List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities by Status

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License NumberNameLicense TypeCityZip CodeLicense StatusAdmin ActionCondition
GEOW-002590 Rogelio's Inc. GE- Owner-EntityIsleton95641Active
GEOW-002697 Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000429 Commerce Club Trust Owner-EntityCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000392 Franklin and Francine Handler 1975 Trust Owner-EntityLa Quinta92253Active
GEOW-002698 Franklin and Francine Handler 1975 Trust GE- Owner-EntityLa Quinta92253Active
TPOW-000413 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002705 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
TRKE-000086 Sandra E Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-009346 Alfred Ruiz Romero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009800 Lela Aniece Sandoval Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-010014 Rochelle Menjon Bradley Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-010017 Jian Ying Gu Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-010072 Florence David Jardiniano Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-010015 Enrique Conchas Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-022223 John Thomas Dinius Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010201 Travis Vinh Ly Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
TRKE-010519 Feu Faatasi Lutau Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-014854 Christian Noeh Cerrudo Agapay Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92111Active
TRKE-000269 Mary Noel Meier Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000276 Robert Otto Bulster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020977 Amie Di Ann Hoffman Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-000304 Aarie Christopher Ostern Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-000309 Annette Adell Fermil Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000312 Trung Thanh Phan Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-018382 Christopher Joseph Niss Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92108Active
TRKE-021114 Reggie Kenneth Reid Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-000344 Jeffrey Alan Durling Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-000345 Steve Lai Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91737Active
TRKE-000362 Todd Michael Dimillo Tribal Key EmployeeMentone92359Active
TRKE-000364 Ryan Dale Shearer Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-000379 Antonio Alvarez Perales Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-000382 Irene Vasquez Bemis Tribal Key EmployeeMentone92359Active
TRKE-000388 Louis John Lugo III Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-019953 Luke Gerald Connolly Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-000406 Arnel Cortez Pecson Tribal Key EmployeeGrand Terrace92313Active
TRKE-000422 Christopher Michael Brown Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-000429 Gregory Dale Williams Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92373Active
TRKE-000430 Demitrius Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-022755 James Freeman Willingham Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92373Active
TRKE-000456 Mandi Chermaine Kindred Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-020828 Jack Norton III Tribal Key EmployeeMcKinleyville95519Active
TRKE-022854 Matthew Cutting Spurr Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92127Active
TRKE-019797 Matthew Cutting Spurr Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92127Active
TRKE-021748 David Wayne Beaton Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-011541 Bryan Andre Delugo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Dorado Hills95762Active
TRKE-000574 Cindy Lynn Cisneros Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000595 Amy Anna Kieng Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-000607 Daniel Percy Martz Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-012951 Michelle Lynn Roeber Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95610Active
TRKE-000659 Arthur Munoz Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95677Active
TRKE-000676 Donald David Davis Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-016175 Donald Louis Jennings Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-000704 Laura Lea Miller Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
TRKE-013985 Abel Oswaldo Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-021900 Robert David Angus Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-000839 Chamroeun Chheang Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95678Active
TRKE-000841 Brian Charles Hughes Tribal Key EmployeeFair Oaks95628Active
TRKE-000843 Julio Mayhew Tribal Key EmployeeGranite Bay95746Active
TRKE-000850 Felipe Zorolla Masangya Tribal Key EmployeeCitrus Heights95621Active
TRKE-021901 Duc Van Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeNorth Highlands95660Active
TRKE-021665 Bach Thi Bui Tribal Key EmployeeOrangevale95662Active
TRKE-000923 Wayne Harold Woods Jr Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-000924 Todd William Hart Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000932 Cheo Ching Saeteun Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
TRKE-000951 Tiffany Lea Muldrow Tribal Key EmployeeNorth Highlands95660Active
TRKE-000974 Eunice Fay James Tribal Key EmployeeOrcutt93455Active
TRKE-000976 Milton Lee Royster Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-000983 Kristina Margret Lajda Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-000985 Kathleen Marie Jackson Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Ynez93460Active
TRKE-000992 Kerry-Anne Lombrana Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-000993 Desiree Selena Hooper Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-001008 Wayne Richard Hurte Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-012515 Constance Marie Salutan Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-001017 Christopher Dechosa Jose Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-001035 Christopher Adam Atkinson Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-009354 Brandy Sky Franco Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-010524 Brian Zachary Jacobs Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
TRKE-001048 Francisco Andrade III Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-001051 Gail Marie Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-001065 Brittany Kylan Rehr Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-001077 Sergio Castillo Tribal Key EmployeeGuadalupe93434Active
TRKE-001083 Garry William Ashbrook Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93454Active
TRKE-001110 Rodney Lee Weller Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-001118 Andrew David Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeOrcutt93455Active
TRKE-001119 John A Dunn Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-009160 Joseph Anthony Segovia Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-001133 Ian Adams Tribal Key EmployeeBuellton93427Active
TRKE-001143 Rodolfo Joaquin Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-009161 Serhiy Igorovych Petryshak Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Ynez93460Active
TRKE-001169 Phillip Mendoza JR Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-001176 Roger Ramiro Dacuycuy Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-019458 Tiana Angelina Gaitan Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-001193 Stephen E Wyman Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-001201 Robert A Honroth Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-019726 Mary Leigh Fox Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-009090 Kurt Justin Foster Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-008688 Aaron Alan Christian Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
TRKE-001250 Toni Lynn Sundling Tribal Key EmployeeTuolumne95379Active
TRKE-016460 Tammy Ann Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-001261 Ruth Janeane Main Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-001277 Robert Leon McQueary Tribal Key EmployeeColumbia95310Active
TRKE-020689 Michael Craig Massa Tribal Key EmployeeLos Molinos96055Active
TRKE-014309 Ryan Christopher Miller Tribal Key EmployeeOlivehurst95961Active
GEKE-002068 Joseph James Olivieri Jr. GE- Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-001636 Nelson Truong Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92119Active
TRKE-023669 Maryann Gelvezon Matsueda Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92127Active
TRKE-015565 Rosanna Cham Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-001728 Donna June Hitzeman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023728 Joselito Solayao Gelvezon Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-001739 Lori Ann Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001773 Habib Mosa George Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001792 Leslie Anne Turbin Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-017264 German Castillo Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-001802 Luis Alberto Carbajal Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GEKE-002607 Callaye Jo Strauss GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018083 Alexander George Montanarella Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-012248 Garry Raymond Carreau Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001861 Robert Wayne McCowin Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-001879 Nick Vannak Thieng Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92115Active
TRKE-001880 John Ngo Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-001906 Chris Khac Le Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-015557 Vickie Shawn Yount Tribal Key EmployeeTopock86436Active
TRKE-001977 Sonyee Sith Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-001985 Wern Loqc Lalaw Tribal Key EmployeeNorth Highlands95660Active
TRKE-001991 Joseph Allen Beauchamp Tribal Key EmployeeEsparto95627Active
TRKE-021569 Elizabeth Lorine Tousignant Tribal Key EmployeeDixon95620Active
TRKE-001999 Robert Buck Codarre Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-002001 Ronel Balajadia Dizon Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-021750 Pablo Manliclic Ocampo JR. Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95823Active
TRKE-002021 Ay Mahaphengxay Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-002030 Pha Saiha Reach Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-002031 Robert Gerald Scrivener Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-002032 Sayan Thomas Smith Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-002039 Gursarawjit Kaur Gosal Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-002040 Walter Gimeno Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-002047 Hungze Dong Ton Pham Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-024001 Guy Michael Wolcott Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-002065 Tone Mayoral Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-002071 Vanthan Khiev Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-002101 Evelyn Batuto Smith Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-002111 Dustin Kwan Day Tribal Key EmployeeFairfield94533Active
TRKE-002120 Yen V Thich Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95823Active
TRKE-002122 David Au Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-015239 Charles Scott Torman Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-002138 Jeffery W Little Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-002146 Gloria Barrios-Quinones Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-002159 Shawn Michael Costello Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-002182 Sam Wong Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95822Active
TRKE-002190 Youqun Xiang Tence Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-002201 Sengmany Christina Luangrath Tribal Key EmployeeN Highlands95660Active
TRKE-020854 Elizabeth Deena Horstman Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95404Active
TRKE-012128 Sabrina Jones Tribal Key EmployeeEsparto95627Active
TRKE-002227 Irene Mai Yu Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-002228 May Dizon Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-002249 Mian Basharet Eziz Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-014892 Fernando Rimando Mariano Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-020401 Oliver James Day Shoemaker Tribal Key EmployeeDavis95616Active
TRKE-002261 Raymond Malixi DeLosAngeles Tribal Key EmployeeFairfield94533Active
TRKE-002267 John Edgar McMinn Tribal Key EmployeeVacaville95687Active
TRKE-002268 Simorn Ouk Chao Tribal Key EmployeeWest Sacramento95691Active
TRKE-013747 Dean Allan Comoletti Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-002277 Donald Ray Nolen Tribal Key EmployeeArbuckle95912Active
TRKE-022691 John Andrew Pulaski Tribal Key EmployeeLa Quinta92253Active
TRKE-002285 James Martin Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-022024 Phengta Inthongpradith Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95838Active
TRKE-002294 Francine Jennifer Marsh Tribal Key EmployeeFairfield94533Active
TRKE-002302 Derick Hideki Nakayama Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-002303 Mark Sumio Tateyama Tribal Key EmployeeWest Sacramento95605Active
TRKE-020700 Richard Scott Wilson Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-022082 Kao Ching Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-002375 Jesse M Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-002380 Axel Van Der Velden Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-012682 Linda Sue Moody Clark Tribal Key EmployeeSalton City92275Active
TRKE-002471 Angelica Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-002486 Kathleen Nunez Tribal Key EmployeeShasta Lake96019Active
TRKE-002503 Nathan Jewel McNeal Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96002Active
TRKE-021637 Spencer Leaumphothong Keomorakoth Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95757Active
TRKE-002520 Kevin Wendell Cawker Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
TRKE-017207 Cuong Chi Mach Tribal Key EmployeeGarden Grove92843Active
TRKE-002546 Roy Jessie Alcala III Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
TRKE-009844 Rebecca Suzanne Savard Tribal Key EmployeeShasta Lake96019Active
TRKE-012691 Theresa Ann Winters Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012522 Michael Joseph Hennig Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-016443 Mark Anthony Escalanti Tribal Key EmployeeWinterhaven92283Active
TRKE-002699 Stacy Lynn Hoover Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-002759 Kimberly Marie Adams Tribal Key EmployeeOceanside92057Active
TRKE-012024 Ronald Olaf Olsen Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-002807 Todd Peter Benjamin Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92128Active
TRKE-002809 Surjit Singh Khaira Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-022256 Shauna Stalnaker Anton Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020004 Roberta Stephanie Cunningham Tribal Key EmployeeSan Juan Capistrano92675Active
TRKE-011914 Dennis James Eckenrode Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-002841 Jae Wan Yoon Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017551 Kerry Wayne Fisher Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-002864 Robert Scott Newell Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-002882 Erich R Strafeldas Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-015327 Michael John Heinzmann Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-002899 John Martin Clausen Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-002901 Sal Enriquez Jr Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-002914 Brett Christopher Marek Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-022354 Christopher Karl Ng Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-002949 Perla C Donato Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-002967 Craig Justin Nelson Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-002993 Anthony Hale Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-011633 Jeffrey Edward Campbell Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
TRKE-016297 Thomas Roman Deisenhammer Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92131Active
TRKE-003185 Campbell John Jamieson Tribal Key EmployeeSusanville96130Active
TRKE-003201 Davon Jolene Joseph Tribal Key EmployeeSusanville96130Active
TRKE-003210 Mohsan Nassan Abrahim Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-022237 Arthur Richard Lopez JR Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92583Active
TRKE-013008 Mitchel Alan Gusky Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-003253 Shiloh Lynn Moriah Maddox Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92544Active
TRKE-003269 Brian Yoshio Iwaki Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-003277 Marlon Rene Cordoba Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-018371 William Lance Finnegan Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92585Active
TRKE-003328 William Harry Ball Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-003344 Akmal Fahmy Morgan Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-003372 Vuthy Thang Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-003429 Thuy L Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-003435 Christina M White Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-020924 David Hunt Porrazzo Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93637Active
TRKE-003487 Sandra Lee Bush Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003490 Samantha Ann Osborne Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-017923 Terry Gene Bolin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-022315 Heather Anne Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003511 Lisa Marie Frink Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-012325 Mark Anthony Falkenrath Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-018928 John Patrick Turnbull Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-003565 Vivian Ernestine Bernal Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-010584 Stanley Jay Santos Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-006639 Noreen Elizabeth Marchese Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-003597 Clinton L. Gibson Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-019968 Kimberly Kay Ordiway Tribal Key EmployeeLakeport95453Active
TRKE-012368 Randolph Velando Sarmiento Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92553Active
TRKE-016379 Paul Anthony Manuel Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-007551 Chiem Keomanivong Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-017645 Kevin Angel Repasky Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-022255 Matt Eugene Erickson Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-003661 Tiffani Yolan Sahagun Tribal Key EmployeeSpringville93265Active
TRKE-016178 Tou Xao Cha Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-003683 Dennis Alan Hunter Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-022911 Erika Mendoza Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92583Active
TRKE-003718 Nathan S Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-003752 Richie Inthasone Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-011350 Ken Ray Harvey Tribal Key EmployeePlacerville95667Active
TRKE-010034 David Wesley Memmer Tribal Key EmployeeSutter Creek95685Active
TRKE-016012 Cody Scott Rice Tribal Key EmployeePlymouth95669Active
TRKE-003847 William Gerald Mehrer Tribal Key EmployeePioneer95666Active
TRKE-003889 Robert Kevin Coats Tribal Key EmployeeCarmichael95608Active
GEKE-002429 John Pasert Manivong GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95829Active
TRKE-021961 Jason William Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeIone95640Active
TRKE-004058 Vernon Paul Edwards Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
TRKE-004075 Ethan Scott Meadows Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-004132 George Antonio Rojes Tribal Key EmployeeWindsor95492Active
TRKE-004142 Nhatnam Gia Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-020267 Christopher Edward Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-022355 Randall Paul Gray Tribal Key EmployeeRialto92376Active
TRKE-004186 Dancette L Carvalho Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-004201 Tracy Lynn Freeman Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-004236 Paul H Ashley Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-004252 Michael Scott Smith Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021344 James Terrell Caudill III Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-022264 Edilmundo A Flores Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010081 Gabriel Saenz Tribal Key EmployeeLa Quinta92253Active
TRKE-022813 Earl Martin Thomas Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012633 Adoracion Baybayon Halverson Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
GEKE-002500 John Michael Stacy GE- Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-023879 Wagid Nagha Yousef Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92552Active
GEKE-001896 Julie Morgan GE- Key EmployeeOceano93475Active
TRKE-004550 George Alexander Denny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017100 Marcku Asuncion Domingo Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-004582 Monique M Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-011693 Monica Lavelle Chapman Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
TRKE-011161 William Gregory Edwards Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-004609 Greg I Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-004610 Eugene Rey Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92108Active
TRKE-022874 Joshua Christopher Keyser Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-004620 Rafael Luis Alvarez Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92115Active
TRKE-004636 Carl Joaquin Hammett Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-004659 Rema Anne Vasquez Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-004660 Jose Armando Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-004669 Gregorio Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-004687 Rene Rios Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-011964 Chinh Thanh Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-004719 Lloyd Canlas Lumba Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-014203 Joe Xiong Tribal Key EmployeeMerced95348Active
TRKE-012792 Maritza Maribel Romo Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-004788 Bruce Neal Merson Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-004789 George Joseph Claus Jr Tribal Key EmployeeRio Dell95562Active
TRKE-011361 Sarah Brook Patterson Tribal Key EmployeeArcata95521Active
TRKE-010634 Noemi Mazquiaran Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93702Active
TRKE-016391 Tony Her Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-010637 Arnold Basco Dagatan Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-004882 Joshua William Carpenter Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010849 Loida Sarabia Cesar Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-010574 Arthur Pastlan Negrete Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-020940 Danny Lee Compos Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93726Active
TRKE-016317 Jared Michael Kerbow Tribal Key EmployeePrather93651Active
TRKE-012865 Jalani Dwayne Simon Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-010608 Antoan Jivin Tripp Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-011399 Charles Michael Thompson Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-011289 Regina Gay Wilson Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93704Active
TRKE-010893 Sia Xiong Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
TRKE-010576 Patrick James Vargas Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93711Active
TRKE-010854 Michelle Lynn Reid Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93726Active
TRKE-016145 Mai Chang Berumen Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-008700 Victor Sergio Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeChico95973Active
TRKE-013023 Enrique Cervantes Muniz Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-005092 Roberto Carlos Orozco-Zepeda Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-005099 Mary Edith Whybark Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-005178 Imelda De La Torre Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-020735 John Edwin Straus II Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011142 Judith Clifford Wright Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-015942 Derek Desmond Escalante Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-014848 Mark Anthony Caputto Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-007537 Andrew James Duquette Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-019159 Brian Jeffery Ulrich Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92117Active
TRKE-005296 Michael Todd Tansley Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-005303 Michael Lee Goodson Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-016943 Brian Keith Potter Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-010959 Maria Virginia Cobos Tribal Key EmployeeWhite Water92282Active
TRKE-014920 Desmond Antell Brown Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-010958 Frank Mario Charolla Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Mirage92270Active
TRKE-005484 Michael William Wohlenberg Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-010795 Maureen Figueroa Harrison Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TRKE-005522 William D Martin II Tribal Key EmployeeFortuna95540Active
TRKE-005531 Roberta Lara Tribal Key EmployeeMcKinleyville95519Active
TRKE-015575 Bienvenida Bilango Agbayani-Yahut Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-011852 Steven Marciano Tafoya Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-021289 Jhonathan Velez Tribal Key EmployeePhoenix97535Active
TRKE-016755 Mickey Lynn VandenBerg Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-011008 Gary Gene McCool Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-005917 Jackelyn Reyes Cabacungan Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-015375 Nichole Kristan O'Sullivan Tribal Key EmployeeWhitewater92282Active
TRKE-023043 Damir Gegic Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-006000 Cornelio Martinez Soria Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-015303 Salvador Sifuentes Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023556 David Alfred Alexander Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92373Active
TRKE-013918 Jesita Villa Eaton Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-020906 James Edward Thomason Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-015291 Reynaldo Agriam Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
GVPO-001112 Paul J. Wilmot Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001114 Ronald A. Cocquyt Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonVictor14564Active
GVPO-001113 James R. Wilmot Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001145 Thomas C. Wilmot Jr. Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-000804 Mark E. Haney Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonRocklin95677Active
GVPO-001326 Samuel Frank Heleba Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonClarence14031Active
GVPO-000333 James M. Wisler Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLone Tree80124Active
GVPO-000334 Donna Jo Adam Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLone Tree80124Active
GVPO-000335 David F. Zinger Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonDenver80237Active
GVPO-000390 Mark E. Gasser Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHubbard44425Active
GVPO-000503 Stephen Sutherland Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89012Active
GVPO-000557 Colton L. Vollmann Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89002Active
GVPO-000567 Troy Michael DeFrees-Parrott Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonIncline Village89451Active
GVPO-000182 Caesars Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000183 CEOC LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000362 Victoria Holdings Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000363 Pata Pata AB Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000613 Japan Cash Machine Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000009 Global Surveillance Associates Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000036 The United States Playing Card Company Gaming Vendor ProviderErlanger41018Active
GVMD-000485 Everi Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000042 Everi Games Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000007 PDS Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000045 PDS Gaming LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000059 Gasser Chair Company Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderYoungstown44505Active
GVMD-000001 SG Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000060 SG Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000005 IGT M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000096 IGT Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000102 VSR Industries Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHenderson89014Active
GVMD-000027 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89135Active
GVPR-000112 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89135Active
GEKE-002669 Maureen Theresa Meex GE- Key EmployeeSebastopol95472Active
GEWP-002317 Maureen Theresa Meex GE- Work Permit-RegularSebastopol95472Active
GEKE-001477 Stephanie T Lim GE- Key EmployeeGrover Beach93433Active
GEWP-002160 Eddie Salvador Vargas GE- Work Permit-RegularMerced95341Active
GEWP-002602 Noelle Jan Barton GE- Work Permit-RegularSebastopol95472Active
GEWP-003005 Peter Duys Jacobs GE- Work Permit-RegularModesto95350Active
GEKE-000003 Michael Allen Stan GE- Key EmployeePetaluma94954Active
GEWP-002994 Samothy Men GE- Work Permit-RegularManteca95337Active
GEKE-001781 Samuel Robert Quinto GE- Key EmployeeSan Jose95123Active
TRKE-021883 Monica Meuy Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-017198 Mark Robert Ullstrom Tribal Key EmployeeGrover Beach93433Active
GEWP-003019 Vot Sieng GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94531Active
GEWP-002609 Antonio Martin GE- Work Permit-RegularMerced95348Active
GEKE-000004 James Edward Castalano GE- Key EmployeeSan Ramon94582Active
GEWP-003055 Mark A. Horton GE- Work Permit-RegularPaso Robles93446Active
GEWP-002827 Billy Dean Blackmon GE- Work Permit-RegularVisalia93291Active
TRKE-013889 Jessica Star Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeCamino95709Active
GEWP-000920 Kou Vang GE- Work Permit-RegularMerced95340Active
GEWP-002655 Kien Vo Watson GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95210Active
GEKE-001305 Jason Robert Giannini GE- Key EmployeeVallejo94590Active
GEJU-000016 Kern County - Kern GE- JurisdictionBakersfield93301Active
GEJU-000072 Yuba County - Yuba GE- JurisdictionMarysville95901Active
GEJU-000049 City of Tracy - San Joaquin GE- JurisdictionTracy95376Active
GEJU-000035 Placer County - Placer GE- JurisdictionAuburn95603Active
GEJU-000062 Sierra County - Sierra GE- JurisdictionGrass Valley95945Active
GEJU-000068 Tulare County - Tulare GE- JurisdictionVisalia93291Active
GEJU-000036 City of Blythe - Riverside GE- JurisdictionPalm Desert92260Active
GEJU-000039 City of Folsom - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionFolsom95630Active
GEJU-000011 City of Fresno - Fresno GE- JurisdictionFresno93721Active
GEJU-000057 City of Gilroy - Santa Clara GE- JurisdictionSan Jose95113Active
GEJU-000026 City of Madera - Madera GE- JurisdictionMadera93637Active
GEJU-000021 City of Compton - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCompton90220Active
GEJU-000023 City of Gardena - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionGardena90247Active
GEJU-000017 City of Hanford - Kings GE- JurisdictionHanford92330Active
GEJU-000003 City of Hayward - Alameda GE- JurisdictionHayward94541Active
GEJU-000030 City of Salinas - Monterey GE- JurisdictionSalinas93901Active
GEJU-000031 City of Soledad - Monterey GE- JurisdictionOakland94607Active
GEJU-000067 City of Turlock - Stanislaus GE- JurisdictionTurlock95380Active
GEJU-000020 City of Commerce - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionLos Angeles90040Active
GEJU-000009 El Dorado County - El Dorado GE- JurisdictionPlacerville95667Active
GEJU-000071 San Buenaventura - Ventura GE- JurisdictionVentura93002Active
GEJU-000013 City of El Centro - Imperial GE- JurisdictionEl Centro92243Active
GEJU-000056 City of Guadalupe - Santa Barbara GE- JurisdictionFresno93722Active
GEJU-000045 City of San Diego - San Diego GE- JurisdictionSan Diego92101Active
GEJU-000007 City of San Pablo - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionSan Pablo94806Active
GEJU-000008 City of San Ramon - Contra Costa GE- JurisdictionSan Ramon94583Active
GEJU-000065 Stanislaus County - Stanislaus GE- JurisdictionModesto95354Active
GEJU-000027 City of San Rafael - Marin GE- JurisdictionSan Rafael94901Active
GEJU-000059 City of Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz GE- JurisdictionSanta Cruz95060Active
GEJU-000043 City of Chula Vista - San Diego GE- JurisdictionChula Vista91910Active
GEJU-000053 City of Paso Robles - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000034 City of Grass Valley - Nevada GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
GEJU-000052 City of Grover Beach - San Luis Obispo GE- JurisdictionGrover Beach93433Active
GEJU-000037 City of Lake Elsinore - Riverside GE- JurisdictionLaguna Hills92653Active
GEJU-000038 City of Citrus Heights - Sacramento GE- JurisdictionSacramento95814Active
TRKE-020451 Jose Carrillo Vega Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-012698 Javier Damaso Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
GEKE-001850 Sheldon Akiyama GE- Key EmployeeLodi95240Active
TPPL-013334 Saveth Seng PlayerEl Monte91732Active
TRKE-006156 Lorelle Belinda Strouss Tribal Key EmployeeMcKinleyville95519Active
GVMD-000212 Direct Gaming Resource M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChilcoot96105Active
TRKE-006163 Ricardo Millan Castillo Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-006167 Wilma LIbut McFarlin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020971 Richard William Harris Tribal Key EmployeeTuolumne95379Active
GEOW-003101 Celebrity Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityNewport Beach92660Active
TRKE-022369 Jason Thomas Asher Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-010763 Wipa Fryer Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Mirage92270Active
TRKE-011551 Julie Christine Bradbury Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-014664 Julie Flor Maxwell Tribal Key EmployeeMadera93638Active
GEKE-001162 Charles Paul Leonard GE- Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-010912 Tyrone Michael Bachus Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95503Active
TRKE-006224 Dante Nepomuceno Dacanay Tribal Key EmployeeKilauea96754Active
TPPL-013272 Mao Touch PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-020787 Mao Touch PlayerLong Beach90805Active
GVPR-000125 Game Stands LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92020Active
GVMD-000056 Game Stands LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEl Cajon92020Active
GEKE-001864 Shao Chi Sun GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001176 George P. Monsoor GE- Key EmployeeSeal Beach90740Active
TRCS-000061 Bear River Casino Resort Tribal CasinoLoleta95551Active
TRKE-006248 Philip Salangad Jornacion Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93454Active
TRKE-006256 Frederick Thomas Zapanta Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
GEWP-002611 Jacob Matthew Crawford GE- Work Permit-RegularGrover Beach93433Active
TPSU-001764 Michael Yu Kwei Lu SupervisorDiamond Bar91765Active
TPSU-001487 Ky Vinh Thang SupervisorCovina91722Active
GEKE-001372 Mark P Martini GE- Key EmployeeAntioch94531Active
GEKE-002265 Melvin Vargas Del Rosario GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93309Active
GEKE-002329 Andrew Scott Reynolds GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93311Active
TPPL-025409 Tung Thai Nguyen PlayerGarden Grove92841Active
TRIB-000002 Alturas Indian Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000003 Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeCoachella92236Active
TRIB-000004 Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Barona Reservation TribeLakeside92040Active
TRIB-000005 Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria TribeLoleta95551Active
TRIB-000010 Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria TribeLakeport95453Active
TRIB-000011 Blue Lake Rancheria TribeBlue Lake95525Active
TRIB-000012 Bridgeport Indian Colony TribeBridgeport93517Active
TRIB-000013 Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California TribeSacramento95811Active
TRIB-000019 Campo Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Campo Indian Reservation TribeCampo91906Active
TRIB-000020 Cedarville Rancheria TribeAlturas96101Active
TRIB-000021 Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of the Chemehuevi Reservation TribeHavasu Lake92363Active
TRIB-000022 Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria TribeTrinidad95570Active
TRIB-000027 Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community of the Colusa Rancheria TribeColusa95932Active
TRIB-000028 Kletsel Dehe Band of Wintun Indians TribeWilliams95987Active
TRIB-000029 Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California TribeRedwood Valley95470Active
TRIB-000030 Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000035 Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California TribeOroville95966Active
TRIB-000036 Fort Bidwell Indian Community of the Fort Bidwell Reservation of California TribeFort Bidwell96112Active
TRIB-000037 Fort Independence Indian Community of Paiute Indians of the Fort Independence Reservation TribeIndependence93526Active
TRIB-000038 Fort Mojave Indian Tribe of Arizona California & Nevada TribeNeedles92363Active
TRIB-000044 Hopland Band of Pomo Indians TribeHopland95449Active
TRIB-000045 Inaja Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Inaja and Cosmit Reservation TribeEscondido92025Active
TRIB-000046 Ione Band of Miwok Indians of California TribePlymouth95669Active
TRIB-000047 Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians TribeJackson95642Active
TRIB-000052 La Posta Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the La Posta Indian Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRIB-000053 Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians TribeWarner Springs92086Active
TRIB-000054 Koi Nation of Northern California TribeSanta Rosa95404Active
TRIB-000055 Lytton Rancheria of California TribeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRIB-000060 Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeMiddletown95461Active
TRIB-000061 Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California TribeOroville95966Active
TRIB-000062 Morongo Band of Mission Indians TribeBanning92220Active
TRIB-000063 Northfork Rancheria of Mono Indians of California TribeNorth Fork93643Active
TRIB-000064 Pala Band of Mission Indians TribePala92059Active
TRIB-000069 Pinoleville Pomo Nation TribeUkiah95482Active
TRIB-000070 Pit River Tribe (includes XL Ranch Big Bend Likely Lookout Montgomery Creek and Roaring Creek Rancherias) TribeBurney96013Active
TRIB-000071 Potter Valley Tribe TribeUkiah95482Active
TRIB-000072 Quartz Valley Indian Community of the Quartz Valley Reservation of California TribeFort Jones96032Active
TRIB-000077 Resighini Rancheria TribeKlamath95548Active
TRIB-000078 Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Rincon Reservation TribeValley Center92082Active
TRIB-000079 Robinson Rancheria TribeNice95464Active
TRIB-000080 Round Valley Indian Tribes Round Valley Reservation TribeCovelo95428Active
TRIB-000085 Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians TribeMountain Center92561Active
TRIB-000086 Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians of the Santa Ynez Reservation TribeSanta Ynez93460Active
TRIB-000087 Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel TribeSanta Ysabel92070Active
TRIB-000088 Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California TribeLakeport95453Active
TRIB-000089 Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California TribeWillits95490Active
TRIB-000094 Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation TribeEl Cajon92019Active
TRIB-000095 Wiyot Tribe TribeLoleta95551Active
TRIB-000096 Table Mountain Rancheria of California TribeFriant93626Active
TRIB-000097 Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians TribeThermal92274Active
TRIB-000102 Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake TribeUpper Lake95485Active
TRIB-000103 Viejas (Baron Long) Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Viejas Reservation TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000104 Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe of the Benton Paiute Reservation TribeBenton93512Active
TRIB-000105 Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California (Carson Colony Dresslerville Colony Woodfords Community Stewart Community & Washoe Ranches) TribeGardnerville89410Active
TRCS-000003 Desert Rose Casino Tribal CasinoAlturas96101Active
TRCS-000004 Augustine Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000005 Barona Resort and Casino Tribal CasinoLakeside92040Active
TRCS-000006 Gold Country Casino Resort Tribal CasinoOroville95966Active
TRCS-000012 Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Tribal CasinoIndio92203Active
TRCS-000013 Red Fox Casino Tribal CasinoLaytonville95454Active
TRCS-000014 Cahuilla Casino Tribal CasinoAnza92539Active
TRCS-000015 Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center Tribal CasinoCampo91906Active
TRCS-000020 Coyote Valley Casino Tribal CasinoRedwood Valley95470Active
TRCS-000021 River Rock Casino Tribal CasinoGeyserville95441Active
TRCS-000022 Elk Valley Casino Tribal CasinoCrescent City95531Active
TRCS-000023 Lucky Bear Casino Tribal CasinoHoopa95546Active
TRCS-000029 Feather Falls Casino & Lodge Tribal CasinoOroville95966Active
TRCS-000030 Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Tribal CasinoCabazon92230Active
TRCS-000031 Pala Casino Spa and Resort Tribal CasinoPala92059Active
TRCS-000032 Rolling Hills Casino Tribal CasinoCorning96021Active
TRCS-000037 Quechan Casino Resort Tribal CasinoWinterhaven92283Active
TRCS-000038 Win-River Casino Tribal CasinoRedding96001Active
TRCS-000040 Harrah's Resort Southern California Tribal CasinoValley Center92082Active
TRCS-000045 Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino Tribal CasinoLemoore93245Active
TRCS-000046 Chumash Casino Resort Tribal CasinoSanta Ynez93460Active
TRCS-000047 Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino Tribal CasinoWillits95490Active
TRCS-000054 Black Oak Casino Tribal CasinoTuolumne95379Active
TRCS-000055 Eagle Mountain Casino Tribal CasinoPorterville93257Active
TRCS-000056 Spotlight 29 Casino Tribal CasinoCoachella92236Active
TRCS-000057 Thunder Valley Casino Resort Tribal CasinoLincoln95648Active
TPPP-000002 Network Management Group Inc. Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GVPR-000017 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHammonton08037Active
GVMD-000004 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHammonton08037Active
GVPR-000114 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000490 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000492 L.A. Slot Machine Company Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorRedondo Beach90278Active
GVMD-000062 Dynasty Games Distributing M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorReno89511Active
GVPR-000196 Dynasty Games Distributing Gaming Vendor ProviderReno89511Active
GVMD-000491 Reel Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorFt. Lauderdale33304Active
GVMD-000156 Gaming Laboratories International LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLakewood08701Active
GVMD-000162 SUZOHAPP Gaming Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000207 Premier Gaming Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderVentura93003Active
GVMD-000502 Premier Gaming Solutions Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorVentura93003Active
GEWP-001641 Kyle Rudyard Kirkland GE- Work Permit-RegularClovis93619Active
GEOW-003196 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
TPOW-000073 John Hee-Jong Park Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEKE-002592 Kathryn Lynn Tooker GE- Key EmployeePittsburg94565Active
GEKE-002433 Darren George Lancaster GE- Key EmployeeFountain Valley92708Active
TPSU-001903 George Agapitos SupervisorCulver City90230Active
TPSU-001483 Pamela Mae Aquin SupervisorWest Covina91791Active
GEKE-001455 Jordan Alexander Conner GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95819Active
TPSU-001353 Peter Anthony Valdez SupervisorDanville94526Active
TPSU-000943 Connie Chung SupervisorTorrance90501Active
TPPL-013414 Daphne Chu-Pei Han PlayerMonrovia91778Active
GEKE-001672 Steven S Jivapongse GE- Key EmployeeSan Francisco94110Active
GEKE-002625 Arthur Kirk Blackinton GE- Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95742Active
GEKE-002630 Patrick Lee Enright Jr. GE- Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TPSU-001808 Kevin Suede Juarez SupervisorSan Jose95127Active
TRKE-022352 Warren Joseph Tolentino Tribal Key EmployeeRiverside92507Active
TPSU-001988 Jean-Alain Ngando Dikongue SupervisorLancaster93534Active
TPPL-025380 Chuong Ky Do PlayerEastvale91752Active
TPPL-013323 Nejdeh Sojanian PlayerSunland91040Active
TPSU-001326 Cecilia Torres Kim SupervisorTracy95304Active
TPSU-001858 Leonor Patricia Alexander SupervisorMonrovia91016Active
TPSU-001834 Melvin Charles Potts SupervisorHuntington Beach92647Active
TPSU-001828 Jesse Alfredo Barcos SupervisorSouth Gate90280Active
TPSU-001829 Stephanie Garcia SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-025607 Tom Luu PlayerFountain Valley92708Active
TPPL-025837 Kanita Virojesangthong PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPPL-013247 Kanita Virojesangthong PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPSU-001099 William Chalmer Youngs SupervisorSouth Pasadena91030Active
TPSU-001887 Alfredo Daniel Escobar SupervisorHacienda Heights91745Active
TPSU-000727 Roberta Bautista Masanque SupervisorSan Bruno94066Active
TPSU-000672 Cha Vang SupervisorFresno93727Active
TRKE-015676 Fong Yang Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93702Active
TPSU-000637 Noel Kristoffer Salcedo SupervisorMartinez94553Active
TPSU-001915 John Huy Dang SupervisorWest Covina91792Active
TPPL-020775 Eric Du PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPSU-001897 Kenny Chau SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TPSU-001900 Kenneth Tak-Keung Ngau SupervisorTemple City91780Active
GEKE-001973 Erik Edward Dade GE- Key EmployeeSuisun City94585Active
GEOW-003895 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003896 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004002 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004003 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-001224 Don L Wilcox GE- Owner-PersonSacramento95816Active
GEKE-002622 Don Tran GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
GEKE-000160 Panu Suwanjinda GE- Key EmployeeRosamond93560Active
GEKE-000253 Monica L. Martin GE- Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
GEKE-000254 Jeremy Martin Dreher GE- Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
GEKE-000263 Ron Sarabi GE- Key EmployeeNewport Beach92663Active
TPOW-000675 Ron Sarabi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonNewport Beach92663Active
GEKE-000270 Peter Coleman Lydon GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002253 Hadi Hadj-Atry GE- Key EmployeeHuntington Beach92647Active
GEKE-000298 Rick James Covello GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90712Active
GEKE-002497 Richard Thomas Tilley GE- Key EmployeeStanton90680Active
GEKE-000311 Phillip Alston Hewitt GE- Key EmployeeHuntington Beach92649Active
GEOW-000990 Sandra C. Rosa GE- Owner-PersonGranite Bay95746Active
GEOW-000991 Clarke Chester Rosa GE- Owner-PersonSacramento95814Active
GEOW-003103 Leo Yu Ming Chu GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEKE-000339 Donald Kevin Schayltz GE- Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
GEKE-000355 Tim Phong Lam GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
GEKE-000357 San Kuen Saechao GE- Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GEOW-003376 Monica C Donohoo GE- Owner-PersonVentura93003Active
GEOW-001021 Monica C Donohoo GE- Owner-PersonVentura93003Active
GEKE-001196 Alonzo Johnson GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
GEKE-001860 Ralph John Nunley GE- Key EmployeeBellflower90706Active
GEKE-000915 Zaven Esmaili GE- Key EmployeeOceanside92056Active
GEOW-001073 Andrea L. Pulaski GE- Owner-PersonCayucos93430Active
GEKE-000421 Evan Christopher Evans GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95838Active
GEKE-000422 Michael Todd Wilkinson GE- Key EmployeeMartinez94553Active
GEKE-000430 Mario Gapay Santos GE- Key EmployeeVallejo94589Active
GEKE-000457 Jong Kim Weeks GE- Key EmployeeDelano93215Active
GEOW-003522 Hashem Minaiy GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000435 Mark Aram Kelegian Owner-PersonNewport Beach92663Active
GEKE-000883 Michael Sullivan GE- Key EmployeeSan Bruno94066Active
GEKE-000895 Robert Kleiber GE- Key EmployeeSan Bruno94066Active
GEOW-002400 Veronica S Chohrach GE- Owner-PersonSanta Cruz95060Active
GEKE-000912 Joy Fernbach Harn GE- Key EmployeeSeal Beach90740Active
GEOW-001228 Deborah Hunt GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92009Active
GEKE-001280 Joseph Edward Padilla GE- Key EmployeeSanta Ana92706Active
GEOW-003219 Catherine A. Aganon GE- Owner-PersonLivermore94550Active
GEKE-000961 Steve N. Numoto GE- Key EmployeeCastro Valley94552Active
GEOW-002540 JOHN COLE TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEOW-003334 JOHN COLE TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEOW-003335 Mary Denise Tibbetts GE- Owner-PersonBerkeley94705Active
GEKE-000964 Peleg Broner GE- Key EmployeeNovato94947Active
GEKE-000966 Robert L Stone GE- Key EmployeeOakland94603Active
GEKE-000973 John Stephen LaRosa Jr. GE- Key EmployeeAlbany94706Active
GEOW-002550 NORA L ERNST GE- Owner-PersonSanta Rosa95403Active
GEOW-003338 KATHLEEN F TIBBETTS GE- Owner-PersonAnacortes98221Active
GEKE-001771 Lai Saechao GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95820Active
GEKE-000988 Warren Tai GE- Key EmployeeNewark94560Active
GEKE-000989 Keith E Slaton GE- Key EmployeeVallejo94589Active
GEOW-004032 Cody J Sammut GE- Owner-PersonRedwood City94061Active
GEOW-002591 Rogelio A. Garcia GE- Owner-PersonIsleton95641Active
GEOW-002592 Mew Ha L. Garcia GE- Owner-PersonIsleton95641Active
TPOW-000641 Robert Flores TP Registrant - Owner-PersonLivermore94550Active
GEOW-002622 Haig Papaian Jr. GE- Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
TPOW-000567 Haig Papaian Jr. Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
GEOW-003500 Haig Papaian Jr. GE- Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
GEOW-002633 Susan Avdalian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000431 Susan Avdalian Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEOW-003273 Francine Handler GE- Owner-PersonLa Quinta92253Active
GEOW-004099 Francine Handler GE- Owner-PersonLa Quinta92253Active
TPOW-000394 Francine Handler Owner-PersonLa Quinta92253Active
GEOW-002649 Zoya Mosikian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000409 Kenneth Leon Slater Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
GEOW-004081 Kenneth Leon Slater GE- Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
GEOW-002660 Linda Marie Ross GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90067Active
TPOW-000401 Linda Marie Ross Owner-PersonLos Angeles90067Active
TPOW-000397 Aram Saatchian Owner-PersonBrea92821Active
GEOW-003594 Aram Saatchian GE- Owner-PersonBrea92821Active
TPOW-000418 Kenny Kaizak Mosikian Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEOW-002668 Kenny Kaizak Mosikian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000425 Richard John Ibosh Owner-PersonRancho Santa Fe92067Active
GEOW-002670 Richard John Ibosh GE- Owner-PersonRancho Santa Fe92067Active
GEOW-003419 Jeannette Marie Harris GE- Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TPOW-000472 Jeannette Marie Harris Owner-PersonAguanga92536Active
TPOW-000428 Cheryl Catherine Harris Owner-PersonCorona del Mar92625Active
GEOW-002681 Cheryl Catherine Harris GE- Owner-PersonCorona del Mar92625Active
TPOW-000406 Jeanne Tumanjan Owner-PersonDana Point92629Active
GEOW-004055 Jeanne Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonDana Point92629Active
GEOW-004093 Lawrence Michael Kopeikin GE- Owner-PersonBEVERLY HILLS90210Active
TPOW-000430 Patricia Gail Gribskov Owner-PersonHillsboro97123Active
GEOW-003761 Patricia Gail Gribskov GE- Owner-PersonHillsboro97123Active
GEKE-001021 Cynthia Noel Winters GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
GEOW-002661 Suzanne Carol Papaian GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000414 Suzanne Carol Papaian Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000575 John Paul Griffo Owner-PersonLong Beach90803Active
GEKE-001023 John Paul Griffo GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90803Active
TPOW-000502 Karen Arlene Mohler Owner-PersonBermuda Dunes92203Active
GEOW-003427 Karen Arlene Mohler GE- Owner-PersonBermuda Dunes92203Active
GEKE-001043 Roger C. Rogge GE- Key EmployeeSan Bruno94066Active
GEKE-001063 Dustin Thomsley Chase GE- Key EmployeeVallejo94591Active
GEOW-004168 April Dawn Gomez GE- Owner-PersonLivermore94551Active
GEOW-002934 Ky Phuon GE- Owner-PersonSan Ramon94583Active
GEOW-003297 Jose G Fernandez GE- Owner-PersonTurlock95382Active
GEOW-003136 Philip Albert Rheinschild Jr. GE- Owner-PersonDenair95316Active
GEGE-001279 Napa Valley Casino Gambling EstablishmentAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEGE-000404 Capitol Casino Gambling EstablishmentSacramento95811Active
GEGE-001373 The Saloon at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
GEGE-001282 Crystal Casino Gambling EstablishmentCompton90220Active
GEGE-000450 California Grand Casino Gambling EstablishmentPacheco94553Active
GEGE-001343 Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active
GEOW-003785 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003850 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003851 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003852 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003853 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003854 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004126 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004136 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004137 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004138 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004131 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004115 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004165 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004158 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004166 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004197 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004198 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004199 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003214 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003139 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003141 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003424 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
TPOW-000221 John Hee-Jong Park Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003325 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003105 Mark Aram Kelegian GE- Owner-PersonNewport Beach92663Active
GEOW-003894 Mark Aram Kelegian GE- Owner-PersonNewport Beach92663Active
GEOW-001227 Daniel J Dreger GE- Owner-PersonCARLSBAD92009Active
GEOW-001231 Marjorie A Ellsworth GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92008Active
GEKE-000587 Robert John Ferguson GE- Key EmployeeLake Elsinore92530Active
GEKE-000588 Patrick Russell Wilmes GE- Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
GEKE-002715 Robert John Velasquez GE- Key EmployeeEl Monte91731Active
GEOW-002289 Edward C Beaudin GE- Owner-PersonAntioch94509Active
GEOW-002331 Brian F. Bumb GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95126Active
TPOW-000652 Stanley Phillip Seiff TP Registrant - Owner-PersonPlumas Lake95961Active
GEKE-000630 Stanley Phillip Seiff GE- Key EmployeePlumas Lake95961Active
GEKE-000870 Michael Anthony Wilson GE- Key EmployeeCampbell95008Active
GEOW-002338 Ronald E. Werner GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95148Active
GEKE-001278 Scott Muchow GE- Key EmployeePlacerville95667Active
TRKE-006263 Anna Elizabeth Pagel Tribal Key EmployeeWindsor95492Active
TRKE-006264 Kimberly H. McDonough-Harvey Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-006287 Thomas Jefferson Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TPSU-001256 Anthony Hunter Knapp SupervisorStockton95209Active
TRKE-019601 James Lynn Petty Tribal Key EmployeeMiddletown95461Active
TRKE-015839 Bryan Lee Mason Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-006374 Dino Ramon Reveles Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-006380 Vue Paul Yang Tribal Key EmployeePlumas Lake95961Active
TRKE-006384 John Chan Chao Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95824Active
TRKE-006404 Hoang Trong Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TPSU-001051 Johnson Inthavong SupervisorSan Pablo94806Active
GEKE-001200 Tracy Joleen Barranco GE- Key EmployeeNovato94949Active
GEKE-001201 Srinivas Rao Cherukuri GE- Key EmployeeTurlock95382Active
TRKE-006447 Dana Lea Rodriquez Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92585Active
TRKE-006507 Lance Vernon Goode Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-006512 Rene Barcelon De Ocampo Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-006515 Glenn Edward Barry Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-006527 Emerito DeMesa Twano Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-006535 Roger Pagaduan Hagoriles Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-006543 Christy Vah Vang Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95822Active
TRKE-006560 Kyong Sook Iwaki Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-015666 Edward Jara Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-012516 Guadalupe Lori Bustamante Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-006572 Michael Daniel Wied Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-011760 Kimberly Lyn Greene Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-016035 William Richard Crutchfield Tribal Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
GEKE-002372 Thomas James Rawlins Jr. GE- Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
GEOW-003118 Maureen Orbus GE- Owner-PersonBroomfield80023Active
GEGE-000466 Seven Mile Casino Gambling EstablishmentChula Vista91910Active
GEGE-001367 Hollywood Park Casino Gambling EstablishmentInglewood90303Active
GEGE-001388 Hustler Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active License Certificate
GEGE-001379 Casino Merced Gambling EstablishmentMerced95340Active
GEGE-000962 Club San Rafael Gambling EstablishmentSan Rafael94901Active
GEGE-001025 Oceanview Casino Gambling EstablishmentSanta Cruz95060Active
GEGE-001302 Palace Poker Casino LLC Gambling EstablishmentHayward94542Active
GEGE-001107 Livermore Casino Gambling EstablishmentLivermore94550Active
GEGE-001263 Turlock Poker Room Gambling EstablishmentTurlock95380Active
GEGE-001374 The Tavern at Stones Gambling Hall Gambling EstablishmentCitrus Heights95621Active
GEOW-001328 Casino Poker Club Inc. GE- Owner-EntityRedding96002Active
GEOW-002292 The Nineteeth Hole General Partnership GE- Owner-EntityANTIOCH94509Active
GEOW-002329 Sutter's Place Inc. GE- Owner-EntitySan Jose95112Active
GEOW-002335 Empire Sportsmen's Association GE- Owner-EntityModesto95356Active
TRKE-014210 James Robert Heinemann Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
GEOW-004171 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004086 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004211 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEKE-000559 Soosemea Masina GE- Key EmployeeCompton90221Active
GEOW-004078 Jeanine Lynn Lunardi GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95128Active
GEKE-001741 Peter Yang GE- Key EmployeeStockton95212Active
TRKE-020570 Steve Ngot Van Pham Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TPSU-001057 Ricardo Bautista Calma Jr. SupervisorCarmichael95608Active
TRKE-006661 David Keng Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-006673 Gregory Wayne Lowe Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Barbara93105Active
TRKE-012630 David Atkins Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011577 Uriel Galvan Guerra Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
GEKE-001251 Pamela J. Senn GE- Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
TRKE-011339 Gabriel Rodarte Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-007131 Emerito Grime DeGuzman Tomaneng Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-007133 Harry Neal Welker Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-007135 Thomas Richard Salazar Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
GEOW-003962 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GEOW-003192 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GEOW-003149 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
TRKE-012873 Keri Renee Downs Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-010960 Leila Brianna Giron Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-018616 Aurora Dizon Agsaoay Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-007178 Marites Tan Asuncion Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-017787 Paul Lukcas Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-013013 Cynthia Marie Donez Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-010101 Melinda Perez Ibarra Tribal Key EmployeeDunnigan95937Active
TRKE-007193 Souksavanh Phimmala Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-019254 Kenneth Jay Reed Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-008161 Lea Pangilinan Huggins Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020999 Robert Ronald Velasco III Tribal Key EmployeeVictorville92392Active
GEOW-003156 Stephen Snider GE- Owner-PersonLodi95242Active
GEOW-003157 Chris Ray GE- Owner-PersonHayden83835Active
TRKE-007259 Jose Manuel Acosta Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-007263 Arthur Raymond Santoya Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeGrand Terrace92313Active
TRKE-007267 Daemonne Lamont Davis Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-021004 Oscar Eduardo Muniz Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-007284 Bianca Chantey Duran Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-007285 Erik Joseph Segura Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-022617 Juan Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-007296 Allen James Schultz Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-007299 Taunya Alicia Dodson Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-007303 Paprhi Chakma Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007306 Justyn Michael Lumel Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007308 Debra Michelle Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-007311 Patricia Ann Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007315 Maria Cristina Phumirat Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-007318 Voodtikon Woody Phumirat Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-007321 Jonathan Quincy Santana Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007322 John Elias Armoush Tribal Key EmployeeFontana92335Active
TRKE-020481 Lynly Grant Tuendemann Tribal Key EmployeeRiverside92508Active
TRKE-007333 Rachel Ann Woods Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-007344 Leana Michelle Sabala Tribal Key EmployeeLoma Linda92354Active
TRKE-007348 Tim Long Luong Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-013946 Lynzee Ann Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-022682 Tommy Dat Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeBloomington92316Active
TRKE-007360 Ernestina Hall Tribal Key EmployeeMentone92359Active
TRKE-020588 Matthew Darrel Gunn Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007376 Maestella A Grube Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-007377 Cameron James Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-007379 Jennifer Lynn Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-021068 Jonathan Peter Raef Tribal Key EmployeeCalimesa92320Active
TRKE-015611 John Manuel Sanchez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeColton92324Active
TRKE-007407 Ayman Hanna Hanna Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-008178 Yu Chen Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-007411 Julian Mannuel Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-011327 Joshua Daniel Donahue Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-007429 Joseph Matthew DesRosiers Tribal Key EmployeeMira Loma91752Active
TRKE-007431 Lengkear Mar Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-007443 John Jay Kenefick Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-007446 Douglas Robert Rosson Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-023012 Vanthan Sea Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-024256 Carollynn Lee Long Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93619Active
TRKE-007518 Suwisa Keaotamai Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-007524 Setthaporn Buranahiran Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-007528 Koy Hing Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93292Active
TRKE-022260 Brian David Kooyman Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-007532 Veronica Reynoso Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-013776 Tety Herawaty Street Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
GEWP-002956 Alvin Ricardo Hines II GE- Work Permit-RegularVallejo94589Active
TRKE-007549 Aurora Donez Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-010830 Michelle Elaine Lawrence Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93277Active
GEKE-001591 Anthony Candell GE- Key EmployeeWestminster92683Active
GEOW-003169 Estate of Thomas Bruner GE- Owner-PersonOrinda94563Active
GEKE-001269 Samnang Um GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TPPL-013279 Bao Van PlayerRosemead91770Active
TRKE-007564 Christopher Ervin DeCamp Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-007573 Frank Guo Liu Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-007581 Robert William Peters Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-018771 Shane Aaron Rhodes Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-007586 Phiangphak Sun Kiaosouvath Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93291Active
TRKE-022095 Tay Yean Khorn Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95991Active
TRKE-010643 Lorena Desiree Cook Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
GVPR-000161 VCAT LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderSan Diego92103Active
TRKE-007615 Shawn Kenneth Benson Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-010883 Jack Chanh Van Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93726Active
TRKE-007618 John Thomas Gerwe III Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-007637 Jacob Daniel Mireles Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
GEKE-001284 Tony Le GE- Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
GVPO-000713 Gaming Partners International Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89169Active
TRKE-017322 James Delbert Gallaway III Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-007655 Visavakone Rasavong Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-022863 Choon Loy Chong Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
GEKE-002459 Gino Vang GE- Key EmployeeFresno93703Active
TRKE-011596 Jenny Caroline Monteforte Tribal Key EmployeeSolana Beach92075Active
TRKE-011463 Joseph Edward Navarro Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
GVPO-000719 Kazuo Okada Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-017651 Ane Inthavhong Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GVPO-000723 Koichiro Kamihigashi Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TPSU-001079 Isaac Timothy Trumbo SupervisorAltadena91001Active
TRKE-015294 Kathleen Susan Finnegan Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-007705 Cipriano Tony Ortega Jr Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
GEKE-001286 Daniela Cicu GE- Key EmployeeAnaheim92807Active
GEOW-003677 Nang Bay Xiong GE- Owner-PersonMerced95348Active
GEWP-002934 Nang Bay Xiong GE- Work Permit-RegularMerced95348Active
GEWP-001264 Manuyya Pansuntorn GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
GEWP-001265 Kimberly Fairfield Anderson GE- Work Permit-RegularNapa94558Active
TRKE-007716 Bruce Adell Bobal Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
GEKE-001293 Florencio E. Mesina Jr. GE- Key EmployeeSan Francisco94110Active
TRKE-014503 Kyle Henry Vitale Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95670Active
TRKE-021836 Angie Thi Lam Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-021066 Joel David Saunders Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCoarsegold93614Active
GEOW-003937 Gary Allen Silva GE- Owner-PersonOakdale95361Active
GVPO-000737 James Raymond Acres Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-007776 Tammy Marie Gray Tribal Key EmployeeSusanville96130Active
TRKE-007782 Cacy Janee Parker Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TRKE-007800 Marilyn Christine Gonzales Tribal Key EmployeeSusanville96130Active
TRKE-022215 Bao Wang Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-007804 Queena Chan Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-007827 Sing Wai Ngai Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95832Active
TRKE-007838 George Quoc Ninh Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95824Active
GEOW-003465 Jamie Leibeth Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003711 Jamie Leibeth Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
TRKE-020156 Brian Jeffry Hunt Tribal Key EmployeeHidden Valley Lake95467Active
TRKE-021902 Joanie Chang Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-020614 Tom A Phu Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95826Active
TRKE-021702 Khoeuth Khorn Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95991Active
TRKE-007861 Khoeuth Khorn Tribal Key EmployeeYuba City95991Active
TRKE-010049 Emily Saynorath Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95409Active
TRKE-017856 Lisa Hong Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
GEKE-001424 Lloyd Allen Moser GE- Key EmployeeGrover Beach93433Active
TRKE-007900 Frances Veronica Montgomery Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93458Active
TRKE-019006 Johnny Mony Kim Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TPSU-000930 Zechariah Navarro Gauna SupervisorMonterey Park91755Active
TRKE-007909 Lisa Lynn Harner Tribal Key EmployeeTuolumne95379Active
TRKE-015363 Kristen Marie Trejo Tribal Key EmployeeMiddletown95461Active
TPSU-001523 Bunthy Phon SupervisorLakewood90715Active
TRKE-007937 Liowang Saephanh Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95817Active
TRKE-007938 Jonathan Carl Medina Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TRKE-007946 Joseph Chester Collins Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92585Active
GEKE-001324 Camille Johnson GE- Key EmployeeInglewood90302Active
TRKE-007963 Brandon Louis Hayward Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TPPL-007816 Jorge Alonso Hernandez PlayerAntioch94509Active
GEOW-003608 Frank Wayne Calamia GE- Owner-PersonSalinas93905Active
TRKE-007967 Allan Mallari Aromin Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GEKE-002588 Manifong Phommavong-Ruddy GE- Key EmployeeHercules94547Active
GEKE-001331 Chandra L. Nuno GE- Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
TRKE-007990 Kimberly Ann Jess Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-021922 Brandy Maria Pena Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
GVPO-001739 William Clay Miller Jr. Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEverett98206Active
TRKE-020306 Laura Kathleen Giuffreda Tribal Key EmployeeJulian92036Active
TRKE-008035 David William Ertley Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92128Active
GEKE-001340 Bryce Lewis Hatch GE- Key EmployeePacifica94044Active
TRKE-018935 Tom Duc Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeGarden Grove92840Active
TRKE-008051 Denise Ruby Rocha Tribal Key EmployeeOceanside92057Active
TRKE-008084 George Cruz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
GVPO-000791 Randall Lee Knust Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonThe Woodlands77382Active
GVPO-000793 Richard Patrick Garza Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonFredericksburg78624Active
GVPO-000794 Alton Eric Schoppe Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonAustin78737Active
GEOW-003198 Sidjon Corporation GE- Owner-EntityLivermore94551Active
GVPR-000197 Surveillance Systems Integration Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderRocklin95677Active
TRKE-008117 Daniel Le Roy Post Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
GVPR-000200 Everi Payments Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-000809 Michael Todd Flowers Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonNewcastle95678Active
TPPL-007129 Crystal Alicia Vasquez PlayerOakley94561Active
GEKE-002313 Toua Yang GE- Key EmployeeStockton95210Active
GEWP-002427 Tiffany Saelee Smith GE- Work Permit-RegularModesto95355Active
TRKE-008135 Heath Aaron Davis Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-008136 Flordeliza Laureano Santos Tribal Key EmployeeRocklin95765Active
TRKE-008142 Joel Matthew Askvig Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
GEKE-002606 Hoon Tonie Hur GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TRKE-016181 Alla Shut Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-020044 Christopher Raymond Gile Tribal Key EmployeeHighland92346Active
TRKE-016510 Michelle Scott Wood Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-008715 Jose Luis Rivera Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-008716 Ketkeo Lisa Inthavong Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-018884 Tracie Rae Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-008722 Juan Elfego Baca Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022156 Maria De Jesus Lowe Tribal Key EmployeeWilliams95987Active
TRKE-023585 Donald Sherwood Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeLitchfield Park85340Active
GEKE-002624 Darrell Frank DiLello GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95828Active
GEKE-002043 Emma Marie Vardy GE- Key EmployeeMarysville95901Active
TRKE-008773 Joanie Tuyet Schmitz Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-008785 Regina Lea Trujillo Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-009511 Kelly Marie Bester Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-023936 Michael Howard Aptaker Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-008808 Hoa Xuan Bui Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92105Active
TRKE-017324 Curtis Icho McCormack Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
GEKE-002531 Syhone Wong GE- Key EmployeeElk Grove95757Active
TRKE-008850 Anthony Gene Wenger Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-021757 Kathy Nguyen Tran Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-017874 Lynn Mueck Tribal Key EmployeeLakeport95453Active
TRKE-018945 Robert William Dean Tribal Key EmployeeCorona92881Active
TRKE-015473 Duoc Van Le Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-008896 Paul Robert Reimers Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
GEKE-001423 Mark John Petlack GE- Key EmployeeParadise95969Active
TPSU-000797 Siu Lam Ng SupervisorSan Francisco94133Active
TRKE-008907 Steven Glenn Nolan Tribal Key EmployeeMi Wuk Village95346Active
GEKE-002345 Cristina I Stephens GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk90650Active
TRKE-008924 Kristi Michele Galindo Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-008928 Keith Gregory Gallegos Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
GVPO-000976 AGT Pty Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000980 PDS Holding LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
GVPO-001505 Robert Barron Ziems Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89117Active
TRKE-013686 Jeffrey Thomas Hornung Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-008996 Travis Leraunt Elliott Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TPPL-011926 Xiaodong Chen PlayerSan Francisco94134Active
TPSU-000989 Chung Wuan Jew SupervisorSan Leandro94578Active
TRKE-009005 George Sabah Yelda Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TPSU-001045 Yen Saechao Pabalan SupervisorHercules94547Active
TRKE-017149 Jayson Manalang Manese Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-018555 Cordis Leshon Gilliam Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-018404 Romel Datu Tintero Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-018986 Judy Marie Vasconcelles Tribal Key EmployeeClearlake95422Active
TRKE-009051 Monica Ureste Aguilar-Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeMecca92254Active
TRKE-013880 Matthew Frank Thorsen Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-016958 Rhonda Lynn Gillyard Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009058 Debra Ann Lee Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-009064 Carlos Alberto Castro Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-009065 John Paul Dennison Tribal Key EmployeeLake Elsinore92532Active
TRKE-022397 Thomas Benjamin Bruno Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
TRKE-012521 Monica Jeanette Flores Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-022261 Levi Logan Little-Feather Rivas Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95501Active
TRKE-020164 Trang Van Le Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GEWP-002380 Lyn Paneda Beck GE- Work Permit-RegularSacramento95828Active
TRKE-014668 Susan Patricia Gates Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-009124 Jesus Manuel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-009156 Elizabeth Garcia Santana Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-009157 Arben Qerkini Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-009167 Teresa Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeVista92081Active
TRKE-021322 Teresa Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeVista92081Active
TRKE-009168 Ryan Eric Bemiller Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
GEKE-001814 Samuel Steven Cohen GE- Key EmployeeLos Angeles90045Active
GEKE-001524 Shaun Lauren Yaple GE- Key EmployeeUpland91784Active
TRKE-009199 Linda Katherine Giannini Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
TRKE-009206 Francisco Javier Diaz Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-013989 Joshua Jason Jennings Tribal Key EmployeeJulian92036Active
TRKE-018302 Blair Dion Moreno Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
GEKE-001454 Kirk Douglas Verdun GE- Key EmployeeStockton95209Active
TRKE-019763 Monika Dimaggio Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-009228 Osama Abdelmaged Hamideh Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-019213 William Jennings Kieler III Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-009261 Farid Jalal Haddad Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95842Active
GVMD-000497 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000361 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
TRKE-009271 Qi Da Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009298 Samez Sunheng Lim Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-009299 Jennifer Lyn Reckard Brennan Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-009302 Teodora Sanchez-Romero Tribal Key EmployeePoway92064Active
TRKE-009305 David Bruce Howell Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-009309 Juan H. Armenta Perea Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92104Active
TRKE-009310 Rodrigo Acero Chacon Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-009314 Neil William Lambert Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-009320 Linda Grace Richardson Tribal Key EmployeeWest Point95255Active
TRKE-009329 Steve Harold Shipman Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
GEOW-003263 Palace Poker Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityHayward94541Active
TRKE-019059 Darrell Richard Yee Tribal Key EmployeeMiddletown95461Active
TRKE-021249 Narissa Marie Gardner Tribal Key EmployeeHidden Valley Lake95467Active
TRKE-009350 Joseph Patrick Shafer Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-009353 Marcella Lee Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeSolvang93463Active
TPPL-011929 Wen Han Li PlayerSan Francisco94112Active
TPPL-011939 Julie Yeng Lee Tan PlayerSan Francisco94116Active
TRKE-021119 Victor Li Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
TRKE-009391 Lilianflor Cual Moreno Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-017056 Richard Patrick Royce Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-009421 Naveed Majeed Tribal Key EmployeeRiverside92507Active
TPPL-011942 MiaoRong Yu PlayerDaly City94014Active
TRKE-009437 Jacquelyn Raquel Hatfield Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-009440 Jorge Luis Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009441 Daniel Trueman Droddy Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-009444 Kimber L'Michelle Young Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-009447 Edward Joseph Blair Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-020295 Robert Vincent Anaya Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-021013 Carl William Folsom Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-009472 Susan Jane Clark Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-018506 Matthew Charles Myberger Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-009477 Rudy Salamon Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009487 Fletcher Stephen Linton Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Ysabel92070Active
TRKE-009490 Jamin Francis Steindorf Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-009496 Todd Michael Crum Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-009497 Colleen Patricia Gaffney Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009504 Gwen Bresenio Peyegrin Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-019887 Jason Aaron Zoellner Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-009521 Jeffrey Edward Metsker Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-009526 Taresa Dawn Ziemer Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92555Active
TRKE-009527 Enrique Javier Appel Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-009529 Jeremy Francis Carlson Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-009530 Jerome Santos De Jesus Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009538 Vicente Lazo Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-018131 Troy Fuller Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-022873 Mireya Garza Tribal Key EmployeeEsparto95627Active
TRKE-018767 Hani Zad Salamat Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93291Active
TRKE-009590 Ida Jean Reyes-Ortega Tribal Key EmployeePerris92571Active
TRKE-009594 Suzanne Marie Zimmer Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-009595 Susan Rae Wilkinson Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009598 Richard Cooke Sicher Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009605 Rocio Silva Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-022194 Alilita Yvonne Oliver Tribal Key EmployeeAlturas96101Active
GEWP-001429 Paworawan Giannini GE- Work Permit-RegularVallejo94590Active
GVMD-000294 Incredible Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorVernon Hills60061Active
GVPR-000263 Incredible Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderVernon Hills60061Active
TRKE-009641 Fifian Stepho Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009648 Jason Allen Cozart Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92583Active
TRKE-023179 Yvonne Louise Hunter Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92585Active
TRKE-018280 Jeffrey Stewart Madden Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021785 Renato Waje Pineda Tribal Key EmployeeMarysville95901Active
TRKE-009661 Gina Lorene Sims Tribal Key EmployeeHidden Valley Lake95467Active
GEKE-001480 Jai Chan Saechao GE- Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-009663 Lyn Yabut Shandor Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-009666 Ernesto Jimenez Prodigalidad Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-009673 Patrick Bee Tuntakit Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009677 Richard Townsly Jenkins Tribal Key EmployeeQuail Valley92587Active
TPOW-000553 Phuong-Anh Kim Do Owner-PersonMarina93933Active
GEOW-003665 Lysa Grigorian GE- Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
TPOW-000436 Lysa Grigorian Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
GEOW-003664 Lysa Grigorian GE- Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
GEKE-002703 Jacob James Lopez GE- Key EmployeeVentura93001Active
TRKE-009714 Mary Helen Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeCrescent City95531Active
TRKE-009721 Erica Lynn Humphreys Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-009722 Dung Man Phan Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-022275 Aaron Evan Marxen Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-009726 Joseph William Martin Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-009729 Mayra Angelica Ludwig Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-009730 Daniel Scott Hampton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009742 Summer Marie Carbaugh Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-009745 Mary Teresa Coltharp Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92586Active
TRKE-009753 Tammy Renee Green Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-009758 Lorena Solis Olvera Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-009762 Maurice Rafael Taylor Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93292Active
TRKE-017837 Kaisheng Lin Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95407Active
GEKE-001493 Joseph Rogers GE- Key EmployeeVentura93001Active
TRKE-009805 Christine Marie Partello Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92543Active
TRKE-009810 Tracey Traih Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-009813 Sarah De Leon Plummer Tribal Key EmployeeLake Elsinore92532Active
TRKE-009814 Regina Renee Gilbert Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GVPO-001366 Lightning Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBoothwyn19061Active
GVPO-001363 Donald Richard Caldwell Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHaverford19041Active
GVPO-001364 Frederick Charles Tecce Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGladwyne19035Active
TRKE-012422 Edgardo Mose Cabural Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009831 Richard Thomas Rogers Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-009845 Ricardo Hurtado Tribal Key EmployeeHidden Valley Lake95467Active
GEKE-002224 Byron Lee Gregory GE- Key EmployeeVallejo94591Active
TPSU-002026 Hien Ngoc Dinh SupervisorMontclair91763Active
TRKE-023517 Diem Thi Le Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95835Active
TRKE-009864 Rebecca Saeteun Tribal Key EmployeeNorth Highlands95660Active
GEKE-002384 Paul-Josef Pascua Batoon GE- Key EmployeeGilroy95020Active
TRKE-009896 Patricia Cathleen Schieck Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009906 Ana Maria Guindang Foster Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-009910 Susana Tengonciang Briones Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-009913 Stacia Nichole Draper Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-016165 Kristin Leigh Mallonee Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92583Active
TRKE-022281 Lisa Dianne Peat Tribal Key EmployeeStockton95212Active
TRKE-018091 Karen Lynn Woodruff Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-022989 Jonine Hedrick Dunson Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-009962 Axel Alducente Romanillos Tribal Key EmployeeSan Jacinto92582Active
TRKE-009971 Maria Carmen Torres Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-021720 Allen Joe Owens Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95966Active
GVPO-001096 Konami Corporation of America Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89119Active
GEOW-003290 Player's Poker Club Inc. GE- Owner-EntityVentura93003Active
TRKE-009994 Jami Ann Hatton Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95501Active
TRKE-013140 Ashley Annamarie Ricci Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-010031 Elizabeth Jane Woods Tribal Key EmployeeSomerset95684Active
TRKE-010046 Adrian Valles Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-010052 Jorge Adan Aguilar Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-012000 Ricky Gene Boothby Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93710Active
TRKE-008215 Michael J. Llewellyn Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92241Active
TRKE-016942 Catherine Brodit Lumanog Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92260Active
GVPO-000831 Daniel Eric Gladstone Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-008255 Ronald Stephen Jones Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
GEWP-002232 Anthony Michael Hutchins GE- Work Permit-RegularAmerican Canyon94503Active
TPPL-013246 Frederick Steven Young PlayerGlendale91208Active
TPSU-001125 Carlos Alejandro Villalobos SupervisorModesto95351Active
TPSU-000913 Davis Long Nguyen SupervisorLa Puente91746Active
TRKE-012834 Roberto Ochoa Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
GVPO-000839 Aristocrat Leisure Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
TRKE-019364 Robert Matthew Homeyer Tribal Key EmployeeRunning Springs92382Active
TRKE-008323 Rodolfo Lopez Gaxiola Tribal Key EmployeeEl Centro92243Active
TRKE-008335 Juana Maria Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-008339 Gregory Herbert Clark Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92586Active
TRKE-016436 Roger Edwin Smith Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-023238 Dondon Lapurga Rebolledo Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93737Active
TRKE-008364 Elmer Basilio Flores Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-015773 Maher Fahmy Bashary Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GVPO-000873 Geoffrey Perona Judge Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
TRKE-008369 Johnathan Harry Powers Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
GEKE-002386 Rebecca Danielle Midgley GE- Key EmployeeStockton95219Active
TRKE-008377 Bruce Lee Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeYucaipa92399Active
TRKE-014883 RD Messick McGrath Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
TRKE-013292 Michelle Diane Embree Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-008404 Jeffrey Michael Fish Tribal Key EmployeeCottonwood96022Active
TRKE-008408 Sammy Rios Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TPSU-001327 Ki Chan Hong SupervisorSan Jose95132Active
TRKE-014520 Luis Humberto Orozco Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
GVPO-000879 Brody J. Carlson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCotati94931Active
GVPO-001410 Speer Family Trust Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLa Jolla92037Active
TRKE-021527 Guadalupe Ayon Carranza Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-008457 My Pa Yang Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95838Active
TRKE-008458 Veasna Muth Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95822Active
TRKE-008505 Efren Leal III Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-008507 Fabiola Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
GEWP-002502 Soutsida (Sou) Inpravongviengkham GE- Work Permit-RegularNipomo93444Active
GEWP-001739 Michael Damon Freifeld GE- Work Permit-RegularGrass Valley95945Active
TRKE-008518 Jay Vang Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95833Active
TRKE-008519 Jake Hinh Thungh Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95829Active
GEOW-003523 Marsha Lee Gold GE- Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
TPOW-000449 Marsha Lee Gold Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
TPSU-001268 Nicholas Fong Chin SupervisorGarden Grove92840Active
TPSU-001559 Nicholas Fong Chin SupervisorGarden Grove92840Active
GEWP-001340 Yi Yuen Teh GE- Work Permit-RegularVallejo94591Active
TPSU-001637 Tsegai Abraha SupervisorSan Diego92102Active
GEKE-002058 Joseph Alfonso Lopez GE- Key EmployeeFolsom95630Active
TPPL-008321 Wing Tang Moy PlayerSan Francisco94108Active
TPSU-000686 Danny Wong SupervisorSan Francisco94133Active
TRKE-021027 Jennifer Michelle Forcier Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-019732 Ramiro Guerra Tribal Key EmployeeSan Marcos92069Active
GEOW-003620 Robin Beth Vest GE- Owner-PersonHeber City84032Active
TPOW-000514 Robin Beth Vest Owner-PersonHeber City84032Active
TRKE-019820 Caroline LaVon Cardoza Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92586Active
TRKE-022551 June Hee Kim Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-008618 Selma Sulce Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TPPL-025616 Robert Leroy Martin PlayerBellflower90706Active
GEKE-001401 Ramy Boushra Wahba GE- Key EmployeeDowney90240Active
TRKE-008645 Theng Vang Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
GVPO-000906 Everi Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
TRKE-017492 Dexter Doane Tsinnijinnie Tribal Key EmployeeBig Pine93513Active
TRKE-023148 Michael Anthony Battaglia II Tribal Key EmployeeManteca95336Active
TRKE-011589 Jeffrey Arthur Ysmael Tribal Key EmployeePlymouth95669Active
TRKE-008674 Noe Noyola Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-008675 Jay Kenneth Saquilayan Dampitan Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-008677 Eric Young Kim Tribal Key EmployeeAntelope95843Active
GVPR-000214 Giesecke & Devrient Currency Technology America Inc. Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-000918 International Game Technology Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityReno89521Active
TRKE-006685 Ventura Torres Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeLa Quinta92253Active
TRKE-015051 Douglas Hill Williams Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-010471 Bryan Eldrige Finnie Tribal Key EmployeeLake Elsinore92530Active
GEOW-003127 Alan Brett Adler GE- Owner-PersonBakersfield93308Active
GEKE-001219 Elizabeth L. Tongson GE- Key EmployeeCampbell95008Active
GEKE-001220 John Coleman Tibbetts III GE- Key EmployeeOakland94618Active
GEKE-001224 Donald William Everitt GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-016433 Alejandrina Maria Castanon Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-023649 Linda Vien Bach Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-006839 Curtis Raymon Wood Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
TPPL-025489 Jenny Ho PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPSU-000931 Trung Quoc Bui SupervisorDaly City94015Active
TRKE-022115 Tawny Lynn Stafford Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-016874 Jose Luis Salas Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeCloverdale95425Active
TRKE-006874 Jorge Salazar Hurtado Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-006877 Eduardo Zavala Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
TRKE-006899 Kristina Kay Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeColusa95932Active
GVMD-000297 Interblock USA L.C. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000234 Interblock USA L.C. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
TPPL-013270 Eric Thang PlayerLa Puente91746Active
TRKE-006935 Willie Anthony Barrios Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-006937 Coralyn Ladion Delfin Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-015994 Allen Frank Enquist Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
GVMD-000494 Lennie Marvin Enterprises Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBurbank91504Active
TRKE-012213 Eric Henrio Croteau Tribal Key EmployeeBlue Lake95525Active
TPSU-000891 Mike Her SupervisorSacramento95828Active
TRKE-016548 Colin Richard Skidmore Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-006949 Meridith Elaine Morris Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
TRKE-020124 Thomas Walter Hanes Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-012977 Peggy Sue Edwards Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-006961 Larry Gene Norton Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-012982 Karen Annette Mendez Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93711Active
GEOW-003134 Central Valley Gaming LLC GE- Owner-EntityTurlock95380Active
TRKE-021510 Tamara Dawne Williams Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
TRKE-006976 Bridgette May-Sio Tern Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95828Active
TRKE-006986 Howard LeRoy Works Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-006990 Mandy Xueyun Mei Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-010829 Robert Lloyd Stanley Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TPSU-001580 Noel Villappando Tibayan SupervisorAlameda94501Active
TRKE-016169 Kathryn Clarissa Estrada Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-017947 Jean Padilla Wilkerson Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-007039 Lin Voong Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
TRKE-011835 Sara Christian Lee Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95742Active
TRKE-011315 John Ewald Simmons Tribal Key EmployeeLoleta95551Active
TRKE-019109 Dennis Ray Barnes Tribal Key EmployeeWeed96094Active
TRKE-007058 Frelen Acierto Soliman Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-018138 Kevin Michael Levis Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-011496 April Mae Solis Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TPSU-001154 Sophar Sok SupervisorFresno93705Active
TPSU-000929 Jon-Paul Barbier SupervisorOakland94605Active
GEKE-002359 George Herman Freese GE- Key EmployeeMonterey93940Active
GEOW-003795 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003796 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004001 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004000 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003193 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
TRKE-010074 Steve Bang Ma Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92111Active
TPSU-001214 Ryan Patrick Huntington SupervisorHayward94541Active
TRKE-022032 Tou Vang Yang Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
GVPO-001111 Kagemasa Kozuki Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-010111 Matthew Charles Bernarde Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-010116 Hugo Adrian Enriquez Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92127Active
GVPO-002152 Yasushi Shigeta Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-023777 Yohmary Annette Rios Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
GVPO-001121 Akira Gemma Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-010144 Sharon Kay Marshall Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-023656 Phillip Wayne Hinds Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-010162 Christian Guillermo Sarmiento Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-010166 Michele Peggy Doerr Tribal Key EmployeeSantee92071Active
TRKE-010174 Sabrina Nicole Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92201Active
GEKE-001514 Cameron Martin GE- Key EmployeeRedding96002Active
GEWP-002365 Sominea Meas GE- Work Permit-RegularFairfield94534Active
TRKE-023137 Alfonso Romero Tribal Key EmployeeTecate91980Active
TRKE-019959 Elizabeth Barrantes Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92126Active
TRKE-010224 Gerald Ronald Bly Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-010230 Elena Frances Rubalcaba Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92114Active
TRKE-010267 Bernard Francis Steinbacher Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010272 Michael Alan Lindquist Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010275 Mike Thanh Ngo Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-010288 Robert Martinez Jr Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TRKE-010318 Jay Changd Chang Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92129Active
TRKE-010328 Jose Alfredo Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-017357 Daniel Richard Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
GVPO-001126 Elektroncek Group B.V. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001130 Rok Uhan Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GEWP-003030 Lynda Xuan Ngo GE- Work Permit-RegularRiverbank95367Active
TRKE-010341 Oscar Salcedo Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93727Active
TRKE-010342 Jennifer Helen Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93612Active
TRKE-010343 William Bradley Thornton Tribal Key EmployeeJackson95642Active
GEKE-002003 Christopher Arron Rolbiecki GE- Key EmployeeFresno93720Active
TPSU-001299 Daniel James Deveau SupervisorStockton95219Active
TPSU-001018 Juan Carlos Hidalgo SupervisorStockton95206Active
GEKE-002446 Kevin Huang GE- Key EmployeeTemple City91780Active
TRKE-010369 Nader George Alaraj Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-010375 Nathan John McEntire Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-010388 Jeannie May Priller Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
GEWP-001499 Katherina Chun Keo GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95210Active
TRKE-010400 Myra Samonte Rosato Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017845 Ernest Benjamin Russell IV Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
TRKE-010408 John Francis Duarte Tribal Key EmployeeRoseville95747Active
TPPL-013335 Fernando Palma PlayerTemple City91780Active
TRKE-019971 Kari Kirsten Stout-Smith Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95776Active
TRKE-010433 Faye Filipinas Estrada Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93291Active
TRKE-010443 Michael Paul Fonseca Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-010447 Alvin Camba Tengson Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92029Active
TRKE-010452 Abran Javier Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeLakeside92040Active
TRKE-010467 David Brian Lake Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Maria93455Active
TRKE-011665 Sophia Ear Chang Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-022051 Tony Grant Corkhill Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95401Active
TRKE-010526 Samuel Victor Loresco Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-010533 Rosalie Marie Stanek Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-019492 Tiffany Winchester Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-020394 Joseph Ismael Gonzalez Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-010582 Raymond Matthew Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
GEWP-002681 Chanthanakhane Noi Xayakorn GE- Work Permit-RegularHercules94547Active
TRKE-020038 Lance Lua Talauega Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-016232 Wilven Aure Addenbrooke Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TPPL-007124 Inocencio Perez Jr. PlayerFresno93722Active
TRKE-010613 Adriana Lee Poindexter Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
GEWP-001521 Pei Yu Zhao GE- Work Permit-RegularDaly City94014Active
TRKE-010625 Shashi Mangubhai Patel Tribal Key EmployeeRiverside92503Active
GEKE-002393 Lisana Michelle Sanderson GE- Key EmployeeFairfield94534Active
TRKE-010646 Genevieve Rebecca Harding Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-017990 Thad David Shelton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021801 Sandy Moreno Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeWoodland95695Active
TRKE-010689 Ricardo Cardona Tribal Key EmployeeWilliams95987Active
TRKE-010707 Mayra Elizabeth Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeThermal92274Active
TRKE-017364 Lillian Marie Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010722 Lisa Rae Stepp Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
TPSU-001914 Justin Adam Moskowitz SupervisorAnaheim92802Active
TRKE-013996 Daniel Miles London Tribal Key EmployeeYucca Valley92284Active
TRKE-015062 Raoul Natividad Ramos Diez Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-010751 Robert James Maloney Jr Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-015814 Maria Concepcion Bahena Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010785 Ann Marie Solorio Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-010808 Carolina Beltran Magdael Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-010812 Cathleen Marie Wells Tribal Key EmployeeStonyford95979Active
TRKE-010818 Zenaida Gatinga Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TRKE-012501 Nai Fey Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeOroville95965Active
TRKE-018202 Hai Thi Ly Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95834Active
GEOW-003849 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003845 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003846 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003786 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004117 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004139 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004200 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003847 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003848 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
TPSU-001985 Mary De La Cruz SupervisorEl Sobrante94803Active
TPPL-007886 Mary De La Cruz PlayerEl Sobrante94803Active
TPPL-024461 Zhe Wang PlayerSan Jose95130Active
GEKE-002635 Christopher George Dennis GE- Key EmployeeNorth Hills91343Active
GEKE-002611 Minh Tonthat GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
TRKE-016957 Jose Guadalupe Barragan Tribal Key EmployeeMountain Center92561Active
GEOW-003333 Tibbetts Trust GE- Owner-EntityEmeryville94608Active
TPPL-008340 Imelda Palac Lebantino PlayerDaly City94014Active
GEKE-002430 Frengkyanto Wirawan GE- Key EmployeeSan Gabriel91776Active
TRIB-000109 Wilton Rancheria TribeElk Grove95624Active
TPPL-012462 Saphoun Sath Shumsky PlayerLong Beach90813Active
TRKE-010878 Shannon Nicole Smith Tribal Key EmployeeVisalia93277Active
GEKE-002659 Daniel K Vue GE- Key EmployeeFresno93722Active
TRKE-010888 Vivian Rosa Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
TPSU-001894 Anh Nguyen Phan SupervisorWhittier90601Active
TRKE-022348 Thomas Joseph Liquia Tribal Key EmployeeRohnert Park94928Active
TRKE-010903 Alex Calingo Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeWildomar92595Active
TRKE-020440 Christoph Eugen Phipps Tribal Key EmployeeTwain Harte95383Active
TRKE-010919 Gilberto Marco Taira-Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
GEKE-001565 Kristen Lea Salisbury GE- Key EmployeeLivermore94550Active
TRKE-010936 Jimmy Edward Vaca Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
GEOW-003336 California Grand Casino (A California Corporation) GE- Owner-EntityPacheco94553Active
TRKE-010972 Richard Holley Lee Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cordova95742Active
TRKE-010975 Tyler Richard Aragon Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-024061 Emily Suzanne Leyva Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-020674 Rowell Sambrano Felicitas Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92139Active
TRKE-012019 Terrance John Duarte Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92262Active
GEKE-002584 David Brandon White GE- Key EmployeeSanta Cruz95062Active
GEWP-001806 Nancy Hinh Lee GE- Work Permit-RegularRiverbank95367Active
TRKE-011037 Rick Alan Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeRamona92065Active
TRKE-011038 Lisa Denise Craddock Tribal Key EmployeeRunning Springs92382Active
TRKE-019092 Steven Christopher Wolfe Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-017944 James Andrew Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeLakeport95453Active
TRKE-019547 Louis Terrell Furdge Tribal Key EmployeePalm Springs92264Active
TRKE-011091 Ernesto Hernandez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeCathedral City92234Active
TRKE-016180 Luciano Santoro Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeDesert Hot Springs92240Active
TRKE-011130 Steven Peter D'Asaro Tribal Key EmployeeMenifee92584Active
GEKE-001569 Richard Michael Danisi GE- Key EmployeeFresno93711Active
TRKE-022619 Jennifer Noelani Lobendahn Tribal Key EmployeeMoreno Valley92553Active
TRKE-012363 Timothy Sean DeLugo Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TPPL-025107 Chong Jin Sung PlayerLos Angeles90026Active
TRKE-016619 Roberta Kathleen Selvidge Tribal Key EmployeeUkiah95482Active
TRKE-019189 Soang Fen Unn Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011248 Toni Rae Pondhopper Tribal Key EmployeeRedding96003Active
GEKE-002082 Stephan Lee Sowell GE- Key EmployeeMorro Bay93442Active
TRKE-011255 Allysa Estaya Unlayao Tribal Key EmployeeHanford93230Active
TRKE-011266 Nicola Anne Joukovsky Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-011303 Michael James Pair Tribal Key EmployeeAnderson96007Active
TRKE-011313 Nicolas Marquez Marcon Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
GEKE-001583 Richard Cook GE- Key EmployeeSan Leandro94579Active
GEKE-001585 Geneva Ramirez Nava GE- Key EmployeeBakersfield93308Active
GEKE-001628 Valentin Shayn GE- Key EmployeeSan Bruno94066Active
GVPO-001252 Vincent Louis Sadusky Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBoca Raton33432Active
TRKE-019896 JoAnn Lalican Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92563Active
TRKE-011346 Alan Chanthavong Tribal Key EmployeeWinchester92596Active
TRKE-011354 Mindy Ann Gates Tribal Key EmployeeHomeland92548Active
TPOW-000442 Harry George Tumanjan Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003580 Harry George Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
TPPL-026087 Jessica Judy Ng PlayerSan Bruno94066Active
TPSU-001264 Joleen Lei Pasion SupervisorOxnard93033Active
TPOW-000649 Lisa Maria Rodrigues Owner-PersonSan Diego92101Active
GVMD-000318 Midwest Game Supply Company M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorKearney64060Active
TRKE-011390 Philip Anthony Zamora Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-011394 Miguel Gutierrez Soto Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
GVPR-000300 Galaxy Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
TRKE-011410 Exequiel Arellano Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-011414 Guadalupe G. Ochoa Tribal Key EmployeeIndio92203Active
TRKE-020335 Stephanie Anne Underwood Tribal Key EmployeeEureka95503Active
TRKE-011438 Jerome Castaneda Arapeles Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011446 Quinn Kelly Phillips Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
TRKE-011451 Russell Wayne Chitwood III Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Rosa95403Active
TRKE-011455 Paul Butrakunha Tribal Key EmployeeBeaumont92223Active
TRKE-015275 Walter Soriano Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeMurrieta92562Active
GVPR-000248 Synergy Information Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLa Quinta92253Active
GVPO-001269 Jonathan Elijah Eaton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonRancho Mirage92270Active
TRKE-015869 Matthew James Mingrone Tribal Key EmployeeLindsay93247Active
GEKE-002587 David Lor GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95831Active
GEKE-002320 Brennan Philip Jones GE- Key EmployeeSacramento95816Active
TRKE-011506 James Thomas Smart Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
TRKE-011507 Roberto Elias Medina Tribal Key EmployeeFresno93723Active
TRKE-018773 Carlos Rey Martinez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLompoc93436Active
TRKE-011515 Steven Charles Lowblad Tribal Key EmployeeLakeport95453Active
TRKE-011524 Mark Richard Cunha Tribal Key EmployeePlymouth95669Active
GEKE-001603 Anup Kumar GE- Key EmployeeHayward94545Active
TRKE-011537 Suzette Marie Galante-James Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92585Active
TRKE-024212 Phary Yon Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-013881 Thanh Huyen Thi Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95624Active
TRKE-011571 Myklen Joyce Cotton Tribal Key EmployeePalm Desert92211Active
TRKE-011578 Marta Maria Maciel Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-020618 Ivan Alberto Rivera Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeCoachella92236Active
TRKE-023644 Christopher Matthew Seiple Tribal Key EmployeeLa Quinta92253Active
TRKE-012648 Mickey Wayne Miller Tribal Key EmployeeMokelumne Hill95245Active
TRKE-011590 Hiep To Hoang Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95828Active
TRKE-011595 Lee Por Vang Tribal Key EmployeeRio Linda95673Active
TPSU-001023 Anthony Joseph Bellinghiere SupervisorLong Beach90808Active
TRKE-021658 Anna Elzbieta Nichols Tribal Key EmployeeOrangevale95662Active
TPPL-008751 Thomas Albert Sobeck PlayerDaly City94014Active
GVPO-001286 Michael David Rumbolz Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GEKE-001610 Michael Shane Caldwell GE- Key EmployeeRedding96001Active
TRKE-011657 Dawn Colleen Clayton Tribal Key EmployeeLincoln95648Active
TPPL-012775 Elsa Macalino Manulid PlayerSan Diego92139Active
GEKE-002636 Michele Martine Moses GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90803Active
TRKE-022384 Anthony Frank Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeClovis93611Active
TRKE-011723 Claudia Flores Tribal Key EmployeeSan Diego92113Active
TPPL-008883 Sandy Myly Vang PlayerSacramento95832Active
TRKE-011731 Cathie Lee Wright Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-011737 Ronald In Cody Tribal Key EmployeeOlivehurst95961Active
TRKE-011740 Alanzel Manalo Baltazar Tribal Key EmployeeSun City92586Active
TRKE-019761 Jeanna Nicole Marquecho-Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeRiverside92501Active
TRKE-011748 Kristina Veronica Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeWinterhaven92283Active
TRKE-015787 Daniel Lenard Espinoza III Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-014592 Arthur Gerard Prudhomme Tribal Key EmployeeTwentynine Palms92277Active
TRKE-011767 Wesley David Busler Tribal Key EmployeeSonora95370Active
TRKE-011779 Michael Carey Jochim Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92591Active
GEWP-001655 Bopharoth Yos GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95205Active
GEWP-001651 Suzy Ann Shewell GE- Work Permit-RegularPaso Robles93446Active
GEWP-002555 Vipheaviny Nov GE- Work Permit-RegularVallejo94591Active
TRKE-011785 Christopher Michael Fowler Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92404Active
TRKE-011789 Lai Sing Saechao Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95824Active
TPSU-001334 Jeanette Garcia Jacome SupervisorBaldwin Park91706Active
TRKE-011791 Robert Michael Diaz Tribal Key EmployeeSan Bernardino92407Active
TRKE-011796 Linda Ann Valenzuela Tribal Key EmployeeWinterhaven92283Active
TRKE-023172 Myla Ramos De Los Angeles Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-011807 Adrianne Louise Stevenson Tribal Key EmployeePauma Valley92061Active
TRKE-020062 Albert Lee Fuentes-Davis Tribal Key EmployeeLemoore93245Active
GEKE-002365 Thanh-Xuan Thi Nguyen GE- Key EmployeeStockton95207Active
TPPL-013224 Guadalupe Maria Alvarado PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TRKE-011833 Joni Khlok Tribal Key EmployeeElk Grove95758Active
TRKE-011855 Joyce Lynn Crader Tribal Key EmployeeWillits95490Active
TRKE-011868 Amin Ali Ashraf Tribal Key EmployeeBanning92220Active
TRKE-021353 Kayla Marie Larose Tribal Key EmployeeRedlands92374Active
TRKE-020416 John Joseph Rochfort Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GEWP-001665 Davy Boon GE- Work Permit-RegularStockton95207Active
GEKE-001634 Pattie Jane Filippini GE- Key EmployeeTurlock95382Active
GEKE-001635 Gilbert Raymond Cisneros GE- Key EmployeeDowney90241Active
TRKE-011920 Antonia Marie Sevene Tribal Key EmployeeTemecula92592Active
TRKE-011925 Christina Gracella Preciado Tribal Key EmployeeValley Center92082Active
GVMD-000328 AGS LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GEWP-002292 Michelle Marie Darlene Smiley GE- Work Permit-RegularAntioch94509Active
TRKE-011928 William Moulton Loomis Tribal Key EmployeeMcKinleyville95519Active
TRKE-017805 Jessie Hu Tribal Key EmployeeHemet92545Active
TRKE-021606 Dara Julie Chheng Tribal Key EmployeeArboga95961Active
GVPO-001304 Loretta Wilmot Conroy Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GEKE-001650 Eric Brandon Harris GE- Key EmployeeSan Jose95123Active
GEOW-004175 Eric Brandon Harris GE- Owner-PersonSan Jose95123Active
TRKE-011968 Isabel Jeanette Vera Tribal Key EmployeePorterville93257Active
TRKE-021729 Long Ngoc Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeSacramento95815Active
TRKE-022703 Christopher Shawn