and Casino Tribal CasinoLakeside92040Active
TRCS-000006 Gold Country Casino Resort Tribal CasinoOroville95966Active
TRCS-000012 Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Tribal CasinoIndio92203Active
TRCS-000013 Red Fox Casino Tribal CasinoLaytonville95454Active
TRCS-000014 Cahuilla Casino Tribal CasinoAnza92539Active
TRCS-000015 Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center Tribal CasinoCampo91906Active
TRCS-000020 Coyote Valley Casino Tribal CasinoRedwood Valley95470Active
TRCS-000021 River Rock Casino Tribal CasinoGeyserville95441Active
TRCS-000022 Elk Valley Casino Tribal CasinoCrescent City95531Active
TRCS-000023 Lucky Bear Casino Tribal CasinoHoopa95546Active
TRCS-000029 Feather Falls Casino & Lodge Tribal CasinoOroville95966Active
TRCS-000030 Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Tribal CasinoCabazon92230Active
TRCS-000031 Pala Casino Spa and Resort Tribal CasinoPala92059Active
TRCS-000032 Rolling Hills Casino Tribal CasinoCorning96021Active
TRCS-000037 Quechan Casino Resort Tribal CasinoWinterhaven92283Active
TRCS-000038 Win-River Casino Tribal CasinoRedding96001Active
TRCS-000040 Harrah's Resort Southern California Tribal CasinoValley Center92082Active
TRCS-000045 Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino Tribal CasinoLemoore93245Active
TRCS-000046 Chumash Casino Resort Tribal CasinoSanta Ynez93460Active
TRCS-000047 Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino Tribal CasinoWillits95490Active
TRCS-000054 Black Oak Casino Tribal CasinoTuolumne95379Active
TRCS-000055 Eagle Mountain Casino Tribal CasinoPorterville93257Active
TRCS-000056 Spotlight 29 Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000057 Thunder Valley Casino Resort Tribal CasinoLincoln95648Active
TPPP-000002 Network Management Group Inc. Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GVPR-000017 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHammonton08037Active
GVMD-000004 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHammonton08037Active
GVPR-000114 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000490 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000492 L.A. Slot Machine Company Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorRedondo Beach90278Active
GVMD-000062 Dynasty Games Distributing M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorReno89511Active
GVPR-000196 Dynasty Games Distributing Gaming Vendor ProviderReno89511Active
GVMD-000491 Reel Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorFt. Lauderdale33304Active
GVMD-000156 Gaming Laboratories International LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLakewood08701Active
GVMD-000162 SUZOHAPP Gaming Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000207 Premier Gaming Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderVentura93003Active
GVMD-000502 Premier Gaming Solutions Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorVentura93003Active
GEGE-001279 Napa Valley Casino Gambling EstablishmentAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEGE-000404 Capitol Casino Gambling EstablishmentSacramento95811Active
GEGE-001373 The Saloon at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
GEGE-001282 Crystal Casino Gambling EstablishmentCompton90220Active
GEGE-000450 California Grand Casino Gambling EstablishmentPacheco94553Active
GEGE-001343 Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active
GEGE-001313 Kings Card Club Gambling EstablishmentStockton95210Active Decision
GEGE-000466 Seven Mile Casino Gambling EstablishmentChula Vista91910Active
GEGE-001367 Hollywood Park Casino Gambling EstablishmentInglewood90303Active
GEGE-001388 Hustler Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active License Certificate
GEGE-001379 Casino Merced Gambling EstablishmentMerced95340Active
GEGE-000962 Club San Rafael Gambling EstablishmentSan Rafael94901Active
GEGE-001025 Oceanview Casino Gambling EstablishmentSanta Cruz95060Active
GEGE-001302 Palace Poker Casino LLC Gambling EstablishmentHayward94542Active
GEGE-001107 Livermore Casino Gambling EstablishmentLivermore94550Active
GEGE-001263 Turlock Poker Room Gambling EstablishmentTurlock95380Active
GEGE-001374 The Tavern at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-001328 Casino Poker Club Inc. GE- Owner-EntityRedding96002Active
GEOW-002292 The Nineteeth Hole General Partnership GE- Owner-EntityANTIOCH94509Active
GEOW-002329 Sutter's Place Inc. GE- Owner-EntitySan Jose95112Active
GEOW-002335 Empire Sportsmen's Association GE- Owner-EntityModesto95356Active
GEOW-002388 Michael J. Sammut AJ Stock Trust GE- Owner-EntitySan Bruno94066Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
GEOW-002590 Rogelio's Inc. GE- Owner-EntityIsleton95641Active
GEOW-002697 Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000429 Commerce Club Trust Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000392 Franklin and Francine Handler 1975 Trust Owner-EntityLa Quinta92253Active
GEOW-002698 Franklin and Francine Handler 1975 Trust GE- Owner-EntityLa Quinta92253Active
TPOW-000413 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002705 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GVPO-000182 Caesars Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000183 CEOC LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000362 Victoria Holdings Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000363 Pata Pata AB Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000613 Japan Cash Machine Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000009 Global Surveillance Associates Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000036 The United States Playing Card Company Gaming Vendor ProviderErlanger41018Active
GVMD-000485 Everi Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000042 Everi Games Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000007 PDS Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000045 PDS Gaming LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000059 Gasser Chair Company Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderYoungstown44505Active
GVMD-000001 SG Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000060 SG Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000096 IGT Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000005 IGT M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000102 VSR Industries Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHenderson89014Active
GVMD-000027 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89135Active
GVPR-000112 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89135Active
GEJU-000016 Kern County - Kern GE- JurisdictionBakersfield93301Active
GEJU-000072 Yuba County - Yuba GE- JurisdictionMarysville95901Active
GEJU-000049 City of Tracy - San Joaquin GE- JurisdictionTracy95376Active
GEJU-000035 Placer County - Placer GE- JurisdictionAuburn95603Active
GEJU-000062 Sierra County - Sierra GE- JurisdictionGrass Valley95945Active
GEJU-000068 Tulare County - Tulare GE- JurisdictionVisalia93291Active
GEJU-000036 City of Blythe - Riverside GE- JurisdictionPalm Desert92260Active
GEJU-000039 City of Folsom - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionFolsom95630Active
GEJU-000011 City of Fresno - Fresno GE- JurisdictionFresno93721Active
GEJU-000057 City of Gilroy - Santa Clara GE- JurisdictionSan Jose95113Active
GEJU-000026 City of Madera - Madera GE- JurisdictionMadera93637Active
GEJU-000021 City of Compton - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCompton90220Active
GEJU-000023 City of Gardena - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionGardena90247Active
GEJU-000017 City of Hanford - Kings GE- JurisdictionHanford92330Active
GEJU-000003 City of Hayward - Alameda GE- JurisdictionHayward94541Active
GEJU-000030 City of Salinas - Monterey GE- JurisdictionSalinas93901Active
GEJU-000031 City of Soledad - Monterey GE- JurisdictionOakland94607Active
GEJU-000067 City of Turlock - Stanislaus GE- JurisdictionTurlock95380Active
GEJU-000020 City of Commerce - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionLos Angeles90040Active
GEJU-000009 El Dorado County - El Dorado GE- JurisdictionPlacerville95667Active
GEJU-000071 San Buenaventura - Ventura GE- JurisdictionVentura93002Active
GEJU-000013 City of El Centro - Imperial GE- JurisdictionEl Centro92243Active
GEJU-000056 City of Guadalupe - Santa Barbara GE- JurisdictionFresno93722Active
GEJU-000045 City of San Diego - San Diego GE- JurisdictionSan Diego92101Active
GEJU-000007 City of San Pablo - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionSan Pablo94806Active
GEJU-000008 City of San Ramon - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionSan Ramon94583Active
GEJU-000065 Stanislaus County - Stanislaus GE- JurisdictionModesto95354Active
GEJU-000027 City of San Rafael - Marin GE- JurisdictionSan Rafael94901Active
GEJU-000059 City of Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz GE- JurisdictionSanta Cruz95060Active
GEJU-000043 City of Chula Vista - San Diego GE- JurisdictionChula Vista91910Active
GEJU-000053 City of Paso Robles - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000034 City of Grass Valley - Nevada GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000052 City of Grover Beach - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionGrover Beach93433Active
GEJU-000037 City of Lake Elsinore - Riverside GE- JurisdictionLaguna Hills92653Active
GEJU-000038 City of Citrus Heights - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GVMD-000212 Direct Gaming Resource M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
GEOW-003101 Celebrity Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityNewport Beach92660Active
GVPR-000125 Game Stands LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92020Active
GVMD-000056 Game Stands LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEl Cajon92020Active
TRCS-000061 Bear River Casino Resort Tribal CasinoLoleta95551Active
GEOW-003112 Sally Ann Johnson Family Trust GE- Owner-EntitySan Bruno94066Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
GVPR-000234 Interblock USA L.C. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000297 Interblock USA L.C. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000494 Lennie Marvin Enterprises Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBurbank91504Active
GEOW-003134 Central Valley Gaming LLC GE- Owner-EntityTurlock95380Active
GEOW-003795 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003796 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004001 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004000 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003193 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003148 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active Decision
GVPR-000161 VCAT LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderSan Diego92103Active
GVPO-000713 Gaming Partners International Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89169Active
GEOW-003198 Sidjon Corporation GE- Owner-EntityLivermore94551Active
GVPR-000197 Surveillance Systems Integration Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderRocklin95677Active
GVPR-000200 Everi Payments Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-000839 Aristocrat Leisure Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001410 Speer Family Trust Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GVPO-000906 Everi Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000214 Giesecke & Devrient Currency Technology America Inc. Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-000918 International Game Technology Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityReno89521Active
GVPO-000976 AGT Pty Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000980 PDS Holding LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
GVMD-000497 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000361 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GEOW-003263 Palace Poker Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityHayward94541Active
GVMD-000294 Incredible Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorVernon Hills60061Active
GVPR-000263 Incredible Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderVernon Hills60061Active
GVPO-001366 Lightning Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBoothwyn19061Active
GVPO-001096 Konami Corporation of America Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89119Active
GEOW-003290 Player's Poker Club Inc. GE- Owner-EntityVentura93003Active
TPPP-000080 Qualified Player Services LLC Primary ProviderLake Elsinore92530Active Decision
GVPO-001126 Elektroncek Group B.V. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GEOW-003333 Tibbetts Trust GE- Owner-EntityEmeryville94608Active
TRIB-000109 Wilton Rancheria TribeElk Grove95624Active
GEOW-003336 California Grand Casino (A California Corporation) GE- Owner-EntityPacheco94553Active
GVPR-000300 Galaxy Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000318 Midwest Game Supply Company M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorKearney64060Active
GVPR-000248 Synergy Information Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLa Quinta92253Active
GVMD-000328 AGS LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVPO-001336 Graphic Controls Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14240Active
GEOW-003368 Dennis J. Sammut AJ Stock Trust GE- Owner-EntityWoodside94062Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
TRCS-000066 Garcia River Casino Tribal CasinoPoint Arena95468Active
GVPO-001353 LGUL Management Company Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityNovi48375Active
GVMD-000343 Lightning Slot Machines LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBoothwyn19061Active
GVPR-000259 Lightning Slot Machines LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBoothwyn19061Active
TRCS-000067 Running Creek Casino Tribal CasinoUpper Lake95485Active
TRCS-000068 Hidden Oaks Casino Tribal CasinoCovelo95428Active
GVMD-000437 Landry Holdings LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89011Active
TPOW-000540 Harris Revocable Trust of 1988 DTD 2/8/12 Owner-EntityAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003417 Harris Revocable Trust of 1988 DTD 2/8/12 GE- Owner-EntityAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003420 Contrucci Irrevocable Trust dated March 6 2009 The GE- Owner-EntityCoto de Caza92679Active
TPOW-000493 Contrucci Irrevocable Trust dated March 6 2009 The Owner-EntityCoto de Caza92679Active
GEOW-003431 Victor S. Pankey Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityFallbrook92028Active
TPOW-000498 Victor S. Pankey Living Trust Owner-EntityFallbrook92028Active
GEOW-003990 Stockbridge Capital Partners LLC GE- Owner-EntitySan Francisco94111Active
GEOW-003460 Stars Gaming Inc. GE- Owner-EntityTracy95376Active Decision
TPPP-000118 L.E. Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderAnaheim92808Active
TRCS-000069 Graton Resort & Casino Tribal CasinoRohnert Park94928Active
GVPO-001603 The Vasilakos Family Trust UDT 12/09/1992 Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000293 RIESTER Sonoran LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderPhoenix85018Active
GVPR-000295 Dunn Gaming Solutions Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89109Active
GVMD-000495 Zitro USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89012Active
GVPR-000299 Game Changing Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderSan Diego92127Active
GEGE-001340 Casino Chico Gambling EstablishmentChico95926Active
GEOW-003532 Lucky Tree Entertainment Inc. GE- Owner-EntityMerced95340Active
GEOW-003539 David and Joan Sailer Family Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityPebble Beach93953Active
GEOW-003564 David W. and Megan R. Carter Gaming Trust dated September 5 2014 GE- Owner-EntityOceanside92057Active
GEOW-003572 Joseph D. Federico California Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityAltadena91001Active
TPOW-000602 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
GEOW-003576 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 GE- Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
GEOW-003586 Massman Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90077Active
TPPP-000129 The Independent Primary ProviderMarina93933Active
GEOW-003589 The William R. Friis Gaming Trust GE- Owner-EntityNewport Beach92660Active
GEOW-003605 Marina Club Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityMarina93933Active
GEOW-003619 The Robin Beth Vest Separate Property Trust GE- Owner-EntityHeber City84032Active
GEOW-003623 George and Joanne Bumb Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntitySan Jose95127Active
GEOW-003657 The Harris Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityTrabuco Canyon92679Active
GEOW-003669 Patricia G. Gribskov Commerce Club Trust Agreement Dated May 28 2015 GE- Owner-EntityHillsboro97123Active
GVMD-000396 Richar Fitoussi M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89121Active
GVMD-000404 Jackpot Digital (NV) Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
TRCS-000072 Redwood Hotel and Casino Tribal CasinoKlamath95548Active
TRCS-000073 Jamul Casino Tribal CasinoJamul91935Active
BGVP-000024 Success Story Marketing and Consulting LLC Bingo Gaming Vendor-ProviderCarson City89703Active
GEOW-003716 Four Leaf Clover Investments LLC GE- Owner-EntityFolsom95630Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
GVMD-000453 Intertek Testing Services NA Inc. (dba Intertek) M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMenlo Park94025Active
GEOW-004056 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004057 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003971 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003972 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003973 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003974 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004196 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004135 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004116 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003811 Robert H. & Sandra L. Carter Gaming Trust Dated October 27 2015 GE- Owner-EntityVista92084Active
GEOW-003838 Janice A. Pankey Trust dated August 5 1992 GE- Owner-EntitySan Miguel93451Active
TPOW-000607 Slater-Acme Trust Owner-EntityEncino91316Active
TPPP-000141 Majesty Partners LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003890 K & M Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAnaheim92808Active
GEOW-003908 MAK Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003909 MAK Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003910 MAK Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003914 RFS Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003915 RFS Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003916 RFS Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003917 RES Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003918 RES Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003919 RES Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003923 Lowell T. Murray III Revocable Trust for CCC Stock GE- Owner-EntityLakewood98499Active
GEOW-003925 James M. Murray Revocable Living Trust for CCC Stock GE- Owner-EntityLakewood98499Active
GEOW-003927 Elizabeth L. Mirante Revocable Living Trust for CCC Stock GE- Owner-EntitySeattle98126Active
GVMD-000487 GameCo LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GEOW-004054 The Jeanne Tumanjan Trust Agreement Dated June 7 2016 GE- Owner-EntityDana Point92629Active
GVMD-000443 Compatible Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBrea92823Active
TRCS-000075 Casino Morongo Tribal CasinoCabazon92230Active
GEOW-004010 Stockbridge HP Casino Holdings Company LLC GE- Owner-EntitySan Francisco94111Active
TPOW-000637 JTHEGREATEST LLC TP Registrant - Owner-EntityCarson90746Active
TPPP-000146 KB Ventures Primary ProviderClovis93611Active
TPPP-000148 2 Kings Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderAnaheim92808Active
TPPP-000147 Commerce Group Inc. TP Registrant - Primary ProviderSan Ramon94583Active
GVMD-000454 Texas Slots & Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDallas75229Active
TRCS-000076 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain Tribal CasinoWheatland95692Active
TRCS-000077 Harrah's Northern California Tribal CasinoIone95640Active
GVMD-000463 Apogee Gaming USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004048 Ashley G. Stone Trust Dated June 10 2019 GE- Owner-EntitySan Diego92117Active
GEOW-004050 Ashley G. Stone Trust Dated June 10 2019 GE- Owner-EntitySan Diego92117Active
GEOW-004052 Ashley G. Stone Trust Dated June 10 2019 GE- Owner-EntitySan Diego92117Active
GEOW-004058 Casino 99 LLC GE- Owner-EntityChico95928Active Stipulated Settlement
GEOW-004062 Carter Residuary Gaming Trust GE- Owner-EntityOceanside92057Active
TPPP-000153 F2 TPS LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderCypress90630Active
GVMD-000506 Gamecode SP. Z O. O. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004087 Casino Merced Inc. GE- Owner-EntityMerced95340Active
TPPP-000157 KBCH Consultants Inc. TP Registrant - Primary ProviderTurlock95380Active
GVPO-002271 Riester Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityPhoenix85018Active
GEOW-004113 Parkwest Casino Marina LLC GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
TRCS-000078 Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City Tribal CasinoCathedral City92234Active
GEOW-004142 Mary Louisa Bodnar Trust Dated 2-29-2000 GE- Owner-EntitySomis93066Active
GVMD-000482 Pervasive Gaming Operations LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorOklahoma City73106Active
GEOW-004182 Janet Heger Trust GE- Owner-EntityPebble Beach93953Active
GEOW-004184 Suzy Heger Stevens Trust GE- Owner-EntityWatsonville95076Active
GVMD-000493 Worldwide Gaming Systems Corporations M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
GVMD-000498 Vert Tech M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorSanta Cruz95060Active
GVMD-000499 SIQ LJUBLJANA M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004170 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityWest Hollywood90069Active
GVMD-000515 Slotco LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorOnamia56359Active
TRIB-000001 Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation TribePalm Springs92264Active
TRIB-000006 Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California TribeOroville95966Active
TRIB-000007 Big Lagoon Rancheria TribeArcata95521Active
TRIB-000008 Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley TribeBig Pine93513Active
TRIB-000009 Big Sandy Rancheria of Western Mono Indians of California TribeAuberry93602Active
TRIB-000014 Bishop Paiute Tribe TribeBishop93514Active
TRIB-000015 Cabazon Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeIndio92203Active
TRIB-000016 Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria TribeLaytonville95454Active
TRIB-000017 Cahuilla Band of Indians TribeAnza92539Active
TRIB-000018 California Valley Miwok Tribe TribeStockton95212Active
TRIB-000023 Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California TribeJamestown95327Active
TRIB-000024 Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeCloverdale95425Active
TRIB-000025 Cold Springs Rancheria of Mono Indians of California TribeTollhouse93667Active
TRIB-000026 Colorado River Indian Tribes of the Colorado River Indian Reservation TribeParker85344Active
TRIB-000031 Timbisha Shoshone Tribe TribeBishop93514Active
TRIB-000032 Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians TribeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRIB-000033 Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians of the Sulphur Bank Rancheria TribeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRIB-000034 Elk Valley Rancheria TribeCrescent City95531Active
TRIB-000039 Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria TribeRohnert Park94928Active
TRIB-000040 Greenville Rancheria TribeGreenville95947Active
TRIB-000041 Grindstone Indian Rancheria of Wintun-Wailaki Indians of California TribeElk Creek95939Active
TRIB-000042 Guidiville Rancheria of California TribeUkiah95482Active
TRIB-000043 Hoopa Valley Tribe TribeHoopa95546Active
TRIB-000048 Jamul Indian Village of California TribeJamul91935Active
TRIB-000049 Karuk Tribe TribeHappy Camp96039Active
TRIB-000050 Kashia Band of Pomo Indians of the Stewarts Point Rancheria TribeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRIB-000051 La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians TribePauma Valley92061Active
TRIB-000056 Manchester Band of Pomo Indians of the Manchester Rancheria TribePoint Arena95468Active
TRIB-000057 Manzanita Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Manzanita Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRIB-000058 Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria TribeChico95926Active
TRIB-000059 Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Mesa Grande Reservation TribeSanta Ysabel92070Active
TRIB-000065 Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians of California TribeCorning96021Active
TRIB-000066 Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pauma & Yuima Reservation TribePauma Valley92061Active
TRIB-000067 Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pechanga Reservation TribeTemecula92592Active
TRIB-000068 Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians of California TribeOakhurst93644Active
TRIB-000073 Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation TribeWinterhaven92283Active
TRIB-000074 Ramona Band of Cahuilla TribeAnza92539Active
TRIB-000075 Redding Rancheria TribeRedding96001Active
TRIB-000076 Redwood Valley or Little River Band of Pomo Indians of the Redwood Valley Rancheria California TribeRedwood Valley95470Active
TRIB-000081 Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation TribeBrooks95606Active
TRIB-000082 Yuhaaviatam of San Manuel Nation TribeHighland92346Active
TRIB-000083 San Pasqual Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of California TribeValley Center92082Active
TRIB-000084 Santa Rosa Indian Community of the Santa Rosa Rancheria TribeLemoore93245Active
TRIB-000090 Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Shingle Springs Rancheria (Verona Tract) TribePlacerville95667Active
TRIB-000091 Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation TribeSmith River95567Active
TRIB-000092 Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians TribeSan Jacinto92583Active
TRIB-000093 Susanville Indian Rancheria TribeSusanville96130Active
TRIB-000098 Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians of the Tuolumne Rancheria of California TribeTuolumne95379Active
TRIB-000099 Tule River Indian Tribe of the Tule River Reservation TribePorterville93257Active
TRIB-000100 Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians of California TribeCoachella92236Active
TRIB-000101 United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria of California TribeAuburn95603Active
TRIB-000106 Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation TribeKlamath95548Active
TRIB-000107 Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Tribe TribeLone Pine93545Active
TRCS-000001 Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs Tribal CasinoPalm Springs92262Active
TRCS-000002 Agua Caliente Casino Rancho Mirage Tribal CasinoRancho Mirage92270Active
TRCS-000008 Mono Wind Casino Tribal CasinoAuberry93602Active
TRCS-000009 Konocti Vista Casino Tribal CasinoLakeport95453Active
TRCS-000010 Blue Lake Casino and Hotel Tribal CasinoBlue Lake95525Active
TRCS-000011 Wanaaha Casino Tribal CasinoBishop93514Active
TRCS-000016 Havasu Landing Resort & Casino Tribal CasinoHavasu Lake92363Active
TRCS-000017 Cher-Ae Heights Casino Tribal CasinoRohnert Park94928Active
TRCS-000018 Chicken Ranch Casino Tribal CasinoJamestown95327Active
TRCS-000019 Colusa Casino Resort Tribal CasinoColusa95932Active
TRCS-000024 Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino Tribal CasinoHopland95449Active
TRCS-000025 Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort Tribal CasinoJackson95642Active
TRCS-000028 Twin Pine Casino & Hotel Tribal CasinoMiddletown95461Active
TRCS-000033 Casino Pauma Tribal CasinoPauma Valley92061Active
TRCS-000034 Pechanga Resort & Casino Tribal CasinoTemecula92592Active
TRCS-000035 Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino Tribal CasinoCoarsegold93614Active
TRCS-000036 Pit River Casino Tribal CasinoBurney96013Active
TRCS-000041 Robinson Rancheria Resort Casino & Bingo Tribal CasinoNice95464Active
TRCS-000042 Cache Creek Casino Resort Tribal CasinoBrooks95606Active
TRCS-000043 Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel Tribal CasinoHighland92346Active
TRCS-000044 Valley View Casino & Hotel Tribal CasinoValley Center92082Active
TRCS-000049 Lucky 7 Casino Tribal CasinoSmith River95567Active
TRCS-000050 Soboba Casino Resort Tribal CasinoSan Jacinto92583Active
TRCS-000051 Diamond Mountain Casino & Hotel Tribal CasinoSusanville96130Active
TRCS-000052 Sycuan Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoEl Cajon92019Active
TRCS-000053 Table Mountain Casino Tribal CasinoFriant93626Active
TRCS-000058 Viejas Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoAlpine91901Active
TPPP-000017 Pacific Gaming Services LLC Primary ProviderCarlsbad92011Active
TPPP-000040 Premier Player Providers Inc. Primary ProviderSan Leandro94577Active
TPPP-000049 Certified Network M Inc. Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GVMD-000034 Sierra Slot Source LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
GVMD-000052 Darell Lawrence dba Slots 4 Home M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLos Banos93635Active
GVMD-000126 Nick Farley & Associates Inc. dba Eclipse Compliance Testing M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorSolon44139Active
GVMD-000201 Muncie Novelty Company Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMuncie47303Active
GEGE-001353 Marina Club Gambling EstablishmentMarina93933Active
GEGE-001314 Westlane Card Room Gambling EstablishmentStockton95210Active
GEGE-001376 Limelight Card Room Gambling EstablishmentSacramento95816Active
GEGE-001384 Casino 99 Gambling EstablishmentChico95928Active
GEGE-000440 Old Cayucos Tavern Gambling EstablishmentCayucos93430Active
GEGE-000441 Sundowner Cardroom Gambling EstablishmentVisalia93292Active
GEGE-001359 Ace & Vine Gambling EstablishmentNapa94558Active
GEGE-000473 Ocean's Eleven Casino Gambling EstablishmentOceanside92054Active License Certificate
GEGE-000951 Casino Club Gambling EstablishmentRedding96002Active
GEGE-001149 Lake Elsinore Hotel and Casino Gambling EstablishmentLake Elsinore92530Active Statement of Issues
GEGE-000967 The Nineteenth Hole Gambling EstablishmentAntioch94509Active
GEGE-000989 Bay 101 Gambling EstablishmentSan Jose95112Active
GEGE-000990 Empire Sportsmen's Association Gambling EstablishmentModesto95356Active
GEGE-001361 500 Club Casino Gambling EstablishmentClovis93612Active
GEGE-001063 Oaks Card Club Gambling EstablishmentEmeryville94608Active Decision
GEGE-001081 Rogelio's Gambling EstablishmentIsleton95641Active
GEGE-001371 Stars Casino Gambling EstablishmentTracy95376Active
GEGE-001093 Commerce Casino Gambling EstablishmentCommerce90040Active
GEGE-001173 Garlic City Club Gambling EstablishmentGilroy95020Active
GEOW-000989 Capitol Casino Inc. GE- Owner-EntitySacramento95814Active
GEOW-001077 Old Cayucos Tavern Inc. GE- Owner-EntityCayucos93430Active
GEOW-001217 Oceans 11 Casino Inc. GE- Owner-EntityOCEANSIDE92054Active
GEOW-001218 North County Gaming Inc. GE- Owner-EntityOceanside92057Active
GEOW-001219 Ocean's Eleven Casino Partnership GE- Owner-EntityOCEANSIDE92054Active
GEOW-003306 PETE'S 881 CLUB INC GE- Owner-EntitySAN RAFAEL94901Active
GEOW-002390 Helen Sammut Family Trust GE- Owner-EntitySan Bruno94066Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
GEOW-002545 Oaks Club Room GE- Owner-EntityEMERYVILLE94608Active
TPOW-000421 Edgar E. Pankey and Elizabeth S. Pankey Trust Owner-EntityTustin92780Active
GEOW-002693 Edgar E. Pankey and Elizabeth S. Pankey Trust GE- Owner-EntityTustin92780Active
GEOW-002699 Revocable Living Trust of Richard J. Ibosh and Lucia J. Ibosh GE- Owner-EntityRancho Santa Fe92067Active
TPOW-000426 Revocable Living Trust of Richard J. Ibosh and Lucia J. Ibosh Owner-EntityRancho Santa Fe92067Active
TPOW-000399 Harvey and Linda Ross Trust Dated August 3 1989 Owner-EntityLos Angeles90067Active
GEOW-002701 Harvey and Linda Ross Trust Dated August 3 1989 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90067Active
GVPO-000014 Casino Development & Management Co. LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPO-000015 CDM Management LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPO-000276 USPC Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityErlanger41018Active
GVPO-000277 Bicycle Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityErlanger41018Active
GVPO-000478 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001752 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000007 Buena Vista Development Co. LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderRochester14624Active
GVPR-000029 Gaming Partners International USA Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89169Active
GVPR-000037 HCAL LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89109Active
GVPR-000046 Masque Publishing Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLone Tree80124Active
GVPR-000054 TCS John Huxley America Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVMD-000483 TCS John Huxley America Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89120Active
GVMD-000397 BMM North America Inc. dba BMM Testlabs M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000062 Ainsworth Game Technology Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000030 Ainsworth Game Technology Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVPR-000082 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-001751 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000003 Konami Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000092 Konami Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000105 Inspire Technology LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBlue Diamond89004Active
GVMD-000513 Inspire Technology LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBlue Diamond89004Active
GVPR-000106 Avalon Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderGrand Junction81506Active
GEJU-000046 City of Lodi - San Joaquin GE- JurisdictionLodi95241Active
GEJU-000033 City of Napa - Napa GE- JurisdictionNapa94559Active
GEJU-000004 City of Chico - Butte GE- JurisdictionChico95927Active
GEJU-000054 City of Colma - San Mateo GE- JurisdictionColma94014Active
GEJU-000010 City of Clovis - Fresno GE- JurisdictionFresno93720Active
GEJU-000022 City of Cudahy - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCudahy90201Active
GEJU-000014 City of Delano - Kern GE- JurisdictionBakersfield93303Active
GEJU-000012 City of Eureka - Humboldt GE- JurisdictionEureka95501Active
GEJU-000029 City of Marina - Monterey GE- JurisdictionMonterey93940Active
GEJU-000028 City of Merced - Merced GE- JurisdictionMerced95340Active
GEJU-000005 City of Antioch - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionAntioch95431Active
GEJU-000063 City of Benicia - Solano GE- JurisdictionBenicia94510Active
GEJU-000040 City of Isleton - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000018 City of Lemoore - Kings GE- JurisdictionFresno93720Active
GEJU-000047 City of Manteca - San Joaquin GE- JurisdictionManteca95337Active
GEJU-000066 City of Oakdale - Stanislaus GE- JurisdictionOakdale95361Active
GEJU-000061 City of Redding - Shasta GE- JurisdictionRedding96049Active
GEJU-000064 City of Petaluma - Sonoma GE- JurisdictionSanta Rosa95401Active
GEJU-000058 City of San Jose - Santa Clara GE- JurisdictionSan Jose95110Active
GEJU-000048 City of Stockton - San Joaquin GE- JurisdictionStockton95202Active
GEJU-000070 City of Woodlake - Tulare GE- JurisdictionFresno93711Active
GEJU-000025 City of Inglewood - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionInglewood90301Active
GEJU-000001 City of Livermore - Alameda GE- JurisdictionLivermore94550Active
GEJU-000044 City of Oceanside - San Diego GE- JurisdictionOceanside92054Active
GEJU-000055 City of San Bruno - San Mateo GE- JurisdictionSan Bruno94066Active
GEJU-000050 City of Atascadero - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000002 City of Emeryville - Alameda GE- JurisdictionEmeryville94608Active
GEJU-000073 City of Marysville - Yuba GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000015 City of Ridgecrest - Kern GE- JurisdictionWestlake Village91361Active
GEJU-000041 City of Sacramento - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000069 City of Porterville - Tulare GE- JurisdictionVisalia93291Active
GEJU-000060 City of Watsonville - Santa Cruz GE- JurisdictionWatsonville95077Active
GEJU-000006 Contra Costa County - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionMartinez94553Active
GEJU-000019 City of Bell Gardens - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionBell Gardens90201Active
GEJU-000042 City of Rancho Cordova - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000051 San Luis Obispo County - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionSan Luis Obispo93408Active
GEJU-000032 City of American Canyon - Napa GE- JurisdictionPalo Alto94306Active
GEJU-000024 City of Hawaiian Gardens - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionOrange92868Active
GEOW-003100 BVK Gaming Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEGE-001323 Player's Casino Gambling EstablishmentVentura93001Active
GVPO-001127 Interblock d.d. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000241 Aruze Gaming America Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVPR-000158 Aruze Gaming America Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GEOW-003704 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
GEOW-003625 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
TRCS-000064 Red Earth Casino Tribal CasinoSalton Sea Beach92274Active
GVPR-000305 Reliable Business Concerns Inc. dba Reliable Security Sound & Data Gaming Vendor ProviderEverett98201Active
GVPR-000193 Genesis Gaming Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderSpring77373Active
GVPO-000838 Aristocrat International Pty. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000209 Connections IT Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderRohnert Park94928Active
GEOW-003233 Ranchos Club Casino Inc. GE- Owner-EntityRancho Cordova95742Active Stipulated Settlement Decision and Order
GVMD-000270 Next Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorNorth Las Vegas89030Active
GVPO-000954 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GEGE-001297 Bankers Casino Gambling EstablishmentSalinas93901Active
GVPO-000991 Everi Games Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000278 Acres Bonusing Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEncinitas92024Active
GVPR-000175 Acres Bonusing Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderEncinitas92024Active
GVMD-000408 Ceronix Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorAuburn95602Active
GEOW-003259 Lunardi Family Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityMorgan Hill95037Active Decision
TRCS-000065 Red Hawk Casino Tribal CasinoPlacerville95667Active
GVMD-000287 FBM Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorPhoenix85012Active
GVMD-000500 RC Vintage Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorNorth Hollywood91605Active
GEOW-003294 The Moskowitz Joint Revocable Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityMiami33140Active Decision
GVPO-001109 B.V. Oro LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPO-001110 Kozuki Foundation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000517 Tim Erik Radulovich dba Quality Slot Machines "Old School Vegas" M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorWilton95693Active
GVPO-001134 Konami Holdings Corporation f/k/a Konami Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000303 Iron Chest Gaming M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
GEOW-003303 Full Rack Entertainment Inc. GE- Owner-EntityMorgan Hill95037Active Stipulated Settlement Decision
GEOW-003337 Kathleen F. Tibbetts Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityAnacortes98221Active
GVMD-000393 Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
GVMD-000365 Gaming Arts LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000253 Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. Gaming Vendor ProviderBuffalo14240Active
GEOW-003375 The Monica C. Donohoo Trust GE- Owner-EntityVentura93009Active
GVPR-000256 Luna Gaming - Upper Lake LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderNovi48375Active
GVMD-000057 Diamond Game Enterprises M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
TPOW-000618 Knighted Ventures LLC TP Registrant - Owner-EntityNewark94560Active
TPPP-000109 Knighted Ventures LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderNewark94560Active Statement of Particulars
TRIB-000110 Tejon Indian Tribe TribeBakersfield93307Active
GVMD-000346 Patriot Gaming & Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorGriffith46319Active
TPOW-000530 JHM Charitable Foundation Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003405 JHM Charitable Foundation GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003421 The Peter and Mona Pankey Trust dated June 14 2006 GE- Owner-EntityBakersfield93306Active
GVPR-000268 Table Trac Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderMinnetonka55345Active
GEOW-003988 Stockbridge Real Estate Partners II LLC GE- Owner-EntitySan Francisco94111Active
GVMD-000360 Teresa Kennedy M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorSan Jose95127Active
GVMD-000403 Novomatic Americas Sales LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPR-000276 Passport Technology USA Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderGlendale91203Active
GVPR-000285 International Network in Advance Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderMinden89423Active
GVMD-000375 International Network in Advance Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMinden89423Active
GEOW-003457 The Robert and Karen Pellolio Trust GE- Owner-EntitySan Rafael94901Active
GEOW-003954 Delta Fore LLC GE- Owner-EntitySanta Rosa95405Active
GEOW-003793 Delta Fore LLC GE- Owner-EntitySanta Rosa95405Active
GEOW-003794 Delta Fore LLC GE- Owner-EntitySanta Rosa95405Active
GEOW-003463 Sierra Coast Services LLC GE- Owner-EntityTorrance90502Active
GVPR-000279 Empire Technological Group Limited Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000457 Empire Technological Group Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000367 Aces Up Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDenver80211Active
GVMD-000368 Totalup Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004042 King's Casino Management Corp. GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-004043 King's Casino Management Corp. GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003501 Haig Papaian Jr. Trust dated February 12 2013 GE- Owner-EntityManhattan Beach90267Active
GVPR-000284 Perpetual Gaming LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderHenderson89053Active
GVMD-000373 Perpetual Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89053Active
GVPR-000287 Ditronics Financial Services LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000288 Halifax Security Inc. dba North American Video Gaming Vendor ProviderBrick08723Active
GVPO-001604 Halifax Security Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBrick08723Active
GEOW-003518 Robert and Christine Massman Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityCalabasas91302Active
TRCS-000070 Tortoise Rock Casino Tribal CasinoTwentynine Palms92277Active
GEOW-003525 Old Town Investments Inc. GE- Owner-EntitySalinas93901Active
GEOW-003989 Hollywood Park Casino Company LLC GE- Owner-EntityInglewood90303Active
GVMD-000382 Zuum USA LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89145Active
GVPO-001686 Mark E. Haney and Stacey L. Haney Revocable Living Trust Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRocklin95677Active
GEOW-003560 Stones South Bay Corporation GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GVPR-000303 Sunset Graphics LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92021Active
TPOW-000596 Aram Saatchian Revocable Trust dated October 22 2014 Restated April 9 2015 Owner-EntityBrea92821Active
GEOW-003578 Aram Saatchian Revocable Trust dated October 22 2014 Restated April 9 2015 GE- Owner-EntityBrea92821Active
GVPR-000306 NRT Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
TRCS-000071 Winnedumah Winn's Casino Tribal CasinoIndependence93526Active
TPOW-000583 The Peter and Mona Pankey Trust dated June 14 2006 Owner-EntityBakersfield93306Active
GEOW-003671 Kate M. Gribskov Commerce Club Trust Dated June 1 2015 GE- Owner-EntityPortland97219Active
GEOW-003673 Andrew B. Gribskov Commerce Club Trust Dated June 1 2015 GE- Owner-EntityMcMinnville97128Active
GVMD-000395 KGM Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBensalem19020Active
TPOW-000594 The Michelle Shrikian Trust Agreement Owner-EntityNewport Beach92660Active
GEOW-003700 The Michelle Shrikian Trust Agreement GE- Owner-EntityNewport Beach92660Active
GEOW-003703 Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
TPPP-000133 Suns Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderPasadena91105Active
RBRO-000058 St. Patrick's Catholic School RB- Recognized OrganizationNorth Hollywood91606Active
TPOW-000615 East Sea Investment Group Inc. TP Registrant - Owner-EntityArcadia91006Active
GVMD-000424 Bluberi Gaming USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89139Active
GVMD-000418 TK Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorTemecula92590Active
GVMD-000427 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000956 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GEOW-003799 Polvora Inc. GE- Owner-EntityAnaheim92808Active
TPOW-000605 Michael A. Tumanjan and Carla Tumanjan Living Trust TP Registrant - Owner-EntityRolling Hills Estates90274Active
GEOW-003977 Michael A. Tumanjan and Carla Tumanjan Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityRolling Hills Estates90274Active
TRCS-000074 Rain Rock Casino Tribal CasinoYreka96097Active
GVPO-001978 Nissha Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GVPO-001979 Nissha Medical International Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GEOW-003827 Elevation Entertainment Group GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003828 Elevation Entertainment Group GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003829 Elevation Entertainment Group GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003841 2016 Erickson Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityMorgan Hill95037Active
GVMD-000429 Synergy Blue LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000430 Planet Bingo LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorPalm Desert92211Active
GEOW-003911 Point Walker Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003912 Point Walker Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-003913 Point Walker Sole Property Trust of 2017 GE- Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
GEOW-004134 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004114 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004195 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003967 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003968 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003969 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003959 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003976 Deborah J. Fernandez Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityManteca95336Active
TPPP-000143 Halcyon Gaming LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderOrange92867Active
TPPP-000144 Blue Ocean Sky LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderWalnut91788Active
GEOW-004011 Stockbridge HP Holdings Company LLC GE- Owner-EntitySan Francisco94111Active
GVMD-000489 Competition Interactive LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89102Active
GEOW-004009 Moskowitz Irrevocable Business Management Trust No. 4 GE- Owner-EntityMiami Beach33140Active
GVMD-000452 Wymac Development Pty Ltd M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000461 Sega Sammy Creation USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GEOW-004060 Limelight Cardroom Trust GE- Owner-EntitySacramento95822Active
TPPP-000152 CalProp Services LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderSacramento95819Active
TPOW-000650 G2 CAL Finance LLC TP Registrant - Owner-EntitySacramento95819Active
GVMD-000467 Innovative Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
GEOW-004079 Slater-Commerce Trust GE- Owner-EntityEncino91316Active
GVMD-000470 Dynamic Gaming Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorWest Sacramento95605Active
TPPP-000154 Progressive Gaming LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderPasadena91101Active
GVMD-000473 John and Peggy Batti M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHalf Moon Bay94019Active
TPPP-000158 Faros Unlimited Inc. TP Registrant - Primary ProviderLos Angeles90045Active
GEOW-004098 Franklin Handler and Francine Handler 1975 Trust - Trust C GE- Owner-EntityLa Quinta92253Active
GEOW-004183 Steven R. Heger Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityCarmel93923Active
GEOW-004194 Parkwest Bicycle Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GVMD-000496 IT Casino Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChula Vista91914Active
GEOW-004169 El Dorado LF LLC GE- Owner-EntityGardena90247Active
GVMD-000501 Bad Hare Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorReno89511Active
GVMD-000503 Oakpoint LTD M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89147Active
GVMD-000516 Win Systems International Holdings Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMiami33137Active
GVMD-000509 Acres Manufacturing Company M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000504 EConnect Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89117Active
GVMD-000505 Spintec d.o.o. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000514 Slotcycle LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000507 Ten Stix Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMorrison80465Active
GVMD-000508 Akkadian Enterprises M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000510 Slot Machines Unlimited Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorTipp City45371Active
GVMD-000511 Abbiati Casino Equipment SRL M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000512 The Talisman Group LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
TRCS-000079 Sky River Casino Tribal CasinoElk Grove95757Active
GEWP-002697 Nonthiya Aajhan GE- Work Permit-RegularSanta Rosa95403Active
TPSU-001505 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPSU-001566 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-024153 Liam John Francis Abair PlayerRichmond94801Active
TRKE-022920 Ana Karen Abarca Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeThermal92274Active
TPPL-026197 Tamara Joan Abbate PlayerModesto95350Active
TRKE-022126 Seth Edward Abbey Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-010853 Joey Ranelle Abbs Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-019678 Sayed Hassan Mohammed Abdullah Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92583Active
TPPL-025236 Jordan Ameer Abdulmajid PlayerHawthorne90250Active
GEWP-003047 Rosanna Abellana GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95209Active
TRKE-021147 David Ron Sardilla Abille Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-009752 Mary Elizabeth Ables Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-022487 Jihad I Abounasr Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018224 Victor Paul Aboytes Tribal Key EmployeeLoma Linda92354Active
TPSU-001637 Tsegai Abraha SupervisorSan Diego92102Active
TRKE-003210 Mohsan Nassan Abrahim Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021212 Rosalie Delicia Abrego Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-002358 Shirley D Abreu Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-023005 Ana Joana Princess Romero Abubo Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95832Active
TPPL-026598 Christina Lynn Accardo PlayerNapa94559Active
TRKE-009310 Rodrigo Acero Chacon Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-023276 Robert Lee Acha Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-021060 Sushil Acharya Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-009431 Imelda Casinillo Achenbach Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-019434 Steven Andrew Acosta Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-007259 Jose Manuel Acosta Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-020496 Luis Omar Acosta Aizman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-002905 Rogelio Acosta-Gonzalez Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPSU-002012 Daniel Ray Acosta-Welch SupervisorLomita90717Active
GVPO-000737 James Raymond Acres Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-016274 Richard Hector Acuna Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93704Active
GVPO-000334 Donna Jo Adam Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLone Tree80124Active
TRKE-008587 Jesus Vega Adame Tribal Key EmployeeOceanside92058Active
TRKE-015033 Lauri Lyn Adams Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-021241 Ryan Yale Adams Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-002759 Kimberly Marie Adams Tribal Key EmployeeOceanside92057Active
TRKE-001133 Ian Adams Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-024066 Justin Eric Adams Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-016232 Wilven Aure Addenbrooke Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-023288 Christopher Blaise Adelmann Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
GEOW-003929 Nicolette Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonCathedral City92234Active
GEOW-003963 Jacklyn Gayle Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonLa Habra Heights90631Active
TPOW-000462 Jacklyn Gayle Adelshian Owner-PersonLa Habra Heights90631Active
GEOW-003961 Nishan Timothy Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TRKE-018474 Janardan Adhikari Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-008474 Gloria Jean Adkins Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
GEOW-003127 Alan Brett Adler GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93308Active
TRKE-015686 Justin Louis Adolphson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017854 Marlin Mojica Advincula Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-015270 Elma Taufau Afa'ese Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TPSU-001506 Bryan Keith Afinidad SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TPSU-001590 Bryan Keith Afinidad SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TRKE-020410 Vijayakumar Martmandappa Agadi Tribal Key EmployeeWindsor95492Active
GEOW-003219 Catherine A. Aganon GE- Owner-PersonLivermore94550Active
TRKE-014854 Christian Noeh Cerrudo Agapay Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92111Active
TRKE-020574 Edgar Cerrudo Agapay Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeOceanside92057Active
TRKE-017176 Anh-Thu Nguyen Agapay Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPSU-001903 George Agapitos SupervisorCulver City90230Active
TRKE-022505 Roy Lorenzo Agbayani Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-014350 Ricarte Bilango Agbayani Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-015575 Bienvenida Bilango Agbayani-Yahut Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-022343 Paolo Patricio Aglony Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Ynez93460Active
TRKE-015576 Linda Pascual Agresor Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-015291 Reynaldo Agriam Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-018616 Aurora Dizon Agsaoay Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-010052 Jorge Adan Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-014497 Robert Arnold Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
TRKE-021379 John Gilbert Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-007346 Julian Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-021111 Ramon Robert Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRKE-020664 Shellby Nicole Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-023222 Arturo Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-009051 Monica Ureste Aguilar-Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeMecca92254Active
TRKE-019043 Alejandra Aguilera Robledo Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-022632 Esteban Aguilera-Navarro Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-023343 Christopher Anthony Aguinaga Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-021999 Eva Cruz Aguirre Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
TRKE-015354 Francisco Aguirre A. Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-019969 Raza Ahmad Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
GEKE-002302 Fevaea'i Fa'asiu Ahmu GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93305Active
GEOW-002756 Sidney Ahn GE- Owner-PersonPleasanton94588Active
GEKE-002241 Joanna Ahn GE- Key EmployeePleasanton94588Active
TPPL-026529 OluwaFemi Abiola Ajala PlayerOakland94605Active
GEKE-001850 Sheldon Akiyama GE- Key EmployeeLodi95240Active
TRKE-022667 David OluwaTayo Akoidu Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-010092 Edward Isaac Alacio Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TPPL-026445 Maggie Alaniz PlayerLancaster93534Active
TRKE-010369 Nader George Alaraj Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-019685 Alixx Rae Alarcon Tribal Key EmployeeEsparto95627Active
TRKE-023065 Filiberto Alatorre Tribal Key EmployeeHoltville92250Active
TRKE-001686 Isam Alayoubi Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-020538 Rogelio Albarran Tribal Key EmployeeThermal92274Active
TRKE-015552 Adrianna Susanna Albarran Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-019842 Thomas James Albergo Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020526 Tonya Michelle Albers Tribal Key EmployeeYreka96097Active
TRKE-018862 Kameria Jasmine Albert Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
GEKE-002490 Lee Franklin Albrecht Jr GE- Key EmployeeTracy95376Active
TRKE-002546 Roy Jessie Alcala III Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
GEKE-002142 Armando Ferreira Alcantar GE- Key EmployeeOceano93445Active Decision
GEKE-001743 Lorielyn Alcantara GE- Key EmployeeSanta Clara95054Active
TRKE-007925 Stephanie Denise Alcorn Tribal Key EmployeeCherry Valley92223Active
TRKE-015931 Monica Aldama Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-022468 Maritza Aldana-Mendoza Tribal Key EmployeeMecca92254Active
TPSU-001831 Anthony Edward Aldapa Jr SupervisorNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-026072 Marinel Topacio Alegre PlayerSan Diego92139Active
GEKE-001059 Kyle Alan Alegrete GE- Key EmployeeSan Jose95136Active
TRKE-022971 Brandon Kahuna Aleman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-007265 Ashenafi Alemu Tribal Key EmployeeFontana92336Active
TRKE-020359 Ibrahim Talib Aleqabi Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-021454 Omon Johnson Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-009272 James Benjamin Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-019193 Gregg Walker Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeCobb95426Active
TPSU-001964 Kevin Alexander II SupervisorLakewood90712Active
TRKE-002285 James Martin Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TPSU-001858 Leonor Patricia Alexander SupervisorMonrovia91016Active
TRKE-023556 David Alfred Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92373Active
TRKE-009744 Juan Fuentes Alfaro Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-018169 Claudia Yarely Alfaro Cardenas Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPPL-017249 Vicente Alfaro Diaz Jr. PlayerDaly City94014Active
TPPL-026138 Sara Omar Al-Hindi Fifield PlayerSacramento95827Active
TRKE-022206 Suliman Abdulrahman Ali Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TPOW-000601 Leslie Kay Aliotti Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
GEOW-003735 Leslie Kay Aliotti GE- Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TRKE-020604 Monica Irene Allain Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-019790 Andrew Joseph Allen Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-016629 Jeffrey Brandon Allen Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-011416 William Dean Allen Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-018290 Isaiah Jean Paul Allen Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
GEKE-002344 Tara Lee Allen GE- Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95670Active
TRKE-020680 David Richard Allen Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-014075 Jerry Lynn Allison Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-022976 Ian Jefferson Ilano Almario Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-019822 Cesar Nokom Almazan Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-014286 Robert James Almo Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-018168 Angelo-Noel Asayas Almogela Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-022780 Flerida Almonte de Steeves Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
GEKE-002402 Caleb Gregory Alonzo GE- Key EmployeeMerced95341Active
TRKE-023555 Noor Azeeznaoom Alquta Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022202 Khaled Alsabbagh Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92103Active
TRKE-021284 Thafir Alsamarrai Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
GEOW-003098 Von V Altizer GE- Owner-PersonVallejo94590Active
GEOW-003099 Brian Isaac Altizer GE- Owner-PersonAmerican Canyon94503Active
TRKE-012374 Christopher Jesse Alvarado Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-023116 Bobby Michael Alvarado Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-016424 Mary Ann Alvarado Tribal Key EmployeeThermal92274Active
TPPL-013224 Guadalupe Maria Alvarado PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TRKE-004620 Rafael Luis Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92115Active
TRKE-023828 Ibeth Araceli Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeCorcoran93212Active
TRKE-013445 Theresa Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-017425 Ricardo Miguel Alvarez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-018216 Elvalina Manangan Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeMecca92254Active
TRKE-019589 Israel Cobian Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-020712 Avigayl Alvarez Villegas Tribal Key EmployeeRedwood Valley95470Active
TRKE-022074 Sally Am Tribal Key EmployeeRialto92376Active
TRKE-014204 Norman Eugene Amador Tribal Key EmployeeSusanville96130Active
TRKE-023721 Matthew Lee Amador-Green Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TPPL-014521 Jordan James Aman PlayerFair Oaks95628Active
TPSU-001797 Steven Robert Amaral SupervisorManteca95336Active
TPPL-026233 Edwin E Amaya PlayerLos Angeles90002Active
TRKE-015180 Wenifredo Dumo Ambrosio Tribal Key EmployeeMission Viejo92691Active
TRKE-019940 Cintya Fabiola Ambrosy Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93292Active
TRKE-022506 Bridget Kathleen Ament Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TPSU-001994 Karina Amezcua-Figueroa SupervisorLong Beach90806Active
TRKE-022467 Tracy Amezquita-Beltran Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
GEKE-001988 Nathan Ammaraphayak GE- Key EmployeeNorth Hollywood91605Active
TPSU-001871 Alex William-Castaneda Amongol SupervisorTurlock95382Active
TRKE-013947 Jimmy Woo An Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-018987 Kari Kaylene Anaya Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-020295 Robert Vincent Anaya Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-023060 Sarah Anaya Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-016655 Dawna Marie Andersen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-001804 Duane K Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022013 Derik Andrew Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95828Active
TRKE-023867 Jennifer Tanya Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TPSU-001464 Danyell Ramacia Anderson SupervisorSalinas93901Active
TRKE-003718 Nathan S Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
GEWP-001265 Kimberly Fairfield Anderson GE- Work Permit-RegularNapa94558Active
TRKE-001048 Francisco Andrade III Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-016047 Denise Lynette Andrade Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-022767 Edgar Andrade Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-002780 George Andrews Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-018918 Chyanne Charlene Androshak Tribal Key EmployeeTwentynine Palms92277Active
TRKE-015949 Yuddy Ang Tribal Key EmployeeShingle Springs95682Active
TRKE-014998 Ruben Angel-Sepulveda Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95404Active
TRKE-021824 Erica June Angle Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-012307 Anel Mariela Angon Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-017280 Richard Angulo Tribal Key EmployeeSan Luis85349Active
TRKE-021900 Robert David Angus Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TPSU-001377 Christopher Alexander Anies SupervisorSacramento95823Active
TRKE-020260 Eugene Dirain Anit Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
GEWP-002840 Ashley Anoulack GE- Work Permit-RegularFresno93722Active
TPOW-000532 Steven Craig Anter Owner-PersonLos Angeles90018Active
GEKE-002566 Olivia Denise Anthony-Wood GE- Key EmployeeHollister95023Active
TRKE-014378 Cora Cezarina Antofie Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
TRKE-022256 Shauna Stalnaker Anton Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TPPL-026443 Gregory Blaise Anuber PlayerLancaster93534Active
TRKE-023670 Bryan Nino Tobias Apacible Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-020672 Jiraporn Aphayavong Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92102Active
TRKE-008126 Joseph John Apparito Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-009527 Enrique Javier Appel Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
GEKE-002678 Sear Appeng GE- Key EmployeeStockton95207Active
TRKE-023936 Michael Howard Aptaker Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TPSU-001483 Pamela Mae Aquin SupervisorWest Covina91791Active
TPPL-025937 Melisa Renee Mendoza Aquino PlayerSan Pablo94806Active
TRKE-020944 Didi Pingol Aquino Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-015956 Sherrylee Ubando Aquino Tribal Key EmployeeVacaville95688Active
TRKE-010975 Tyler Richard Aragon Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-023139 Leoncio Ramon Araiza Miranda Tribal Key Employee  Active
TRKE-014458 Richard Anthony Aramburo Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-023521 Erik Enrique Arana Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-012613 Linda Ann Aranda Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-000532 Ruben Lee Aranda Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
TRKE-015315 Edgar Manuel Arango Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-011438 Jerome Castaneda Arapeles Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017263 Tomonori Grant Arashiro Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-015177 Cesar Augusto Araujo Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
TPSU-001948 Sergio Arauza Jr. SupervisorCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-020482 David Austin Arbetter Tribal Key EmployeeVista92084Active
TPPL-026201 Corey Michael Arbogast PlayerSalida95368Active
TRKE-013131 Raul Edward Arce Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
TRKE-018642 Peter Salvador Arceo Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91739Active
TPPL-017224 Bryan Ovidio Archila PlayerLos Angeles90003Active
TRKE-011410 Exequiel Arellano Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019466 Gabriela Arellano-Barba Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92410Active
TRKE-023470 Christian Guadalupe Arias Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-021404 Annette Arias Tribal Key EmployeeOakdale95361Active
TRKE-015891 Ernesto Armendariz Tribal Key EmployeeHomeland92548Active
TRKE-016048 Cynthia Dyane Armiento Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93637Active
TRKE-023935 Anna Armold Tribal Key EmployeeVallejo94589Active
TRKE-007322 John Elias Armoush Tribal Key EmployeeFontana92335Active
TRKE-022542 Brooklyn Victoria Armstrong Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Mirage92270Active
TRKE-017663 Albert Joseph Arnal Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-014480 Kyle Joseph Arneson Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-018471 James Edward Arnold Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
GEKE-001967 Stephen Terry Arnold GE- Key EmployeeTorrance90503Active
TRKE-007967 Allan Mallari Aromin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-014795 Heriberto Arreguin Perez Tribal Key EmployeeHealdsburg95448Active
TRKE-023221 Jonathan Arreola Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-022631 Saul Arriaga Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019230 Efrain Rodriguez Arrieta Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-024000 Nathan Michael Arsitz Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-023726 Xiomara Beatriz Arteaga-Flores Tribal Key EmployeeMecca92254Active
TRKE-017709 Larry Earl Arterberry Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-009308 Dana Rose Arthur Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022609 Ricky Lynn Arwood III Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-022023 Frank David Asada Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95832Active
TPSU-001889 Pierre Freydoun Asadi SupervisorWestminster92683Active
TRKE-022800 Susanna Lidia Ascanio Tribal Key EmployeeWindsor95492Active
TRKE-013038 Mark Anthony Aschenbrener Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001083 Garry William Ashbrook Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93454Active
TRKE-022984 Roxanna Nichole Ashby Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TRKE-022369 Jason Thomas Asher Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-021057 Jacob Aaron Asher Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-001206 Jason H. Asher Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-004236 Paul H Ashley Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-011868 Amin Ali Ashraf Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021033 Ghous Ajmal Askarzoi Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-008142 Joel Matthew Askvig Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TPPL-014972 Roger Gerard Lagliva Aspiras PlayerElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-013929 Donald Ray Ast Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
TRKE-007178 Marites Tan Asuncion Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-012630 David Atkins Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-023964 Brianna Rachel Atkins Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-001035 Christopher Adam Atkinson Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-022285 Kaitland Elisabeth Atkinson Tribal Key EmployeePollock Pines95726Active
TRKE-020254 Matthew Roman Attebury Tribal Key EmployeeYreka96097Active
TRKE-002122 David Au Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
GEWP-003038 Clarence Jeanman Au GE- Work Permit-RegularOakland94606Active
TRKE-000534 Ivan Au Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
GEKE-002404 Adam Huydat Au GE- Key EmployeeFresno93710Active
TRKE-019370 Christi-Ann Miso Auld Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-012300 Donella Rose Aumondreaux Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TPSU-001928 Arnel Quejada Aurelio SupervisorStockton95210Active
TPPL-015036 Edwin Quejada Aurelio PlayerNorth Highlands95660Active
TPSU-001882 Myles Stephen Austerweil SupervisorFremont94538Active
TPSU-000476 Fred Brown Austin SupervisorClovis93611Active
TRKE-017284 Kevin Scott Austin Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Ysabel92070Active
TRKE-016559 Doyle William Auten Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
GEOW-002633 Susan Avdalian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000431 Susan Avdalian Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TRKE-010677 Michael Gene Punza Avelar Tribal Key EmployeeBurney96013Active
TRKE-012601 Eric Jess Avila Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021188 Joel Fabre Avila Tribal Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
TRKE-018813 Michael Chavez Avila Tribal Key EmployeeLa Quinta92253Active
TPSU-001870 Jose Antonio Avila Moreno SupervisorDenair95316Active
TRKE-020576 Jaqueline Avilez Cruz Tribal Key EmployeePauma Valley92061Active
TRKE-017311 Evelia Ayala Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-018330 Roxanne Alexis Ayala Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93638Active
TRKE-022422 Jasmin Carla Ayala Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-016956 Thanh Huong Thi Ayala Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
GEKE-001685 Jose F Ayala GE- Key EmployeeSan Jose95112Active
TRKE-021859 Lesette Alize Ayala Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
GEKE-002104 Hector A. Ayala GE- Key EmployeeHayward94545Active
TRKE-020530 Philip Robin Aycock Tribal Key EmployeeRio Dell95562Active
TRKE-004582 Monique M Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-023585 Donald Sherwood Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeLitchfield Park85340Active
TRKE-020742 Hector Campos Ayon Tribal Key EmployeeMadison95653Active
TRKE-014948 Marilyn Ann Azbill Tribal Key EmployeeUpper Lake95485Active
TRKE-024022 Samal Azeez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019457 Phillip Michael Azevedo Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-024102 Cody Joseph Azevedo Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95661Active
TRKE-021240 Luay Benyamin Issa Aziz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
GEKE-002370 Marco Azzi GE- Key EmployeeIrvine92618Active
TRKE-009905 Baby Ivy Rosales Babatid Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-020264 Nancy Lorraine Babb Tribal Key EmployeePlacerville95667Active
TRKE-015443 Rachel Leigh Baca Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-008722 Juan Elfego Baca Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023649 Linda Vien Bach Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-017899 Samantha Marie Bachman Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95501Active
TRKE-010912 Tyrone Michael Bachus Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95503Active
TRKE-019337 Anthony Wayne Backus Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-021967 Raymond Edison Bacon Jr Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95503Active
TRKE-014931 Evia Yuriria Badilla Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-022389 Laura Jo Baelz Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-020929 Lesli Baeza Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-013111 Priscilla Grace Perez Bagalay Tribal Key EmployeeFairfield94534Active
TRKE-021445 Kenneth Menor Bagasol Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-021126 Melissa Bagorio Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-012379 Rosti Valcho Simpelo Bagorio Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-015814 Maria Concepcion Bahena Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020946 Sarah Salam Bahro Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TPPL-025269 Richard Bai PlayerYorba Linda92886Active
TPPL-025828 Christopher Michael Bailado PlayerHayward94541Active
TRKE-022990 Stephen Matthew Bailey Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95816Active
TRKE-023216 Todd Kenneth Bailey Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-011224 John Richard Baines Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
GEOW-002336 Gary N. Baird GE- Owner-PersonOakdale95361Active
TRKE-022648 Sangeeta Bajracharya Tribal Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
TRKE-020096 Brandon Michael Baker Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95765Active
TRKE-001882 Clifford Russell Baker Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-007040 Elizabeth Evelyn Baker Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92586Active
TRKE-022302 Adam Lewis Baker Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPSU-001446 Joseph Vernon Baker Jr. SupervisorStockton95206Active
TPPL-026314 Michael Floyd Baker PlayerSan Jose95124Active
TRKE-020643 Lisa Anne Baker Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-005274 Mitra Hashemi Bakhtiari Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-016256 Terence Rey Gajudo Balagot Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-010699 Joydellyne Pascual Balanay Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-022799 Alexandria Alexis Balangue Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TPSU-001807 Zenas Nolan Balbuena SupervisorLong Beach90807Active
TRKE-020737 Shawn David Baldi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019381 Jace Alan Baldosser Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
GEKE-002601 Matthew Scott Baldwin GE- Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-021479 Aileen Marie Bales Tribal Key EmployeeCopperopolis95228Active
TPSU-001906 Dennis Dizon Balingit SupervisorNorth Highlands95660Active
TRKE-018010 Rachel Pacleb Balisi Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92590Active
TRKE-022630 James Harold Balistreri Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-003328 William Harry Ball Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-016245 Manuel Gabriel Balladares Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-019149 Joanna Ballesteros Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95678Active
TRKE-023189 Jacquelyn Anne Balloon Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-011740 Alanzel Manalo Baltazar Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92586Active
TRKE-010700 Geraldine Meneses Baltazar Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-021462 Melissa D'Ann Mink Banaga Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-015000 Mary Ann Navalta Banayat Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TRKE-011440 Tam Bandith Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-018944 Tiffany Vonnie Bandith Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-011849 Brian Banducci Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-020209 Shane Christopher Banegas-Maxwell Tribal Key EmployeeEncinitas92024Active
TPPL-025279 Angelo Villareal Bangalan PlayerChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-014798 Purna Chandra Baniya Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-024202 Bhanu Banjara Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-017594 Nathan D'Walter Banks Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95825Active
TRKE-013284 William Howard Banning III Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
GEKE-002561 Southida Banos GE- Key EmployeeModesto95356Active
TRKE-021943 Pornphet Ricky Banthao Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021058 Somrid Banthao Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95993Active
TRKE-020644 Ednalyn Siapno Banting Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-018407 Steven Clayton Banyai Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95826Active
TRKE-018244 Ameer Baraichi Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017004 Luis Javiar Barajas Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-021779 Sergio Gabriel Salazar Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TPPL-013286 Marco Antonio Barajas PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TRKE-007297 Juana Graciela Ruiz Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-018960 Aaron Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92410Active
TRKE-019681 Sergio Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-023210 Fernando Jesus Barajas III Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95822Active
TRKE-022544 Sanjaya Baral Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-024068 Topaaz Barber Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-021955 Britton Swalberg Barber Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-022335 Michael Don Barber Tribal Key EmployeeOakhurst93644Active
TPSU-000929 Jon-Paul Barbier SupervisorOakland94605Active
TRKE-013283 Lori Ann Barcelos Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-016523 Vanessa Lynn Barcenas Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
GEOW-003835 Richard Kevin Barclay GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GEOW-003892 Richard Kevin Barclay GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
TPOW-000529 Richard Kevin Barclay Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
TPSU-001828 Jesse Alfredo Barcos SupervisorSouth Gate90280Active
TRKE-023077 Jorge Bardales Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-023638 Itzel Bardales Serrano Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92555Active
TRKE-023071 Noli Apostol Bardoles Tribal Key EmployeeMarysville95901Active
TRKE-014875 Paul Leo Bardzik Tribal Key EmployeeDiamond Springs95619Active
TRKE-021204 Adam Elvis Barela Tribal Key EmployeeLake Elsinore92530Active
TRKE-019879 Cherryl Reyes Barlis Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92590Active
TRKE-019109 Dennis Ray Barnes Tribal Key EmployeeWeed96094Active
TRKE-018466 Brian James Barnett Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95661Active
TRKE-006303 Jeremy Brian Barnett Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TPSU-001955 Steven Micheal Barney SupervisorBakersfield93313Active
TRKE-022629 Christian Otto Barnickel Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
GEKE-001702 Jonathan Matthew Baron GE- Key EmployeeManteca95336Active
TRKE-015176 Daniel Lawrence Barra Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92590Active
TRKE-023820 Luis Hector Barragan Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-016957 Jose Guadalupe Barragan Tribal Key EmployeeMountain Center92561Active
TRKE-017963 Mayra Alejandra Barragan Avalos Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92405Active
GEKE-001200 Tracy Joleen Barranco GE- Key EmployeeNovato94949Active
TRKE-019959 Elizabeth Barrantes Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-023792 Orlando Barrera Tribal Key EmployeeBermuda Dunes92203Active
TRKE-002145 Miguel L Barreto-Franco Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
GVPO-000930 Jill Marie Barrett Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017275 Jill Marie Barrett Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TPSU-001619 Gerardo Alexis Barrientos SupervisorLos Angeles90011Active
TPSU-001769 Gerardo Alexis Barrientos SupervisorLos Angeles90011Active
TRKE-006935 Willie Anthony Barrios Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-002146 Gloria Barrios-Quinones Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-018108 Jesus Alonso Barron Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-006515 Glenn Edward Barry Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-014062 Timothy Burton Barry Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-017299 Lisa Ann Bartlett Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
GEWP-002602 Noelle Jan Barton GE- Work Permit-RegularSebastopol95472Active
TRKE-019266 David Craig Barton Tribal Key EmployeeMontague96064Active
TRKE-016049 Patricia Bartsch Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93637Active
TRKE-006110 Christopher Charles Baruth Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-022076 Mauricio Fortunato Bas III Tribal Key EmployeeFullerton92833Active
TRKE-015773 Maher Fahmy Bashary Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021025 Bernard Allan Baskin Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-019123 Subash Basnet Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TPPL-026468 Damber Singh Basnet PlayerPinole94564Active
TRKE-021186 Daniel David Bass Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-016465 Zachary Paul Bassham Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-017675 Sachin Batajoo Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-020579 Rolly Biescas Bataller Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-018283 Robin Renee Bateman Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95501Active
TRKE-021288 Jacob William Bateson Tribal Key EmployeeJoshua Tree92252Active
GEKE-002384 Paul-Josef Pascua Batoon GE- Key EmployeeGilroy95020Active
TRKE-012303 Aaron Wayne Batt Tribal Key EmployeeTuolumne95379Active
TRKE-023148 Michael Anthony Battaglia II Tribal Key EmployeeManteca95336Active
GEKE-001048 Ralph David Baude GE- Key EmployeeSan Bruno94066Active
TRKE-014457 Jeffrey Allen Bauer Tribal Key EmployeeIndian Wells92210Active
TRKE-016504 Jessica Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-009682 Josefina Alzona Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92586Active
TRKE-021858 Mark Anthony Bautista Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92260Active
TRKE-009538 Vicente Lazo Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-010818 Zenaida Gatinga Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-021017 Eduardo Jesus Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020343 Jose David Bautista Tzintzun Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
GVPO-002236 Jan-Hinrik Bauwe Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonSpring City19475Active
TRKE-015195 Carmelita Angela Bazan Tribal Key EmployeeTwentynine Palms92277Active
TRKE-022303 Abdul Waheed Bazemjow Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-019775 Brandon Richard Bazemore Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-019584 Ruzanna Bazinyan Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-003066 Thomas Wayne Beach Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-020328 Colton Douglas Beagle Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-021799 Cody Lee Bearce Tribal Key EmployeeTwain Harte95383Active
GVPO-000575 Randy Ray Beard Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGrand Junction81506Active
TRKE-021069 Brad V Beard Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-021748 David Wayne Beaton Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-020508 Cherie Lianne Beatty Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
TRKE-001991 Joseph Allen Beauchamp Tribal Key EmployeeEsparto95627Active
GEOW-002289 Edward C Beaudin GE- Owner-PersonAntioch94509Active
TRKE-021519 Alonzo Gonzalez Becerra Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95993Active
TRKE-023248 Alexis Heriberto Becerra Jurado Tribal Key EmployeeHidden Valley Lake95467Active
TRKE-010623 Steven Sung Beck Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021888 Amanda Jean Beck Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
GEWP-002380 Lyn Paneda Beck GE- Work Permit-RegularSacramento95828Active
TRKE-017607 Peter Randall Beckett Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-022503 Kevin Adam Behe Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93291Active
TRKE-020162 Fady Putrus Behnam Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
GEKE-002311 Kenneth Wayne Behney Jr. GE- Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-012741 Derek Lee Belchamber Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019380 Bruce Joseph Belden Tribal Key EmployeeTollhouse93667Active
TRKE-022527 Raffi Beliossian Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
GEKE-002468 Anthony John Bell GE- Key EmployeeSan Jose95127Active
TRKE-016587 Melissa Nicole Bell Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-021340 Adrian Anthony Bella Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TPSU-001023 Anthony Joseph Bellinghiere SupervisorLong Beach90808Active
TRKE-016905 Vladimir Belokrylov Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-018557 Michael Steven Belton Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-020958 Jose Beltran Tribal Key EmployeeWindsor95492Active
TRKE-014375 Rosario Elena Beltran Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009168 Ryan Eric Bemiller Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-000382 Irene Vasquez Bemis Tribal Key EmployeeMentone92359Active
TPPL-026155 Kyle Matthew Bengzon PlayerFoster City94404Active
TRKE-023400 Sabrina Benitez Tribal Key EmployeeCabazon92230Active
TRKE-002807 Todd Peter Benjamin Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92128Active
TRKE-016105 Troy Alan Benne Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
TRKE-011926 Angela Corral Bennett Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-019323 Jimmy Bennett Tribal Key EmployeeStockton95210Active
TRKE-022749 Scott Lee Benning Jr Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-020186 Naoras Benny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-007615 Shawn Kenneth Benson Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-016917 Jeffrey Bruce Benson Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-021677 David Christopher Bentley Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TPSU-001919 Michael Fernando Bento TP Registrant - SupervisorHanford93230Active
TPSU-001979 Ginger Noel Bentz SupervisorLancaster93534Active
GEOW-003904 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
GEOW-003905 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
GEOW-003906 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
GEOW-003907 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
GEOW-004040 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
GEOW-004041 Brandon P. Bergener GE- Owner-PersonSan Diego92103Active
TPOW-000688 Kevin Richard Berger TP Registrant - Owner-PersonTurlock95380Active
GEWP-003004 Joshua Allen Bergquist GE- Work Permit-RegularFairfield94533Active
TRKE-022841 Jose Ricardo Bermudes Apolinar Tribal Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
TRKE-020270 Maria Del Pilar Bernabe Cardenas Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRKE-003565 Vivian Ernestine Bernal Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-022870 Raul Bernal Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92113Active
TRKE-010111 Matthew Charles Bernarde Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-020920 Teresa Ann Berry Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-022198 Marissa Hope Berry Tribal Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
GEKE-001963 Robley Warren Berry GE- Key EmployeeSanta Clara95050Active
TPPL-012992 Curtis Rey Berry PlayerElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-014562 Joe Henry Berry III Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-010164 James Orville Berry Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
GEOW-004034 Patrick Berry GE- Owner-PersonLancaster93536Active
GEOW-003271 Lori Bertges GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89131Active
GEKE-002439 James Arthur Bertrand GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90805Active
TRKE-021827 Joey Lee Bertzyk Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-016145 Mai Chang Berumen Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-012800 Connie Dee Bessinger Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-009511 Kelly Marie Bester Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-021974 Victor Lee Betancourt Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92128Active
TRKE-019199 Brandon Scott Bethea Tribal Key EmployeeYreka96097Active
TRKE-020163 Amit Bhalla Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPPL-026223 Deepak Bhatta PlayerEl Cerrito94530Active
TRKE-021192 Teknath Bhattarai Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRKE-021928 Sanjeeb Bhattarai Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-018623 Nutan Bhattarai Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-021929 Sonika Bhattarai Khanal Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-015482 Maryjane Gallardo Bickman Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-022376 Niranjan Bidari Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-007751 Michael Scott Bigham Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-019511 Tyler Louis Bila Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado95623Active
TRKE-020030 Robert Joseph Billet Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
TRKE-019208 Brittney Alexandra Billings Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95678Active
TRKE-016247 Joshua Joseph Billins Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-022066 Hargis Billyos Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-018082 Tara Dawn Binder Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022729 Jessica Ashley Bingabing Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-013155 Matthew Steven Bingham Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-016112 Daniel Vincent Biondi Tribal Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
TRKE-011669 Deanna Lynn Birch Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-021921 Lisa Ann Bird-Soria Tribal Key EmployeeJamestown95327Active
TRKE-016557 Jennifer Chavez Birmingham Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-021635 Mark Alexander Birtha Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95765Active
TRKE-023359 Thomas William Bischel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GEKE-002184 Darrin Lyle Bishop GE- Key EmployeeSan Diego92116Active
GEKE-002221 Michael Chucre Biskintawi GE- Key EmployeeHercules94547Active
TRKE-022025 Dinesh Bista Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-021357 Suresh Bista Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-011223 Matthew Stephen Bistodeau Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
GEKE-002656 Alan Frederick Bittikofer GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
TRKE-022871 Abel Enrique Bituin Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-010425 Enjoli Victoria Bjork Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
TRKE-012806 Robert Harry Black Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93638Active
TRKE-023114 David Wayne Black Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013108 Ebony Janine Black Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
GEKE-002530 Mary Anne Blackburn GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90814Active
GEKE-002625 Arthur Kirk Blackinton GE- Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95742Active
GEWP-002827 Billy Dean Blackmon GE- Work Permit-RegularVisalia93291Active
TRKE-016431 Joanna Blackstone Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-015932 Jasmine Rai-Anne Blades Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-009936 Kevin Lee Blades Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-009447 Edward Joseph Blair Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020495 Michael Lamar Blalock Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-019985 David Steve Blanco Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
TRKE-017745 Jesse Lloyd Blank Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-021691 Liliana Blas Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-014277 Scott Bloom Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-014035 Cynthia Jean Bloxham Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
GEWP-003039 Kurtis Michael Blueford GE- Work Permit-RegularFairfield94534Active
TRKE-010224 Gerald Ronald Bly Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-015786 Lux Bo Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TPPL-025293 Roger Bo PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TRKE-020414 Anna Len Boatsman Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-007716 Bruce Adell Bobal Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-022847 Isobel Maria Boccone Tribal Key EmployeeSalton City92275Active
GEWP-002230 Renee Rose Boches GE- Work Permit-RegularVisalia93277Active
GEKE-002046 Renee Rose Boches GE- Key EmployeeVisalia93277Active
TRKE-011500 Eleida Bolanos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-017921 Candy Michelle Bolin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-017923 Terry Gene Bolin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-020206 Marvin Bolivar Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019514 Westley Gerard Bollinger Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
GEKE-001841 Alexander Stewart Bond Jr. GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90807Active
TRKE-007959 Samuel J Bonner Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TPSU-001949 Ashlee Bonsynat SupervisorLong Beach90804Active
GEWP-001665 Davy Boon GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95207Active
TRKE-012000 Ricky Gene Boothby Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93710Active
TRKE-018661 Brian Michael Booze Tribal Key EmployeeLa Verne91750Active
TRKE-021784 Carrie Lee Bordios Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
GEKE-001593 Patrick James Boring GE- Key EmployeeSanta Clara95050Active
TRKE-023946 Ricky Rapolla Borja Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TPSU-001287 Samantha Skylar-Lache Borjon SupervisorLake Elsinore92532Active
TPPL-026239 Mirasol Cortez Botacion PlayerStockton95206Active
TRKE-014831 James Michael Bott Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-019821 Eric Jon Bouda Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92532Active
TRKE-021987 Holly Rene Boulch Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95678Active
TRKE-016050 Michael Bounleuang Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-014382 Ae Bounmy Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93291Active
TRKE-018295 Sonya Bounphamaly Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TPPL-020348 Letricia Chairez Bourdon PlayerManteca95337Active
TRKE-017002 Somphith Boutarath Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-007103 Randy Maurice Boutell Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-014767 Justina Blu Bouts Tribal Key EmployeeWinterhaven92283Active
TRKE-017335 Jeffrey Paul Bowers Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-021044 Joseph Franklin Bowie Jr. Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-017003 Jewelan Sue Bowlan Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
GEKE-001699 Brian David Bowling GE- Key EmployeeAcampo95220Active
TRKE-017005 Glenn Edward Bowman Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
GEKE-001915 Richard Wilson Box GE- Key EmployeeLivermore94550Active
GEKE-002667 Tami Michelle Box GE- Key EmployeeLivermore94550Active
TPPL-025743 Thay Boy PlayerSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-015953 Daniel Charles Boyd Tribal Key EmployeeJoshua Tree92252Active
TRKE-023873 Steven Daniel Bozeman Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-011551 Julie Christine Bradbury Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-010014 Rochelle Menjon Bradley Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-021457 Amber Lynn Brady Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-023117 Halie Elizabeth Lee Bran Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-018429 Ryan Joseph Brandon Tribal Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
TRKE-021178 Pat Morris Brandon III Tribal Key EmployeeUpper Lake95485Active
TPPL-023598 Rene Bravo Jr. PlayerCommerce90040Active
TPSU-001626 Christian Bravo SupervisorHollister95023Active
TRKE-011629 Terry Harold Bray Tribal Key EmployeeBrookings97415Active
TRKE-021318 Krystal Janell Bray Tribal Key EmployeeJamestown95327Active
TRKE-002207 David James Brearley Tribal Key EmployeeVacaville95687Active
TPSU-001790 Michael Bruce Breithaupt SupervisorAnaheim92804Active
TPPL-026237 Shingo Jon Brennan PlayerSan Francisco94121Active
TRKE-016284 Kristofer James Brennan Tribal Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
TRKE-019530 Daniel D Mark Bressler Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92882Active
TRKE-012203 Michael Benjamin Breuer Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-015026 Glenn Anthony Brewer Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TRKE-020524 Joel Lemoin Brewer Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95841Active
TRKE-017756 Rosemary Garcia Brewer Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021680 Argelia Jesabel Brewster Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92557Active
TRKE-016535 Michael Charles Brickwood Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-020982 William Maynard Briel Tribal Key EmployeeJacumba91934Active
TRKE-017115 Timothy Scott Briggs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017847 Chelsea Juan Bright Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-007104 Tjeerd Rudolf Brink Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92107Active
TRKE-009910 Susana Tengonciang Briones Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GEKE-000248 Jason Alex Brisby GE- Key EmployeeStockton95207Active
TRKE-022934 Amber Lynn Bristow Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-021765 Terry Alvin Brock Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95841Active
TRKE-017723 Herbert Malcolm Brodmyer Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95678Active
TRKE-016017 Michael Todd Bromley Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
GEKE-000964 Peleg Broner GE- Key EmployeeNovato94947Active
TRKE-016646 Jamie Douglas Brooks Tribal Key EmployeePhoenix85048Active
GEKE-002273 Stephen Gerard Brooks Jr. GE- Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-023741 Christopher Morgan Brophy Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95404Active
TRKE-019124 Ryan Patrick Brothers Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-013181 ReNae Beth Brouillette Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-022560 Allen Broussard Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TPPL-026278 Blake Austin Brown PlayerFremont94536Active
TRKE-018868 Bryan Anthony Brown Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
GEKE-002544 Shawn Kyle Brown GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-018731 Charles Cleveland Brown Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-020711 Leslye Ann Brown Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-019505 Kimberly Kaye Brown Tribal Key EmployeeYreka96097Active
TRKE-000422 Christopher Michael Brown Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-014920 Desmond Antell Brown Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-011489 Brandon Dale Brown Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
GEKE-002464 D'Shawn D'Angelo Brown GE- Key EmployeeStockton95206Active
GEKE-002167 Michael Craig Brown GE- Key EmployeeSunset Beach90742Active
TRKE-014861 Jerad Grant Brown Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-014185 Lance Marcagus Brown Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
GEKE-001875 Chad Paul Brown GE- Key EmployeeCanyon Lake92587Active
TPSU-000701 Sean Patrick-Jean Brown-D'Elia SupervisorHayward94545Active
TRKE-016233 Patrick Kenneth Brownlow Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
GEWP-002892 Sheena Brown-Thompson GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEOW-003169 Estate of Thomas Bruner GE- Owner-PersonOrinda94563Active
TRKE-022397 Thomas Benjamin Bruno Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-015434 Gerald Domingo Bruno Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-013402 Carmen Teresa Bruno De La Rosa Tribal Key EmployeeRio Linda95673Active
TRKE-021740 David Richard Bryan Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95765Active
TRKE-019424 Andrew Jesston Bryce Tribal Key EmployeeValley Springs95252Active
TRKE-002813 Donald Michael Buchholz Tribal Key EmployeePerris92571Active
TPSU-001958 Jenny Beth Buckeridge SupervisorLake Elsinore92530Active
GEKE-001810 Ronald Allen Buckley GE- Key EmployeeTurlock95382Active
TRKE-019355 Jeffrey Lynn Buckner Tribal Key EmployeeMarysville95901Active
TRKE-009635 Romeo Reyes Buensuceso Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
GEKE-002122 Markus Buettner GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90713Active
TRKE-017746 Cameron Heath Buffington Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92117Active
TRKE-018137 Tatsanaporn Bufford Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
TRKE-013073 Matthew Todd Buggert Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TPPL-026530 Angelia Renee Buhlman TP Registrant - PlayerCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-018881 Truong Xuan Bui Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-021793 Thientu Van Bui Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-008808 Hoa Xuan Bui Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TPSU-000931 Trung Quoc Bui SupervisorDaly City94015Active
TRKE-021665 Bach Thi Bui Tribal Key EmployeeOrangevale95662Active
TRKE-014481 Tuan Minh Bui Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
GEKE-001308 Ted Dung Bui GE- Key EmployeeStockton95212Active
TRKE-012614 Don Van Bui Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-000276 Robert Otto Bulster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
GEOW-002331 Brian F. Bumb GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95126Active
GEOW-002330 Timothy Bumb GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95127Active
GEOW-004045 Gregory Francis Bumb GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95127Active
TRKE-009429 Alan Bernardino Buna Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TPPL-013226 Kevin Bune PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TPPL-020774 Kevin Bune PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
GEKE-001515 Peter Anton Buqeileh GE- Key EmployeeDublin94568Active
TRKE-007524 Setthaporn Buranahiran Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-009949 Jesse Burciaga Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-016674 Sandra Dee Burdette Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-013573 Guillermo Enrique Burgess Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TPSU-001535 Sterling Matthew Burgess SupervisorSanta Cruz95060Active
TRKE-020205 Mylinne Burgos-Hensley Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92154Active
GEWP-002398 Anthony James Burk GE- Work Permit-RegularPaso Robles93446Active
GEKE-002653 Anthony James Burk GE- Key EmployeePaso Robles93446Active
TRKE-019174 David Michael Burke Tribal Key EmployeeAngelus Oaks92305Active
TRKE-013549 Carolyn Marie Burke Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-015660 Michael James Burke Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TPSU-001473 Christopher Michael Burkey SupervisorSoledad93960Active
TRKE-021815 Scott Andrew Burnell Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92405Active
TRKE-023662 Joseph Lance Burnim Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TPSU-002063 David Allen Burns SupervisorManteca95337Active
TRKE-021113 Jasmine Nina Burns Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-013832 Michael Patrick Burns Tribal Key EmployeeMokelumne Hill95245Active
TRKE-020469 Fred Anthony Buro Tribal Key EmployeeVista92084Active
TRKE-022999 Devin Michael Burrell Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TPOW-000639 Kerry Mae Burrough Owner-PersonClovis93619Active
TRKE-024143 Joshua Caleb Burroughs Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
GVPO-001710 James Lanier Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
GVPO-001711 Mary V. Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-003487 Sandra Lee Bush Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-011767 Wesley David Busler Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
GEKE-002646 David Martin Bustamante GE- Key EmployeeModesto95351Active
TPPL-026436 David Martin Bustamante PlayerModesto95351Active
TRKE-012516 Guadalupe Lori Bustamante Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-010877 Lee Thi Bustamante Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-023952 Marnelle Heniel Bustillo Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-017296 Edward Bustillo Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-020625 Adrian Javier Bustillos Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-019362 Brian Howard Butler Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-020093 Alexander Charles Butler Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-021183 Kim Marie Butler Tribal Key EmployeeLake Havasu City86404Active
TRKE-011455 Paul Butrakunha Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022130 Frank Fahmi Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023859 Mark Manuel Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012889 Normalinda Buttle Tribal Key EmployeeLaton93242Active
TRKE-022073 Bryan Patrick Buttles Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
GEKE-001708 John Patrick Buys GE- Key EmployeeStockton95212Active Decision
TRKE-012306 Brianna Renee Bybee Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95993Active
TRKE-013800 Christopher Allen Johnson Byers Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-022096 Nathanael James Scott Byers Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-018638 Lisa Dawn Byers Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-023533 Maria De Los Angeles Byrns Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-005917 Jackelyn Reyes Cabacungan Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TPPL-016658 Michael Patrick Degracia Cabalbag PlayerCerritos90703Active
TRKE-020339 Diana Ramona Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-014707 David Alejandro Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-019387 Maria Mercedes Albina Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TRKE-017765 Elizabeth Elloso Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeStockton95209Active
TRKE-021231 Benigno Ruven Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-022304 Cynthia Bernabe Cabrera Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GEKE-002125 Rothea Julau Cabunoc GE- Key EmployeeDelano93215Active
TRKE-012422 Edgardo Mose Cabural Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-014718 Jossa Mae Perfecto Cabutotan Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
TRKE-000853 Rodel Ollero Cabutotan Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
TRKE-018666 Raymond James Arce Cacho Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TPSU-000755 Ronald Bernabe Cacho SupervisorSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-022761 Jeslee Flores Cachola Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-012116 Debora Cadena Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017369 Emily Suzanne Cady Tribal Key EmployeeShingle Springs95682Active
TRKE-010776 Justin Levi Cady Tribal Key EmployeeShingle Springs95682Active
TRKE-007260 Georgia Parsons Cagle Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-011966 Geoffery Bryan Cahill Tribal Key EmployeeMcKinleyville95519Active
TRKE-014791 Dana James Cahill Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-021726 Johnny Cai Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95828Active
TRKE-008736 David Parris Cain Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-009126 Elmer Rayos Caintic Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-021896 Kyle Kawailani Caitano Tribal Key EmployeeNorth Highlands95660Active
TPSU-001804 Winchris Feria Cajayon SupervisorAnaheim92804Active
TPSU-001951 Creasetian Lauren Ilo Cajayon SupervisorBuena Park90621Active
TPPL-026095 Alejandro Tiong Cajiles PlayerDaly City94014Active
TRKE-019735 April Gae Calabro Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-012528 Arnel Maluyo Calagui Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
GEOW-003609 Deon Marlen Calamia GE- Owner-PersonMarina93933Active
GEOW-003607 Guy Allen Calamia GE- Owner-PersonMorgan Hill95037Active
GEOW-003608 Frank Wayne Calamia GE- Owner-PersonSalinas93905Active
GEKE-002338 Marilyn Masalinto Calceta GE- Key EmployeePittsburg94565Active
TRKE-018191 Mario Aaron Calderon Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-004343 Deon Miranda Calderon Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-013553 Sofia Elena Calderon Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-024616 Jose Angel Calderon Gutierrez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
GEWP-002920 Joy Amar Caldo GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95202Active
TRKE-020014 Forrest Jacob Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91737Active
GEKE-001610 Michael Shane Caldwell GE- Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-012127 Shari Desiree Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
GVPO-001363 Donald Richard Caldwell Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHaverford19041Active
TRKE-006287 Thomas Jefferson Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRKE-019125 Ann Toldhwoss Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TPPL-025299 Lou Clemente Calleja PlayerLong Beach90802Active
TRKE-018678 Dylan Martin Callison Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TPSU-001057 Ricardo Bautista Calma Jr. SupervisorCarmichael95608Active
GEWP-002990 Danilo Toribio Calpito Jr. GE- Work Permit-RegularManteca95337Active
TRKE-022950 Chase Calver Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-004616 Delia Maria Camarero Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-007366 Artiana Aileen Camargo Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-016862 Mary Ann Turalba Camat Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011126 Ryan Christopher Cameron Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92115Active
TRKE-023536 Bryan Joseph Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
GVPO-000830 Graeme John Campbell Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-018498 Donald Eugene Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92585Active
TRKE-021867 Angelina Marie Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
TRKE-020541 Tyler David Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95501Active
TRKE-011633 Jeffrey Edward Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
TRKE-024097 Christopher Campos Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
GEOW-003201 Hector Campos GE- Owner-PersonSalinas93908Active
TRKE-024154 Evangelestine Canada Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-018465 Michael Emil Canas Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95677Active
TRKE-020575 Javier Eduardo Canchola Rizo Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-024034 Paulito Aldaya Candela Tribal Key EmployeeSonoma95476Active
TPPL-015385 Christopher Constantino Candelario PlayerPacoima91331Active
GEKE-001591 Anthony Candell GE- Key EmployeeWestminster92683Active
TRKE-011973 Jennifer Pilar Candia Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-016257 Jesus Candido Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-006983 Donald Glenn Candy Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
GEOW-004086 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004211 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004171 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEWP-003080 Joseph Lance Cannon III GE- Work Permit-RegularFairfield94533Active
TRKE-012353 Tuyet Mai Pham Thi Cao Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-013058 Tuyet Thi Cao Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-018494 Jeromi Lee Cape Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-015593 Wilson Maglian Capili Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-022543 Jophinemae Ladringan Capistrano Tribal Key EmployeeVallejo94589Active
TRKE-006040 Ruby Rebecca Capobianco Tribal Key EmployeeCabazon92230Active
TRKE-014848 Mark Anthony Caputto Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TPPL-025665 Andrew Caracoza Gregory Caracoza PlayerSan Pedro90732Active
TRKE-001802 Luis Alberto Carbajal Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-009742 Summer Marie Carbaugh Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-024208 Tanner Blake Carberry Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009495 Jeffrey Lee Carbonell Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-012913 Miguel Barajas Cardenas Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
GVPO-001681 Andrew J. Cardno Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonSan Diego92127Active
TRKE-010689 Ricardo Cardona Tribal Key EmployeeWilliams95987Active
TRKE-010050 Rolando Lee Cardona Tribal Key EmployeeHealdsburg95448Active
TRKE-020337 Juan Antonio Cardona Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93454Active
TRKE-019820 Caroline LaVon Cardoza Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92586Active
GVPO-000879 Brody J. Carlson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCotati94931Active
TRKE-009529 Jeremy Francis Carlson Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-022904 Erik Steven Carlson Tribal Key EmployeeGeorgetown95634Active
GVPO-001653 Victoria Carlson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCotati94931Active
TRKE-022131 Kiley James Carlson Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TPSU-001875 Jerry Wayne Carlton III SupervisorModesto95350Active