Pending Administrative Hearings

The Commission is providing a copy of this disciplinary pleading (Accusation, or Statement of Reasons, Statement of Particulars, or Statement of Issues) so the public is as informed as possible of pending administrative proceedings regarding the allegations contained in the pleading. An Accusation or Statement of Issues is simply an allegation of facts that, if true, may rise to the level of disciplinary action against or denial of a license, registration, work permit or finding of suitability. The facts contained in the pleadings should not be taken as established or proven. The licensee/applicant will have an opportunity to dispute the allegations in a formal administrative proceeding.

License Type License Number Name Pleading
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001313 Scott A. Hayden Accusation
Gambling Establishment GEGE-000421 Kelly's Accusation
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001290 Michelle Miller-Wahler Accusation
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001387 David La Accusation
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001408 Leon Bernardi First Amended Statement of Issues
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-002381 Louis Sarantos, Jr Second Amended Accusation & Statement of Issues
GE- Owner-Entity GEOW-003261 Mortimer's Inc. Accusation
Gambling Establishment GEGE-001304 Mortimer's Card Room Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003262 Mark E. Williamson Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003212 Pamela Leslie Neu Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003226 Willis Lee Hanna Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003225 Marylee H. Sakas Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-002034 Michael A. Whiteley, Jr. Accusation
Gambling Establishment GEGE-000811 Mike's Card Casino Accusation
Gambling Establishment GEGE-000950 Lucky Lady Card Room Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-002251 Stanley S. Penn Accusation
Third Party Player TPPL-006948 Joseph Frederick Capps Statement of Issues
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001413 Jon Strecker First Amended Statement of Issues
GE - Key Employee GEKE-001212 Edward Glen Mason First Amended Statement of Issues
Gambling Establishment GEGE-000392 Hawaiian Gardens Casino Accusation
GE- Owner-Entity GEOW-000961 Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Inc. Accusation
GE- Owner-Entity GEOW-003294 The Moskowitz joint Revocable Living Trust Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003293 Cherna Moskowitz Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-000966 David Moskowitz Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-003402 Gary Kramer Accusation
Tribal Key Employee TRKE-016857 Angela Ruiz Statement of Particulars
Tribal Key Employee TRKE-015507 Mark Kruspe Statement of Reasons
Third Party Primary Provider TPPP-000067 Arise, LLC Accusation
Third Party Owner Person TPOW-000362 Darrell Stuart Miers Accusation
GE- Owner-Entity GEOW-002466 Sahara Dunes Casino, LP dba Lake Elsinore Hotel and Casino Statement of Issues
GE - Key Employee GEKE-002182 Rhea A. Motley Statement of Reasons
Gambling Establishment GEGE-001082 Star's Casino Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-002594 Joseph A. Melech Accusation
GE- Owner-Person GEOW-002593 Monica M. Melech Accusation
GE - Key Employee GEKE-002066 Rommel Naraval Statement of Reasons
Gambling Establishment GEGE-001013 Clovis 500 Club Accusation