Mission, Vision, Value Statements and Goals



We ensure integrity in California's gaming environment through:

  • The development and implementation of sound policy and regulation;
  • Efficient, effective, and transparent licensing processes;
  • Gaming industry education;
  • Promoting public involvement in Commission decision-making.
  • We sustain collaborative Tribal partnerships consistent with the Tribal-State Gaming Compacts that support California's interests.


We foster honesty and integrity in California's gaming environment through mutually respectful relationships that serve the shared interests of the people of California and the gaming industry.

Core Values

As a government agency dedicated to protecting and serving California's public, the Commission's values are:

  • Communication--We practice open and constructive dialogue with our State partners and gaming industry stakeholders while mindful of confidentiality requirements.
  • Integrity--We fulfill our obligations to our stakeholders with respect, honesty, and transparency.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness--We deliver quality and timely services that support our mission while using resources wisely.
  • Innovation -- We encourage new ideas and concepts which support the successful delivery of services.
  • Teamwork--We value the complementary talents and perspectives of the Commissioners and Commission staff in the achievement of our strategic goals.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal #1 - Increase proactive communication and relationship-building with the CA Gaming Community
  • Goal #2 - Further increase Public Hearing Effectiveness by ensuring that Commissioners have timely and relevant information as provided by a more efficient communication, planning and consultation process driven by CGCC staff.