List of all Gambling Control Commission Licensed Entities by Status

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License NumberNameLicense TypeCityZip CodeLicense StatusAdmin ActionCondition
GVPO-000362 Victoria Holdings Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000363 Pata Pata AB Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000613 Japan Cash Machine Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000723 Koichiro Kamihigashi Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000719 Kazuo Okada Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000831 Daniel Eric Gladstone Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000839 Aristocrat Leisure Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000214 Giesecke & Devrient Currency Technology America Inc. Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-000976 AGT Pty Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000497 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000361 TCS John Huxley Europe Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001111 Kagemasa Kozuki Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-002152 Yasushi Shigeta Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001121 Akira Gemma Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001126 Elektroncek Group B.V. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001130 Rok Uhan Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001657 Sylvius Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001660 Marian Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001726 Ralf Wintergerst Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000404 Jackpot Digital (NV) Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000463 Apogee Gaming USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000506 Gamecode SP. Z O. O. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-004143 Daniel Moskowitz GE- Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000499 SIQ LJUBLJANA M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEOW-003528 Ralph L Wong GE- Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-021303 Jorge Escobar Tribal Key Employee  Active
GVPO-000366 Michael Bertil Knutsson Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000412 Mark Lewis Ludski Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001725 John Anthony Dominelli Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000477 John Anthony Dominelli Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000610 Yojiro Kamihigashi Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000478 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001752 Dominet Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPR-000082 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Provider  Active
GVPO-001751 NRT Technology Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001128 Joze Pececnik Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001127 Interblock d.d. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001129 Tomaz Zvipelj Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000830 Graeme John Campbell Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-000838 Aristocrat International Pty. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000954 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-000955 Verena Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
TRKE-023139 Leoncio Ramon Araiza Miranda Tribal Key Employee  Active
GVPO-001110 Kozuki Foundation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001118 Kimihiko Higashio Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001134 Konami Holdings Corporation f/k/a Konami Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVPO-001291 Tristan Nenne Sjoberg Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000403 Novomatic Americas Sales LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000368 Totalup Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-001658 Celia Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVPO-001659 Gabriel Von Mitschke-Collande Gaming Vendor Owner-Person  Active
GVMD-000427 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVPO-000956 Ainsworth Game Technology Limited Gaming Vendor Owner-Entity  Active
GVMD-000452 Wymac Development Pty Ltd M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000505 Spintec d.o.o. M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GVMD-000511 Abbiati Casino Equipment SRL M & D of Gambling Equipment-Vendor  Active
GEKE-002355 Jason David Orabuena GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk06854Active
GVPO-001853 Laurie Ellen Smock Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonWall07719Active
GVPO-001619 Jason David Oakley Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBelmar07719Active
GVPR-000017 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHammonton08037Active
GVMD-000004 American Gaming & Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHammonton08037Active
GVPO-002000 Anthony Russel Tomasello Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonSomers Point08244Active
GVMD-000156 Gaming Laboratories International LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLakewood08701Active
GVPR-000288 Halifax Security Inc. dba North American Video Gaming Vendor ProviderBrick08723Active
GVPO-001604 Halifax Security Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBrick08723Active
GVPO-001605 Peter Michael Rode Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonNew York10010Active
GEOW-003992 Darren Drake GE- Owner-PersonNew York10013Active
GEOW-004121 Paul Moskowitz GE- Owner-PersonRichmond Hill11418Active
GVPO-001326 Samuel Frank Heleba Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonClarence14031Active
GVPO-001981 Michael Robert Memminger Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonClarence Center14032Active
GVPO-001978 Nissha Co. Ltd. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GVPO-001979 Nissha Medical International Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14204Active
GVPR-000253 Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. Gaming Vendor ProviderBuffalo14240Active
GVPO-001336 Graphic Controls Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBuffalo14240Active
GVPO-001304 Loretta Wilmot Conroy Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001113 James R. Wilmot Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001145 Thomas C. Wilmot Jr. Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001112 Paul J. Wilmot Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-000016 Thomas C. Wilmot Sr. Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPittsford14534Active
GVPO-001114 Ronald A. Cocquyt Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonVictor14564Active
GVPO-001109 B.V. Oro LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPO-000014 Casino Development & Management Co. LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPO-000015 CDM Management LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityRochester14624Active
GVPR-000007 Buena Vista Development Co. LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderRochester14624Active
TRKE-022061 Raymond Edward Szescila Jr Tribal Key EmployeeHudson18705Active
GVMD-000395 KGM Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBensalem19020Active
GVPO-001364 Frederick Charles Tecce Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGladwyne19035Active
GVPO-001363 Donald Richard Caldwell Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHaverford19041Active
GVPO-001360 Brian Drew Haveson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGarnet Valley19060Active
GVPO-001366 Lightning Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityBoothwyn19061Active
GVMD-000343 Lightning Slot Machines LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBoothwyn19061Active
GVPR-000259 Lightning Slot Machines LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBoothwyn19061Active
GVPO-002240 Kurt Franklin Gallo Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonNewtown Square19073Active
GVPO-002236 Jan-Hinrik Bauwe Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonSpring City19475Active
TPOW-000658 Fredric Robert Gumbinner TP Registrant - Owner-PersonFairfax22030Active
TRKE-018655 Beau Carroll Swanson Tribal Key EmployeeSpotsylvania22551Active
GVMD-000467 Innovative Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
GVMD-000393 Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDuluth30096Active
TRKE-019451 Brenda Louise Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeePanama City32408Active
GEOW-003728 Judith Ariadne Moskowitz-Schultz GE- Owner-PersonHollywood33021Active
GVPO-000957 Miguel A. Cuadros Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPompano Beach33062Active
GVMD-000516 Win Systems International Holdings Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMiami33137Active
GEOW-004009 Moskowitz Irrevocable Business Management Trust No. 4 GE- Owner-EntityMiami Beach33140Active
GEOW-003294 The Moskowitz Joint Revocable Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityMiami33140Active Decision
GEOW-004127 Laurie Hirsch GE- Owner-PersonMiami33180Active
GEOW-004128 Laurie Hirsch GE- Owner-PersonMiami33180Active
GEOW-003491 Laurie Hirsch GE- Owner-PersonMiami33180Active
GVMD-000491 Reel Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorFt. Lauderdale33304Active
GVPO-001252 Vincent Louis Sadusky Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBoca Raton33432Active
TRKE-021638 Sean Michael Phillips Tribal Key EmployeeLithia33547Active
TRKE-021722 John Wesley Meckley Tribal Key EmployeeSeffner33584Active
TRKE-018916 Michael Gerard Rose Tribal Key EmployeeMarco Island34146Active
TRKE-019818 Salvatore Giamporcaro Jr. Tribal Key EmployeePort Richey34668Active
GEOW-003842 Vanessa Rae Erickson GE- Owner-PersonFranklin37067Active
GEOW-004073 Vanessa Rae Erickson GE- Owner-PersonFranklin37067Active
GEOW-003837 Anthony Nico Lunardi GE- Owner-PersonFranklin37067Active
GEOW-002691 Melissa A Walker GE- Owner-PersonMEMPHIS38119Active
GVPR-000036 The United States Playing Card Company Gaming Vendor ProviderErlanger41018Active
GVPO-000276 USPC Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityErlanger41018Active
GVPO-000277 Bicycle Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityErlanger41018Active
GVPO-000662 Evelyn J. Mihin Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGalena43021Active
GVMD-000126 Nick Farley & Associates Inc. dba Eclipse Compliance Testing M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorSolon44139Active
GVPO-000389 Gary L. Gasser Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGirard44420Active
GVPO-000390 Mark E. Gasser Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHubbard44425Active
GVPR-000059 Gasser Chair Company Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderYoungstown44505Active
GVPO-001570 Michael William Slaughter Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCincinnati45255Active
GVMD-000510 Slot Machines Unlimited Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorTipp City45371Active
GVMD-000346 Patriot Gaming & Electronics Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorGriffith46319Active
GVMD-000201 Muncie Novelty Company Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMuncie47303Active
GVPO-001355 Thomas Celani Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonBloomfield Hills48302Active
GVPR-000256 Luna Gaming - Upper Lake LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderNovi48375Active
GVPO-001353 LGUL Management Company Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityNovi48375Active
GVPO-002232 Thomas Joseph Mertens Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHamel55340Active
GVPO-001468 Chad Brian Hoehne Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonMinnetonka55345Active
GVPR-000268 Table Trac Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderMinnetonka55345Active
GVPO-002233 William Martinez Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonMinnetonka55345Active
GVPO-002123 Randy William Gilbert Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonWayzata55391Active
GVPO-002220 Robert Rolland Siqveland Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonMinneapolis55441Active
GVMD-000515 Slotco LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorOnamia56359Active
GVMD-000294 Incredible Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorVernon Hills60061Active
GVPR-000263 Incredible Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderVernon Hills60061Active
GVPO-001980 Ryokei Tsuruta Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonSchaumburg60193Active
GVPO-001386 James M. Dore Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonNaperville60540Active
GVMD-000318 Midwest Game Supply Company M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorKearney64060Active
GVMD-000482 Pervasive Gaming Operations LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorOklahoma City73106Active
GEOW-003437 Sara Michaela Downs GE- Owner-PersonRockwall75087Active
TPOW-000478 Roy Aaron Choi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonDallas75225Active Statement of Particulars
TPOW-000620 Roy Aaron Choi TP Registrant - Owner-PersonDallas75225Active
GEOW-003985 Roy Aaron Choi GE- Owner-PersonDallas75225Active
GVMD-000454 Texas Slots & Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDallas75229Active
TRKE-020531 Albert Alfred Cope Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLeonard75452Active
GEOW-002622 Haig Papaian Jr. GE- Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
TPOW-000567 Haig Papaian Jr. Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
GEOW-003500 Haig Papaian Jr. GE- Owner-PersonHouston77219Active
GVPR-000193 Genesis Gaming Solutions Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderSpring77373Active
GVPO-000791 Randall Lee Knust Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonThe Woodlands77382Active
GVPO-000793 Richard Patrick Garza Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonFredericksburg78624Active
GVPO-000794 Alton Eric Schoppe Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonAustin78737Active
GEOW-003118 Maureen Orbus GE- Owner-PersonBroomfield80023Active
GVPR-000046 Masque Publishing Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLone Tree80124Active
GVPO-000333 James M. Wisler Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLone Tree80124Active
GVPO-000334 Donna Jo Adam Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLone Tree80124Active
GVMD-000367 Aces Up Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorDenver80211Active
GVPO-000335 David F. Zinger Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonDenver80237Active
GEOW-003426 Todd Orbus GE- Owner-PersonGolden80403Active
GVMD-000507 Ten Stix Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMorrison80465Active
GEOW-003435 Ryan Orbus GE- Owner-PersonBrighton80602Active
GVPR-000106 Avalon Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderGrand Junction81506Active
GVPO-000575 Randy Ray Beard Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonGrand Junction81506Active
TPOW-000561 Barbara Welch Tumanjan Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003581 Barbara Welch Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
TPOW-000442 Harry George Tumanjan Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003580 Harry George Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonBoise83706Active
GEOW-003576 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 GE- Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
TPOW-000602 Tumanjan Family Trust dated August 6 2014 Owner-EntityBoise83706Active
GEOW-003157 Chris Ray GE- Owner-PersonHayden83835Active
GEOW-003620 Robin Beth Vest GE- Owner-PersonHeber City84032Active
TPOW-000514 Robin Beth Vest Owner-PersonHeber City84032Active
GEOW-003619 The Robin Beth Vest Separate Property Trust GE- Owner-EntityHeber City84032Active
GEOW-003621 Kevin Standish Vest GE- Owner-PersonHeber City84032Active
GEOW-003926 James Marshall Murray GE- Owner-PersonPark City84060Active
GVMD-000287 FBM Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorPhoenix85012Active
GVPO-002271 Riester Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityPhoenix85018Active
GVPR-000293 RIESTER Sonoran LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderPhoenix85018Active
TRKE-016646 Jamie Douglas Brooks Tribal Key EmployeePhoenix85048Active
GEOW-003192 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GEOW-003149 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GEOW-003962 Chant Manoukian GE- Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GVPO-001649 Timothy William Riester Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonParadise Valley85253Active
GEKE-002161 William M. Hughes GE- Key EmployeeScottsdale85255Active
TRKE-023585 Donald Sherwood Ayers Tribal Key EmployeeLitchfield Park85340Active
TRKE-018651 Donna Louise Roper Tribal Key EmployeeParker85344Active
TRIB-000026 Colorado River Indian Tribes of the Colorado River Indian Reservation TribeParker85344Active
TRKE-017280 Richard Angulo Tribal Key EmployeeSan Luis85349Active
TRKE-016490 Manuel Evaristo Carrillo Tribal Key EmployeeSomerton85350Active
TRKE-014910 Jeronimo Reyes Torres Tribal Key EmployeeSomerton85350Active
TRKE-015348 Victoria Lee Craun Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-014218 Eleuterio Orlando Gonzales Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-012711 Jacqulyn Nicole Duffy Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-013501 Jose Manuel Jaimes Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-013776 Tety Herawaty Street Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-017656 David John Rangel Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-018162 James Lamar Evensen Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-015907 Blanca Esthela Leyva Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-009949 Jesse Burciaga Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-012254 Miriam Marie Salas Fillinger Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-021585 Stephen Joseph Ditchkus Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-017657 Robert Michael Roach Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-014277 Scott Bloom Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-002632 Charles Barry Montague Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-002585 Christopher Andrew Duran Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85364Active
TRKE-014821 Anesia Mae Noriega Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-014075 Jerry Lynn Allison Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-019605 Jaime Raya Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-011496 April Mae Solis Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-013673 Kyong Suk Qualls Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-013793 Abraham Mosqueda Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-016177 Jacqueline Seyfert Tribal Key EmployeeYuma85365Active
TRKE-021447 Laurel Elaine Kruse-Arett Tribal Key EmployeeLake Havasu City86403Active
TRKE-024177 Clark John Pierce Tribal Key EmployeeLake Havasu City86403Active
TRKE-015305 Robin Marie Stone Tribal Key EmployeeLake Havasu City86404Active
TRKE-021183 Kim Marie Butler Tribal Key EmployeeLake Havasu City86404Active
TRKE-015557 Vickie Shawn Yount Tribal Key EmployeeTopock86436Active
GEOW-003675 William Allen Zender GE- Owner-PersonSanta Fe87508Active
GVPO-000557 Colton L. Vollmann Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89002Active
GVMD-000513 Inspire Technology LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBlue Diamond89004Active
GVPR-000105 Inspire Technology LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderBlue Diamond89004Active
GVMD-000437 Landry Holdings LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89011Active
GVMD-000495 Zitro USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89012Active
TPOW-000128 Lori Beth Suson Owner-PersonHenderson89012Active
GVPO-002005 Todd Paulden Cravens Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89012Active
GVPO-000329 Peter D. Cleary Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89012Active
GVPO-000503 Stephen Sutherland Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89012Active
GVPR-000102 VSR Industries Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderHenderson89014Active
GVMD-000270 Next Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorNorth Las Vegas89030Active
TPOW-000531 Susan Gail Schyman Owner-PersonHenderson89052Active
GEKE-001704 Deven Kumar GE- Key EmployeeHenderson89052Active
GVPO-001595 John-Martin Meyer Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonHenderson89053Active
GVPR-000284 Perpetual Gaming LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderHenderson89053Active
GVMD-000373 Perpetual Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorHenderson89053Active
GVMD-000489 Competition Interactive LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89102Active
TRKE-019743 Daniel Kieran Milloy Tribal Key EmployeeLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000182 Caesars Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-001656 William Thomas Dunn Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89109Active
GVPR-000295 Dunn Gaming Solutions Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-002228 Richard Allen Ditton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000183 CEOC LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89109Active
GVPR-000037 HCAL LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89109Active
GVPO-000991 Everi Games Holding Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000287 Ditronics Financial Services LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001601 Virginia Fetyko Vasilakos Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001602 George Steven Vasilakos Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000279 Empire Technological Group Limited Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000457 Empire Technological Group Limited M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-002262 Margaret Anna Vasilakos Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000429 Synergy Blue LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000508 Akkadian Enterprises M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000509 Acres Manufacturing Company M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000512 The Talisman Group LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000485 Everi Games Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000042 Everi Games Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-000873 Geoffrey Perona Judge Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000200 Everi Payments Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001648 Randy Lee Taylor Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001729 Randy Lee Taylor Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001600 George James Vasilakos Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001603 The Vasilakos Family Trust UDT 12/09/1992 Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89113Active
GVPR-000096 IGT Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89113Active
GVMD-000005 IGT M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89113Active
GVPO-001505 Robert Barron Ziems Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89117Active
GVMD-000504 EConnect Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89117Active
TPOW-000562 Michelle Jan Robbins Owner-PersonLas Vegas89117Active
GVMD-000241 Aruze Gaming America Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVPR-000158 Aruze Gaming America Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GVPR-000062 Ainsworth Game Technology Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000030 Ainsworth Game Technology Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000514 Slotcycle LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000328 AGS LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89118Active
GVPR-000300 Galaxy Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89118Active
GVMD-000007 PDS Gaming LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000045 PDS Gaming LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000234 Interblock USA L.C. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000297 Interblock USA L.C. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000162 SUZOHAPP Gaming Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000114 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000490 JCM American Corporation dba JCM Global M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000487 GameCo LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000461 Sega Sammy Creation USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000092 Konami Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000003 Konami Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000397 BMM North America Inc. dba BMM Testlabs M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000365 Gaming Arts LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVMD-000001 SG Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89119Active
GVPR-000060 SG Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89119Active
GVPO-001096 Konami Corporation of America Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89119Active
GVPO-000906 Everi Holdings Inc. Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000306 NRT Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000054 TCS John Huxley America Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVMD-000483 TCS John Huxley America Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89120Active
GVPO-000980 PDS Holding LLC Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89120Active
GVPR-000009 Global Surveillance Associates Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89120Active
GVMD-000396 Richar Fitoussi M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89121Active
GVPO-001727 John Joseph Connelly IV Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89128Active
GEOW-003271 Lori Bertges GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89131Active
GVPO-002004 Mark Allan Lipparelli Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89134Active
GVPO-001986 Harry Hagerty III Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GEOW-003892 Richard Kevin Barclay GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GEOW-003835 Richard Kevin Barclay GE- Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
TPOW-000529 Richard Kevin Barclay Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GVPO-002024 Nicholas William DiCerbo Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GVPO-001286 Michael David Rumbolz Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89135Active
GVMD-000027 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89135Active
GVPR-000112 Aristocrat Technologies Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89135Active
GVPO-001561 Linyi Feng Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89138Active
TPOW-000661 Linyi Feng TP Registrant - Owner-PersonLas Vegas89138Active
GVMD-000424 Bluberi Gaming USA Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89139Active
GVMD-000382 Zuum USA LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89145Active
GVPO-001384 Elaine A. Hodgson Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89145Active
GVMD-000503 Oakpoint LTD M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorLas Vegas89147Active
GVPO-000713 Gaming Partners International Corporation Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityLas Vegas89169Active
GVPR-000029 Gaming Partners International USA Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderLas Vegas89169Active
GVPO-002047 Luke Kenneth Orchard Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLas Vegas89183Active
TRKE-023830 Ray Eugene Gentry Tribal Key EmployeeDayton89403Active
TRIB-000105 Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California (Carson Colony Dresslerville Colony Woodfords Community Stewart Community & Washoe Ranches) TribeGardnerville89410Active
GVPR-000285 International Network in Advance Gaming Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderMinden89423Active
GVMD-000375 International Network in Advance Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorMinden89423Active
GVPO-001593 Mark Hamilton Jones Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonWellington89444Active
GVPO-000567 Troy Michael DeFrees-Parrott Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonIncline Village89451Active
GVMD-000062 Dynasty Games Distributing M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorReno89511Active
GVPR-000196 Dynasty Games Distributing Gaming Vendor ProviderReno89511Active
GVPO-000877 Roger Lynn Fuller Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonReno89511Active
GVPO-001303 Richard Michael Pennington Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonReno89511Active
GVMD-000501 Bad Hare Gaming Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorReno89511Active
GVPO-000918 International Game Technology Gaming Vendor Owner-EntityReno89521Active
BGVO-000074 Steven Edward Smallman Bingo Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCarson City89703Active
BGVP-000024 Success Story Marketing and Consulting LLC Bingo Gaming Vendor-ProviderCarson City89703Active
TPSU-001397 Jacqueline Angelica Sierra SupervisorLos Angeles90001Active
TPPL-026233 Edwin E Amaya PlayerLos Angeles90002Active
TPPL-025985 Miguel Fuentes PlayerLos Angeles90003Active
TPPL-017224 Bryan Ovidio Archila PlayerLos Angeles90003Active
TPPL-014600 William Leslie Quinn PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPPL-025837 Kanita Virojesangthong PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPPL-013247 Kanita Virojesangthong PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPPL-026043 Raul Joseph Suzara II PlayerLos Angeles90004Active
TPPL-017825 Carlos Antonio Varela Jr. PlayerLos Angeles90006Active
TPPL-018190 Vincent Chavez PlayerLos Angeles90011Active
TPSU-001619 Gerardo Alexis Barrientos SupervisorLos Angeles90011Active
TPSU-001769 Gerardo Alexis Barrientos SupervisorLos Angeles90011Active
TPSU-001789 Ricardo Munoz SupervisorLos Angeles90011Active
TPPL-021039 Victor Manuel Elvira Jr. PlayerLos Angeles90011Active
TPPL-025705 Marco Antonio Rios PlayerLos Angeles90011Active
TPOW-000590 Manuel Moreno Owner-PersonLos Angeles90012Active
TPPP-000049 Certified Network M Inc. Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
TPPL-015388 Darvin Gustavo Miranda PlayerLos Angeles90015Active
TPPL-024921 Lincoln James Scott PlayerLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004134 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004114 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004195 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003969 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003968 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003967 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003959 Park West Casinos Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004194 Parkwest Bicycle Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004056 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004057 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003973 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003974 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003972 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-003971 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004196 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004135 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004116 John H. Park Trust under Declaration of Trust dated July 18 2012 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
TPPP-000141 Majesty Partners LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GEOW-004113 Parkwest Casino Marina LLC GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90015Active
TPPP-000002 Network Management Group Inc. Primary ProviderLos Angeles90015Active
GVPO-001511 John Thomas Steely Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonLos Angeles90015Active
TPOW-000619 Jieho John Lee TP Registrant - Owner-PersonLos Angeles90015Active
TPOW-000479 Jieho John Lee TP Registrant - Owner-PersonLos Angeles90015Active Statement of Particulars
TPOW-000577 Sara Meshael Garcia Owner-PersonLos Angeles90017Active
GEOW-003524 Sara Meshael Garcia GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90017Active
TPOW-000532 Steven Craig Anter Owner-PersonLos Angeles90018Active
TPPL-025844 Carlen Braxton Porter PlayerLos Angeles90018Active
TPPL-020791 Gabriel Mark Rosenberg PlayerLos Angeles90018Active
TPSU-001525 Daniel Siria SupervisorCommerce90022Active
TPPL-024803 Hoa Linh Moc PlayerLos Angeles90022Active
GEOW-003999 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
GEOW-003958 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
GEOW-003766 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
GEOW-003770 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
GEOW-003776 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
GEOW-003778 Tracey A Kennedy GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90024Active
TPPL-025107 Chong Jin Sung PlayerLos Angeles90026Active
TPPL-012379 Brittney Lauren Nikiel PlayerLos Angeles90028Active
TPPL-024727 Whitney Shanice Ransome PlayerLos Angeles90031Active
GEKE-002223 Sergio Rivas GE- Key EmployeeLos Angeles90032Active
TPPL-025935 Michael Andrew Head PlayerLos Angeles90033Active
TPSU-001380 Jeffrey Eric Debing SupervisorLos Angeles90034Active
TPPL-015130 Blanca Lidia Rodriguez PlayerLos Angeles90037Active
TPPL-025761 Tristan Rodriguez PlayerLos Angeles90037Active
TPPL-015517 Angel Ruiz PlayerLos Angeles90037Active
TPPL-025758 Thelma Aranda Sugay PlayerLos Angeles90039Active
TPPL-012047 David Alex Jen PlayerLos Angeles90039Active
TPPL-023598 Rene Bravo Jr. PlayerCommerce90040Active
GEGE-001093 Commerce Casino Gambling EstablishmentCommerce90040Active
GEJU-000020 City of Commerce - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionLos Angeles90040Active
TPPL-013238 Keith Thomas King PlayerLos Angeles90041Active
TPPL-013226 Kevin Bune PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TPPL-020774 Kevin Bune PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TPPL-013224 Guadalupe Maria Alvarado PlayerLos Angeles90042Active
TPPL-026410 Cheryl Rose Flores PlayerLos Angeles90043Active
TPPP-000158 Faros Unlimited Inc. TP Registrant - Primary ProviderLos Angeles90045Active
GEKE-001814 Samuel Steven Cohen GE- Key EmployeeLos Angeles90045Active
TPPL-020785 Melissa Valencia PlayerLos Angeles90047Active
TPPL-013424 Melissa Valencia PlayerLos Angeles90047Active
GEOW-003718 Patrick Andrew Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003719 Patrick Andrew Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003464 Patrick Andrew Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003465 Jamie Leibeth Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003711 Jamie Leibeth Tierney GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003795 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003796 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004001 Delta CM Inc. GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004000 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003148 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active Decision
GEOW-003193 Delta C LP GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003481 Michael Schwartz GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003143 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active Decision
GEOW-003196 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003896 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-003895 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004002 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
GEOW-004003 Tigran Z. Marcarian GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90049Active
TPPL-020797 Francisco Javier Perez PlayerLos Angeles90059Active
TPPL-015539 Francisco Javier Perez PlayerLos Angeles90059Active
TPPL-020386 Angela Maire Tyson PlayerLos Angeles90059Active
TPPL-016679 Daniel Medina Sanchez Jr. PlayerLos Angeles90062Active
TPPL-020768 Daniel Medina Sanchez Jr. PlayerLos Angeles90062Active
TPSU-001383 Michael Robert Nyman SupervisorLos Angeles90064Active
TPPL-025121 Catherine Shwe Kye Wong PlayerLos Angeles90065Active
TPSU-001576 Jorge Noe Rangel SupervisorLos Angeles90065Active
GEOW-002660 Linda Marie Ross GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90067Active
TPOW-000401 Linda Marie Ross Owner-PersonLos Angeles90067Active
TPOW-000399 Harvey and Linda Ross Trust Dated August 3 1989 Owner-EntityLos Angeles90067Active
GEOW-002701 Harvey and Linda Ross Trust Dated August 3 1989 GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90067Active
GEKE-000547 Paul C. Chilleo II GE- Key EmployeeWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004207 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004209 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004210 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004206 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004173 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004174 Elizabeth Ann Flynt GE- Owner-PersonWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-004170 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityWest Hollywood90069Active
GEOW-002690 Michael Yancey Roos GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90071Active
TPOW-000412 Michael Yancey Roos Owner-PersonLos Angeles90071Active
GEOW-003586 Massman Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityLos Angeles90077Active
GEOW-003495 Ronald Massman GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90077Active
GEOW-003577 Annette M. Massman GE- Owner-PersonLos Angeles90077Active
GEOW-001220 Walter J Lack GE- Owner-PersonBel Air90077Active
GEOW-001240 Barbara J Lack GE- Owner-PersonBel Air90077Active
GEKE-000562 Lucrecia A. Ramirez GE- Key EmployeeBell Gardens90201Active
TPPL-011853 Angel Ignacio Covarrubias PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPPL-013286 Marco Antonio Barajas PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPSU-001787 Ruslan Zhantayev SupervisorCudahy90201Active
TPPL-015536 Obideo Mojarro PlayerBell Gardens90201Active
TPSU-002033 Tanya Lucia Najar SupervisorBell Gardens90201Active
TPSU-002017 Adrian Arturo Porcayo SupervisorBell90201Active
GEJU-000022 City of Cudahy - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCudahy90201Active
GEJU-000019 City of Bell Gardens - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionBell Gardens90201Active
GEOW-003522 Hashem Minaiy GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000413 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002705 Suzanne Papaian Declaration of Trust dated December 30 2003 GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-003103 Leo Yu Ming Chu GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
TPOW-000414 Suzanne Carol Papaian Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-002661 Suzanne Carol Papaian GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90210Active
GEOW-004093 Lawrence Michael Kopeikin GE- Owner-PersonBEVERLY HILLS90210Active
GEOW-003625 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
GEOW-003704 Larry Flynt Revocable Trust GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
GEOW-003703 Casino LLC GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90211Active
GEOW-003405 JHM Charitable Foundation GE- Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
TPOW-000530 JHM Charitable Foundation Owner-EntityBeverly Hills90212Active
TPOW-000376 Gary William Hampar Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90212Active
GEOW-003666 Gary William Hampar GE- Owner-PersonBeverly Hills90212Active
GEGE-001282 Crystal Casino Gambling EstablishmentCompton90220Active
TPSU-001522 Harold Quy Pham SupervisorCompton90220Active
GEJU-000021 City of Compton - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionCompton90220Active
GEKE-000559 Soosemea Masina GE- Key EmployeeCompton90221Active
TPSU-001757 Albaro Resendiz SupervisorCompton90221Active
TPSU-001374 Mayra Resendiz SupervisorCompton90221Active
TPSU-001903 George Agapitos SupervisorCulver City90230Active
GEKE-001401 Ramy Boushra Wahba GE- Key EmployeeDowney90240Active
TPPL-025229 Andy Yi PlayerDowney90240Active
GEKE-001635 Gilbert Raymond Cisneros GE- Key EmployeeDowney90241Active
GEKE-001822 Johnny Reeves GE- Key EmployeeDowney90242Active
TPPL-023013 Arthur Joseph Panganiban Robles PlayerDowney90242Active
TPPL-013237 Arthur Joseph Panganiban Robles PlayerDowney90242Active
TPSU-001805 David Samuel Novick SupervisorDowney90242Active
TRKE-022439 Alireza Rezazadeh Tribal Key EmployeeDowney90242Active
GEOW-004169 El Dorado LF LLC GE- Owner-EntityGardena90247Active
TPPL-024670 Jessy Dannely Flores PlayerGardena90247Active
TPSU-001357 Bernadette Bona Duque SupervisorGardena90247Active
TPPL-020848 Britney Denae Kronberger PlayerGardena90247Active
TPPL-015129 Britney Denae Kronberger PlayerGardena90247Active
GEJU-000023 City of Gardena - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionGardena90247Active
GEGE-001343 Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active
GEGE-001388 Hustler Casino Gambling EstablishmentGardena90247Active License Certificate
TPPL-024955 Nicholoux Elmer Vivas Monteclaro PlayerGardena90248Active
GEKE-002258 Diana Flores GE- Key EmployeeHawthorne90250Active
TPSU-001466 Pritesh Chandra SupervisorHawthorne90250Active
TPSU-001524 Jordan Matthew Price SupervisorHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-025807 Raymond Eduardo Ramirez PlayerHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-025678 Anthony Chavez Trejo PlayerHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-021076 Reynaldo Alivio Cortez Jr. PlayerHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-021211 Channa Sheree Thornton PlayerHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-025236 Jordan Ameer Abdulmajid PlayerHawthorne90250Active
TPPL-025763 Cesar Samuel Hernandez PlayerHuntington Park90255Active
TPSU-001947 Lexi Michelle Keener SupervisorLawndale90260Active
GEKE-002257 Malia Iuliana Poshtkoohi GE- Key EmployeeLawndale90260Active
TPSU-001897 Kenny Chau SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TPSU-001506 Bryan Keith Afinidad SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TPSU-001590 Bryan Keith Afinidad SupervisorLawndale90260Active
TPPL-025709 Kimberly Adilene Moran De Leon PlayerLynwood90262Active
TPSU-001952 Cynthia Gomez SupervisorLynwood90262Active
TPSU-001687 William Leovardo Del Cid SupervisorLynwood90262Active
TPPL-025907 Ceasar Del Cid PlayerLynwood90262Active
GVPO-002053 Barry Laine Cottle Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
TPOW-000436 Lysa Grigorian Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
GEOW-003665 Lysa Grigorian GE- Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
GEOW-003664 Lysa Grigorian GE- Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90266Active
GEOW-003501 Haig Papaian Jr. Trust dated February 12 2013 GE- Owner-EntityManhattan Beach90267Active
TPOW-000568 Hien Nguyen Papaian Owner-PersonManhattan Beach90267Active
TPSU-002025 Dora Melyssa Reyes SupervisorMaywood90270Active
TPPL-020782 Ivan Zepeda Flores PlayerMaywood90270Active
GEOW-003845 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003846 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003847 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003848 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003849 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003786 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004117 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004139 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004200 Emily Shin Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003785 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003852 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003853 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003854 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003850 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003851 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004199 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004197 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004198 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004165 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004158 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004166 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004126 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004136 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004137 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004138 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004131 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-004115 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003222 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active Decision
GEOW-003214 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003139 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003141 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003424 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003325 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
GEOW-003312 John Hee-Jong Park GE- Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active Decision
TPOW-000073 John Hee-Jong Park Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
TPOW-000221 John Hee-Jong Park Owner-PersonPacific Palisades90272Active
TPOW-000614 Carla Tumanjan TP Registrant - Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Peninsula90274Active
GEOW-003978 Carla Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Peninsula90274Active
TPOW-000443 Michael Arthur Tumanjan Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Estates90274Active
GEOW-003516 Michael Arthur Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Estates90274Active
GEOW-003979 Michael Arthur Tumanjan GE- Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Estates90274Active
GEOW-002644 Victor Varton Hovsepian GE- Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Estates90274Active
TPOW-000427 Victor Varton Hovsepian Owner-PersonPalos Verdes Estates90274Active
TPOW-000605 Michael A. Tumanjan and Carla Tumanjan Living Trust TP Registrant - Owner-EntityRolling Hills Estates90274Active
GEOW-003977 Michael A. Tumanjan and Carla Tumanjan Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityRolling Hills Estates90274Active
GEKE-002615 Barry Allan Shapiro GE- Key EmployeeRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003790 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003791 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003792 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003788 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004118 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004140 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004176 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004193 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004157 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004164 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004163 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004201 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003750 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-004202 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GEOW-003593 Michael Charles Vasey GE- Owner-PersonRancho Palos Verdes90275Active
GVMD-000492 L.A. Slot Machine Company Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorRedondo Beach90278Active
TPSU-001828 Jesse Alfredo Barcos SupervisorSouth Gate90280Active
TPSU-001890 Joanna Chihuahua SupervisorSouth Gate90280Active
TPSU-001895 Enrique Alejandro Sanchez SupervisorSouth Gate90280Active
TPPL-016279 Anthony Alexander Juarez PlayerSouth Gate90280Active
TPPL-024584 Andres Armando Romero PlayerSouth Gate90280Active
GEKE-002256 Jorge Luis Magana GE- Key EmployeeSouth Gate90280Active
GEJU-000025 City of Inglewood - Los Angeles GE- JurisdictionInglewood90301Active
GEKE-001324 Camille Johnson GE- Key EmployeeInglewood90302Active
TPPL-014386 Jessica Renee Skinner PlayerInglewood90303Active
GEOW-003989 Hollywood Park Casino Company LLC GE- Owner-EntityInglewood90303Active
GEGE-001367 Hollywood Park Casino Gambling EstablishmentInglewood90303Active
TPSU-001999 Nicolas Palomino SupervisorInglewood90304Active
TRKE-019948 Antony Ward Tribal Key EmployeeSanta Monica90404Active
TPSU-000943 Connie Chung SupervisorTorrance90501Active
TPSU-001896 Mary Ann Ballesta Villanueva SupervisorTorrance90501Active
GEOW-003463 Sierra Coast Services LLC GE- Owner-EntityTorrance90502Active
TPSU-001188 Jessar Bamer Pleyto SupervisorTorrance90502Active
GEKE-001967 Stephen Terry Arnold GE- Key EmployeeTorrance90503Active
TPSU-001835 Karlo Marzan Deza SupervisorTorrance90503Active
GEKE-001958 Janet Reynolds GE- Key EmployeeTorrance90504Active
TPPL-024401 Terence Tinlon Ma PlayerTorrance90504Active
TPPL-025157 Kennedy Domingo Go PlayerTorrance90505Active
TPSU-001930 Raul Juarez Jr. SupervisorWhittier90601Active
GEKE-001847 James Phillip Riccio GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90601Active
TPSU-001894 Anh Nguyen Phan SupervisorWhittier90601Active
GEKE-002251 Abel Ramon Iniguez GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90601Active
TRKE-022788 Michael James De La Garza Tribal Key EmployeeWhittier90601Active
GEKE-002671 Loren Joseph Pallatin GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90601Active
TPPL-016250 Jeska Hoi Shum PlayerWhittier90602Active
TPSU-001836 Oscar Omar Kasri SupervisorWhittier90603Active
GEKE-000922 Cynthia E Fuentes GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90603Active
GEKE-001361 Diana R Sanchez GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90604Active
GEKE-001693 James Griffo GE- Key EmployeeWhittier90604Active
TPPL-015535 Michael Bryan Harris PlayerWhittier90604Active
TPOW-000422 Arsen Malkasian Owner-PersonWhittier90605Active
GEOW-002645 Arsen Malkasian GE- Owner-PersonWhittier90605Active
TPPL-012046 Roderick Valdez PlayerBuena Park90620Active
TPPL-020786 Roderick Valdez PlayerBuena Park90620Active
GEKE-001718 Piyasook Keaotamai Lee GE- Key EmployeeBuena Park90620Active
GEKE-001782 Claudine Yassa GE- Key EmployeeBuena Park90620Active
TPSU-001951 Creasetian Lauren Ilo Cajayon SupervisorBuena Park90621Active
TRKE-021772 Marina Ho Choi Tribal Key EmployeeBuena Park90621Active
TRKE-022353 Abigail Ramirez Feliciano Tribal Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
GEKE-002611 Minh Tonthat GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
TPPL-014144 Zachary Lawrence Nord PlayerLa Palma90623Active
GEKE-001196 Alonzo Johnson GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
GEKE-002622 Don Tran GE- Key EmployeeLa Palma90623Active
TPPP-000153 F2 TPS LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderCypress90630Active
GEOW-003963 Jacklyn Gayle Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonLa Habra Heights90631Active
TPOW-000462 Jacklyn Gayle Adelshian Owner-PersonLa Habra Heights90631Active
GEKE-002309 Alan Wong GE- Key EmployeeLa Mirada90638Active
GEKE-002520 Joseph Lu Lee GE- Key EmployeeMontebello90640Active
GEKE-001823 Jack Hagop Tumasian GE- Key EmployeeMontebello90640Active
GEOW-003961 Nishan Timothy Adelshian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TRKE-022618 Dillon Robert Vizer Tribal Key EmployeeMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000418 Kenny Kaizak Mosikian Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEOW-002668 Kenny Kaizak Mosikian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEOW-002649 Zoya Mosikian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
TPOW-000431 Susan Avdalian Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEOW-002633 Susan Avdalian GE- Owner-PersonMontebello90640Active
GEKE-002345 Cristina I Stephens GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk90650Active
TPSU-001831 Anthony Edward Aldapa Jr SupervisorNorwalk90650Active
GEKE-002222 Marvin Thomas Stephens Sr. GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-025906 Anthony Cesar Monsalvo PlayerNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-023993 Ruby Ojeda PlayerNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-016960 Ruby Ojeda PlayerNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-025340 Noel Cruz PlayerNorwalk90650Active
GEKE-001996 James Kevan Hicklin GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk90650Active
GEKE-000548 David Mark Edwards GE- Key EmployeeNorwalk90650Active
TPPL-021212 Adrian Armando Perez PlayerPico Rivera90660Active
TPPL-021808 Veronica Judith Ceja PlayerPico Rivera90660Active
TPPL-016483 Diego Ibarra Mendez PlayerPico Rivera90660Active
TPPL-021094 Matthew Charles Gutierrez PlayerSanta Fe Springs90670Active
GEKE-002497 Richard Thomas Tilley GE- Key EmployeeStanton90680Active
TPPL-025559 Yogen Rai PlayerArtesia90701Active
TPEM-000151 Von Stephen Ortega Dizon Other EmployeeArtesia90701Active
TPPL-021145 Kushu Maharjan PlayerArtesia90701Active
TPPL-025610 Brenda Almario Macabulos PlayerArtesia90701Active
GEKE-002123 Steven Charles Dadaian GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPPL-016658 Michael Patrick Degracia Cabalbag PlayerCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002121 Danell Denice Lydon GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPSU-001384 Erin Michelle Pulley SupervisorCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002419 Nedy Amistoso Warren GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
GEKE-000270 Peter Coleman Lydon GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
GEKE-002606 Hoon Tonie Hur GE- Key EmployeeCerritos90703Active
TPSU-001516 Deep Naresh Kotak SupervisorCerritos90703Active
TPSU-001511 Alma Mireya Del Viento Herrera SupervisorBellflower90706Active
TPSU-001152 Sattha Pho SupervisorBellflower90706Active
TPPL-025616 Robert Leroy Martin PlayerBellflower90706Active
GEKE-001860 Ralph John Nunley GE- Key EmployeeBellflower90706Active
GEKE-001607 Brenda Lee Hill GE- Key EmployeeBellflower90706Active
TPPL-016631 Edward Michael Romero PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-023731 Edward Michael Romero PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-025602 Joseph Thomas Lindsay PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-013292 Sophea Ban Polson PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-025658 Albert Isaac Garcia Rivera PlayerBellflower90706Active
TPPL-012410 Nelson Javier Delgado PlayerHarbor City90710Active
GEKE-002612 Jeffrey David Stubblebine GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90712Active
GEKE-000298 Rick James Covello GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90712Active
TPSU-001964 Kevin Alexander II SupervisorLakewood90712Active
GEKE-002122 Markus Buettner GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90713Active
GEKE-001905 Carolyn Marie Uzeta GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90713Active
TPPL-013494 Yany Sin PlayerLakewood90715Active
TPPL-025614 Alexander Francesco Marchese PlayerLakewood90715Active
TPPL-025111 Jules Alain Liwag Torres PlayerLakewood90715Active
TPSU-002058 Jamielyn Dela Torre Yang SupervisorLakewood90715Active
TPSU-001356 Ashlie Meas SupervisorLakewood90715Active
TPSU-001523 Bunthy Phon SupervisorLakewood90715Active
TPPL-021041 Jovie De La Torre Yang PlayerLakewood90715Active
GEKE-002501 Danny Sanchez GE- Key EmployeeLakewood90715Active
TPSU-001929 Sergio Manuel Oliver SupervisorLakewood90715Active
GEKE-002585 Costinel Nedelcu GE- Key EmployeeHawaiian Gardens90716Active
TPSU-002012 Daniel Ray Acosta-Welch SupervisorLomita90717Active
TPSU-001963 Silvino Tostado Jr. SupervisorParamount90723Active
TPPL-024838 Andrew Michael Gilbert PlayerParamount90723Active
TPPL-013378 Raymond Ouch PlayerParamount90723Active
TPPL-025665 Andrew Caracoza Gregory Caracoza PlayerSan Pedro90732Active
GEKE-001176 George P. Monsoor GE- Key EmployeeSeal Beach90740Active
GEKE-000912 Joy Fernbach Harn GE- Key EmployeeSeal Beach90740Active
GEKE-002167 Michael Craig Brown GE- Key EmployeeSunset Beach90742Active
GEOW-003320 David Awak Mosikian GE- Owner-PersonSurfside Colony90743Active
TPOW-000576 David Awak Mosikian Owner-PersonSurfside Colony90743Active
GEKE-001028 David Awak Mosikian GE- Key EmployeeSurfside Colony90743Active
TPSU-001505 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPSU-001566 Richard Ferreras Abad SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPSU-001909 Marc Andro Montes Espana SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-013380 Oscar Juarez PlayerCarson90745Active
TPSU-001829 Stephanie Garcia SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPPL-025613 Noli Marasigan PlayerCarson90745Active
TPPL-017522 Erick Michael Correa Iturralde PlayerCarson90745Active
TPSU-002042 Sirenna Celeste Martinez SupervisorCarson90745Active
TPOW-000637 JTHEGREATEST LLC TP Registrant - Owner-EntityCarson90746Active
GEKE-002436 Sara Eva Parra-Aguilera GE- Key EmployeeCarson90746Active
TPPL-012151 Janet Velasco PlayerLong Beach90802Active
TPPL-015659 Holly Rebecca Mills PlayerLong Beach90802Active
TPPL-025299 Lou Clemente Calleja PlayerLong Beach90802Active
TPOW-000627 Cary Matthew Cauley TP Registrant - Owner-PersonLong Beach90803Active
TPSU-001991 Luisa Rosario Osborne SupervisorLong Beach90803Active
GEKE-002636 Michele Martine Moses GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90803Active
GEKE-001023 John Paul Griffo GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90803Active
TPOW-000575 John Paul Griffo Owner-PersonLong Beach90803Active
TPPL-025400 Na Ear PlayerLong Beach90804Active
TPPL-014471 Alvin Seng Toch PlayerLong Beach90804Active
TPPL-020845 Monichan Lak Chea PlayerLong Beach90804Active
TPPL-013229 Monichan Lak Chea PlayerLong Beach90804Active
TPPL-025597 Maly Sorn PlayerLong Beach90804Active
TPSU-001949 Ashlee Bonsynat SupervisorLong Beach90804Active
TPSU-001987 Jessica Vickie Sok SupervisorLong Beach90804Active
TPPL-025605 Lenen Lor PlayerLong Beach90804Active
GEKE-002439 James Arthur Bertrand GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-017228 Kortnee Nekole Loftis PlayerLong Beach90805Active
GEKE-002260 Ryan Matthew Floyd GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90805Active
TPSU-001503 Eric Sok SupervisorLong Beach90805Active
TPSU-001095 Erin Tath Chham SupervisorLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-025567 AnneMarie Phy Par PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-025572 Savannah Kheang PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPSU-001899 Hector Bernardo Ruvalcaba SupervisorLong Beach90805Active
TPSU-001799 Jmarra Che SupervisorLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-013272 Mao Touch PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-020787 Mao Touch PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-021014 Oscar Eduardo Rodriguez Ibarra PlayerLong Beach90805Active
TPPL-025110 Kim Toeur PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TPPL-018009 Simon Ratha Chhean PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TPSU-001994 Karina Amezcua-Figueroa SupervisorLong Beach90806Active
TPSU-001526 Shawn Michael Zion TP Registrant - SupervisorLong Beach90806Active Decision
TPPL-025129 Chhaly Yi PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TPPL-025293 Roger Bo PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TPPL-025321 Kimhorn Chhaim PlayerLong Beach90806Active
TPSU-002021 Khalil Asim Kweli SupervisorLong Beach90806Active
TPSU-002004 Fostia Brittni Foster SupervisorLong Beach90806Active
TPPL-025760 Sergio Daniel Serna PlayerLong Beach90807Active
GEKE-001841 Alexander Stewart Bond Jr. GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90807Active
TPSU-001807 Zenas Nolan Balbuena SupervisorLong Beach90807Active
TPSU-002048 Arnol Leandro Villamar SupervisorLong Beach90807Active
TPSU-001023 Anthony Joseph Bellinghiere SupervisorLong Beach90808Active
TPSU-002009 Luis Zambrano SupervisorLong Beach90810Active
TPPL-025627 Samath Mout PlayerLong Beach90813Active
TPSU-001852 Simalen Long SupervisorLong Beach90813Active
TPPL-012462 Saphoun Sath Shumsky PlayerLong Beach90813Active
TPPL-025566 Linda Sok PlayerLong Beach90813Active
TPSU-002028 Gary Winston Griffin SupervisorLong Beach90813Active
TPSU-002010 Ayiver Henao II SupervisorLong Beach90813Active
TPSU-001864 Brandon Sambo Seak SupervisorLong Beach90813Active
GEKE-002530 Mary Anne Blackburn GE- Key EmployeeLong Beach90814Active
TPSU-001905 Siosifa Tuikolongahau Kuahuia-Nau SupervisorLong Beach90814Active
TPSU-001788 Socheata Jiena Sim SupervisorLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004086 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004171 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
GEOW-004211 Thomas H. Candy GE- Owner-PersonLong Beach90815Active
TPSU-001079 Isaac Timothy Trumbo SupervisorAltadena91001Active
GEOW-003572 Joseph D. Federico California Commerce Club Trust GE- Owner-EntityAltadena91001Active
TPOW-000509 Joseph Dennis Federico Owner-PersonAltadena91001Active
GEOW-004022 Joseph Dennis Federico GE- Owner-PersonAltadena91001Active
TPPL-014518 Matthew Gregory Villanueva PlayerArcadia91006Active
TPPL-017178 Lily Pe PlayerArcadia91006Active
TPOW-000615 East Sea Investment Group Inc. TP Registrant - Owner-EntityArcadia91006Active
GEKE-002555 Michael Joseph Rock GE- Key EmployeeArcadia91007Active
TPPL-013448 Kim Yee Quon PlayerArcadia91007Active
TPPL-023012 Kim Yee Quon PlayerArcadia91007Active
TPOW-000617 Jiahua Yu TP Registrant - Owner-PersonArcadia91007Active
TPOW-000690 Chau Bich On TP Registrant - Owner-PersonArcadia91007Active
TPOW-000608 Sanford Jay Slater Owner-PersonLa Canada Flintridge91011Active
GEOW-004080 Sanford Jay Slater GE- Owner-PersonLa Canada Flintridge91011Active
GEKE-001882 Javier Rosario GE- Key EmployeeMonrovia91016Active
TPSU-001858 Leonor Patricia Alexander SupervisorMonrovia91016Active
TPSU-001099 William Chalmer Youngs SupervisorSouth Pasadena91030Active
GEKE-002689 Peggy Chen Shirreffs GE- Key EmployeeSouth Pasadena91030Active
TPOW-000405 Andrew Arthur Schneiderman Owner-PersonSouth Pasadena91030Active
TPPL-014803 Jason Junn Lee PlayerSunland91040Active
TPPL-013323 Nejdeh Sojanian PlayerSunland91040Active
GVPO-001513 Jacqueline Sarcinelli Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonShadow Hills91040Active
TPSU-001806 Jun Sung Mock SupervisorPasadena91101Active
GEKE-002192 Keith Allen Sharp GE- Key EmployeePasadena91101Active
TPOW-000663 Keith Allen Sharp TP Registrant - Owner-PersonPasadena91101Active
TPPP-000154 Progressive Gaming LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderPasadena91101Active
TPPP-000133 Suns Gaming Inc. Primary ProviderPasadena91105Active
GVPO-000856 Matthew John Young Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonPasadena91105Active
GEOW-002665 Tom Zaven Malkasian GE- Owner-PersonPasadena91106Active
TPOW-000373 Tom Zaven Malkasian Owner-PersonPasadena91106Active
GEKE-002259 Erica Janet Palos GE- Key EmployeeGlendale91201Active
GVPR-000276 Passport Technology USA Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderGlendale91203Active
TPPL-013246 Frederick Steven Young PlayerGlendale91208Active
TPPL-015812 Kenneth Charles Sherman II PlayerCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003726 Robert M Massman GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003520 Christine Ann Massman GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003480 Lori Klein GE- Owner-PersonCalabasas91302Active
GEOW-003518 Robert and Christine Massman Family Trust GE- Owner-EntityCalabasas91302Active
GVMD-000057 Diamond Game Enterprises M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
GVMD-000493 Worldwide Gaming Systems Corporations M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChatsworth91311Active
TPOW-000607 Slater-Acme Trust Owner-EntityEncino91316Active
TPOW-000449 Marsha Lee Gold Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
GEOW-003523 Marsha Lee Gold GE- Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
GEOW-004081 Kenneth Leon Slater GE- Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
TPOW-000409 Kenneth Leon Slater Owner-PersonEncino91316Active
GEOW-004079 Slater-Commerce Trust GE- Owner-EntityEncino91316Active
TPSU-001982 Kamaran Xavier Francis SupervisorNewbury Park91320Active
GEKE-001744 Mohammad Fathipour GE- Key EmployeeThousand Oaks91320Active
TPPL-015385 Christopher Constantino Candelario PlayerPacoima91331Active
TPPL-024514 Enrique Vasquez PlayerSylmar91342Active
GEKE-001978 Jose Lorenzo Garcia GE- Key EmployeeSylmar91342Active
TPSU-001578 Bronson Lodter Scott SupervisorSylmar91342Active
GEKE-002635 Christopher George Dennis GE- Key EmployeeNorth Hills91343Active
TPSU-001598 Eugene Tran SupervisorNorth Hills91343Active
TPOW-000635 Xiaodong Wang TP Registrant - Owner-PersonGranada Hills91344Active
GEJU-000015 City of Ridgecrest - Kern GE- JurisdictionWestlake Village91361Active
GEKE-002605 Corey Nathaniel Silver GE- Key EmployeeVan Nuys91405Active
TPPL-020647 Yolanda Frances Padilla PlayerVan Nuys91406Active
TPPL-020837 Marvin Ryan Millora PlayerSherman Oaks91423Active
TPPL-016680 Marvin Ryan Millora PlayerSherman Oaks91423Active
GEOW-002664 Jodi Lee Ross GE- Owner-PersonSherman Oaks91423Active
TPOW-000510 Jodi Lee Ross Owner-PersonSherman Oaks91423Active
GEKE-000929 George Rahme GE- Key EmployeeBurbank91504Active
GVMD-000494 Lennie Marvin Enterprises Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorBurbank91504Active
GEKE-001988 Nathan Ammaraphayak GE- Key EmployeeNorth Hollywood91605Active
GVMD-000500 RC Vintage Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorNorth Hollywood91605Active
RBRO-000058 St. Patrick's Catholic School RB- Recognized OrganizationNorth Hollywood91606Active
TRKE-019315 Andrew Michael Spindler Tribal Key EmployeeAlta Loma91701Active
TPSU-001063 Phillip Phung SupervisorBaldwin Park91706Active
TPPL-020841 Boi Thanh Lam PlayerBaldwin Park91706Active
TPPL-013406 Boi Thanh Lam PlayerBaldwin Park91706Active
TPSU-001334 Jeanette Garcia Jacome SupervisorBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001864 Shao Chi Sun GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001021 Cynthia Noel Winters GE- Key EmployeeBaldwin Park91706Active
GEKE-001719 David Alan Levine GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002638 Montina Marie Levine GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
TPSU-001893 Shung Kong Mok SupervisorChino Hills91709Active
TPOW-000580 Jeffrey Evan Harris Owner-PersonChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-001005 Jeffrey Evan Harris GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-001010 Debora Jean Millan GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002240 Gloria Goh GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002108 Alejandro Torres GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002626 Ahmad Sarooghi GE- Key EmployeeChino Hills91709Active
GEKE-002577 Larry Scott Goodman GE- Key EmployeeChino91710Active
TRKE-019877 Keith Bernard Moore Sr. Tribal Key EmployeeChino91710Active
TPPL-025762 Valerie Adela Le Clerc PlayerHarbor City91710Active
GEKE-002664 Joe Alonzo Ortiz Jr GE- Key EmployeeClaremont91711Active
GEKE-002665 Robert Thomas Guthrie II GE- Key EmployeeClaremont91711Active
TPSU-001487 Ky Vinh Thang SupervisorCovina91722Active
GEKE-002662 Maria Antoinette Serrano Gonzales GE- Key EmployeeCovina91724Active
TRKE-011887 Jack Yunfei Shang Tribal Key EmployeeCovina91724Active
GEOW-003366 Darrell James Federico GE- Owner-PersonCovina91724Active
TRKE-016134 Shayla Nicole Wright Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-022708 Keishawnda Anne Green Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-007331 Cau Van Truong Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-019756 Connie Yoojung Yang Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-020285 Ashley Ann Lambert Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TPPL-025785 Fu Kit Raymond Du PlayerRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-022481 James Hugh Guarneri Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-018160 Kenneth James Gomez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
TRKE-011731 Cathie Lee Wright Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
GEKE-001935 Julianna Taresia Smith GE- Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91730Active
GEKE-002715 Robert John Velasquez GE- Key EmployeeEl Monte91731Active
TPPL-025707 Michelle Li Feng Yeung PlayerEl Monte91731Active
TPPL-026017 Yaguan Ling PlayerEl Monte91731Active
TRKE-021067 Elisa Maoying Gan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Monte91732Active
TPPL-025131 Chi Jen Jeffery Yu PlayerEl Monte91732Active
TPPL-013334 Saveth Seng PlayerEl Monte91732Active
GEKE-002341 Eugene Atsushi Shinozaki GE- Key EmployeeEl Monte91732Active
TPSU-002016 Ai Ni Jiang SupervisorEl Monte91732Active
TPSU-001992 Dang A Ly SupervisorEl Monte91733Active
TPPL-025586 Mark David Rogers PlayerSouth El Monte91733Active
TPPL-026033 Yamei Pan PlayerSouth El Monte91733Active
TPOW-000616 Wanchun Huang TP Registrant - Owner-PersonRancho Cucamonga91737Active
TRKE-022740 Yong Lin Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91737Active
TRKE-020014 Forrest Jacob Caldwell Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91737Active
TRKE-000345 Steve Lai Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91737Active
TRKE-020793 Kenji Chester Hall Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91739Active
TRKE-023259 Erick Troy Castro Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91739Active
TRKE-018642 Peter Salvador Arceo Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91739Active
TRKE-015424 Gerhardus Laurens Vosloo Tribal Key EmployeeRancho Cucamonga91739Active
TPPL-016649 Joshua Flores PlayerLa Puente91744Active
TPPL-013403 Yi Bing Wu PlayerLa Puente91744Active
TPSU-001404 Alejandro Miguel Felix SupervisorLa Puente91744Active
TPSU-001488 Alejandro Miguel Felix SupervisorLa Puente91744Active
TRKE-023418 Aaron Hunter Tribal Key EmployeeLa Puente91744Active
GEKE-002362 Ivan Jiawen Huang GE- Key EmployeeLa Puente91744Active
TPSU-001959 Sovann Seng SupervisorLa Puente91744Active
TPPL-024513 Deion Anthony Zetina PlayerLa Puente91744Active
TPPL-025708 Brigham Jay Garoz PlayerLa Puente91744Active
TRKE-021434 Steven Louis Gomez Tribal Key EmployeeHacienda Heights91745Active
TPSU-001887 Alfredo Daniel Escobar SupervisorHacienda Heights91745Active
TPSU-001888 Tony Chan SupervisorHacienda Heights91745Active
TPPL-013270 Eric Thang PlayerLa Puente91746Active
TPSU-000913 Davis Long Nguyen SupervisorLa Puente91746Active
TRKE-022794 Wallace Milton Gochan Uy Tribal Key EmployeeRowland Heights91748Active
TRKE-018661 Brian Michael Booze Tribal Key EmployeeLa Verne91750Active
GEKE-000299 Marc Steven Weinreich GE- Key EmployeeLa Verne91750Active
TPPL-025582 Tien Thuy Phan PlayerMira Loma91752Active
TRKE-021668 Samnang Quoe Tribal Key EmployeeMira Loma91752Active
TRKE-007429 Joseph Matthew DesRosiers Tribal Key EmployeeMira Loma91752Active
TPPL-025380 Chuong Ky Do PlayerEastvale91752Active
GEKE-002725 Wing Chee See Toh GE- Key EmployeeMonterey Park91754Active
TPSU-000930 Zechariah Navarro Gauna SupervisorMonterey Park91755Active
TPPL-013637 Juan Roberto Lezcano PlayerParamount91755Active
TPPL-025596 Alfio Tsee Tshung Soo PlayerMonterey Park91755Active
TPSU-000923 Quynh Tai Phan SupervisorMonterey Park91755Active
TPPL-013381 Raul Maclang Puyat PlayerMonterey Park91755Active
GEKE-002126 Shalin Elizabeth Hall GE- Key EmployeeOntario91761Active
TRKE-021474 Fadi Saad Loza Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91761Active
TRKE-021692 Ji Xiang Wang Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91761Active
TRKE-023775 Vu Phuong Hoai Le Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91762Active
TRKE-022596 Luis Miguel Gonzalez Aguirre Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91762Active
TRKE-009297 Minh Hoang Pham Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91762Active
TRKE-023408 Leo Xiao Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91762Active
TPSU-002026 Hien Ngoc Dinh SupervisorMontclair91763Active
TRKE-018948 Marragan Atiba Kassa Tribal Key EmployeeOntario91764Active
TPPL-025528 Ying Hu PlayerOntario91764Active
TPSU-001764 Michael Yu Kwei Lu SupervisorDiamond Bar91765Active
GEKE-002627 George Lee Gieng GE- Key EmployeePomona91766Active
TRKE-017499 Chia Ming Chang Tribal Key EmployeePomona91767Active
TPPL-015057 Oscar Figueroa PlayerPomona91768Active
TPPL-020781 Oscar Figueroa PlayerPomona91768Active
TRKE-019799 Meng Wang Tribal Key EmployeeRosemead91770Active
TPPL-020775 Eric Du PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPPL-013279 Bao Van PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPPL-025489 Jenny Ho PlayerRosemead91770Active
GEKE-002682 Jonathan Srunn Ing GE- Key EmployeeRosemead91770Active
TPSU-001912 Nip Phoc Chi SupervisorRosemead91770Active
TPPL-025316 Long Si Luong PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPPL-025112 Ba Quang Tran PlayerRosemead91770Active
TPPL-020843 Duc Trinh Hang PlayerSan Gabriel91775Active
TPPL-026065 Angela Lo Yi Yuen PlayerSan Gabriel91775Active
TPSU-002001 William Hoesan SupervisorSan Gabriel91776Active
GEKE-002496 Ran Xiong GE- Key EmployeeSan Gabriel91776Active
TPSU-001530 Alice Leung SupervisorSan Gabriel91776Active
TPSU-001518 Alice Leung SupervisorSan Gabriel91776Active
GEKE-002430 Frengkyanto Wirawan GE- Key EmployeeSan Gabriel91776Active
TPPL-016652 Michael Kin Ngu PlayerSan Gabriel91776Active
GEKE-002462 Robert Austin Taevajira GE- Key EmployeeSan Gabriel91776Active
TPPL-024931 Hou Huang PlayerSan Gabriel91776Active
TPPL-013414 Daphne Chu-Pei Han PlayerMonrovia91778Active
TPSU-001900 Kenneth Tak-Keung Ngau SupervisorTemple City91780Active
GEKE-002446 Kevin Huang GE- Key EmployeeTemple City91780Active
TPPL-013335 Fernando Palma PlayerTemple City91780Active
GEKE-002189 Keith The Diep GE- Key EmployeeTemple City91780Active
TRKE-011326 Hoc Kien Tram Tribal Key EmployeeTemple City91780Active
TPSU-001827 Jeffrey Ocampo Yusi SupervisorTemple City91780Active
TPSU-001375 Christine Ramos Sarmiento SupervisorTemple City91780Active
TRKE-016503 Zena Elizabeth Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeUpland91784Active
GEKE-001524 Shaun Lauren Yaple GE- Key EmployeeUpland91784Active
TPPP-000144 Blue Ocean Sky LLC TP Registrant - Primary ProviderWalnut91788Active
TPPL-013321 Andy Hung Ho PlayerWest Covina91790Active
TPSU-001483 Pamela Mae Aquin SupervisorWest Covina91791Active
TPSU-001915 John Huy Dang SupervisorWest Covina91792Active
GEKE-002255 Brandon Lee Moore GE- Key EmployeeWest Covina91792Active
TPPL-024802 Xing Lan Lin PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-025327 Joe Chi Chu PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-015011 Delanie Rae Harding PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-016544 Tiffany Vuong PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPSU-001305 David Teijiro Kato SupervisorAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-025789 Qi Rong Mai PlayerAlhambra91801Active
TPSU-001651 Richard-Francis Verzosa Japor SupervisorAlhambra91801Active
TPPL-012048 Esther Ching Wah Yee PlayerAlhambra91803Active
TPPL-024143 Paul John Riniti PlayerAlhambra91803Active
TRKE-022116 Vincent James Murillo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015787 Daniel Lenard Espinoza III Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-024061 Emily Suzanne Leyva Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000103 Viejas (Baron Long) Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Viejas Reservation TribeAlpine91901Active
TRIB-000030 Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians TribeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-009156 Elizabeth Garcia Santana Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021373 Diane Alejandra Welch Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021754 Derrick Martin Cox Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-019914 Adam Lee Miller Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-016995 Roberto Jovan Rizo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-021301 Javier Oswaldo Jacobo Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRCS-000058 Viejas Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoAlpine91901Active
TRKE-016476 Robert Francis Reidy Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015647 Erin Mackenzie Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-011306 Matthew Alan McFarlane Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-010896 Jorge Martin Guerrero Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-013018 Edward Thomas Woods III Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-020981 Larry Jiro Yafuso Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-018979 Gisela De La Torre Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-023578 Cindy Carol Miller Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-001696 Jo Ann Restko Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-004693 Adam Raul Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-015565 Rosanna Cham Tribal Key EmployeeAlpine91901Active
TRKE-019887 Jason Aaron Zoellner Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-015323 Ricardo Albino Orosco III Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-020458 Michael Carlisle Metcalfe Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRKE-020070 Richard Bruce Wyllie Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeBonita91902Active
TRIB-000057 Manzanita Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Manzanita Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRIB-000052 La Posta Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the La Posta Indian Reservation TribeBoulevard91905Active
TRCS-000015 Golden Acorn Casino & Travel Center Tribal CasinoCampo91906Active
TRIB-000019 Campo Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Campo Indian Reservation TribeCampo91906Active
TRKE-021431 Zuleika Harkins Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023132 SeBriauxn Hardiman Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023134 Cody Cal Nichols Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023165 Syrina Lynn Gaston Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-023323 Lorraine Two Dove Ferrin Tribal Key EmployeeCampo91906Active
TRKE-016245 Manuel Gabriel Balladares Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-018807 Theresa Grady Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-014212 Fernando De La Torre Hernandez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-010328 Jose Alfredo Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-013319 Jesse Robert Villegas Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-013322 Cuauhtemoc Rivera II Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
GEGE-000466 Seven Mile Casino Gambling EstablishmentChula Vista91910Active
GEJU-000043 City of Chula Vista - San Diego GE- JurisdictionChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-015744 Faamaopo Nonu Villasin Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91910Active
TRKE-021300 Tiarra Jauregui Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-008126 Joseph John Apparito Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018056 Michael Raymond Shaw Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-011724 Harvey Pelaez Go Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-010308 Juan Jose Morales Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-022710 Lingzhi Xu Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-023835 Kyle Chandler Davis Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-020884 Samantha Jean Julien Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-017997 Aries Cesar De La Luna Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
GEKE-001224 Donald William Everitt GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-008996 Travis Leraunt Elliott Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-013009 Virginia Sanorjo Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-016163 Rosa Isela Walker Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-022534 Michael Reynaldo Merrill Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-023381 Steven Harlan Kabrel Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018903 Angela Lau Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-018638 Lisa Dawn Byers Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-001802 Luis Alberto Carbajal Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91911Active
TRKE-013075 Eric Cabigan Gardiola Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-019340 Jeffrey David Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TPPL-025279 Angelo Villareal Bangalan PlayerChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-022971 Brandon Kahuna Aleman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TPPL-024832 Zenith Bendoy Labtan PlayerChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-022921 Joshua Lance Rottenberg Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-009640 Sherwin Pajarin Perez Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-018842 Yen Phi Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91913Active
TRKE-019833 Richie Antonnette Wallace Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
GVMD-000496 IT Casino Solutions LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-019309 Chay Saing Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
GEKE-002544 Shawn Kyle Brown GE- Key EmployeeChula Vista91914Active
TRKE-022980 Casandra Lynne Manoff Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-017270 Mitchell Andres Vizcaya Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-020496 Luis Omar Acosta Aizman Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-010167 David O'neal Glass Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-010017 Jian Ying Gu Tribal Key EmployeeChula Vista91915Active
TRKE-009800 Lela Aniece Sandoval Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-023457 Dawn Michelle Noble Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-001614 Dianne Leslie Newman Tribal Key EmployeeDescanso91916Active
TRKE-022931 Cristina Arias Liera Tribal Key EmployeeDulzura91917Active
TRKE-015796 Gretchen Lea Nunes Tribal Key EmployeeGuatay91931Active
TRKE-023138 Noel Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeJacumba91934Active
TRKE-023049 Armando Amadeo Gallardo Tribal Key EmployeeJacumba91934Active
TRKE-020982 William Maynard Briel Tribal Key EmployeeJacumba91934Active
TRKE-015655 Sean David Stoddard Tribal Key EmployeeJacumba91934Active
TRKE-018484 Marcela Munguia Castrejon Tribal Key EmployeeJamul91935Active
TRCS-000073 Jamul Casino Tribal CasinoJamul91935Active
TRKE-019598 Carmela Ramos Paterno Tribal Key EmployeeJamul91935Active
TRKE-010517 David Christopher Penn Tribal Key EmployeeJamul91935Active
TRIB-000048 Jamul Indian Village of California TribeJamul91935Active
TRKE-006777 Bravo Qardagh Palander Tribal Key EmployeeJamul91935Active
TRKE-011416 William Dean Allen Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-017903 Glenn Carl Hohn Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-021371 Chanhsamone Jasmine Warren Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-018053 Donna Ruth Wallace Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-017716 Erich Christopher Hans Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-021429 Matthew Cory Jackson Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-019785 Levi Balhin Miller Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-023535 Jacob Michael Hissey Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-024205 Esmeralda Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-010275 Mike Thanh Ngo Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91941Active
TRKE-010111 Matthew Charles Bernarde Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-022275 Aaron Evan Marxen Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-018131 Troy Fuller Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-014145 Maria Joan Strong Paje Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-022271 Jerome Mark Gondek Jr Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-020943 David Christopher Hamill Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-017745 Jesse Lloyd Blank Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
GEKE-002273 Stephen Gerard Brooks Jr. GE- Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-017952 James William Miles Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-017797 Brian Christopher Shone Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-019226 Michael Robert Strack Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-021241 Ryan Yale Adams Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-018431 Tre Michael Harper Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-009723 David Lee Pearce Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-013328 Israel Torres Corona Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-013660 Onofrio Martin Papasodero Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TPSU-001974 Robert Todd Willard SupervisorLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-009798 Eric John Lisowski Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-009244 Harold Nelson Johns Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-013008 Mitchel Alan Gusky Tribal Key EmployeeLa Mesa91942Active
TRKE-010015 Enrique Conchas Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-020673 Ashley Bo Solis Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-009726 Joseph William Martin Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-012900 Scotty Glenn Patindol Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-018547 Welat Ali Mohammad Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-022279 Leovardo Perez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-013320 Miguel Santana Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-014195 Shannon Glen Norris Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-020995 Marco Antonio Zamudio Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-019775 Brandon Richard Bazemore Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-022203 Wesley Edward Hess Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-001807 Hsiuyen Julie Novak Tribal Key EmployeeLemon Grove91945Active
TRKE-009832 Albino Abunda Ong Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-023365 Modesto Javier Gutierrez Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-020170 Sherry Bustamante Hibbitt Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-022924 David Vo Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-018235 James Ray Pace Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-018381 Christopher James Manzano Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-011313 Nicolas Marquez Marcon Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-009206 Francisco Javier Diaz Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-004687 Rene Rios Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-009431 Imelda Casinillo Achenbach Tribal Key EmployeeNational City91950Active
TRKE-016538 Jonathan Martin Papin Tribal Key EmployeePine Valley91962Active
TRKE-017529 Vincent Raymond Denham Tribal Key EmployeePine Valley91962Active
TRKE-015700 Ivan Meneses Tribal Key EmployeePine Valley91962Active
TRKE-004715 Graciela Soto Tribal Key EmployeePotrero91963Active
TRKE-009125 Alex Guilas Favor Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-018026 Joseph Jonathan Savili Semaia Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-014562 Joe Henry Berry III Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-018058 Lee Tran Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-013553 Sofia Elena Calderon Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-013555 Liliana Madrigal Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-013044 Dominic Stuart Joseph Randazzo Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-017227 Christina Maria Diaz Madrigal Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-018042 George Thomas Hazelhurst Jr Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-017717 Saul Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-020162 Fady Putrus Behnam Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-021654 Philip Enrico Eclarinal Dionisio Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-023528 Josue Carlos Muralles Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-023761 Andy Souriya Rickey Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-009496 Todd Michael Crum Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-006515 Glenn Edward Barry Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-017263 Tomonori Grant Arashiro Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-022714 Garmain Corrales Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-019790 Andrew Joseph Allen Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-022402 ChunSheng Wu Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-020297 Tramayne Zachary Oakley Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-022527 Raffi Beliossian Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-022962 Besiana Sahiti Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-022560 Allen Broussard Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-004669 Gregorio Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-004636 Carl Joaquin Hammett Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-014287 Norberto Ebuen Dominix Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91977Active
TRKE-009792 Qi Ling Chen Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-011224 John Richard Baines Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-004606 Andrew Jessie Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TPSU-001187 William Jones Dizon Jr. SupervisorSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-017539 Anthony Jay Ventura Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-004609 Greg I Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-014859 Francisco Gerardo Montoya Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeSpring Valley91978Active
TRKE-023137 Alfonso Romero Tribal Key EmployeeTecate91980Active
TRKE-015177 Cesar Augusto Araujo Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
TRKE-006839 Curtis Raymon Wood Tribal Key EmployeeBonsall92003Active
GEOW-001225 Robert F Moyer GE- Owner-PersonBonsall92003Active
GVPO-000729 Kevin P. McIntosh Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonCardiff by the Sea92007Active
TRKE-007128 Richard Andrew Davison Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
TRKE-006966 Raymond Edward Sullivan Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
TPSU-001800 Jacob Leo Harmon SupervisorCarlsbad92008Active
GEKE-002535 Dale Eugene Wolfe Jr. GE- Key EmployeeCarlsbad92008Active
GEOW-001231 Marjorie A Ellsworth GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92008Active
GEOW-001228 Deborah Hunt GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-009490 Jamin Francis Steindorf Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
GEOW-003678 Juanita Dreger GE- Owner-PersonCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-021025 Bernard Allan Baskin Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
TRKE-010120 Anna Maria Linkiewicz-Steindorf Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92009Active
GEOW-001227 Daniel J Dreger GE- Owner-PersonCARLSBAD92009Active
TRKE-019627 Edward Michael Puzio Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92010Active
TRKE-005238 Leilani D Marquiss Tribal Key EmployeeCarlsbad92010Active
TPPP-000017 Pacific Gaming Services LLC Primary ProviderCarlsbad92011Active
TRCS-000052 Sycuan Casino and Resort Tribal CasinoEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-001882 Clifford Russell Baker Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-004624 Karter L McMurry Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-006532 Marla Dore More Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-006903 Kirk Morris Hardin Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-007959 Samuel J Bonner Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016033 Marilou Del Rosario Tonnaer Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-010319 Alexander Louis Center Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009727 Bsam Francis Jangeel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009540 Lucy Ann Murillo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013610 Walter David Morris Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-012119 Tymmie Heang Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-012282 Cynthia Louise Snow Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016937 Wisam Salah Shamo-G Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016894 Damian Joel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-015686 Justin Louis Adolphson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020172 Jessica Marie Ruiterman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019814 Trang Thi Mai Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021649 Lexus Christine Cosmano Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018510 Kevin Cervantes Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018495 Ismael Flores Orona Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019668 Aamer Khoshaba Moshi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019219 Wendy Hui Chen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023954 Mark Robert Lerios Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023114 David Wayne Black Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRIB-000094 Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation TribeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000269 Mary Noel Meier Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009005 George Sabah Yelda Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-008722 Juan Elfego Baca Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-008084 George Cruz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009641 Fifian Stepho Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-009730 Daniel Scott Hampton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-010375 Nathan John McEntire Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017990 Thad David Shelton Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-013031 Joyce Christine Delfin Ray Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020564 Khaldoon Waleed Kassab Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-012125 Garrett Edward Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016935 Pedro Santana Peralta Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017271 Crystal Janelle Zito Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-017809 Salvio Yako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020178 Raed Faraj Jibrail Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-019178 Yanet Wright Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-018886 Pascual Vazquez Tamayo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020186 Naoras Benny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-020211 Brandon James Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022926 Jacqueline Joy Self Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-022272 Tylan Shel Kang Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023548 Daylon Zane Dallyn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-023872 Hasar Madi Doski Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-024062 Michael Handal Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-004660 Jose Armando Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000276 Robert Otto Bulster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-000309 Annette Adell Fermil Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-016655 Dawna Marie Andersen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021375 Kathlene Joy Self Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92019Active
TRKE-021612 Yaser Louis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019789 Benjamin Lamar Collins Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021099 William Brandon Chase Powers Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020936 Sarkar Shiro Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020810 Richard Joseph Williams Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019197 John Gordon Foster Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019306 Monica Ellis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018592 Dorothy Madsen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021240 Luay Benyamin Issa Aziz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019520 Ly Tew Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018059 Saul Salas-Dominguez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018370 Erebiel Valdez Rocha Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017756 Rosemary Garcia Brewer Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017763 Waseem Nabeel Malik Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017131 Helen Natalie Valenzuela Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022712 Jessica Lynn Leon Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023859 Mark Manuel Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023871 Ayman Naser Gorgees Lalo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023550 Taghlat Adnan Hangala Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023555 Noor Azeeznaoom Alquta Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-023354 Paul Andrew Colera Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018383 Zulia Sue Juarez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009122 Michael Lee Murray Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-011776 Soyla Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-013820 Jared Bradford Hahn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-013968 John Chen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-022961 Jeffrey Lynn McCarl Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009308 Dana Rose Arthur Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
GVMD-000056 Game Stands LLC M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEl Cajon92020Active
GVPR-000125 Game Stands LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-008408 Sammy Rios Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012116 Debora Cadena Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-012124 Najeeb Moses Shorees Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-013326 Josue Agustin Gonzalez-Marchena Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-009440 Jorge Luis Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019817 Semon Astevan Israael Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-016657 Dylan Joseph Connell Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-020419 Michael Eric Studdard Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019734 Gillan Klariss Dela Cruz DeRomas Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019815 Allyssa Joy Dagdag Muncal Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021229 Paul Cutler Palmer Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021307 Tomas Neri Mata Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021112 Beatriz Elizabeth Serralde Rangel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021113 Jasmine Nina Burns Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021076 Philippe Ian Grepo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021578 Rachel Ann Shaddix Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-021564 Donald Eugene Edwards Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-018412 Fady Melik Yousif Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-019478 Rafi H Shaoka Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017960 Teimoor Hirmiz Oraha Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017718 Raafat Zebari Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-017668 Juan Carlos Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-000304 Aarie Christopher Ostern Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-004555 Robert Paul Hinrichs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92020Active
TRKE-008734 Isidro Alejandro Fernandez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GEKE-002376 Robert Charles Schmitt GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001804 Duane K Anderson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017115 Timothy Scott Briggs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010377 Carl Anthony Leath II Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010159 Luis Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014052 Stacey Ann Wheeler Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017768 Stephanie Marie Modzak Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014769 Robert Steven Loveless Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-015990 Peter Ruiz Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GVPR-000303 Sunset Graphics LLC Gaming Vendor ProviderEl Cajon92021Active
GVPO-001710 James Lanier Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
GVPO-001711 Mary V. Burton Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021477 Ammar Farag Dawod Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016081 Marie Komorowski Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016756 Ana Rosa Lopez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GEKE-002696 Aaron Kyle Strauss GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-024022 Samal Azeez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022725 Christopher Lee Scruggs Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022960 Carlos Osvaldo Moran Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022925 Salwan Sarmad Toma Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022932 Salam Zako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022604 Manuel Alfredo Corona Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022559 Eddy Fernando Delgado Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021794 Ofelia Solario Ponce-Leos Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018047 James Michael Nugent Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018749 Mi Cha Lee Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018745 Tania Melissa Deleon-Maxey Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018899 Kelly Marie Clouse Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018483 Derrick Scott Morgan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020770 Melvyn Douglas McGowan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active Decision
TRKE-020901 Don Anthony Lupo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020907 Be Ngoan Van Nong Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-019811 Ryan Terry Horn Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020206 Marvin Bolivar Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020055 Joseph Kiah Villarino Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021562 Austin Thomas Van Slyke Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021430 Rafi Fadhil Galan Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021237 Ernesto Salgado Giles Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022130 Frank Fahmi Butrus Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009346 Alfred Ruiz Romero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GEKE-002607 Callaye Jo Strauss GE- Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-012248 Garry Raymond Carreau Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018884 Tracie Rae Guerrero Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-006507 Lance Vernon Goode Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-016217 Tauba Vaughn Gonzales Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014937 Daniel Lee Ramirez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-015939 Mark Antonio Ahdy Moussa Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020501 Vinh Phuc Duc Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-014088 Arthur Frederick Salazar Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013659 Eva Marie Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-009497 Colleen Patricia Gaffney Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010267 Bernard Francis Steinbacher Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-010272 Michael Alan Lindquist Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013323 Laura Sabah Provencio Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-018082 Tara Dawn Binder Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-013038 Mark Anthony Aschenbrener Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020416 John Joseph Rochfort Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017719 Cristian Adriel Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-017650 Ying Yan Liu Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023219 Steven Sabah Zako Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022786 Waleed Shorees Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021017 Eduardo Jesus Bautista Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-021228 Lual Atem Lual Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020635 Vinson Kaiss Sitto Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020187 Alexandra Nicole Fleming Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020290 Irene Michelle Rich Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023856 Nawres Neskoo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023721 Matthew Lee Amador-Green Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023657 Duntae Leon McInnis Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023465 Edon Lushi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023359 Thomas William Bischel Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023268 John A Shaba Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-023273 Fadi Waad Jajo Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022206 Suliman Abdulrahman Ali Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022339 Bashar Kareem Matloob Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022171 Justin Dion Sherman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001739 Lori Ann Johnson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001773 Habib Mosa George Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-001728 Donna June Hitzeman Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004550 George Alexander Denny Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-020737 Shawn David Baldi Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-022172 Dena Lynn Webber Tribal Key EmployeeEL CAJON92021Active
TRKE-004493 Michael Francis Patterson Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004621 Robert Thomas James Jr Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
TRKE-004665 Susan Annette Liptak Tribal Key EmployeeEl Cajon92021Active
GVMD-000278 Acres Bonusing Inc. M & D of Gambling Equipment-VendorEncinitas92024Active
GVPR-000175 Acres Bonusing Inc. Gaming Vendor ProviderEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-020209 Shane Christopher Banegas-Maxwell Tribal Key EmployeeEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-018890 Viktoriya Korobkina Tribal Key EmployeeEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-018192 Daniel Robert Prinzing Tribal Key EmployeeEncinitas92024Active
GVPO-000737 James Raymond Acres Gaming Vendor Owner-PersonEncinitas92024Active
TRKE-009168 Ryan Eric Bemiller Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-000344 Jeffrey Alan Durling Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRIB-000045 Inaja Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of the Inaja and Cosmit Reservation TribeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-022451 Joselin Julissa Madrid Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-023117 Halie Elizabeth Lee Bran Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-017812 William Alexander Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-019012 Arnulfo Rene Carreon Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-019039 Octavio Augusto Munguia Payan Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-018756 Jonathan Francisco Flores Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-019371 Uries Gualterio Garcia Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-020282 Esequiel Eduardo Castrellon Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-020575 Javier Eduardo Canchola Rizo Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-022207 Sandra Valdovinos Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-023768 Karen Melissa Del Rio Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-020080 Charles Robert Matanane Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-019468 Denton Linn Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-013990 Boyd Franklin Long Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-012726 Sonia Margarita Chavarria Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-015033 Lauri Lyn Adams Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-004075 Ethan Scott Meadows Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92025Active
TRKE-008850 Anthony Gene Wenger Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-008507 Fabiola Martinez Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-007537 Andrew James Duquette Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-021853 Juan Antonio Morales Mireles Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020365 Elizabeth Ulrika Wenger Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-009810 Tracey Traih Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020038 Lance Lua Talauega Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-014215 Erik Donsanouphith Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-016255 Shauntay Leontyne LeFlore Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020180 Sabrina Kay Pfeiffer Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-021207 Scott Fei Liu Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020944 Didi Pingol Aquino Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-018490 Zachary John Helke Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-016842 Esmeralda Flores Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-008099 Guillermo Yalung Medina Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-011626 Alison Jade Schulte Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-015210 Estrella Lucero Zapata Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-011801 Aracely Talauega Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-014313 Kenoli Dwayne Fonseca Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-014701 Jake Dean Cook Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-015807 Beatrice Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-022732 Cristobal Mora Soto Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020900 Azucena Gil Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-020107 Ana Maria Magtira Taduran Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-005274 Mitra Hashemi Bakhtiari Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-010358 Tammy Irene Cowing Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92026Active
TRKE-022487 Jihad I Abounasr Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-019924 Michael Angelo Peragallo Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-015511 Ramiro Villalobos Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-020296 Kyle Albert Thompson Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-017813 Melanie Marie Thomas Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-010092 Edward Isaac Alacio Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-014931 Evia Yuriria Badilla Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-013105 Rodelyn Gueco Sambo Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-012109 Louis Joseph Vasquez III Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-021028 Gerardo Soto Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-020636 Endy Feria Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-021691 Liliana Blas Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018828 Anibal Humberto Sandoval Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018974 Almira Jessica Amancio Rangel Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018011 Gloria Guillen Espinoza Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-017530 Sharghi Jami Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-017377 Luz Adriana Rodriguez Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-023090 Christopher Silvano Harless Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-023082 Javier Ortiz Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-024106 Adriana Feria Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018432 Renee Patricia Eusebio Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-018295 Sonya Bounphamaly Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-019233 David Reed Mankin Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-020532 Jennifer Celina Serrano Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-019876 Zachary Mikeal Parfrey Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-019681 Sergio Barajas Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-019400 Stephanie Marie Dancz Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-022958 Veronica Lomeli Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-022903 Maria De Los Angeles Murguia Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-015531 Chan Narith Oeun Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TPSU-001362 Martin Lopez Gonzalez SupervisorEscondido92027Active
TRKE-013575 Theresa Lillian Marantette Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-015132 Anna Maria Russell Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-006661 David Keng Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-023649 Linda Vien Bach Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-023936 Michael Howard Aptaker Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-005178 Imelda De La Torre Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-004142 Nhatnam Gia Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-002949 Perla C Donato Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-012647 Lavall Durr Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-015803 Armando Acosta Martinez Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92027Active
TRKE-017188 Cathy Ann Cisneros Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-012613 Linda Ann Aranda Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-011805 Toan Nhat Nguyen Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-014288 Joseph Robert King Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92028Active
TRKE-015486 Eric Daniel Rivas Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-023643 Roger Noberon Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-022158 Jennifer Kaley Harrington Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-017366 Joshua Duane Minckler Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-018861 Carla Romero Escobar Mercado Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-021630 Maria Luisa Graves Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-011339 Gabriel Rodarte Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-007133 Harry Neal Welker Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-008773 Joanie Tuyet Schmitz Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-019763 Monika Dimaggio Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-010643 Lorena Desiree Cook Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-014649 Jennifer Elizabeth Silva Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TPOW-000498 Victor S. Pankey Living Trust Owner-EntityFallbrook92028Active
GEOW-003431 Victor S. Pankey Living Trust GE- Owner-EntityFallbrook92028Active
GEOW-003433 Elena Pankey GE- Owner-PersonFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-016265 Alvin Zayas Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-018091 Karen Lynn Woodruff Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-023979 Alma Susana Palacios Paz Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-023632 Chanjao Jubjang Stimmell Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-020676 Nicole Patrisha Daily Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-021693 Alejandro Salatiel Del Valle Sanchez Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-018779 Alenefer Jaimes Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-017151 Laurie Ann Gordon Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-002920 Gulfield Jones Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TPOW-000499 Victor Searles Pankey Owner-PersonFallbrook92028Active
GEOW-003432 Victor Searles Pankey GE- Owner-PersonFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-010140 Jeffrey Jay Hart Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-020307 Augustine Dominick Fortune Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeFallbrook92028Active
TRKE-013226 Robert Ernest Legge Jr. Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92029Active
TRKE-024105 Jason Ulrich Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92029Active
TRKE-010447 Alvin Camba Tengson Tribal Key EmployeeEscondido92029Active