Who to Contact about Gambling-Related Issues
The Commission? Or The Bureau?

  • California Gambling Control Commission - Independent - Reports to Governor
  • Bureau of Gambling Control (California Department of Justice) Reports to Attorney General

    It is a common misconception that the Commission and the Bureau are the same entity. The Commission works in the regulatory and adjudicatory arena while the Bureau deals with investigatory and enforcement issues.

    California Gambling Control Commission
    2399 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 220
    Sacramento, CA 95833
    (916) 263-0700

    • Makes determinations of suitability for the issuance of licenses, work permits, registrations and Tribal key employees, vendors and financial sources to ensure that no ineligible, unqualified, disqualified or unsuitable persons are associated with controlled gaming activities.
    • Acts as the decision maker in disciplinary accusations brought against licensees by the Bureau of Gambling Control.
    • Sets policy, criteria and standards.
    • Serves as the trustee of the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund and administrator of the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.
    • Reviewing and ruling body at evidentiary hearings.
    • Questions about upcoming appeals, hearings or requests to remove conditions should be submitted to the Commission in writing.

    Bureau of Gambling Control
    P.O. Box 168024
    Sacramento, CA 95816-8024
    (916) 830-1700

    • Conducts all financial review inspections, gaming device testing, investigations and Tribal casino visits.
    • Receives all applications, fees, and deposits.
    • Handles questions about licensing (background investigations, initial applications, renewal applications) or compliance matters (inspections, audits).
    • Receives, reviews and investigates gambling related complaints.
    • Enforcement of game legality issues.
    • Approves the play of any controlled game.
    • Initiates disciplinary accusations against licensees.
    • Administers self-exclusion program list for cardrooms.
    • Registration of nonprofit organizations to hold "charity poker night" fundraisers.

    Other Areas of California Gambling Regulation

    • The California Horse Racing Board regulates pari-mutuel wagering, racing, breeding, and track standards in the State.
    • The California Lottery Commission is charged with the authority and responsibility to oversee the California Lottery and ensure its integrity, security and fairness.
    • The Office of Problem Gambling (Calif. Dept. of Public Health) offers help and training resources for problem gambling.
    • Charitable Bingo (non-tribal) – Complaints and questions should be directed to the local government (city or county regulator) where the bingo games are conducted.