Proposed Regulations

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How To Participate

Click on the "Notice of Proposed Action" to obtain specific date and location detail for regulatory hearings. Interested persons may present statements or arguments in writing or orally at public hearings. Written comments may be submitted by mail, by e-mail, or by fax, as provided in the Notice of Proposed Action. If you wish to submit your comment on proposed regulations in an e-mail, please include in the subject line "Comment on CGCC File No. …" with the file number. For example, "Comment on CGCC File No. 2011-01-R." To e-mail your comment, click on this link: Submit your Comments on Draft Regulations Here.

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Southern California Gambling Control Act Hearings

§§ 12006, 12052, 12057, 12060, and 12118

The Commission will be
considering initiating the
formal rulemaking process
for the proposed regulations
at the April 27, 2021
Commission workshop.

CGCC-GCA- 2021-03-R

Update for Non-Commission Forms

§§ 12112, 12114, 12492, 12500, and 12503

45-day written comment
period ends May 18, 2021.

CGCC-GCA- 2020-0#-R

*POSTPONED* Regulations Workshop - Disapproval of
Deceptive Advertising by Licensed
Gambling Establishments

§§ 12002, 12080, 12082, 12084, 12360, 12461, 12463, and 12464.

The workshop previously scheduled
for 10:00 a.m. on January 29, 2020,
has been postponed (date to be determined).


Approval of Transactions

§§ 12002, 12200.15,
12220.15, 12311,
12312, 12313, 12315,
12316, 12320, 12322,
12324, 12326, 12328,
12330, 12332, 12560,
12562, and 12566

The Commission approved the initiation
of the Rulemaking Process at the
July 11, 2018 workshop.
Staff is collecting information on estimated
private sector cost impacts from the industry
and the fiscal effect on the
Bureau of Gambling Control within the
Department of Justice prior to submitting
the required Economic and Fiscal Impact
Statement to the Department of Finance
and initiating the formal Rulemaking Process.