Stacey Luna Baxter

Stacey Luna Baxter, Executive Director

Stacey Luna Baxter was appointed Executive Director on November 1, 2015. She brings to the Gambling Control Commission (Commission) more than two decades of state service experience, serving in several executive and leadership roles. Prior to joining the Commission, Stacey served as the Assistant Bureau Chief for the Department of Justice's Bureau of Gambling Control (Bureau) since October 2012, where she managed the work of the Bureau's Licensing Section, directly participated in the creation and implementation of regulations governing the gaming industry, represented the Bureau in public meetings and legislative hearings, and was a voting member of the Commission's Gaming Policy Advisory Committee for two consecutive years.

Stacey worked for the Office of the Attorney General's Department of Justice for 14 years, where she held various positions within the Department, including Administrative Manager of the Civil Law Division and Assistant Budget Officer. From 2007 to 2012, Stacey was the Senior Manager of the Department's Division of Law Enforcement's Director Office, where she successfully managed the Division's fiscally complex budget and administrative functions, in addition to managing the Department's California Witness Relocation and Assistance Program.

Prior state service included eight years with the Department of Consumer Affairs where she held various positions, including the Department's Lead Budget Analyst and Legislative Coordinator.